The 4:8 Principle

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What are you thinking about?

Research indicates that the average person thinks approximately 50,000 thoughts per day. Each thought moves you either toward your God-given potential or away.

Unfortunately, we live in a society bent on nursing old wounds and highlighting what is wrong with just about everything. As a result, we have grown accustomed to viewing the world, our lives, and ourselves through a lens of negativity--and that negativity stands in direct contrast to the passionate, purpose-filled people God wants us to be.

In Philippians 4:8, the apostle Paul challenges us to seek out and dwell on the positives in our lives. When used as a filter, this New Testament verse is the true secret to vibrant health, satisfying relationships, and lasting fulfillment.

Whether you are at a low point or a high point in your life, The 4:8 Principle can help you experience joy by design--God's design. You'll quickly discover life as it was meant to be!

Unleash the power of the 4:8 Principle today! It really is the secret to a joy-filled life!

Customer Reviews:

  • >> The Master Secret the Rules All <<
    This is a great book. I'm already on my second read, taking my time and making lots of notes. I believe Tommy Newberry has really nailed it.

    I'm a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, and that what you think on the inside is revealed on the outside. However, this book takes me way beyond that, because the guidance provided by the 48 principle makes it clear that I need to choose the right things to think about.

    Just this morning I wrote out these affirmations based on the 4:8 principle:
    ** I am living the life God intended for me
    ** I have a clear compelling vision of the future
    ** I am meditating and investing time alone with God each day
    ** I have people who hold me accountable to my best
    ** I consistently make choices for health producing foods and drink
    ** I exercise in some way every day
    ** I get sufficient sleep most nights
    ** I have 3 close personal encounters each day
    ** I have 'extra time' built into my schedule to have a margin of safety
    ** I am focused on progress rather than perfection

    One of the things that I particularly enjoy is that the strategies Tommy recommends are practical. Although I know that following them will take some discipline, I believe they are already paying off.

    I interviewed Tommy on Inside Success Radio for three reasons: 1) I believe that speaking with an author is the best way to know a book is genuine, 2) it gives the author an opportunity to summarize the main points, which creates a type of "Readers Digest" version of the book, and 3) during an interview you often get additional "golden nuggets" that aren't found in the book.

    During the radio interview I asked Tommy about what he calls RATs, (Really Awful Thoughts) and I'd like to share a little of his response.
    "Really awful thoughts, or RATs, take you down a path you don't want to go. Yet for most of us, heading down the wrong path doesn't happen dramatically. It happens subtly and as a result, we don't do anything about it. Thankfully, getting rid of your RATs is made easier by using the 4:8 principle. By choosing to ask yourself the right questions, you can choose to think on what is lovely, pure, gracious, and worthy of being called excellent to judge what is best for you to think and say"

    ### end quote ###

    I usually try to identify the type person who might NOT enjoy reading this book. This book is probably not for people who are offended by talking about God (yes, believe it or not, there are some out there.) Since you're reading this review, that probably isn't you.

    The rating I give books is based on a combination of how much I believe a proactive person might enjoy reading them and how much they might help you to be a more proactive person.

    This book easily earns 5 stars...and I recommend it to you with no reservation.

    DrProactive Randy Gilbert, producer of "Inside Success Radio"
    ...more info
  • Christianity finds closer ties to buddhism
    There are many ways of stating this message, which is basically that it's more the way that you REACT to what happens that determines whether you'll find happiness than what actually happens. In other words, attitude is more important than circumstance. You may not be able to change certain facts about your life, but you CAN change how you react to them. Framing is everything. One of the main messages of Buddhism is that if you are unhappy it is not because of the way the world is, or because of things that have happened to you, but rather because of how you have conceptualized and reacted to the way the world is. The insight lies in the fact that you and you alone are in control of how you react to things, who you choose to give power to over you (by reacting to them in ways that give them emotional control over you), etc. By treating happiness as a destination and always wanting more than you have--and then not wanting it once you have it--by making happiness contingent upon attaining certain things, you only create a self-defeating outlook. ...more info
  • The 4:Principle
    I have just purchased the 4:8 principle and can't wait to read it. My goal is to read it by July 15th. Tommy is a huge insperation to help get my life where I want it to be and can't wait to read his next one....more info
  • absolutely fantastic!! will bless everyone who reads it.
    Wonderful book! I recommend you buy one for yourself and 10 more to give as gifts!
    ...more info
  • Read 4:8 and get prepared to change your life
    I have always been a goal-oriented person and feel I have achieved some great successes in my life. However, Tommy Newberry's 4:8 Principle is taking me to a whole new level. It's a practical guidebook that succinctly describes how to achieve greatness in all areas of your life. What we dwell upon is so critical to becoming successful. It's not just a philosophical book because it also provides practical tools to turn ideas into a personal reality. Drop everything and read it right now. It will chance your thinking and your life forever....more info
  • Incredibly Life Changing!!!!
    Tommy Newberry has made a significant impact in my life. I love how simple and step by step The 4:8 Principle is. If I had to recommend one book and only one book to someone to change their life, there is no doubt that this is that book. If you are considering reading this book, stop considering, READ IT! :) I know in the second half of this year, with the principles in this book, I will accomplish more that I have in any other ENTIRE year in my life! A must read!
    ...more info
  • THE 4:8 principle
    This book has a very important biblical principle to teach however the author is frequently too wordy and goes off on a tangent minimalizing the effectiveness of the book. I wish it could have been more condensed so the book would have been more memorable spiritually. There appeared to be too much motivational rhetoric and not enough focus on biblical substance!
    Thank God for any book that focuses on his word....more info
  • Inspirational
    This book will inspire you to take action to filter out the negative clearing the way fdor a total successful makeover. Great for family discussions, relationship building and business development. A MUST READ FOR EVERY INDIVIDUAL.

    Joe...more info
  • new and improved
    I greatly enjoyed this book and the opportunity to see Tommy Newberry speak in person. It reminds me of "what to say when you talk to yourself" but about 10 times more user friendly while still retaining that quality that makes it different from the majority of self improvement books out there. Yes there are steps and we all have to change our actions, but the key, the part that is so easily overlooked is that change has to start from within. The second huge missing link that I have not read anywhere else is to acknowledge that this change is not possible on our own but only with admitting we need God active in our lives to fulfill His given potential. I find it a must read for anyone ready to break free from their old habits and ready to truly live with joy and become the amazing people God created us to be....more info
  • Validating
    After all I have been through in my life. The searching and discovery of "my bliss". This book validates almost all of my core beliefs. I to believe we are born with joy. It is our later references and beliefs that we allow to change us. Newberry takes us almost to a 4th dimension of existence and a possibility of a new awakening for mankind.

    Timothy Kendrick
    PTSD: Pathways Through the Secret Door...more info
  • 4:8 Principle DELIVERS!
    I was a huge fan of Tommy Newberry's earlier book, "Succes is NOT an Accident". Tommy hit a grand slam home run with "the 4:8 Principle", a great companion book to "Succes in Not an Accident". This book DELIVERS on all levels - a must have for any library!...more info
  • The 4:8 Principle
    This one has a very positive message within its pages and the practical everyday advice. Love this book have shared it with several friends everyone should read this....more info
  • Excellent life changing read
    This is an excellent book for anyone looking to make some changes in their life. This book is based on the biblical principles of Phillipians 4:8. I could not recommend any other book that would describe in such simple easy steps how to have a joy filled life. This is a simple easy read. And even better, it is easy to follow the concepts to make practical changes in your life.

    Grab a highlighter and paper because you will need it for all this wonderful, practical information. Hopefully you too will find a joy filled life and take these principles to heart, just as I have.

    You will want to purchase this book because it is so practical to everyday living and you will want to refer back to it over and over again and have it handy for quick reference.

    Great job Tommy! I will be anxiously waiting for your next great bestseller!...more info
  • Affirmation-Matthew 12:37
    I love this book. The tone and simple wisdom that I was taught as a child and I slowly moved away from as an adult came roaring back to me when I read this book. It is amazing the lengths we go to please 'man', and fail to be pleasing to God and self.

    My favorite section is in chapter 8. I did not realize how I was sabotaging my life with the subtle negative self-talk. My goal for self-improvement that I started focusing on since April: is to have the positive affirmations. Ask for what I want in life and then positively ask for it again. I don't ask the second, third, and fourth time because I have no faith it is because I love the positive talk and how it makes me feel. I found out today that I must do it over 1000 times to really see that results I want in my personal and business life.

    Thanks again for the message, I will pass it down to more people in my circle of influence.
    ...more info
  • Read this Book and Change Your Life For The Better
    This is the most amazing book. It has completely been a life changing read. This book came to me 1 day after being laid off from my job, 1 week before Christmas. Reading this book during that time brought about a peace I haven't ever experienced before. Changing your attitude can be life saving. Finding JOY in all things, whether good or bad, is the perfect practice for a better life. No matter what happens around you, if you approach all things with a JOYFUL ATTITUDE, you will have a much more JOYFUL life. I'm practicing what this book teaches, and it's working, just like a miracle. My life has been blessed by this book. Thank you Tommy Newberry for your talents, knowledge and for sharing something so good, God is definately working through you in a great way to help many. I can't thank you enough for willingness to serve Him and write this book. I will keep this book and refer to it daily throughout my life. I have already given this book to someone struggling with life, and I do intend to give it to others I see struggling.

    Nancy Smith
    Henderson, NV
    [...]...more info
  • Uplifting and Thought Provoking
    Although I think Newberry is too heavy on the pro-Christian aspect of his message, the basic principle of "What you think about you bring about." rings true. Newberry gives you powerful strategies to change your way of thinking to improve your life and increase your happiness. This is a great book that introduces basic "Law of Attraction" concepts in an easily digested manner to the masses....more info
  • Reading before bed
    I have been reading this to my wife since we met Tommy Newberry in Colorado. It is absolutely inspiring to know there is an author that is focused on exactly what I need to improve my family, business, and spiritual life. This is an awesome way to fall asleep....more info
  • How Important Is Attitude?
    The 4:8 Principle is a very readable and fun book that makes it easier to get your head in the right place and avoid the negatives that suck you dry. If focused goals are important, the attitude you have in your approach has to be AT LEAST as important. I especially like chapter 6 about head games and chapter 7 about firewalls. If my computer needs a firewall, surely I need one more. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is ready to quit drifting and make a move decisively toward the life they want. You don't have to wait for the right circumstances. Put YOURSELF in the right circumstances. YOU are the pilot of your life....more info
  • Real instructions on how to live a positive life
    I heard early in life that it is better to think positive and to look at the glass as half full. I have been fairly successful at doing just that. Tommy's book goes way beyond thinking positive and actually showed me how to do things in my life that are positive and to turn positive desires and dreams into habit changing actions. The book is replete with exercises and specific instructions on turning goals into actions into reality. I will be reading it several more times and actively developing new life altering habits.
    Thanks Tommy Newberry...more info
  • The 4:8 Principle
    This is a very insightful book on taking responsibility for your life and making the changes that you desire to make. The book offers practical suggestions that are effective. It is not a quick and easy self-help book. The 4:8 Principle is for the stout hearted who are determined to work hard, make personal changes, and reach their full potential. Don't let the happy face on the cover turn you away. This is not a superficial "get happy" book, but rather a "the buck stops with you, so start making changes" book....more info
  • Amazing Potential!
    I have quickly began talking about this book with almost everyone I know. I quote from it often, find myself utilizing the priciples daily, and have already read it a second time. While many of the books I read apply to one area of my life or the other, this one has literally effected everything. This is a great book to gift. ...more info
  • This book can definitely change a life in a great way!
    Tommy's book the 4:8 Principle can and has changed lives for the better. Capturing the power of God's Word from Philippians 4:8, he has taken it and made it practical to our daily lives. Don't skip the introduction, as this entire book has so much to offer! If you are seeking a meaningful book as a gift, this one is right up there! If you are searching for something to form a small group study around, you just found it.

    This book is an easy read and has the potential to really impact your life in a joyful way. This is not just the power of positive thinking, this goes so much further than that, just consider the basis of the book.

    There are very few books I have seen that cause people to run right out and get multiple copies to give away, but The 4:8 Principle is just that.

    I honestly do not think you would be disappointed in this book, and if you put it into practice, you can find yourself having authentic, and lasting joy...regardless of your circumstances....more info
  • The real secret behind The Secret.
    At first I thought The 4:8 Principle was going to be just a Christian version of The Secret. Instead, Newberry reinforces that The Secret is just a secular version of God's truth.

    I have been using The 4:8 Principle as a career coaching tool with men in Seattle's Union Gospel Mission recovery program. It connects the progression of thought to action and results in a way that gives greater practical meaning to the spiritual recovery process. The men have made progress in leaps and bounds as they became willing, and able, to see the life God has for them. Not any easy task when life has been a winding, foggy roller coaster.

    At the same time The 4:8 Principle has had a huge impact on my own thinking and continued recovery from life. We all suffer to some degree from the results of faulty thinking based upon events in our upbringing. The consequences affect our relationships, careers, and health. I have given copies of The 4:8 Principle to my family, friends and associates so that they too can take control of their thoughts and reap the rewards of joy.

    Richard Baum

    ...more info
  • Finding your own joy
    What an incredible book! It is really amazing how much our thoughts influence how we react to life and what we get from life. But the good news is that we can change our thoughts and create great things for ourselves! This book details how to create more joy in your life in a realistic and doable way.

    This is definitely a must-read for anyone seeking more joy in their life....more info
  • Life Changing
    This book based on a scripture verse I have always held dear to me gave new meaning to attaining Joy. The principles when put into practice turn your perspective around. I've learned how a positive thought can over ride a negative and to make the effort to select a positive. When the weatherman says there is 30% chance of rain I realize there is also 70% chance of no rain maybe even sun! It has trained me to steer clear of emotional traps that sap ones joy and I have seen a new Joy in my life. The kind of Joy that comes from within and isn't affected by the world around....more info
  • Okay but I am not a christian
    I received this book from a friend not realizing it was christian based-if you would like to read something similar but not as proselytizing-I would suggest FREE YOUR MIND by Anthony Stultz....more info
    Want to change your office environment? Help friends become more fun to be around? Improve your marriage? Become a leader people want to follow? Live the life of joy God wants you to live? Then read this amazing little book, CHANGE the way you think, and be grateful for the many blessings in your life! Guess what my friends and family are getting for Christmas this year...The 4:8 Principle! Thank you, Tommy Newberry!!!!...more info
  • A life changing book
    Tommy Newberry is a powerful author. This book not only helped me get clarity on what to focus on daily, it provide me with tools to change my past programming. This book not only helped my business, but in many of the relationship with important people in my life. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone truly seeking a change toward happiness in their life.

    ...more info
  • The 4:8 Principle
    This is a wonderful book, I use as gifts as I have truly enjoyed mine....more info
  • A Must-Read Favorite
    In an age where negativity abounds, this book is a must-read guide as to how to break the cycle and focus on all the good that is already in your life. Success follows positive thoughts, and Newberry unlocks the secret to capturing and multiplying those thoughts. I teach in a college business school and am recommending this book to my students. Students of positive thought should not miss the chance to gain valuable insight into thinking correctly and increasing their success!...more info
  • This book can change your life!
    You must read this book! I had found myself thinking in a negative frame of mind lately due to life's stresses, and after reading and applying the 4:8 principle, I am much calmer, less-stressed, and JOYFUL! Tommy Newberry has really taken and applied God's word in a way that is easy to understand. This book can change your life!...more info
  • Take control of your happiness.
    The only thing God has given mankind full dominion over is our volition. He gave us full range to think whatever thoughts we decided on. As you can imagine, leaving mankind to his own devices can be problematic. Many people worry constantly, because they choose to. Others may be quick to anger, because they choose to. Still other may have "why me" attitudes or be self-deprecating. And yet, God gave us the ability and the instruction manual on how to use that same volition to achieve maximum happiness. The choice is ours.

    Tommy Newberry's book, THE 4:8 PRINCIPLE serves as a roadmap on the journey of improving ourselves by improving our thoughts. We know that all lasting change is preceded by changed thinking, and this magnificent book gives step by step instruction on how we may accomplish just that.

    Newberry begins by having the reader recognize that God is the ultimate source of all that we are. Once we recognize that we are truly God's creation and therefore have unlimited capabilities, we can then stop basing our self-worth on what other people think of us and start concentrating our thoughts on what God thinks of us.

    No book on life improvement would be complete without the importance of forgiveness in our lives and that is where Newberry takes us next. Our true potential for joy rests on our ability to forgive others as well as to forgive ourselves. This is a critical step in taking charge of our emotional lives and makes us aware that we are responsible for everything that happens in our life. Without that awareness we will remain a part of that ever growing part of society that is forever chained to unhappiness because they think they are owed something and they are not responsible for who, where and what they are.

    The reader then learns how to go about the business of starving out negative emotions. There are so many wonderful insights here on how to find the inner happiness so many people seem unable to find. This is an exceptional book that I highly recommend to anyone who has ever lacked the inner peace and happiness they are missing.

    Pastor Monty Rainey
    ...more info
  • Open your mind to greater thinking
    This book is an amazing, life-changing must read if you are serious about reaching your full potential and fulfilling God's will for your life. It truly helps you open your mind to HUGE thinking and steers you away from small, closed-minded thinking. God has huge plans for your life and this book helps you understand them and fulfill your destiny. Tommy Newberry has written this incredibly simple, yet incredibly profound thinking manual...READ IT....more info
  • A Worthy Read
    In life, we know that the typical things people seek (success, wealth, etc.) do not often bring us joy and certainly do not provide long-lasting joy. Joy often seems illusive, but this book helps to teach you how to tap into the joy of life - in every day. This is a great little read and a perfect gift for someone. (And the cover just makes it look like a great gift!) ...more info
  • If religious references irritate you...
    Ok, I'm not a christian. I've grown up and lived in christian societies my whole life, but I've always found too many things deeply messed up about christianity. If you're anything like me, all the christian references in this book might irritate you... HOWEVER... the book is still Pure Gold! It's well written and right to the point, by a person who obviously Gets It. Just substitute all the references to God by "inner being" or "higher self" or whatever you prefer and it's almost like you're reading Abraham-Hicks material.

    And as far as all the bible references go... Well, from my experience I have concluded that "The Bible" is not actually one book but as many entirely different books as there are readers of it. This guy's interpretation of the bible is the most refreshing and enjoyable one I have encountered so far.

    All in all, good book. Buy it. Read it. Enjoy your life. And thank the author. ...more info
  • A way to limitless joy!
    I loved this book! The basis of it is a timeless way to apply a great christian principle to everyday living. The text was chock full of simple, understandable ways that I can use to empower myself and achieve the life I've imagined. It's a book anyone can understand and apply to their lives. Our joy is limitless!...more info
  • Rejevenate Your Mind - Rejuvenate Your Life
    This book is a great way to rejuvenate your mind and attitudes! It will help you to get and keep on track with the right attitudes and emotions (and those which God intended) that breed a successful and joy-filled life. More than well worth the short time it takes to read!...more info
  • Great book!
    This book is amazing. Just as with Success Is Not An Accident, you find this book written from a Godly man to give you a positive viewpoint and vision for success. Recommended!!!...more info
  • Hard Core Lessons From an Awesome Coach
    Hi Everyone,

    I have read both of Tommy's books and I only became acquainted with him a month ago. They are an easy read, and full of meaty, juicy, tools you can use immediately! They are well written and exciting, and he doesn't pull any punches or make excuses. He just gets to the point and keeps on giving them to you. I have read lots of self help books and seen many of today's and yesterdays motivational speakers. But Tommy is everyone's coach, it doesn't take a degree in rocket science. You don't experience heavy stuff to wade through. Just straight, fun, USEFUL,practical, methods! Two thumbs way up and 5 stars....more info
  • God wants you to win
    God wants all of us to prosper in all areas in our lives. He wants us to be happy and live well. The 4:8 Principal is a guide to this. Easy to understand and implement. Looking for more in life? If you are then I say look into this book and anything that Tommy feels inclined to put down on paper. He is a man that has a very good grip on the subject of self improvment. But what is more important that that is his ability to convey his knowledge....more info
  • Putting Things In Perspective
    This is an awesome book. I believe that people go through life asking: why me? all to often and take very little credit for the role they play in their own life. The way you look at life means so much more than what you have. And the only way to change what you have is to change the way you think. I have always had a problem with planning for the future because my personal self image of what I thought I could do from the past. After reading this book I was able to focus more on what I wanted without my past getting in my way. This book very simply tells you how to change the way you think!...more info
  • Not a Book to Read, but a System to Live By!
    The 4:8 Principle removes one more excuse for not taking action: the HOW! Newberry is a master at taking the mundane, too-little pondered areas of our lives and motivating us to action. He does not write from an ivory tower, having used the principles he teaches mentoring those in his 1% club. This is not theory; it is proven, field-tested, and battle-hardened.

    He takes a very broad subject - how we think impacts who we become - and in a presentation both clear and compelling, both simple and detailed, lays out a systematic way to change who you are by changing how you think. It is deceptively simple. In fact, it would be easy to conclude that it is too simple to bother with or too simple to actually work.

    Yes, Tommy makes the concepts easy to grasp; but where he really shines is in the step-by-steps to bring it into reality - the very area most of us struggle. With the practical tools provided by The 4:8 Principle, implementation becomes both manageable and sustainable. I'm reminded of another concept floated by Apostle Paul: "God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise..." In other words, don't make it harder than it has to be.

    Anyone in business knows the value of a system. The 4:8 Principle is a master system that enables you to identify the kind of thinking that made you who you are; but more importantly the rethinking that will remake you. This is not a book to read - this is a system to live by. Reading the book will bless you, living the system will astound you!
    ...more info
  • Best investment out there.
    The 4:8 Principle is really needed in a discontent world where there are so many distractions and negatives to influence us in unproductive ways. Because of the new focus we've developed, we've seen great changes in several areas of our lives. We're turned on by the possibilities that before were fantasies, and now are realities in our lives. We attribute a huge increase of the momentum in our business to following the principles in this book. What an investment!...more info
  • Very Validating
    This book is a breath of fresh air! The 4.8 Principle validates many beliefs that you get what you think about. Read it and learn ways to reach your God given potential faster!...more info
  • Life changing
    My wife and I have read many self-help books looking for a simple way to view our life and goals withough complicating what already feels like an overcomplicated life. Tommy Newberry's book shows a framework for fostering a purposeful life that even an eight grader can follow it. We both USE the book regularly, and recommend it to anybody looking for more from our God gifted existence....more info
  • The 4:8 Principle
    This book is very helpful for keeping your mind focused on God's intention for us. ...more info
  • the 4:8 principle
    this book is for anyone wanting to change their approach to and outlook on every day. tommy newberry takes an old and common sense principle, and puts it into a very easy to read and apply manner. this is a book that should be read, and reread consistently, alongside the Bible, as a study and devotional companion. the 4:8 principle truly is an attitude changing book....more info


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