PUR 3 Stage Vertical Faucet Mount with Filter

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  • 3 stage advanced microfilter for healthy, great-tasting water
  • Bypass function for switch to unfiltered water when washing dishes
  • Reduces sediment and pollutants like lead, cryptosporidium, and giardia
  • Lasts up to 100 gallons (approximately 2 to 3 months)
  • 1 filter included

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Filter
    I've been using PUR filters for about 6 years and they are a very convenient and affordable way to filter tap water....more info
  • Product Breaks Down and Leaks...
    After less than a year, the product leaks terribly from the neck, that attaches to the faucet, just below the Mounting Nut.....the product is only as good as the weakest part!...more info
  • developed crakafter 2 months
    like another reviewer my filter developed a crack after only a couple of months. The water tasted great while it lasted. I tried a brita faucet filter also and the filter would just pop out of its mount with increased water pressure. I don't know what i will do now, but I need to filter my water b/c it tastes so gross and I drink a lot of water so a pitcher wont work for me. ...more info
  • First time fawcett filter owner
    This is the first fawcett water filter, actually any kind of water filter, I've ever purchased. After researching many types, stages, reviews and prices, I decided to buy this PUR chrome finish fawcett mount filter with 6 extra filter replacements. I didn't know what to expect after reading so many different reviews and satisfaction levels.
    The package came quickly. Instructions were clear, and came with a few fawcett adapters included if needed. Easy to use once mounted on the fawcett. Produces very clean smelling and tasting water. Even our ADC coffee tastes better. The coffee seems "smoother" in consistency too, if that's possible. I use the filtered water to cook with also.
    No more buying bottled water and lugging those around, or finding out I was low on bottled water when I needed it. No more concerns about any plastic bottle chemicals leaching into the bottled water. No more concerns about if those bottles are really getting recycled or are they going into the land fill. There's definately many pros to go this way....more info
  • Worth the money but a little short-lived
    I've owned this for about year, give or take a couple months. While I've had it, it's been pretty good. It recently failed. Like J. Hunter and others, it developed a crack just below the indicator window. It started with a pin-sized spray of water but rapidly worsened.

    While I had it, here's how it stacked up:
    * The water tasted decent. I thought it compared well ito my Brita pitcher, though the latter was a little better.
    * The water flow out the filter was agonizingly slow at first but I eventually stopped noticing.
    * To bypass the filter, you tip the entire "bulb" back or forward. It's pretty easy to use.
    * This thing had a best aerator I've ever installed on a sink. Ever. It's not a feature I was shopping for and I was really surprised that I cared!
    * The filters were awkward to replace. You have to screw off the bottom and use water pressure to eject the old filter. Not terrible but Brita's on-tap unit seems better in this department.

    I replaced my Pur filter with a Brita equivalent but that failed in less than 2 days. I'm on the hunt for an alternative to either. If I don't find one soon, I'm OK buying another Pur....more info
  • Beware unless you plan to buy new unit every 2 months
    This product has very cheap plastic the outside case will not even last til the filter is finished up it will crack. First unit we had cracked about 20 days after using it so we decided maybe was defective so bought a second unit only to have that one crack 2 months after getting. The point of the product is to filter your water but if you have cracks that are running regular water down the side that is not filter and getting into your filter water only half your water is safe. So I would have to say unless you have $30.00 plus shipping to spend every few weeks I would not bother with this one. As for the full Warranty will cost you about $7.00 to mail back to the company and even then you may not get a refund. I was told they may decide it was not a defect and refuse a refund, which then you just add another $7 down the drain. So just BEWARE what you may be getting for your money....more info
  • hairline cracker
    As others have indicated, this item develops hairline cracks at various locations making it drips from all angles. DO NOT PURCHASE!!!...more info
  • Leaky but better than a Brita.
    The good thing about this product is it's convenient in the sense that you don't have to fill up a pitcher and the water quality is good. The annoying part is a) the filters are expensive and you go through them QUICKLY (i.e. about two weeks for my, my wife, and our 3-month old); and b) the damn thing leaks so I am constantly tightening, taking it off and putting it back on, etc. etc. This is super-annoying because it squirts and spurts right on you as you're trying to do the dishes. Major design flaw. We'll live with it because we like the water, but this is not really a very good product at all. Unfortunately it seems like the best thing without going to another class and spending major $$....more info
  • Pur--ly Crackable
    Though a perfect solution for Seniors with arthritic conditions, P&G should be ashamed for distributing this product. Apparently sending it to Mexico for sub-par plastic mold manufacturing makes it okay to then sell it in the U.S.

    By the way, they actually make more money on the filters--but you can soak them in Vinegar to clear out the lime build-up and get extended life from it. However, I haven't found a solution that works for resealing the plastic molding.

    If you don't want this kind of trouble from a product--don't buy it.
    ...more info
  • An expensive way to get a cheap product
    I'd seen this unit advertised on television and purchased it about a year ago. It started falling apart almost immediately. The decorative cover on the bottom of the filter unit and the sleeve above the aerator came loose in the first two months. So it went from "chrome" finish to just plain ugly. At almost a year, the valve to divert the water can't close so water always flow from both the filter and the unfiltered tap. The three stage filters last a little less than a month before the water stops flowing through them altogether. I've just purchased a countertop unit which will be much cheaper to use.

    If you do get this unit, be aware than the best price for filters can be had through Amazon if you get a six pack (a little less than $10 dollars per filter). If you purchase them through a local store, you might end up spending $12, $13, or more. ...more info
  • Do not buy this
    Pur faucet mount filters have gone down the drain, quality-wise. We purchased this to replace the Pur faucet mount we've had for several years which just recently started leaking. Installed the brand new mount and it started immediately. Cannot get it to stop leaking. Absolute piece of junk, this....more info
  • Great for the first cartridge
    I've had this filter for about 2 years now and just replaced the cartridge. It worked fine with the first cartridge. The water tasted great. However, once the cartridge was replaced, the indicator area began leaking upon every use. Slowing the flow to a trickle seemed to stop the leaking, but then, what would be the point?...more info
  • i love the item, very compact and cool design and 10x better than the previous one i had which stood on the counter/sink.
    i like the design of this filter, the switching action between filter and regular tap is very smooth. another thing i liked about this item is its space saving design which means no more hoses snaking around the sink. Very happy with my purchase. ...more info
  • I'm buying a culligan, this unit is horrible
    If you can afford to buy a new one every 6 months then go for it. It will leak, it will crack, it will spray everywhere. The company obvious doesn't care as people have to buy new units over and over again. I am now on my 7th unit!!!!, I'm done and buying a Culligan....more info
  • Leaked, cracked, and reduced water pressure to unusable levels
    Okay, it's cheap. But, it's cheap. Get something better if you want to have filtered water at the sink. This cracked and leaked within a couple of months of installation, and choked the water flow to a trickle when used within a few weeks....more info
  • Unreliable product, slow customer service
    I got this to replace another Pur faucet mount that had developed a crack after a year of use. The only reason I bought from the company again is that I still had new Pur filters on hand. This time, the faucet mount leaked. After several calls with Pur's customer service, the company sent an adaptor to fix the leak. A whole month passed between the time I first called customer service and the time that the problem got fixed....more info
  • Easy to install but breaks quickly
    This product is easy to install, but considering the price of filters, you'd think they could make it a little more durable. We've used Britta faucet mounts before and left them at previous apartments. We have never had a problem with them, even after years of use. This PUR filter started falling apart after only a couple of months. We've rigged it until we finish up our stock of filters and then we will be buying a different brand. Do not waste your money on this product until they improve the design....more info
  • So far very good
    Purchased this filter about two months ago. The usage indicator suggests we have a long way to go. No problems at all, so far. One of the faucet connectors included in the box allowed for a very easy installing.
    Our impression is that the filtered water is unqualifiedly superior to the one we have tried for years using Brita filters (not faucet-connected). The filtered water flows with a constant outstanding speed.

    Prior to purchasing the product online, I had read through many reviews of this and competitive products.
    Of all filtering methods available, this one seems to be the most advantageous and practical. The cost is most competitive.

    Some reviewers have complained that the product begins cracking after a year of usage. For the price, one year life-time is not bad at all! Perhaps some unsatisfied reviewers were not handling the piece with due care. When activating, the apparatus is to be turned downward; of course, this should be done gently (even though the piece is pretty sturdy). The user is also warned never to use hot water through the filter. ...more info
  • Dissapointed
    I was very dissapointd with my purchase. In a couple of weeks the filter started dripping and wasn't filtering the water properly. I had to wait for about 3 hours to fill a 3 quart pot. I received a replacement and the same thing happened. I went and purchased yet another filter and after a month of my purchase I am having the same problem. The chromed section on the base of the filter fell off and I tried to glue it back but it wouldn't hold. I have given up on this system and have since purchased another brand. I must say I am very dissapointed in the overall performance. ...more info
    I have used PUR filters for 10 years. This is the most horrid model ever. Looks great when you first install it but chrome only emphasises grim and it breaks fast. Same issues as everyone else....leaks, cracks, etc. in less than a year. However I called P&G to complain and they sent me a coupon for a free replacement filter and faucet mount. Sad to see they are producing such garbage from what used to be a great simple system....more info
  • Don't bother
    While the filtered water from the Pur system tastes great it just isn't worth the hassle. After trying both vertical and horizontal styles I have given up on Pur. I have been through 5 of them and none has lasted through more than 3 filters. The unit will start leaking and spraying all over the kitchen and since it is entirely plastic there is no way to repair them. I personally have had good luck with contacting Pur. Twice they replaced the unit at no cost but the replacements broke within a couple of months. But replacing shouldn't be the answer. I don't know what to buy next as every other brand seems to have similar problems. And the companies don't seem to be trying to find a solution to the defects. ...more info
  • Quick, relatively cheap solution
    This product isn't particularly pretty, but it's cheaper than the under-sink type filter and, presumably, provides clean water in these days when we can't take for granted the safety of anything we eat or drink. I haven't tested the water, so I'm basing my assumption of effective filtering on faith. The filter is large, and the way it fits means it's harder to fit a large pot underneath, so take your faucet height/sink depth into account when considering this. It doesn't leak, and we've had no problems so far....more info
  • Hairline crack
    I have the same problem as stated above. After a couple of months of operation, a hairline crack developed at the replacement indicator window. Sadly the construction is not what it should be as my wife and I use the unit very lightly.

    I've contacted P&G and hopefully they will cross ship a replacement. If not, I would say avoid this product and others made by this company. I will try to post back when I have heard from P&G so that others know how this was resolved.

    Hope this helps!...more info
  • Not worth the money - look for another one, a better one!
    I've had 2 of these exact filter systems and both had the same issues.
    By mistake I bought a 6 pack filter re-fill with the first system that I got, but the system went bad after about 4 months - It developed cracks and plastics started to fall apart. But I still had 5 re-fills left that I didn't want to throw away after paying quite a bit of money for them. So I bought another system, so I could use up all the filters and well enough about 1 year after it has the same problems. Luckily I am going through my last filter right now and I am definitely buying another brand this time.
    While the idea of this system was great it definitely needs a lot of quality improvements, so it can actually last for few years at least.
    I gave it 2 stars, because I do think they did a great job on the design part of this system, but the quality of it would not pass a one star rating....more info
  • doesn't last
    Great idea, just not very well made. The first one cracked at the cap, the second one leaked around the faucet where it can't be repaired. Both happened in less than a year. Just doesn't hold up well....more info
  • Easily damaged, always looks dirty
    This is our second water filter unit in our current home, and our third overall, having installed one in the apartment many years ago. We weren't able to get filters for the last unit we owned (a Brita) anymore so we picked up one of these Pur units in our local supermarket. Boy, what a disappointment. The plastic (don't be fooled, it's all plastic) cracked pretty quickly, so the shiny bottom you see in the picture is gone - fell off. Instead we get to see the ugly black plastic underneath. The filters need to be changed relatively often compared to previous filters we've owned. And since it's all plastic it's almost impossible to keep clean - even the slightest grease, fingerprints, etc. put spots on the outside that only glass cleaner will temporarily remove.

    The unit currently works fine if you excuse the hairline leak that sprays a fine mist of water all over the sink, but it's so ugly and annoying we just can't stand looking at it anymore and we're replacing it. ...more info
  • Getting ready to pitch my third one
    After our first one leaked, we thought it was faulty and bought another. After a few months, that one started leaking too. We wrote to PUR, and they sent us a free coupon for a replacement. It's been about 4 months now and this one is leaking like crazy too, so now we're looking into other options....more info
  • Am returning this product!
    I bought this product because a co-worker raved about it. She told me that it's the only filter that removes two potentially deadly toxins that are in our Los Angeles water. My husband installed the filter and let it run, as directed. After the installation, I wanted to test the water. However, there were small black things floating in the water. We let the faucet run again. I tried the water, and yet again there were black particles in the water. I don't know what those particles are, but I know there should be nothing floating in the water from a filter...and ESPECIALLY nothing black!!! So, I am returning this filter!...more info
  • Great,Except One Thing
    Works great,makes water tastes great with no aftertaste,chlorine or chemicals.Just one thing,on the chrome one the chrome chips off,I have had mine over 5 years and it's got much use and some of the chrome has chipped off.I don't know about the other colors.Wish they'd make a stainless steel one.
    There is an indicator on it that shows when the filter is dead,I run mine a few weeks over and water still taste really good and filtered....more info
  • Don't trust the indicator
    The unit is easy to install, and filter change is also rather simple. But you would get a lot of practice, changing the filters, anyhow: They don't seem to last nearly as long as promised. I had to change mine after maybe three weeks of use. According to the red indicator, it would have been good for a lot longer, but the flow of water had been reduced to a drip, and only a new filter cartridge could address that problem. And given the price of replacement filters, one might be better off buying water by the gallon....more info
  • KP
    Filter provides good tasting water and was easy to install. Much better than other facet mounted filters I have used in the past....more info
  • Best I have tried.
    Considering my tap water is undrinkable from the tap for variose reasons. This filter works better for me than any I have bought (my total is up to 3 at the moment) and the package deal with the filters really made the sale having 6 months minimum of filters with the unit out of the box is a great idea. ...more info
  • Other than the leaking, it works!
    It leaks, but it still does the work. It started leaking after the first filter change. But I bought a five pack, so I'll have to be dealing with the warranty company to see what they can do.

    BTW, here's the number for the PUR water filter if it starts leaking. They will send you a coupon that you can use to get a new one.

    1-800-787-5463 (1-800-PUR-LINE)

    I didn't get it right away, so I had to call in to have them resend it....more info
  • misinformation and problems
    The product has been working great for 7 months, then it started leaking below the filter indicator. I went online to check the warranty information. Instead of offering a 5 year warranty (as is advertised), the PUR website now says that this product only has a 1 year warranty. We'll see how the return process goes.

    Somehow, the filter releases little white specs into the water it filters. I thought it was supposed to remove visible specs... It sure makes me question its effective....more info
  • Great water, terrible construction
    The water tasted great, but like other reviewers we had problems with construction. We got cracks in the unit itself, followed by leaks around the faucet seal. This was OK until the entire filter unit snapped off and I had to use a pair of pliers to remove the rest of it from the faucet. It lasted a year, so if you can justify the cost then go for it....more info
  • Cracks and short life span for cartridge
    I've had this faucet mount for close to a year. While the water does taste good, the short cartridge life and the eventual cracks that the housing develops after a while makes this a useless product. The cartridges almost always clogged up so badly to a trickle even before the indicator went to 3/4 full. This mean more frequent costly replacements. Now that the housing has developed cracks and water spits out from 3 different places, we can't even turn it on anymore. Considering the many reviews with the same problems, it's obvious it's inherent in the product and there's no reason to buy another. Now on to another solution!...more info
  • Leaky Leaky, Breaks off easily
    Been through 2, both leaking terribly. The second one would leak, even when "off",which meant hot water would run through and ruin the filter. The last one also broke off at the plastic spigot and landed in the sink when I accidentally bumped it while trying to wash the big high-chair tray in the sink. Trying Brita next. ...more info
  • Disposable
    I bought my Pur faucet filter to replace a Brita. I wanted something with a more convenient shape and that offered a stronger flow of filtered water, and Pur did provide those benefits. While it lasted, the water tasted great, which is why I give it two stars.

    The problem is, the unit starts falling apart rather quickly. Pieces of cosmetic chrome started falling off after just a few months. I decided the quality of water was worth putting up with an ugly faucet mount, and just continued on replacing filters for the unit. Then, within a couple of months of that, a crack opened up in the replacement monitor casing. I have been very careful about not running hot water through the filter, so this has to be the result of a design flaw. However, I was able to get a few more months of life out of the unit by slapping some aluminum tape over the crack. The crack has finally widened to a point that no amount of aluminum tape is going to save it. I thought about trying plumbing epoxy, and then realized that I'd probably save myself a lot of headache if I just replaced the unit altogether.

    It will not be a Pur.

    *Also worth noting: the refill cartridges are not recyclable, and P&G has no immediate plans to address that issue....more info
  • fantastic for LIGHT DUTY home use!
    Even though this product has gotten so many bad reviews, I bought it anyway! For one thing I have used it before and liked it, and another it was cheaper on Amazon than in my local stores. Most of the bad reviews come from cheap skates and confused people trying to make this thirty dollar screw-on purifier do the job of a plumbed-in (in-line) heavy duty household purifying system! Some of the fault definitely belongs to Pur for trying to market it to everyone so they can make huge profits.

    1. If you are one of these households with many kids and requires 10 gallons of purified water a day of course this unit will not work and the constant wear and tear will make the unit wear out fast.

    2. THE LEAKS that everyone describes where the purifier joins the faucet can be EASILY FIXED with Teflon tape. It's available at any hardware store. Google it to see how easy it is to use. This only applies to the leaks around threaded parts of the faucet and the purifier. Where the purifier twists to its on/off position is another story. Once that leaks, its over. And with regular light duty use it can last a couple of years or more.

    3. The NSF Certification/Rating. Look a few reviews below this one for one called "Good at first but breaks after a year" This person mentions this unit's NSF rating of 42 to be aesthetic. Which is a very good thing. It reduces the chlorine taste and odor significantly. But also THIS UNIT IS NSF rated 53 for heavy metals, microbes, pharmaceuticals, and other nasties! Looking at that review it makes it seem that this one is not rated as such.

    This is a 3 stage, NSF 42 & 53 rated water purifier. You can't beat the price for the range of things it takes out and it does it instantly at the tap. But figure out your needs first! If you really need a plumbed-in household system spend the money to get it. Don't expect this to do it. ...more info
  • Buy a Brita instead
    I was extremely disappointed in this product, which had a number of problems. I'd previously used a Brita faucet filter attachment and loved it, but it was lost in a move. When I went to replace it I found a good deal on the Pur filter and liked the look of it so I went with it. Unlike the Brita one I had, this one was annoying to assemble and it took some effort to get the filter installed properly.

    Whereas my Brita had great, even water pressure, this one usually has very poor water pressure, then occasionally starts spraying so hard it stings. I had to change the filter sooner than expected and the hardest time getting the replacement put in. I'd be afraid it was just me being dense, but I had no problem whatsoever with my Brita. I'll be purchasing another and throwing this one away....more info
  • Leaks like a sieve
    I purchased this product a few hours ago and installed following the enclosed instructions.

    The installation was very easy and took less than 10 minutes. The problem started when I turned on the faucet and a stream of filtered water shot across the counter originating from the filter cover. I tried everything and found that the only way to reduce the spray volume was to replace the filter cover with exactly one revolution (instead of flush and tight). My guess is the manufacturer fails to listen to customer feedback or they just don't care.

    This would make a great gag gift for a friend. Make sure to come to his house when he installs it, and when he turns on the water have a laugh or two. You may even want to grab a camera to capture the fun....more info
  • Leaky Mess
    Sure the box raves about how it filters different types of sediment, but it doesn't tell you how leaky it is. We bought two (one after another) and it leaked from underneath the faucet connector both times. Tightened and retightened, but no improvement. I would not recommend this product to anyone. Didn't even get to taste the water...more info


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