PUR 2 Stage Faucet Mount Filter #RF-3375
PUR 2 Stage Faucet Mount Filter #RF-3375

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  • Awsome Deal
    It was a great deal, for the price I paid for three of them. The filters work great with my PUR water filter....more info
  • Perfect filter for the country.
    We have a well that has some sediment problems. This filter works great and lasts a lot longer than the the three stage filter....more info
  • Great product!
    PUR water filter is an excellent product. I have been using it for years.Pur 2 Stage Faucet Mount Filter #RF-3375, 2-Pack This is also a great deal....more info
  • Can't Complain
    These 2 stages are great. I used to smell metal and chlorine but now NOTHING! I usually buy from Target where they are $14 each, so the price is better here. They also usually have a little of the red indicator already showing, but not these from Amazon. I cant say how many gallons Ive gotten but I would say a couple months pass before I change it. I never feel like, 'Boy I just changed this thing'. I use it for all cooking, tea, washing vegetables and I drink lots of water everyday. Most of the reviews for the 3-stage complain about low water pressure and not lasting very long but I dont have that issue with these 2-stage. As ususal new does not mean better. Even though the 3-stage is cheaper I would suggest investing in the 2-stage as it will pay off in the end....more info
  • Works like they claim
    I've been using this style filter for four years now. It takes the odd taste out of our water, and when I lived in a house with a water softener, it removed that sodium taste. Simple to use, and lasts for quite a while. Beats buying all those bottles of water!!!...more info
  • Standard Filter works as manufactured
    I have been using a PUR facuet water purifier for about a year now. I recently upgraded my filter housing an am pleased with its performance. I purchased the filter from amazon as it was a 1/3 of the price at retail outlets....more info
  • PUR ly wonderful
    The PUR RF-3375-2 2 Stage Faucet Mount Filter 2-Pack was exactly what I wanted. I use this particular filter consistently and was thrilled to find the 2-pack filter at such a reasonable price....more info
  • Beats toting bottled water in!
    This is a life saving, back saving product! I am a distill water drinker but it was a cumbersome task loading and carrying those gallons into the house. The pur water filter is a convenient and economical way to get filtered good tasting water! I love it!...more info
  • Saves me so much on water!
    Why pay for water when you can get it from your own faucet! I love it....more info
  • My account
    I had sent back your product (even though it is not defective in any way) beacuse when i received it i wanted to install it into the filter mount but i realized my filter mount was cracked that is the reason i returned this item. can you e-mail me back and let me know when my charge card will be credited. thank you and have a good day...more info


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