X-Pole 50mm Dancing Pole Xpole Striptease Pro Pole
X-Pole 50mm Dancing Pole Xpole Striptease Pro Pole

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Whether you are a professional dancer, or you want to learn to dance or simply want a great way to stay fit and healthy X-Pole is the only choice. Dont be fooled by cheaper imitations which only let you dance around with your feet on the ground, X-Pole is the only professional pole that you can hang upside down and swing around on safely. FEATURES and BENEFITS: It supports up to 220lbs. Great for spins. Screw together high precision joints, almost seamless X-Poles unique precision machined, screw together, connections (not slot together) create rock solid stability, extremely high pole strength and, more importantly for the dancer, smooth seams. No ceiling fixings or tools needed: Quickly erect and take down the pole without cosmetic damage to your home. Low Profile Articulating base for uneven floors X-Pole has a uniquely designed, low profile (flat, not angled, so the dancers feet will not side off), non invasive base, which compensates for uneven floors. Also unique is it's 3 angle lock which adds to X-Poles stability. Static or spinning, easy to convert X-Poles converts from static to spinning mode in 15 seconds. Simply undo or re-tighten two hidden screws. Spinning units contain a total of 6 ball bearings for maximum stability and durability. Extra wide support dome with easy to use height adjuster X-Poles extra wide 15" support dome creates a self locking moment for added stability. The upper adjuster, which is easy to tighten due to it's fine thread, has a simple slide in place cover enhancing X-Poles appearance. Kit Includes: 1. 250mm Extension 2. 125mm Extension 3. Height Adjuster 4. Adjuster Cover 5. Main Pole A 6. Main Pole B 7. Pole Support Dome 8. Articulating Base 9. Carry Cases (x2) 10. Wallet of X-Pole tools Comes with 2 free carry cases 1 for the tubes and one for the discs, an insert bag, tool wallet and a an instructional DVD. The pole features lockable bearings so you can make it spin freely or lock into a static position.

  • The most popular dancing and fitness pole on the market.
  • 100% Portable.
  • Can either be set up to be static (stationary) or to spin.
  • 50mm in diameter and contstructed of polished chrome.
  • Can fit ceilings from 7'4 to 9' heights.

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing!
    I just received my x-pole about a week ago and i absolutely love it! I was looking for something that i could use! I looked at two other pole, the peek pole and the lil mynx, butthis one seemed the best for it's price and it really is! I'm 165 lbs and i can swing on the pole without fear that it will come loose!

    Also i was confused by the instructions that came with it but after watching the video i saw it was pretty much common sense on how to put it together, only difference from the video and the pole you get would be one tool has changed when tightening the parts.

    I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to be a stripper, at home or professional, or even just for the work out! and it really does work lol just after a few tries on it yesterday my upper body it a little sore and it targets the stability muscles places that would normally be missed with any other workout! ...more info
  • Awesome Pole!
    When I started taking pole dancing classes, I was dying to get a pole at my own place. I looked around the Internet for more information about whether or not they have removable poles. This is as good as it gets, I think.

    The installation DVD made the steps easy to follow, but it still took a good hour or two for us to put together. And yes, you will want to have a friend to help assemble the pole! I think it is a lot safer this way. And when they tell you to tighten the adjuster, make sure you tighten as much as you can! The first time we tightened it, I tried to spin around the pole and it moved causing me to fall on my butt! Soooo, we tightened it again, and it works just fine now. This was where a wrench would have came in handy, but was not provided in the kit - same with a stud finder. :( Installation was the only reason this has been kept from becoming a 5-star review.

    However, once you get the pole installed, it is great! Perfect for learning new spins and moves. The seams between the parts that are put together are smooth. And there are two modes - static and spinning - and it is really easy to change it. Definitely keep it in static to master your moves first. Spinning is fun, but you'll get dizzy fast!...more info
  • Wow!
    This product is worth its weight in gold! Okay, well, maybe not quite that much. But, even as an 'exotic dancer,' I honestly can't imagine being happier with a different product. In fact, it's easy for me to forget that it's a portable pole!

    But I'm getting ahead of myself. First of all, prior to purchasing this product, I was deciding between a few different portable poles: the Li'l Mynx, Superpole, and the X-Pole. By the way, if you buy this pole, do not buy the product directly from X-Pole! They are based in the UK, and you'll end up paying a hefty sum for shipping, even though the pole appears to be cheaper on their site. Buy it from Amazon.

    As a disclaimer, I have heard good things about all three of these pole brands, but to me, the X-Pole seemed the most...intense. Its advertising really emphasizes that the pole is meant to be swung upon, and seeing as how its price was competitive, I decided to try my luck with the X-Pole. I was primarily looking for a pole that would 1) Hold my weight, even at high velocities, 2) Be completely portable, and 3)Spin like a real stripper pole. I don't look like I weigh much, but at 145 pounds, I was afraid that I'd easily topple anything that wasn't constructed very, very well! I honestly was ready to send back any product that didn't meet my expectations to the T. There is no way I would risk my safety just to have a recreational pole in my apartment.

    The pole arrived in good time. The box (at 39 lbs) contains two sporty/stylish bags (to carry the differently-shaped parts for total portability), two longer poles, two bases, two extensions, a tool kit (contains everything you need to put the pole together), a DVD, an instruction manual, and a metal cover for the otherwise-exposed, adjustable top. I was concerned at first because one of the metal bases seemed very unstable. However, as demonstrated by the DVD, it is supposed to be like this before you put the pole together.

    I started trying to put it together using the written instructions. And I really shouldn't have bothered. The written instructions are so confusing compared to the visual DVD!! On the DVD, two instructors put the pole together very simply (with no fade-in-fade-out tweens: it really is easy!). Then again, I'm a visual person. But in my experience, the written instructions just complicated what the DVD clearly explained. (Also, the DVD contains step-by-step instructions on some basic pole/floor moves.)

    It is very easy to put together (though I'd recommend having someone help you). The learning curve is sharp: I won't need to refer back to the instructions if I decide to move the pole elsewhere: its construction is very simple. Simple, but STURDY! I live in an old apartment, and so had to find a place on the ceiling where it was completely flat. I didn't search for the ceiling beams (though I probably should've); I just searched for a place where it would stand straight. But this pole is SOLID. I can literally grab the pole, shake it as hard as I can, and it still does not budge. With the two extensions, it fairly easily reaches the top of my 9' ceiling, and still does not feel wobbly (some poles get noticeably more wobbly as more extensions are added on).

    Of course, you can also choose to put the pole in 'static' mode, but where's the fun in that? This pole is exactly what my pole at work looks and feels like, even though the one at my job isn't portable! The grip, the spin type, and the material, are all authentic. Trust me, I would know. :0)

    I really find very few products I'm passionate about, but I cannot find anything wrong with this one. Whether you're buying it as a sexy workout toy, as something to make your significant other's jaw drop, or because you're a stripper who likes to take her work home, this is the pole for you. I LOVE IT.

    Note: Poles are not easy to work on at first. It took me about three months at work to stop getting bruises on my inner thighs just from simply "sitting" on the pole and spinning! If you're looking for a pole that has an easier grip (a "stickier" pole), then consider buying the titanium gold pole or finding one made of brass. But stainless steel will definitely make you earn your pole creds!

    I only paid a bit over $300 for my pole when I bought it awhile ago. I have no idea why its price has raised so dramatically on Amazon, but I'd advise searching for a better price elsewhere! I hear that X-Pole now has a base in the US, so try buying it from them!!
    ...more info
  • best pole! but can get it cheaper elsewhere at the moment...
    this is, in my opinion, the best professional grade pole. i love mine. 50mm is the standard. they have this chrome one which is great for everything, especiallyy spins. they also have a titanium gold one that is more grippy if u want more hold for inverts. but the 50mm chrome is the standard. they also have a 45mm pole. this is easier to grip thus making spins easier. but it will make inverts and tricks more painful because there is thhe same pressure on your body with less of a surface area.

    [...]...more info
  • Love it!
    It's very sturdy if you follow instructions (make sure its tight after/before using it). Unfortunately chrome is in the middle of the spectrum of stickiness and therefore harder to learn on, stainless steel being the most slippery/hardest and brass being the least slippery/easiest. If I had known that I would of gotten brass. This pole is also very temperature picky, if its too cold you will slip right off making tricks impossible, making summer the best time to play on it, unless you can afford a higher heating bill or want to use a hair dryer or something. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is the best to clean it with....more info
  • I simply love it!!
    I received this pole in titanium gold as a Valentines Day gift and I am in love. I must admit that it does take a while to set up for the first time, but not a hassle really. The pole is very stable and is a beauty to look at. This is going to be my new best friend!! ...more info
  • Best pole worth every penny
    This is hands down the best portable pole you can buy. It is easy to assemble, you can leave it up without worrying that it will harm your floor or ceilings. It is safe to use for any tricks, even inversions when assembled correctly. This pole can be used in spinning mode which makes for an even better floor show for your man. The DVD included is helpful for beginners as it breaks down the tricks into an easy to follow format. She also gives you wonderful stretches for your warm up and cool down. I use mine every day - best workout you can get....more info


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