Miele S168 Universal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

The Universal Upright vacuums are superb in their design, performance and construction. Like Miele's canisters and power teams they are designed to produce high air flow rates at very low noise levels while lasting a very long time. Unlike most uprights, these Miele Universal Uprights perform extremely well on non-carpeted floors with their deluxe Rug/Bare Floor Nozzle. This same nozzle can also be used to clean low to medium height carpets although when this model is configured with an optional SEB217-2 Powerbrush it will deep clean these carpets much more efficiently. These upright are ideal choices for cleaning small apartments & loft spaces, yachts, RVs and campers or as a companion to your canister or power team for quick pickups. Features and Benefits: Multi-Layer Filtration System increases the life of the high efficiency exhaust filter. The air passes through a triple layer IntensiveClean Plus Dustbag and a secondary electrostatic filter before reaching the Certified S-Class HEPA exhaust filter. Each layer of filtration captures more particles as the air passes through them. High Performance IntensiveClean Plus Dustbag enhances the performance of the Miele S168 Universal Upright, reducing the dust emissions from the dustbag. The enhanced composition of IntensiveClean Plus virtually eliminates clogging, improving cleaning performance even further. Versatile Multiple Configurations: The steel telescopic handle on the Miele S168 Universal Upright can be adjusted to match your individual stature for more comfortable cleaning. This handle tube is also a telescopic steel wand which can be used as an extension wand for reaching under low furniture like beds and sofas. The S168 can also be configured with various attachments.

Customer Reviews:
  • About time!
    This is the stick vacuum I've been waiting for for a very long time though a history of many vacuums! It is built with quality, excellent design, workability, power, and flexibility. It is lightweight and easy to use(easier than a broom), and it has several varied accessory brushes you can purchase, including electrified power brushes. It comes with a HEPA filter. It could use a longer cord, but an extension cord works just fine. Thank you, Miele!...more info