Women's Health: Total Workout in Ten!

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Swamped at home, and craving exercise but you can t spare a minute for the treadmill, much less get motivated to set an incline? Our solution? Total Workout in Ten, developed by the editors of Women s Health Magazine. Broken into four 10-minute sessions, this intense workout allows you to customize your burn based on your time, energy level, and target zones. Exercise for one 10-minute block or combine the routines to build a full-body workout.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great, convenient workout.
    This is a very good exercise DVD. The segments are short and effective --the arm work out is great and I really like the cardio portion too. It's fast paced but the moves are pretty simple so you don't get lost. And really, at about 10 minutes each, it's hard to make excuses. ...more info
  • Really annoying background cheering and whooping
    I bought the video because of the good reviews. However, I hate the really annoying background cheering and whooping. I guess girls behind the camera are cheering and yelling. Very very annoying. And the lead trainer, will not be quiet! Constant talking. I would prefer less talking and cheering, and more concentration and focus on the workout. It is a hard workout if you do all 45 minutes strait, but do-able. ...more info
  • I really like this one..
    I've tried a few workout DVDs (including the 30 Day Shred) and this is by far my favorite. I find the instructor, Amy Dixon, to be very motivating (she actually does the entire workout with you, unlike another instructor) and the workout is good regardless of whether you just do one segment or all 4 of them. Amy gives good cues so you're never taken by surprise when she changes moves.

    I would highly recommend this video to any and everyone.
    ...more info
  • Just okay
    I was disappointed in this dvd. I like the upper body and lower body segment. However, the "techno" music is annoying and the studio where the video is shot is unappealing to me. An "abs" section would have been nice since it is supposedly a "total workout". I have bought many many work out videos and I have a pet peeve about them - when you have a cardio section you need to show the instructors legs. You don't need a close up of her face while she is instructing- you need to see what she is doing. Needless to say this dvd shows the instructor talking away from the waist up during challenging cardio steps. I will use it for the arms and lower body but that's it. ...more info
  • not for a complete beginner
    great video but had me really breathing hard in the 10min aerobic section. you can follow the low impact person, which i will do next time. otherwise, great format and looking forward to doing more. oh--i believe you need handweights for the upper body part....more info
  • Fast delivery and cd in great condition.
    This DVD is very efficient and the workouts are easy to do. I definitely recommend it....more info
  • Can't get enough of Amy Dixon.
    I have to say, my first experience with a Women's Health workout was the Perfect Body Workout, and I thought it was pretty solid. Having then tried the Ultimate fat Burn and now this DVD, I have to say that Amy Dixon knows exactly what she's doing, and am now totally impressed with these Women's Health workouts.

    This video has four segments--cardio, lower body, upper body, and a flexibility workout. All of them are about ten minites long, and you can pick and choose from if you don't have time for all of them. I think all three are fantastic, especially for those of us that need a shorter but effective workout.

    Here's the good:

    --All the moves are DOABLE the first time; I had absolutely no problem following her moves.
    --The moves that are done are effective; I was feeling the burn in no time.
    --There's no wasted time in this video; there's no standing around between exercises like I have experienced in other videos, so your heart rate is up the entire time.
    --The cueing is good; even if you're not sure what she means when she says the move, the moves are easy and you can pick them up right away. I like the fact that she gives plenty of warning before she changes.
    --I loved the fact that there was a separate flexibility segment that used yoga and stretching moves. It felt great to do that after the segments using weights.

    Things that could be improved:

    --The workout calls for light weights (3 lbs), but I realized I needed more of a challenge. I used 5- and 8-lb weights for the upper and lower body segments.

    For a more advanced exerciser, this workout might be a little easy. However, if you're like most people and want a workout that will kick your tail and give you some bonus flexibility, this is the workout for you. Amy Dixon is one of the best DVD instructors I have come across, and I will definitely be on the lookout for any more workouts with her at the helm!...more info
  • Dixon Rocks
    This video is excellent. It is challenging and motivating. The music isn't too annoying like most exercise videos, and Amy Dixon is a great instructor. I will absolutely buy her other videos. ...more info
  • working mom
    What a great fitness DVD!
    I am happy with my results already. I've lost nearly 5 pounds since I started using the video.
    Amy is motivating and I like the fact that there are other "normal" sized women working out with her in the video.
    I have a challenging work schedule and this video helps me time manage.
    Thanks Amy!...more info
    I LOVE this tape. I have about 20 different workout tapes and like to rotate my routine, but this is my favorite. It is an intense workout. I usually start out thinking I'll do 10 minutes and when I finish I KNOW I can do 10 more minutes. I love it when I end up completing the whole workout. Amy Dixon is a great trainer. It's amazing how she can do the entire workout with you while talking you through it. No way could I talk and do this workout! For a VERY intense ab workout, go to the bonus section for the core workout. I like the tape so much I have given it as a gift to others. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I am really enjoying this video. I like being able to use the pre-built workout or customizing the workout to what I want to do on any given day. ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    This was my first Women's Health workout DVD I've used. I also ordered Train for Your Body Type and The Wedding Workout, but haven't used them yet. I decided to give this one a go first, since the split up workouts seemed promising since I have limited time to workout. Boy, was I glad I did! This is an EXCELLENT DVD. First off, you can either do one section for concentrated training, or you can do all the sections and get a total (and I mean total!) body workout.

    First off the cardio section was amazing. It was hard, but it was also fun and Amy Dixon is a great instructor. She had me begging for mercy about 4-5 minutes in, but she encouraged me to "keep going, it's only 10 minutes!"

    The lower body section clocked in at just under 8 minutes, but you WILL feel it. Amy has you doing a series of lunges, curtsey lunges, and deadlifts with lunges. VERY effective and the pace moves quickly and the moves are compact. Right off, you can feel the muscles you're working.

    The upper body section was UNBELIEVABLE. I was dying--in a good way. And the day after I was sore. She does a bunch of great variations on the usual shoulder exercises, bicep curls, triceps and an awesome pushup variation that I love and you won't dread doing, yet is effective as well.

    The flexibility workout is great as well, and Amy reminds you that this is not a wasted workout--you're still burning calories, which was encouraging as well.

    All in all, this was a great DVD that I probably won't use everyday but I will use when I want a total body workout in less than 40 mins., or on days when I want to concentrate on certain areas of the body. I've never heard of Amy Dixon before but now that I have, I will definitely be buying more of her DVDs. Her cueing is great, she's funny and makes come comical remarks and is not overly peppy or obnoxious.

    Great DVD, if you buy it, you WILL be using it again and again!...more info
  • Great workout!
    This is the third Women's Health workout DVD I've borrowed from the library. I have to say, I wasn't too impressed with either The Wedding Workout or Train for Your Body Type, but I loved this DVD. I'm definitely going to buy this one, and will probably throw in her other Women's Health DVD, Ultimate Fat Burn, as well.

    Amy Dixon is a great instructor who cues well and is encouraging without being annoying. Plus, it's a really great workout! I did all 4 10-minute segments together, and it was a really well rounded routine. I'm definitely a bit sore today (especially in the shoulders!). My favorite segment is probably the balance/flexibility cooldown at the end--it's very relaxing with some great yoga/pilates-inspired movements. What a great way to end a workout!

    I'd definitely recommend trying this out, even if you weren't a fan of the other Women's Health DVDs....more info
  • Big surprise!
    I was so surprised by the effectiveness of this workout! I have some other workout videos that are similar in that there are several ten-minute segments, but I haven't been happy with all of them. This one is definitely my favorite! ...more info
  • exceptional workout dvd
    I have several workout dvds. I actually look forward to working out with this particular one. Amy is genuine...I cant emphasize enough how important that is. Most workout instructors I cant take seriously because they are so fake. Even a 10 minute workout will make me sore. I like feeling that even giving 10 minutes is making a difference. This dvd is fun and real and most absolutely worth every penny. ...more info
  • Great buy!
    This is a great workout video, even if you are not very coordinated. It is broke into ten-minute sessions, which go by very fast. I could feel my muscles working the first time I did it. ...more info
  • Best 10 minute DVD I own!
    This is the best 10 minute workout dvd that I own. I like the cardio section the most. It is tough but produces great results. I have actually seen results from this DVD as opposed to the others. I lost 3 pounds in one week! I workout in spurts usually totalling 30-50 minutes a day (10 in morning, ten in afternoon 10, 20 or 30 in the evening doing more cardio than toning), and this fit the bill.

    Please come out with more 10 minute solution DVDs Amy.:) The other ones aren't as challenging, especially the cardio....more info
  • Good Results
    This is a good DVD which has a nice selection of shorter workouts (for the days when I have less time) which can also be done to make a longer workout. The exercises are challenging but since they are short you can work though them and build up strength and endurance.

    There are workouts for cardio, lower body, upper body and general flexbility. I found the flexibility the easiest to initial work with but now can work through them all.

    Amy Dixon is a very good instructor and I am enjoying the workouts and the results I am getting....more info
  • great dvd
    this covers 4 areas i need to work on and in a short time. just when i'm ready to fall over the workout is done and in only 10 minutes. i usually combine a 10 minute cardio with either arms or lower body and its great!...more info
  • Great Workout DVD
    I like the short and simple workout sessions divided into ten minute sessions. I can do one or two sessions at a time since I am usually crunched for time. It does get me sweating and sore after 20 minutes....more info
  • Great for a quick workout
    I just did this workout for the first time. I thought 10 minutes wouldn't be enough to feel like I really worked out, but the 10 minute cardio I tried and then the upper-body exercises made me feel like I really worked out. Amy Dixon gives good instruction and she isn't annoying like so many of my other videos. I think this is perfect if you are trying to fit in a short workout in a busy day....more info
  • Excelent
    Women's Health: Total Workout in Ten!

    I liked this DVD because I can choose how many of the 10 minutes sections to do according to the time I have each day. Amy Dixon is full of energy and encourages you to keep going without being annoying. I bought several DVD's but this is one of my favorites. My daughter also liked it and sometimes we do it together. I really recommend it....more info
  • This girl kicks [...]!
    Get this video; you won't regret it! It does what it says - you get a great workout in ten minutes. Trust me, you will feel it.

    I recently lost 30 pounds and decided it was time to start working out to keep stuff from "hanging." I don't have a lot of time on my hands and even though I have other fitness videos that contain short workouts, I found them either too short to feel effective or too complicated for a virtual beginner like me. I took a shot on this video and I'm so glad I did. Amy Dixon is a great trainer - I think her directions are clear and easy to follow and she's funny and encouraging without being overly chatty or obnoxious (Denise Austin and Kathy Smith are good trainers but Denise yaps too much and Kathy tends to yell). And the workouts themselves pretty much fly by - before you know it, you're done - but they make you work! Last night I did Denise Austin's cardio dance for 20 minutes and broke a light sweat. I did this video's upper and lower body sequences right after and was dripping sweat within the first three or four minutes. I like the fact that Amy has someone with her that does the beginner modifications - this works great for anyone who doesn't quite have their balance yet or who, like me, has arthritis and can't always do all the movements as shown.

    I absolutely love this video and recommend it highly to beginner and experienced exercisers alike. Amy recommends starting with 3 pound weights but you can move up in poundage as you progress and get stronger. As I said, Amy is great and I'd love to get her other videos but I'll need to work up to them. The only thing I don't like about this video is the whooping and hollering by the ladies behind Amy - I find that extremely annoying but that's just me. All in all, this is a great workout video! You will definitely feel like you've done some serious work in a short amount of time....more info
  • Fabulous, efficient workout!
    This video is fabulous. I've done it 3 times per week for 4 weeks and I already feel more toned and more energetic. You don't need any special equipment, just roughly 50-60 square feet of carpeted space and two 3 pound weights. In just over 40 minutes, you get a wonderful, comprehensive workout. Amy Dixon is very likeable. She is encouraging and enthusiastic without being overly bubbly and sweet. The five women who join her on the video are fit, but clearly women who have real lives apart from working out and worrying about their abs. The workout has four segments that you can do separately, or you can do all four in a row for a comprehensive workout. The first segment is a fast paced cardio workout. The second focuses on lower body. The third focuses on upper body. And the fourth is a combination of yoga and ballet moves that improve balance and flexibility and provide a cool down. Many of the exercises throughout the workout also do agreat job on abs and waist. I love doing all four segments in a row. Everything is set to a simple dance beat, so it's easy to keep with the pace. Many of the moves are downright fun. A few were a bit challenging the first time, but they are easy to learn after a few times through. One of the women on the video does modified versions of some of the moves that require a bit extra strength, balance or flexibility. I am in my mid-40s, a mom, and a full time professional. So I can't commit to long workouts at pre-set times. I was thrilled to find an at-home workout that gets my heart rate up for 40 minutes, works on all the muscles in my body and is (amazingly!) so fun that I look forward to it. Thank you Amy Dixon and Women's Health.

    NOTE 5 MONTHS LATER: After a few weeks, I only had time to workout on Saturday and Sunday mornings. But that was enough. I lost 9 pounds without eating differently, though I look as though I lost more because I replaced fat with muscle. I dropped a full dress size. And I wore bikinis this summer, for the first time in 14 years!
    ...more info
  • not as easy as it sounds
    I bought this dvd based on what great customer reviews it had but was very disappointed. I am new to exercise and found this dvd much too hard to follow. Although I like her perkiness she moves too quickly without explaining well enough what you are supposed to be doing. I spent most of my time jumping around not quite sure what I was supposed to be doing. The only part I could really keep up with was upper body. Although I think this would be a good video for someone already experienced with an exercise program definitly not for a beginner. ...more info
  • fun
    It is very easy to follow the instructor. She is fun and energetic. I can not stop beaming after starting her video. I love the camera work. The studio setting and the way it is edited are in top quality among all these exercise videos. You are going to like this one. ...more info
  • Yeah for Amy Dixon!
    I love this video! Mostly because I love the instructor! She has a great attitude and is enthusiastic and encouraging without being annoying. This video has 5 10 minutes workouts: cardio, upper body toning, lower body toning, core toning on a ball, and a stretch section. (I believe one of these workouts, either stretch or core, is listed as a "bonus" segment). The workout is moderate, not too tough, but enough to get your heart rate up and feel like you've accomplished something. Great video!...more info
  • Decent workout
    This is a nice workout video. It's 10 minutes of four different kinds of focuses; cardio, upper-body, lower-body and flexibility. It's nice because you can switch it up, and do two on one day, or all four on another. Each one gets you sweating, and the movements are pretty easy. She does go a little fast, but I just slowed down and took it at my own pace....more info
  • Great workout video
    This is my 2nd Amy Dixon workout video (I also have Ultimate Fat Burn) and I love them both. I like that you can do a pre-set program or chose from the 10-minute routines. Lately I have been working my lower body on my own, then popping in the DVD for upper body and core work. The core workout is rather hidden on the Bonus menu, but it an awesome routine - probably the best core workout I have done. I mix up the weights I use depending on the move - it is easy to adjust for any fitness level....more info
  • Great workout - and I appreciate the modifications
    I've been working out at the gym for a month now but decided to buy a DVD for days I don't feel like going to the gym. I was a little concerned because I have a bad knee and back so I am always careful about how I exercise. Amy Dixon's video has Beth doing modified versions of exercises that even I could do. The first time I did the video I did the custom built exercises got thru 10 minutes definitely feeling it was a workout, I never made it thru the entire second 10 minutes because I was too tired. Even with Amy's motivation, I knew I just have to build up more stamina. A great video that is easy for all fitness levels - and if you really can't take more exercise, just turn it off and cool down. One day, I'll get thru all four at once....more info
  • A good solid workout
    This is a good solid no-nonsense workout. She gets you sweating and doesn't waste time with useless moves. I really like having the ten-minute format....more info
  • Hurts so good!
    I love it! I have little time during the day to get my workout in and this works out perfect. Amy Dixon is awesome. She gets your heart rate up right away and keeps it there the whole time. This is by far the most effective workout DVD I have every tried. When I tried it for the first time I hurt all over for days after...it hurt so good! I'd recommend anything you can find out there by Amy Dixon!!!...more info
  • This video may not be for a beginner
    I guess I am the first to give this video anything but 5 stars. I am in my mid-forties. I haven't been working out for a few years and purchased about four videos to try to develop a healthy workout pattern. I've been going for three weeks and this video has not been my favorite. It may be that my fitness level doesn't allow for the intensity. I have really enjoyed the Leslie Sansone's Eat Smart, Walk Strong : The Secrets to Effortless Weight Loss and 10 Minute Solution: Tone Trouble Zonesmuch more than this video. If you are beginner, you might want to try one of the other videos first. ...more info
  • Gets the job done!
    I love this DVD. It is broken down into to short routines so you can squeeze it in any time you have 10 minutes. I use it during lunch. In 10 minutes I feel toned and ready to finish my day! Thank you Amy Dixon! Keep them coming!...more info
  • Great Total Body Workout
    This is one of the best workouts I've purchased in a while. Amy is a great instructor and gives excellent cueing through out the workout. You start off with a cardio section that gets the heart pumping. This is a nice segment using simple to follow moves that are still challenging. The next section is lower body and you get a nice variation that challenges your large muscle groups. The following segment is upper body and this moves quickly but is very effective in getting in a great 10 minute segment to challenge your upper body. The last segment is balance and stretch and this is my favorite. She uses yoga moves that are doable and still a challenge, you feel it and know you are getting a great stretch in. The bonus ab segment is just as great and all total this is a great 50 minute workout to do as a whole. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a nice balanced workout....more info