Panasonic MC-CG973 Power Head Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Dark Blue

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Product Description

Features: Canister vacuum with power nozzle. Powerful 12 amp motor. On/off and bare floor switches on the handle - fingertip switch shuts off the agitator for safer cleaning on bare floor surfaces. 24-foot power cord with cord reel. Covered, recessed attachment storage - Tool attachments are recessed on top of the canister for easy access during cleaning. No time is wasted searching for the tool you need. Just lift the cover and it's right within your reach. Effective cleaning with positive drive brush system - A V-groove belt and agitator shaft team up for non-slipping positive brush action and more effective cleaning. Hose swivel allows for wide range cleaning - The 360-degree swivel hose permits a wide range of cleaning without moving the canister. Canister tip-over is also greatly reduced since the hose moves freely in all directions. Power nozzle overload protector helps protect the belt and nozzle motor - The Overload Protector reacts quickly to shut off and protect the belt and nozzle motor if the agitator is jammed. When the clogging object is removed and the reset button pressed, vacuuming can be resumed. 4 full-size cleaning attachments. HEPA exhaust filter. Auto cord rewind. 9" nylon floor brush. Carpet height adjustment. Motorized power nozzle.

  • Canister vacuum cleaner with a powerful 12 amp motor
  • 14-inch power nozzle for cleaning all floor surfaces
  • 360-degree swivel hose; built-in overload protector; HEPA filtration
  • On-board bare-floor brush, crevice tool, dusting brush, and fabric brush
  • Measures 28-1/4 by 12-4/5 by 16-1/7 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Big Disappointment
    Although the Panasonic vacuums come highly rated by consumer magazines, this model would not shut off unless unplugged. I notice that another buyer commented on this same defect. Likewise, when I contacted the retailer, they directed me to Panasonic. Panasonic didn't have a repair facility in Ohio and required me to send my vacuum to a shop in Pennsylvania for repair. It has been weeks and I've heard nothing from the repair shop. Buy large or expensive items from a nearby store. Secondly, I've purchased similar vacuums from Kenmore(Sears) and I've had no problems with them....more info
  • Poor quality, and bad service as well
    I bought this product after reading some reviews here. It could not be turn off after the first time use. Called Panasonic support several times, after answered by operator, I was hung up several times. No return allowed. Every time, instead of listening to my issue, the service people of Panasonic (maybe from India) simply kept reading their policies to me repeatly.

    I had to drive more than 20 miles to a retail service center for repair. The guy there told me I was not the only one had this problem. It turned out, a part was defect. When I came back after left my vacuum with them for a week, the guy fixed the vacuum showed me a part although still shining but broken.

    The vacuum is heavy. After this experience, I will not recommend to buy this product. Why should paying full price to buy one it has part defect even it's brand new?...more info
  • good little guy!
    hey--if you have a major, carpeted estate don't buy this. but if you're human, do.
    the two real experts, the ladies that keep the health department at bay, speak highly of it. in spanish. una respiradora muy buena....more info
  • It does the job.
    I got this vacumm a month ago and until know It has done what it is supose to do, clean my house. I hope it last for a long time. I am happy with it....more info
  • Good -not great
    The search for the perfect vacuum -at a price under $1000-continues. This one is good but hard to push on carpet and with my two large dogs it requires quite an effort to stay ahead of the shed!! But so far it seems reliable and better than many I have had.
    ...more info
  • Quiet, good suction.
    So far I really like this vacuum. It is quiet, has good suction and seems to be well built. The only thing I am not crazy about is the weight of the hose handle, but that is minor....more info
  • 5 stars for this Great Vacuum!!
    I am very pleased with this Panasonic MC-CG973 Power Head Canister Vacuum Cleaner! Very Light and easy to push around. The BEST thing is it actually does work on my Hardwood Floors! Dirt and items are actually picked up instead of being pushed around!! The switch is on the handle and easy to switch from carpet to floor. Very good pick up on carpet and on ALL the various different types of rugs I have. It has a retractable cord, it is not very loud and most importantly it uses bags!!! Why they invented bagless sweepers is beyond me! I am disgusted with them! They are sooo dirty and get clogged easily. After going through my last 2 bagless vacuums, I will say thanks but no thanks to bagless sweepers! Anyway... I LOVE this sweeper and am so glad I bought it!!! ...more info
  • buyers beware
    Folks, go try the vacuum at a store before buying.

    All the hinges are made of low grade plastic and they bend and break easily. Mine is only 2 months old and the wand is separating due to the plastic not being strong enough. Power switch is also not working half of the time.

    Maybe I have a lemon, but you can tell that the vacuum is made flimsy and from China...

    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    Just bought the Panasonic canister vacuum with the power head to replace an Oreck upright and a backpack commercial unit. We have several dogs that shed every summer and the Oreck just couldn't pick up the dog hair from our carpets. But this new Panasonic does a fantastic job - no rolling the hair into balls that I have to pick up later. And it even picks-up airsoft pellets from medium pile carpet too. It's the best vacuum we've ever used! And not nearly as expensive as a lot of its competitors. My only suggestion would be to buy an inexpensive pipe snake from the hardware store as the hose does tend to clog, but this just shows how much "stuff" the other vacuums were not picking up....more info
  • Solid Value
    I bought this vacuum cleaner to replace an aging 15+ year old Electrolux. It cleans as well. The tool carrying feature is very handy, and it's a lot quieter. At its current price point, it's a solid value. To get an even quieter unit, you'd have to spend at least twice as much. My wife likes it better than the old Electrolux as well....more info
  • panasonic vacuum
    great power, reasonably quiet, quick delivery. If it's anything like my old panasonic vacuum, it'll take alot of abuse and wear n tear....more info
  • Great vacuum for great price!!!!!
    I started with an Electrolux over 30 years ago and moved on to Rainbow about 15 years ago. My first Rainbow was wonderful and I finally traded it in for a new Rainbow 5 years ago. It is a piece of junk! It is totally falling apart and there are no service centers in my current area. It's very heavy and cumbersome and not easily maneuvered. So I set out to find a new vacuum that wouldn't cost me a year's wages and would be easy to handle. I searched Amazon and read all the reviews and settled on this Panasonic. It arrived and I had it out of the box and put together in 10 minutes. It's surprisingly lightweight, but sturdy and it has substance. The 360 degree swivel is marvelous and makes a huge difference in maneuvering. I used to have to wear "shoes" to vacuum in or the Rainbow would kill my toes and smash my feet. This Panasonic is so easy to handle and so much lighter that I can wear my flip flops and not kill my toes. The attachments are contained in the body of the vacuum and that's so handy. The electrical cord is self winding...again, this beats Rainbow all out. The power nozzle is marvelous, and guess what? It is 100 times quieter than a dogs did not run for the hills when I turned it on. OMG! I should have dumped the Rainbow a long time ago, especially when you compare pricing. I have 3 dogs and I vacuum a lot so even if this vacuum doesn't last more than a year or two, it is still more cost effective than a overpriced Rainbow. I highly recommend this Panasonic and I am so glad I purchased it. Now I don't dread vacuuming the way I used to. Happy cleaning!...more info
  • Review of Panasonic MC-CG7973 Vacuum
    The vacuum is great, however the bags seem to be out of stock at Amazon, and I have been unable to locate them locally. I would have preferred to have known that I would be unable to get more bags before I bought the vacuum! ...more info
  • Finally a vacuum that really works!!
    I've had this vacuum only two weeks, but we just moved into a rental home that wasn't cleaned very well. Adding to that is the fact that we have a number of pet birds so there's seed and feathers everywhere.
    The vacuum is ready to go right out of the box. The only assembly involves attaching the hose assembly to the vacuum and then attaching the floor attachment to that. Both these things were very easy. The canister it's self is compact and doesn't weigh that much. I don't have a weight for it, but I do have a bad back and shoulder and found it very easy to either roll around or carry, even up stairs.
    It comes with a bag installed, and the attachments neatly installed under a cover on the canister, it's really nice to have a place to store the attachments, but yet have them close by when you need them.
    The vacuum is pretty quiet as well. It's not silent, but I noticed that in spite of (war torn) hearing I could still hear a radio that was on in the room at the time. Now I realize that doesn't tell you how loud the radio is so try this; I was vacuuming about 15 feet from a cage of four parakeets and I could hear them very well. Maybe that's easier to picture then how loud my radio might be.
    I'm very happy with the suction power of this vacuum. I think we've all had vacuums that you have to roll back forth over things to get them picked up, or bend over pick it up, and put it by the intake to finally pick up. The panasonic is really excellent at vacuuming.
    I had a lot of bird seed and feathers on deep pile carpet, there really was a lot. I only had to make a forward and back pass to pick everything up. It has a nice edge pickup on the floor brush that works well to. There is a switch on the floor attachment that turns the vacuum on an off, and allows you to switch between carpet and wood flooring. The vacuum has a nice feature that should you roll over the power cord or a lamp cord it doesn't eat the cord, and it works I ran over the cord a couple times, and hit a couple lamp cords with no problems.
    Lastly I've always hated dealing with the cord on vacuums, this unit has a retractable cord that works nicely, and isn't so strong you have to worry about small pets or your feet.
    The only thing I wish the vacuum had was an extension tube to use with the attachments, but that is my only complaint. So, I'm definitely keeping it.
    All in all I like this vacuum a great deal, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to friends and family....more info
  • Yes, finally a vacuum that works, and appears it will last!
    I have been through so many vacuums I've lost count. The last ear piercing noise machine required scrapping the so called bag-less canister before every cleaning so I gave up on bag-less and bought this.

    For half the price of a Miele this machine is quite quiet, has amazing suction, is nice to look at, compact, and has great features; like a long cord.

    This is a great value and it really works!...more info