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Patch PerfectTM grass grows in the harshest conditions. Fast-growing fertilizersurrounds each seed to soak up and retain water. Even sprouts in extreme cold or heat. Quickly cover bare spots in shady sections, high-traffic paths or pet-ruined areas. It's what's used at professional sports stadiums! Each 2 lb. bag covers 100 sq. ft.

  • Patch Perfect grass grows in the harshest conditions
  • Used by proffessionals to keep sport staduims well trimed
  • Restores and grows healthy green grass
  • Covers 100 sq. feet
  • 2 lb bag each

Customer Reviews:

  • inutile!
    i give this product a minus ten!!! after 5 hours of very hard work:
    1 tilling
    2. watering

    do not be a sucker like me !!! Oh wait maybe they want us to first grow it on concrete before trying it on soil. If that doesn't work we can try the grass growing dance. But seriously, I recommend buying sod and cutting it into the shape you need....more info
  • What they don't tell you ...
    I purchased several bags - I honestly can't tell you IF it works - I was disappointed because the commercial says to just sprinkle it over the bad spots and watch it grow. Well, that's not altogether true. What they don't tell you is that you have to till (if that's the right word) the ground first. Who has time for that? So much for sprinkle and wait. I have the bags sitting in my garage ... anyone interested?...more info
  • Works, but it's small
    Ours came up fine with normal watering and care (like any plant) but the container here is very small. Like maybe 2 pints. That alone makes this product expensive for the average user. ...more info
  • Great product. Poor amount.
    This product is awesome. It's already growing like crazy in my backyard and looks great. However, the instructions say to use this over 100 square feet. I was only able to get 25 square feet and this was in no way built up 1/4" like the instructions said either. The only way I would ever buy this product in the future is if I could actually see the bag in person first to verify that the amount of seed was actually as described. This was a bitter-sweet purchase for me but more disappointing than anything else. ...more info
  • Great product if short on time But Pricey
    This product is great. It is a bit pricey for the amount of product that you get. I was able to cover a bunch of patches, which combined total about 18 x 18 inches. It is nice for people who dont have a lot of time to water. I previously bought grass seed and fertilizer and i was able to grow some grass but most of it died because i didnt have time to keep up the watering. With the Patch perfect I watered the patches about every 2 days with a watering can and after about a month the patches are filled with green thick grass. ...more info
  • This product does absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!
    I would advise anyone that is considering purchasing this product to stop immediately!! I purchased Patch Perfect and followed the instructions exactly and 3 weeks grass has grown. This was a complete waste of my money and I will be returning the unused portions. ...more info
    There are over 200 complaints on line about this company. Ordered on 9/2/08 and an hour later deceided to cancel. ALl day they could nto find my order. I was told it takes 24 to 72 hours for it to show up in their system. Told to call back in the morning and if there they can cancel. Called back in the moring (23 hours later) and was told the order is on a 54 foot trailer and gone! WHAT??? Please read up on this product. People are being charged on their CC for product they never ordered. One peron ordered a 19.99 bag and was billed 111.00. One person had dead animals in their yard. These people will not cancel the is a SCAM. Please, do not order this product. I hope I am able to save somebody some money! Please! I had to rate one star but give it a minus 10! ...more info
  • oh goodness
    THANK YOU THANK YOU! I thought this was the cure. My neighbor purchased two summers ago and it worked like magic on his back yard. So I was just getting ready to purchase it now for my backyard for a "fix" but after reading all of your reviews- I am FOR SURE going to get sod instead. So Thanks to all of you for your honest reviews!! I think you saved me a big Headache!! PEACE!...more info
  • works as advertised, but VERY expensive
    I bought this stuff to fill in patches in an extremely shady area. If you're thinking of covering a large area, this stuff is probably too expensive to bother with. Anyway, it worked phenomenally well. in about 5 days the bare patches were replaced with extremely thick grass.

    If you want to fill in patches in an area that gets plenty of sunlight, don't go for this product. It's too expensive to justify that use. ...more info
  • Don't Bother
    I bought some for a few places in the where we had cut a tree down and had the stump ground out, second was where an ornamental pickle barrel fell apart and left a huge bald spot in the lawn. Thought I'd get some of the patch perfect and see how it worked. It didn't. Absolutely nothing grew where the stump was ground down. A few straggles grew where the pickle barrel was. I say....don't waste your money....more info
  • Wish there was a no star option - this is a black hole
    I had (and still have) a few chronic bare spots on my lawn and figured I could'nt lose too much money trying this out. I didn't expect it would grow on bare rock like the commercial but hoped it might get something going. I bought the 2 package deal but it came in one small single pack. Since I bought it in the late fall I figured I would wait for better spring weather for starting. I dug up the bare spots and loosened the soil as per intructions. The weather was perfect - several weeks of light rain. The rest of my lawn and my gardens look great but alas, the bare spots are still bare. I called for a refund and was told returns could only be made for 90 days after purchase. Hmmmm - so why do they sell in late October and tell you to wait for spring, summer, or early fall to plant? No stars for this product - just a giant black hole! ...more info
  • well it does work great...but...
    Very expensive for more then just patching. of course that is what it says it's for (PATCH perfect!). The 100 square foot claim is not even close to true. I have done my whole yard with this stuff and come back to buy a couple more bags every once in a while just to thicken it up here and there. The growth is amazing and the grass you end up with is beautiful! I'm very pleased with it other then the crazy price and false claims. Living in the southern california high desert getting grass to grow on the hard packed sand filled dirt yards is tough. this stuff didn't seem to notice that there was no soil! ...more info
  • Doesn't cover 100 SQ FT.
    This product works--but the product amount (28 oz. or 1.75 lbs) does NOT cover anywhere near 100 SQ. feet of ground. It works out to .28 oz. per square foot, and when the directions say on the container that you're supposed to put it on 1/4" thick over the entire area you want the grass to grow...well, it just doesn't add up. Very disappointing. My fault for purchasing w/o doing the math. PLEASE don't follow my bad example....more info
  • I must have done something wrong.
    The seed I received was cushioned in some type of gray matter that looked like foam. Basically, the mixture is more foamy stuff than seed. I used a seed spreader and 80% of the mixture was held back as just extra matter. The areas I placed the Patch Perfect never grew and it has been 3 weeks. I regret I didn't check the reviews before I purchased it.

    Edited to add: It's not me. The consensus is that the grass doesn't grow and the grass is cheap. I personally had better results purchasing grass from Walmart. Here is a site with some reviews:[...]

    Update: I bought some grass for shade from Wal-Mart and it took root in a week of watering....more info
    I just ordered this product last night and spent 20 sum extra dollers for 1 to 2 day shipping and come to find it will still take a standard week? WHAT THE @#$* IS THAT? If Im gonna fork over my cash to some one for expidited shipping I WANT EXPEDITED SHIPPING! Not only is the seed a rip off but so are the sellers! I feel like a idiot for not reading these reviews!! all I can say is this seller needs to focous more on customer saticfaction than scaming peoples money!...more info
  • Google Has Many Reviews On This Product
    I need a spot lawn repair product as I have dogs that urinate on my lawn and kill the grass. In the past I have used various products from the home and garden stores and some worked well and others didn't. When i saw the commercial for this product I decided to investigate and found a lot of reviews when I googled Patch Perfect.
    This product looks like a ripoff. Read the google reviews and decide for yourself before spending the money. Patch Perfect charges $7.95 shipping for each container you buy and that's excessive!...more info
  • Patch Perfect is just that
    This product worked so well in 3 day sI had grass growing in spotty areas in sun and in shade. While I wouldn't recommend this for a whole lawn, for bare spots this worked like a charm in sandy Florida soil....more info
  • Not good for large areas..
    This product actually does work. I used for areas in my yard that didn't get sun due to large trees...but would be too expensive for coverage of a large area if manufacturer's directions are followed. After first putting it down, I began to see white fuzzy "spots" in the bare areas (looked like the dirt was growin whie mold), then grass started to grow! I planted in late summer and watered frequently. It's still there and we'll see what the spring brings....more info


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