Imagine: Babyz
Imagine: Babyz

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Product Description

Imagine Babyz is the first simulation game focused on caring for babies. Players take on the challenges of raising a baby throughout all stages of development and will also be able to take photos and exchange tips and clothing through a unique online component.

  • As a babysitter, take care of up to six babies. Feed them, play with them, take them for walks in the garden, and keep them healthy.
  • Spend your hard-earned money on new baby outfits, toys, or food, or on new furniture for your house.
  • Customize and clean your house with fun mini-games: vacuum, paint the walls, mow the grass, and more.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great game!!
    my 11 year old daughter received this as a x-mas gift and can't put it down...she loves it!!!...more info
  • Cute,But Hard
    I have a friend who let me play this game the first baby I had to babysit was Ella Then her brother I forgot his name. It's kinda hard to feed them because they cry so much and get grumpy and it is REALLY hard to rock them, but entertaining them isn't. I don't know how to go to the store and it seems that every 5 minutes someone comes knocking on the door. and the people kinda look sort of strange. and the bird is really weird.After 15 minutes after playing the game I just pulled it out of the slot and put in nintendogs It's really cute ,But really hard....more info
  • I always figured that new versions were better versions.
    I was wrong.

    First off, this product is NOT the first baby simulation game. The first that I can remember (there may be others) came out 10 or so years ago as "Babyz" from PF Magic. Ubisoft bought the rights to the game (and its more popular brothers "Petz" and "Oddballz") after their popularity waned.

    As a huge fan of these games when I was younger, I figured I'd give this game a shot. Heck, I still play Petz every now and then. I'd play Babyz too, as I still have the cd, but the key is looong gone. So, I picked up a copy that was on clearance the other day.

    Yuck! The old Babyz was much better. I personally didn't like the minigames, but it isn't a big deal. The problem was the touch screen was really awful. Really, really awful. I hope the other "Imagine" games aren't this bad, I was hoping to give a couple of them a shot.

    In short, the touchscreen is very inaccurate making doing things frustrating. The graphics, though more "advanced", were not as good (except for, arguably, the babies themselves). I expected the game to be /more/ interesting than it's predecessor, not less. Too bad.

    Way to mess up a good thing, Ubisoft. GG. And stop with the untrue advertising....more info
  • Great after you get used to it
    The game is good but kinda hard. I have never gotten good feedback from a parent after watching their child in the game. Fun but when the baby is sleeping u have only like 4 things to do and if u wake the baby up to early it is mad and u have to put it right back, so it is boring sometimes. The stork helps u sometimes but not always and you have to buy so much stuff. But overall it is ok....more info
  • Too hard for young people
    This is a cute game, but aggravating. Parents are never happy and there are no instructions as to what to do. It gets better as you figure it out, but still hard. ...more info
  • This game is harder than we expected
    I bought this game for my 5 year old daughter, but it is a little hard for her to play without help from someone. The game is overall ok, but not what we expected....more info
  • Great game!!
    my 11 year old daughter received this as a x-mas gift and can't put it down...she loves it!!!...more info
  • Diffrent then thought
    When I got this game I was just going 4 the long run. There were no reviews or anything.When I got it I played 4 a long time. I played every second of my spare time. I was a little upset that you cant change diapers, and that there werent more things I can do with baby. I also got frustrated when the baby would through hissy fits when I played something they didnt like. I was also a bit frustrated when I got critized for doing the best I could. But its hard to believe it was good the faces where to die 4. I waited a long time 4 a game like this to come out. Even though this game had a few flaws if there was another I would probably get it....more info
  • Great concept, but not so great gaming...
    Very cute looking game. The isntructions booklet is quite vague on what you have to do exactly or how to use the stylus, as the other controls on your DS are hardly used at all(a character that's a talking stork will giude you every now and then). And it gets repetitive to do over and over and over the same tasks again and again and again. Ughh!
    The graphics, music and realistic movements of the babies are very well done all very colorful and eye catching, great music too. Though the sounds and graphics are wonderful the game gets repetitive too quickly and you have a hard time using the stylus to perform every single task in the game, which often evades you to the extreme in many chores. I had to push hard the stylus against the screen to get things done, most annoying to say the least.(fearing that too much pressure would harm my DS unit, but it seems no other way to it)
    You never change diapers (lack of realism), and the game itself is a large sequence of mini games. You'll unlock cool clothes, costumes, shoes and other goodies for the babies, home furtinure and paint for your home. I hope Ubisoft makes a sequel with a more RPG style and mush easy control of the tasks with less repetition. I only give it 3 stars. Nice presentation,(cute babies!) but slightlyboring gameplay(due to repetition). If Ubisoft does a sequence they should spice it up a little, and work out some of the mentioned imperfections.
    ...more info
  • Good fun and very cute
    I bought this game for my niece. It was very cute and we actually played it together on Christmas Eve. The babies are hysterical. You can take care of them, get them special outfits, and even clean the house. If you do things the babies don't like, they throw a fit! Ha, just like real life. The game is pleasant and fun, and actually teaches kids a little something about responsibility. Not a bad purchase at all :) ...more info
    In this game your character is challenged by taking care of babies. In the game there is a total of six babies you take care and as you progress though it, it unlocks more babies. In the game you basically get to do the same stuff with a real baby like; playing with it, entertaining it when it gets bored, feeding it, giving them a bath, rocking them when they get upset, and putting them it sleep. It is like being a babysitter. The game is fun and I recommend it to people who like babies....more info
  • great game for all ages
    my daughter plays with it alot and was very happy when she received it. there are six babies that you care for at a time its like you are really babysitting. It keeps her on her toes. my older daughter also uses it...more info
  • imagine babyz ds
    this was for my daughter who is almost 6. we did not realize is that there is no audio so we have to read it all to her. which for us, kind of defeats the point. it's hard for her because of that and also there is one part during the feeding, where you have to follow a feeding meter with the stylus - it's hard and frustrating. our first and only game was brain academy and that was very easy for the kids to be independent because of the audio feedback....more info
  • Fun.. But Hard
    this game was fun for me (15 years old)... but on this game i could never figure out how to get the baby full asleep. i liked this game and i recommend it to 10-14 years olds... this game would be hard for little ones......more info
  • long time
    i got this game for my birthday i love it its just that it takes a long time for ellas mom to pick her up that is they onley problum you can dress the babyz...more info
  • Babyz DS Game
    My 11 year old daughter received this for Christmas and she absolutely loves it! This game is far more than just a "babysitting" game. With all the traveling we had to do for the holidays, it kept her completely entertained and there was always something 'new' to do with her 'babies'....more info
  • Fun
    Kids love this game but it is so easy for it to get lost/misplaced because of its small size. ...more info
  • Innovative & Cute
    This game is so cute and innovative. I waited quite a long time for a game like this to be created for the DS. I'm always looking for games for my niece to play, but I have to admit, I bought this one for myself.(My niece really enjoys this game as well.) No, this isn't a game all gamers will love to play, but if you are into cute games and/or like babies, this could be your game. It isn't perfect, but I gave it four stars.

    In the game, you play as a babysitter. Not only do you babysit babies, but you are also in charge of housecleaning,lawn care & maintenance (completed through mini games).There are various babies (different nationalities, too) that you babysit. You don't get to choose who you babysit or say you don't want to babysit a certain baby. The game will choose for you.

    You can purchase items for the babies and for your home-toys, outfits (alien, pig, cowboy, etc.), clothing, furninture,paint, seeds (to grow in your backyard), and more. It is not a complicated game, but kids under about the age of 8 will most likely need some help playing some parts of the game & mini-games. Also, I find this game is best played in short increments, since it can get repetitive at times.

    Overall, I am glad I purchased this game. I hope they continue to make similar games (esp. w/babies). I'd definetly purchase babyz2.
    ...more info
  • I don't know about this one...
    This game was soooo hard for me! [14]
    I couldn't get to baby to sleep, and the minigames were poorly done. It didn't explain itself and people online made groups that were asking questions about it that nobody could answer. It really discourages me from buying any other Imagine games, but everyone says they're better, so i'll check them out. But I wouldn't buy this game for anyone. ...more info
  • Imagine Babyz
    I've never seen this item. Had it shipped to my granddaughter. She loves it. If she is happy, then I'm happy....more info


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