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Set in the year 2048 in a world where Governments have outsourced military operations to Private Military Corporations (PMC), you play a newly enlisted soldier seeking fulfillment and thrills by fighting for a good cause. As the leading PMC, Mantel Global Industries offers a high-tech arsenal of vehicles, deadly weaponry, and on top of that a performance enhancing bio-medical support known as Nectar. As a result, Mantel troopers are the most feared by terrorists, dictators, and the corporation's political enemies. Your conflict begins in a war-torn country where you have been sent to fight a vicious rebel faction, the Promise Hand. At first glance, all is well, but things quickly begin to look a little strange? Entirely streamed experience with no loading times between levels. Fire up your console for online battles and choose from a variety of online modes including furious 4 player co-op action! ESRB Rated M for Mature.

  • Play both sides of the same war as an elite Mantel trooper and as a Rebel soldier
  • State-of-the-art multiplayer modes let you engage in online battles and furious four-player co-op action while revealing hidden secrets in the single-player campaign
  • Haze comes straight from the developers of the critically acclaimed TimeSplitters series and the publishers of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Far Cry
  • Get cutting-edge gaming technology exclusively developed for PS3
  • Gear-up with a high-tech arsenal of vehicles, deadly weaponry, and the performance-enhancing drug Nectar

Customer Reviews:

  • Average game in a crowded genre.
    Some of the critical reviews of this game are way too harsh. I'll admit that it is not on par with other FPS games on the market. I'll admit that I'd advise people against buying the game and point them towards renting it instead. But this is by no means a horrible game. It is simply an average game in a genre filled with superb titles.

    The one thing that brings the game down, in my opinion, is the AI. Enemy AI, even on normal, is stupid. They tend to stand around and wait to be shot. Friendly AI for some reason puts your squad on suicide runs in front of your line of fire, blocking your view of the enemy and getting them killed.

    Other than that one complaint regarding the AI, the game play is about average while the story is above average. Don't spend $60 at the store or $40 here. Rent the thing, have some fun over the weekend, and return it when you're done. After all, there are worse FPS on the market (Bioshock, anyone?)....more info
  • The band involves should've been enough of a hint.
    I had pre-ordered Haze on here with the Korn MP3. I was curious to see how Korn was sounding now since I hadn't listened to them since I was in high school. Upon hearing it, I wanted to claw my ears out because it sounded so godawful. That should've been an indication to what the game would be like, but I didn't think much of it.

    Haze had a lot of potential: it had a nice little bit of hype around it and it had a promising premise. I finally got the game from the fine folks at Amazon and I tore into the package, popping the game into my PS3. The next day, I took it down to my local Gamestop and sold it for 20 bucks.

    The game was far too easy and, while the Nectar addition was an interesting touch, it was merely another incredibly bland FPS. The game was entirely too easy and it didn't do nearly enough to keep my interest for more than a day. You might find a little enjoyment in this game if you like Halo (I personally do not), but other than that, I'd go ahead and skip over this title, or give it a rental if you're really THAT curious about the game....more info
  • WOW, just look at the price drop that will clue you in on the game.
    This game just came out with incredible hype and the price is already slashed in half. What does that tell you without reading a review?

    The game is avg at best. It isn't as bad as Turok, but really is poorly done. Rental, or wait until it's $19.99. Maybe in a week, lol....more info
  • You have to see it for yourself...
    After buying a new Sony Bravia 26" HDTV, I was looking for a new game for my PS3 to test out the power of my new TV. I'd seen quite afew ads for Haze in gaming magazines, and knew I wanted that new game to be Haze. Luckily, I found it on sale at Kmart for 39.99 and picked it up immediately.
    Know that I've played all the way through the game, I can easily say it's the most entertaining game I own for the PS3! The graphics are good, the action is intense, and the story is phenomenal!

    The year is 2048, and private armies for each country no longer exist, now all military action is handled through small freelance military corporations. You are newly appointed Sergeant Shane Carpenter, a soldier from one of the largest freelance military corporations, "MANTEL", on a mission is South America for "ethnic cleansing." A terrorist Dictator known as "Skin Coat" has been committing unspeakable crimes against humanity, flaying and skinning anyone who stands in his way, then turning their skins into coats, hence his name. Nothing more is known about Skin Coat, but he's built himself an army of his own, and it's up to you, (Shane Carpenter) and the rest of the MANTEL soldiers to eliminate this terrorist threat.
    Skin Coat's army is impressive, but MANTEL soldiers are given a special performance-boosting drug called "Nectar." With Nectar at their disposal, MANTEL troopers can shot straighter, run faster, hear better, and see enemies with far greater clarity than any average soldier. With Nectar on your side, taking out Skin Coat and his army should be a piece of cake! But is their more to Nectar than meets the eye?
    From there, many shocking twists & turns show you the truth about MANTEL, and make Sgt. Carpenter question, "Am I really doing the right thing here?" But I won't spoil any of that for you...

    Like many great games these days, Haze tells a truly deep & immersive story that very well could've been turned into a novel rather than a video game, and like most great stories, Haze's has quite afew morals to it...
    Haze's story is anti-war, anti-drug, and suggests that people should always question things and see the truth for themselves before believing everything they're told or hear on TV.
    Once again, I won't spoil it for you, but Haze's story is intense, riveting, thought-provoking, and not to be missed!

    PROS: Good graphics, intense action, and thought-provoking story!
    The characters all have their own unique personalities and reasons for fighting.
    Much like Halo, many of the fire fights can be fast-paced and very exciting!
    Many clever twists throughout the story.
    Great voice acting! (For principal characters)
    Vivid visual effects, that look especially good on an HDTV!
    Supports 720p High Definition transfer!
    Highly realistic sound effects, voices, and explosions!

    CONS: Some players will find Haze's selection of weapons somewhat limited... The weapons are limited to different variations of Hand Gun, Rifle, Shot Gun, Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher, Grenades, and Throwing Knives.
    While the voice acting is for the most part great, some of the NPC's have poor, generic voices, complete with repetetive one-liners that can really get on your nerves.
    Some of the character models look a little dated...
    There are afew annoying in-game glitches. Doors won't open when they're supposed to, characters will appear out of thin air on screen when you enter a room sometimes, and on rare occasions you'll go through a check point and mysteriously fall through the ground beneath you to your death. Although these glitches can be remedied by restarting the game at the beginning of the chapter you're on, it's still annoying having to do so.

    The Verdict: 4 out of 5 Stars! A great game for PS3, afew little glitches here & there, but with such an amazing story it's well worth playing. Hopefully they'll be coming out with Haze 2 very soon!

    Game Informer Magazine wrote another one of their niche reviews on this game that blew all of it's faults way out of proportion and gave it a much lower score than it deserved, but much like the game's story suggests, you should see it for yourself first before you start believing what somebody else has to say about it....more info
  • Not as bad as everyone says
    As you can guess from the title, I don't think Haze is as bad as it's reputation indicates, but I am not saying it is fantastic and wonderful. How would I describe it then?

    Stupid fun. Like the Transporter movies or any one of many action flicks that have been made over the years, it's something you play to have a good time that requires minimal mental investment and some suspension of disbelief. But it certaintly doesn't deserve a rating of 4.5 out of 10 that IGN gave it, which is a "Poor" on IGNs rating scale.

    1.) Story - It starts off with an intersting idea. UN and NATO countries have decided that the cost of maintaining their own individual armies is too much, so they all agree to establish one army to be used by all. But instead of making their own and having it fall under their authority, they contract this out to a private corporation called Mantel. When Mantel gets the contract, they create lots of advanced weapons and equipment for their troops, as well as a "performance enhancer" called Nectar.

    Now, in 2048, Mantel has been dispatched to the Boa region of South America to stop the supposed ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity of a faction called The Promised Hand and their leader "Skin Coat", named so because he supposedly likes to skin his victims and wear it as a coat. You play as Shane Carpenter, a young man uncertain about what direction he wants to go in life, who drops out of college and joins the army.

    I can't give you more than that without spoiling things, but the things that happen from here on out are very action movie-esque in terms of their believability. There are lots of times where you will look at something or here about something that has happened and just think to yourself "What? No way would the environmentally conscious UN allow this corporation to send a massive land carrier(aircraft carrier on massive tank treads) to bulldoze through the precious rainforest to stop ethnic cleansing." And you are right. But, like I said, this is one of those over-the-top action movie kind of games. If you can suspend your disbelief then you can get some enjoyment out of it. There is another unbelievable plot hole in the game involving Nectar usage by the troops, but I can't talk about it without spoiling the plot. I will say, however, that I found the little twist that happens at the very end of the game to be confusing and annoying. I hope it gets explained if a sequel is ever made. And I don't see why one shouldn't. If the first Killzone can get a second chance, I don't see why this can't.

    Your character, Shane, some people may be ok with him, but most won't be. He sounds exactly like Fry from Futurama and is apparently the only one who is not a macho jock in the whole damn army. Everyone else is essential an alpha male, highschool football player that beat up nerds after school who joined so they can legally beat the crap out of and kill people. Although he is the only person in the army with any common sense or decency, he is so timid and indecisive that he will just annoy the hell out of you more than anything else.

    2.) Gameplay (single player) - The campaign is fairly short and not very original, but it is fun. The first part of the game you use regular Mantel armor and use Nectar, which makes your enemies glow orange so you can see them better, gives you super strength so your melee attach is a one-hit kill, and gives you super fast health regeneration. On the downside though, you can get Nectar poisoning by having too much in you by either getting hit by a Nectar grenade or a Nectar-covered knife. OD-ing on Nectar distorts the screen such that you can't tell who is friend or foe and you have no control over your trigger finger. Later on, you stop using this setup. Gone are all your nectar benefits, but you gain the abilities to play dead, steal weapons from enemies, set booby traps in the ground, quickly roll out of enemy fire, and salvage ammo for whatever gun you are holding out of whatever ammo you find lying on the ground. You can even make shotgun shells out of rocket launcher ammo.

    You basically move from point A to point B, completing objectives along the way. Sometimes you have allies, sometimes you don't. Allies can be a blessing and a curse depending on the situation. They have a bad habit of jumping in front of you when you are shooting an enemy, but there are lots of points during missions where new allies will come in to replace any that have been killed. But they can be a blessing later in the game when you gain the ability to play dead. If you walked into a hornet's nest of enemies and are outgunned, you play dead and let your allies play the role of bullet spunge. While their attention is diverted, you get up and take them out by surprise.

    You can also drive a few vehicles, but only a few. However, these are not all that fun so you don't mind that there aren't that many segments with them. However, there are segments where you are in a vehicle but you are behind a gattling gun instead of driving. These are quite fun and also a bit of a challenge.

    The enemy AI can be sharp depending on the difficulty you play on. But a big complaint I have is that they are fond of bumrushing you and melee-ing you and it's hard to cope with this. This also happens alot because your ally AI doesn't know how to deal with them either. An ally will go down a hallway and you may think it's covered, but then the enemy comes down the hallway, rushes by your ally, completely ignoring him while he does little to stop them and they go after you. This tends to only happen indoors, and thankfully you don't see too many indoor areas until the end of the game, where it's expected to be harder, but still, some areas had me pretty pissed. And this is technically not the AI, but there are times where you fight against enemies wearing Mantel body armor and I am pretty sure it takes the same amount of damage to kill an un-armored Promised Hand as it does to kill an enemy wearing body armor. This should have been changed as it feels "fake" for a heavily armored soldier to die after so few shots.

    Weapons are nothing original. Assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle, pistorl, rocket launcher, flame thrower, etc. The only original weapons in the game are being able to make Nectar grenades and being able to cover a knife in Nectar to cause people to overdose on it.

    You can play the campaign cooperatively with friends as well, which makes the experience much better as you now have more dependable allies.

    3.) Gameplay (multi player) - This part of the game is where most of the fun comes from. Alot of the multiplayer is generic but fun, and the few original twists add a bit to the experience.

    There are three kinds of modes in multiplayer: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Team Assault. The first two are self-explanatory. With Team Assault your team will have an objective and a certain amount of time to complete it in. The other team may have to prevent you from doing this for the whole time period or may also be trying to get the same objective first. Each Team Assault map has a different objective. On one map you have to destroy a number of Nectar producing plants to win, on another both teams fight over a Mobile Missile Launcher so they can bring it back to their base and fire the missile at the opposing team's base.

    You can choose one of two sides: Mantel Soldier or Rebel. Each side has the respective benefits that I mentioned from above. The only difference is that with Mantel guys they don't have a full load of Nectar to start with and regenerating it takes alot longer than in single player. But using both team's strengths and weaknesses to your advantage during a match is half the fun.

    The game supports mic usage, but you have to be in a squad. When you join a team, you can also choose to be in a squad with a limited number of guys, and you can use mics to communicate, but only with people in your squad. This isn't helpful that helpful since you really need to communicate with your entire team and not just your squad. And that's not mentioning the fact that barely anyone uses headsets in this game at all.

    4.) Controls - The default controls are ok, but you can customize what every button does to suit your own needs. The responsiveness of the analog sticks is very good, but you can't adjust sensitivity, which is a shame because it can be a bit too sensitive sometimes.

    5.) Graphics - This is a mixed bag. Some aspects are good, like character models. They have enough detail to be passable on a next gen system, while other aspects are bad. Some levels have good texture work, others have bad texture work. In the end, it depends on what you want out of a game. If gameplay is more important than graphics, it won't bother you. If you need a graphical monster in order to enjoy playing, then you will absolutely hate it. At the very least I have never experienced slow-down while playing.

    6.) Sound - The sound effects are good quality. Voices range from a few being ok, to the majority being absolutely attrocious. Most of the bad ones belong to Mantel troopers. Plus, the dialogue is poorly written and you will be hearing allies make the same comment over and over during missions. They really needed to write some more things for these guys to say...."Remember your promise to Merino!"

    There is very little music, what is there is ok, not outstanding, but at least it sounds appropriate.

    In the end, I think this is an ok game. It will not blow you away, but it is good for some mindless fun. It still has an fairly active multiplayer community so you can get life out it there.

    But if you are really looking into whether or not to get this, or any game, get info from as many sources as you can, that includes reviews that praise a game, bash it, and feel neutral about it. And don't just look at how many stars they give it, actually read the review. The thing about video games is that everybody has different tastes and different views on what is fun and what will pass in their book. That is why it is important to get a wealth of info. And also watch lots of footage of the game in questions. This way you can see for yourself what the game is like instead of reading about it through the "subjective lense" of the reviewer. Pretty much every video game review website has video footage up, and you can also find plenty of footage for lots of games on Youtube....more info
  • Excellent buy for FPS fans
    (I would have given this game a 4.25 or 4.5 stars if Amazon allowed it)

    First off, let me state the ratings of the IGN review of this game:
    Presentation: 4.5
    Graphics: 4.0
    Sound: 5.0
    Gameplay: 4.5
    Lasting Appeal: 4.5
    Overall: 4.5

    Now my response:
    Are you kidding me?! IGN gave GTAIV a 10 in graphics, when I get pop-ins and texture tears occasionally (but I still love GTAIV), and a 4.5 to HAZE?! The gameplay is no where near a 4.5, it is more of a 9.0. This review lowered the credibility of IGN after I played HAZE.

    That being said, HAZE is fantastic! The graphics are stunning, and the gameplay has well balanced mechanics in shooting, physics, and speed.

    Now let me state my ratings for HAZE(in IGN's categories):

    Presentation: 7. The storyline could have used a little more creativity,but was enough to keep me satisfied and interested.

    Graphics: 8.5. Stunning environments, smooth framerate, and very nice explosions.

    Sound: 8.0 Have to agree a little with IGN on this one. The dialogue could have used a little more development. On the other note, sound effects, such as gunfire, explosions, etc..., sounded just right.

    Gameplay: 9.0. This is where the game shines. Gameplay is fantastic! The idea behind Nectar fit perfectly with the gameplay. This game has excellent FPS mechanics, and every FPS fan will enjoy the gameplay.

    Lasting Appeal: 9.0. After the single player, its on to multiplayer! Multiplayer is another aspect of this game that shines. The Online-Coop is 100 times better than the demo, and regular multiplayer is so much fun as well.

    Overall: 8.5 (which is equivalent to 4.25 stars on Amazon)

    If you played the demo, and the actual game, you will notice that there is a HUGE difference. The actual game is way better than the demo by a wide margin.

    Final words: Don't judge this game based on online reviews such as IGN, Gamespot, Amazon reviews (including mine), etc.... Just go out and buy the game, and see for yourself. If you like it, keep it, and if you don't, sell it at Gamestop, GameCrazy, ebay, or even Amazon. Remember, a review is the opinion of one person. ...more info
  • Not Too Inspiring
    First, I am not holding it against the game that it took me 20 minutes of downloading data and updates just to play this mediocre game. The cutscenes and dialog are truly painful, and w/out a way to skip past them, you must suffer or go make a sandwich. The controls are generally fine, but it feels like you are going thru the motions and just killing time; I didn't find anything technically wrong here, but it just seemed to have whatever "IT" is that makes a game an invigorating experience, and most of all fun. I would say personally this is one of Ubisoft's worst games. Not a bad rent if you want to check it out, though. I guess the biggest thing to me is that this game had some real potential, esp. they had put the time into it like the Rainbow Six games. But as it stands, I would rather play BLACK again....more info
  • HAZE delays worth it?!
    After following this game and all the delays over the last year I was very excited to see it's final release! The graphics are not COD 4 quality but above GTA 4 quality. I played though what I believe to be the first half of story mode and then played about 2 hours online. I was really excited about the online battles but with only 6 maps and only 3 modes it's pretty limited. On one map there is no way to get to the highest part (to get sniper rifle) unless you spawn up there. No ladders??? Jumping seems rather flat and if your playing as a rebel you glow in the dark (to the Mantel troopers) but have no run option! Just left to a slow trot... It's fun to pretend to be dead till troopers run by but that gets old fast and didn't end up as much a next gen game as I had hoped for! They tried some new ideas and for that I'm going to give them a bit of credit but it falls way short of what we were all hoping for. I have yet to try the 4 player coop story mode and to be honest I think thats probably the best feature this game has. 4 friends having fun during coop mode is probably the most fun you'll have with this game... Online is a big disappointment for me! I know I'm not alone when I say that for FPS COD 4 has set the standard for next gen FPS's and this title disappoints to live up..... On a side note I'm also a little tired of next gen games that force you down one path. Isn't it time for more sandbox games with changeable outcomes?! We had one on the PS 2 called Deus Ex The Conspiracy (sleeper hit/must play) so why not the PS 3. This game has next gen thought just not next gen gameplay! 3 out of 5 but I'm going to award it 4 out of 5 for being progressive in theory... ...more info
  • Great Game
    I really enjoyed this game.A must have for any FPS fan. You should play this game for yourself before you take someone elses word for it. Iron sights are avilable to use on this game which makes it realisitic. Great story and Pretty good graphics. Haze is a great buy and an all around fun game. ...more info
  • overhyped garbage
    At one point in the game an enemy shot a barrel near me causing me to catch fire. The on screen prompt said to shake Sixaxis to extinguish the flames. No mater how gently or violently I shook, twisted or moved the controller could I put out the fire. To make matters worse, I had just passed a checkpoint, so every time I died and respawned, I was on fire. After ten minutes of this, I restarted the level and learned not to play with fire.
    This scenario was very commonplace. Set on fire, die and try over. Just one of the glitches in a horribly buggy game. Terrible A.I., Horrendous voice acting which doesn't even match up in co-op, forgettable story and bland under texturized graphics. In all fairness I did find some fun in the game. Great moments like defending the villiage in the chopper or the assault on the landcruiser had me buzzing momentarily but were too short lived.
    I would probably give maybe one more star but the frustrations and the hope I had for the game crushed that....more info
  • Not as awful as billed
    This game was ok, I had some fun with the Jungle levels. I would not call it a bad game. I think expectations were so high though that some people could not help but be disappointed by it. I don't think I would have been happy paying Full price on this game. But at 27.99 it was worth it. Some of the level design is unique and fun. The weapons feel good. I would say it is a bit short, but the multi-player has some fun aspects. The dialog leaves something to be desired and the character development was weak. Not much story really, but still there is fun to be had here at a decent price, just don't pay the full price and you won't be unhappy if you enjoy shooters. I do think it helped that I waited to buy until now as I see there have been several patches, the game runs smoother than the demo for sure. ...more info
  • A little hazy!!!!
    This might have been a good launch title a for the PS3, but not a year and a half later. When I first saw the game trailer I thought "Wow!!! this will be a awesome game." Needless to say, I was a little disappointed. There is nothing that Haze brings to the table that has not been done in other FPS. The game play to me seems a little sluggish, down trodden, and borish. The environments seem to lack any real details. The characters are cliche. We as gamers dropping $65.00 for game expect a little more bang for our buck. Buy this as a used game or off the internet at a discounted price.
    ...more info
  • Are you kidding me?
    To start with something nice, the game is fun. Unfortunately there are more negative aspects to the game that really bring it down.

    First and foremost, the graphics are terrible. Not just that but they are inconsistant. Some textures will be pretty nice and others look like the developers just didn't care. The particle effects primarily in the smoke and fire are the worst I have seen in years. They are almost embarrassing.

    The game isn't organized well, it seems to just shuffle you around from place to place without much of a purpose. Most of the time I spent either lost not knowing which path to take while hitting select regularly to remind myself of what I was doing.

    The AI is awful. You can stand right next to enemies and they won't even see you.

    Too easy. The Mantel soldiers are too easy to kill and at certain parts where you are told to hold off the Mantel "onslaught" turns into no more than shooting a couple guys. Some onslaught.

    The weapons lack substance. I found myself using the Mantel and Promise Hand assault rifles most of the time. Certain areas are easier by using the rocket launcher but there never seems to be any reasoning with the placement or specific use of other weapons.

    Last is the glitches. I have had lockups after check points and fellow Promise Hand soldiers firing at "invisible" enemy Mantel soldiers, hitting me and everyone else in the process.

    They always say don't judge a book by its cover and this is one of those cases. The cover looks sweet. The game inside unfortunately is not.

    For a PS3 Exclusive title, this game just does not deliver. Ubisoft and Free Radical should be embarrassed....more info
  • Good Idea - Not Great Execution
    The first-person shooter - and especially the "futuristic" first-person shooter - has been done, over and over, with little to no changes in gameplay, since almost the beginning of gaming itself. With that said, games like Haze occasionally try to mix things up a little, and while the idea is good, the execution ends up dragging it down a lot.

    The underlying plot of the game, both single-player and multiplayer, is that, in the future, a company/organization called Mantel uses a drug called Nectar to produce a generation of drugged-up super soldiers to fight for them in the third world. Multiplayer battles consist of skirmishes between Mantel troopers and rebels, while in singleplayer you start as a trooper and switch sides later on.

    The two sides have the same basic first-person gameplay, with some key abilities that are different. Mantel troopers inject themselves with Nectar, which enhances their perception (scopes can zoom in farther, enemies are rendered as glowing objects) and strength (soldiers move faster, hit harder, and regenerate health) as well as providing a hallucinogenic "high". There is a limited supply of Nectar that each soldier has, but it regenerates over time; the supply is counted in "shots" or "injections". Holding the L2 button down injects Nectar into your bloodstream, represented by a gauge. Release the button too soon, and you won't feel the effects of it for long. If you hold it down for too long, though, you can overdose, which renders you unable to tell between friend and foe. In many cases, when you are overdosed, you are unable to control yourself even to the point of randomly firing weapons or arming grenades (which you must shake the controller to throw away before it detonates). If you run out of Nectar, you are highly vulnerable; for this reason, you can usually siphon Nectar off of one of your teammates, if they have enough.

    On the other side, the rebels are as weak in combat as a Mantel trooper without his nectar. They make up for this with various ingenious techniques. Some rebel weapons are coated with Nectar, specifically knives and grenades that are made from Nectar-packs taken from dead troopers. Both of these weapons can cause Nectar overloads in enemies, causing the aforementioned self-damaging effects. Playing off of Nectar's effect of making dead bodies "invisible" (bodies fade almost instantly when playing as a trooper, but remain for a long time when playing as a rebel), rebel soldiers can "play dead" when hit, and then "revive" after the troopers have left. Rebels can also do various mechanical improvisations, such as taking ammo from dropped weapons and converting it to ammo for the weapon they are currently using, as well as turning grenades into proximity mines. Finally, they're generally faster and more agile than their trooper counterparts, capable of dodging and in some cases stealing an enemy's weapon.

    The single-player storyline is laughable, for the most part, with some interesting parts. You play as Shane Carpenter, wide-eyed idealist youth, who joins Mantel to make a difference and stop the unspecified mass murders and ethnic cleansings that the rebels are carrying out. The story starts on a carrier, where Carpenter meets his teammates - gung-ho, drug-fueled murderers in the finest traditions of sci-fi and war movies everywhere. Only, the difference here is that it makes sense - it's plain to see that Nectar screws with your mind just by the effects that show up when you use it in-game; the blurring, the sudden shifts of motion, and so on. Carpenter's injection system malfunctions several times, which (a) leaves the player unable to use Nectar's beneficial effects, and (b) causes Carpenter to see things that his fellow troopers don't see; a dying comrade, screams of pain, massive piles of bodies, and so on. Carpenter questions his mission more and more, eventually leading to his switch to the rebel side midway through the game. Most of the story is ham-handed dialogue, though there are some good atmospheric moments; walking through one burnt-down village, or trying to find your way through a swamp, for example. These moments tend to only use dialogue as background noise - the heavy-handed boasting of the Mantel troopers contrasts against the quiet of the jungle's ambient noises. The use of camera in cutscenes is interesting, but not really new; the view is always from Carpenter's first-person perspective, though in some scenes his visor will slide away so that the HUD doesn't block your view. In most cutscenes, you can look around but not move, lending at least some feeling of interactivity to the scenes.

    As a whole, the gameplay - as mentioned - tries some interesting things, but ultimately falls short. A lot of it makes sense as a Mantel trooper - the poor control, for example, or the lack of solid feeling to movement and aiming - but when you're a rebel and you're supposed to be free of the hallucinatory drug, it's just bad. The guns are the most generic first-person guns ever - a pistol, an assault rifle, a shotgun, a sniper rifle, a chaingun, a flamethrower, and a rocket launcher. None of them handle well, and none of them are particularly fun or interesting, either. Grenades are pretty much worthless, and even in single player I've never managed to kill a person with one even when it exploded right underneath him. The vehicles handle incredibly poorly, often flipping with little to no provocation. On that note, your AI buddies all have roughly the same abilities as yourself, but if they die they are gone forever, and finding new allies is incredibly rare. With that said, most of the times I had allies die (counting times I reloaded afterwards) was in vehicle crashes, when I'd take too much of an angle, my buggy would flip, and my gunner would die. Other than that, the AI soldiers are reasonably helpful, though the troopers and their Nectar injections are much tougher and more helpful than the rebel allies, who lack both the strength of the troopers and the ingenuity of the player and are left with pretty much nothing.

    The graphics are nice in some ways and terrible in others. For example, they load slowly, leading to that awkward phase where you watch a person's resolution increase in front of you. In other places, animation is jerky, or edges are jagged, or some other flaw exists that prevents the on-the-surface good graphics from actually being good. Furthermore, the designs are both silly and generic, especially the Mantel vehicles and their bright yellow glass. The voice acting is generic, too; not bad, but by no means actually good, and the ridiculousness of the lines makes up for whatever points good voice acting might have gained.

    This game has some good ideas, but the underlying genre of futuristic first-person shooter and the incredibly poor execution of graphics and gameplay render this game unbearable. For PS3 shooters, Resistance was better; for shooters in general, pretty much anything is better. This game doesn't deserve anything higher than a 4/10.
    ...more info
  • In a Haze of disappointment
    For a game that took a long time to finally arrive, was promoted as a Halo-type game, and cost an arm and a leg to buy, Haze totally disappoints.
    First off, I love first person shooters, but am not the best at them-they usually take me 4 to 5 times to finish compared to other players. I finished this game in about 6 hours in the single player campaign mode. I'm not a big fan of online play, but reviews of Haze's online modes lets me know I'm not missing anything. The single player campaign if you could call it that included about an hour or so of useless, crappy cutscenes that could easily have been cut out of the game to increase it's value-I kept uselessly trying to click through them(you can't) and ended up doing other things until they were done. Playing as a Mantel soldier with nectar is extremely brief and when the game set me up to play as a rebel, I thought that this all must have been part of the tutorial or something, because the first part lasted only as long as some game's tutorials or demos do. I just thought they wanted you to see how to play as the different characters before getting truly into the game. The stupid storyline is forced, inane, redundant, childlike, unnecessary, and just plain worthless, because the game is short short short-the result is characters(if you can call them that) form ideas too soon to make sense-they like you, they hate you and I just hate them all-there are really only 2 characters you talk to for more than 5 seconds. Some of the graphics were good, but the location is ridiculously stupid and uninspired. There's one cave area that looks like it was taken right from Oblivion-it was that familiar to me. Comparing it to Halo is sooo depressing, since Halo takes place in Space which immerses you in the futuristic feel, has many types of enemies(not just 2) that are truly interesting and creepy, allows you to drive/pilot different vehicles-not just a few of the same type, gives you choices for weapons, gets you involved in a story, and takes time to play out. Anyone who thinks this is just a wonderful game, has yet to play one or is just being protective of the PS3. I love my PS3, don't have an xbox, and I can't tell you the depth of my disappointment. Compare it to a game like Resident Evil 4 or God of War, games created for previous game systems and it doesn't even hold up. Drake's Fortune, which was somewhat short in and of itself, did the jungle better, did the graphics better, did the storyline better, did the cutscenes better. Did I say the game is short? Shame on you UBIsoft-how about a refund? I can't give this more than 1 star, because I wouldn't even suggest renting it. Such promise, such garbage....more info
  • Haze needs another year...
    After all the delays and the hype I must say Haze is a bit of a disappointment. This game feels incomplete and buggy almost like it was still in beta stages. I found that it takes a few minutes for a cut scenes to take place and by that time your so confused as of whats going on that you've lost all interest. The AI is dumb and incoherent they get in your way and don't provide any support when attacking enemies. The dialogue and story aren't something to brag about either. The dialogue sounds like it was written by a drunk frat boy and you'll find some notorious lines will be repeated at least a hundred times throughout the game which gets annoying "YEAAA BOOYYYY!!!". Gun varieties are lacking and graphics are mid ps2 and ps3 generation. This game has not broken any new grounds for FPS's and fails to impress....more info
  • YUCK
    PLAYED, and
    I Dont like the game period, it is like a game from the 80s, graphics sucked. no ending at all. this game really sucked bad. they should not try to do this over, let it be and go down the drain. like i said before i sell things on Ebay that i dont like. this one is GONE...more info
  • Well Rounded game
    First off I am going to say I have been anxiously waiting for the release of this game. I am a big COD4 fan. On the PS3, it sets the stage for all FPS games. Haze, is right up there. They both have their strengths. COD4 is an awesome game because it is very realistic with the missions, real weapons, & warfare. Haze's strength is that it is not as realistic, but more fun because of the science fiction aspect of it. The weapons that you use actually have the cartridge gauge on them which makes the weapons appear futuristic. Really cool... The reload time is good & realistic just like COD4. The load time for the shotgun for example is realistic on both games. The explosions are very rich in detail in Haze as you can actually see a lot of fire & smoke, & even when you are in Nectar mode you can see the shockwaves from grenade blasts. For some reason this really impressed me.. I guess it's the detail. The graphics in COD4 are sharper than Haze. To be honest I will be surprised to see any game that has equal sharpness in the graphics like COD4. I'm not sure but it appears like COD4 has 1080 resolution, but I could be wrong. Haze's graphics appear a little, well lets say Hazy LOL. But it's done well & it looks like the developer's did it intentionally as I have seen games with graphics that are so sharp until the game looks fake. Haze is perfect.. The animations are great. There is a lot of detail in the backgrounds. In the first level the butterfly animations are an added plus for detail. Like I said Haze is fun in the fact that it isn't as realistic as COD4. The premise of the performance drug Nectar is great & is written in good with the storyline. I say this because the soldiers for Mantel are no more that drug seeking killing machines. It is written well because they are supposed to be the good guys but in fact they are cocky arrogant drug addicts. During the game even when not in battle you can hear the sound of nectar being pumped into members of your team. When in nectar mode your character has superhuman reflexes & perception & strength. COD4 can't mess with that. Also, you get to use vehicles. It is very similar to Resistance Fall of Man in that aspect because some levels you drove tanks & jeeps which made that game really fun. I haven't had the game but a day, but I can see myself wanting to play over & over again because it's just plain fun... Buy this title, you wont regret it.....more info
  • Wow...
    Wow...this game is missing something but I don't know what that is. Just like Army of Two, all the hype and then it came out average. Dont pay full price for this...ebay it. I know you want more of a review but there is nothing to give you. It's missing something!...more info
  • Very Entertaining!!!
    Haze didn't live up to all the hype surrounding it, but it is still a very fun FPS. The visuals aren't up to par with other shooters coming out soon, and the AI isn't great at times, but overall Haze's gameplay mechanics are top notch.

    If you like FPS's get this game. You won't be disappointed. The key is to really get into the mindset of Mantel and Nectar and you will enjoy the game even more. The story is actually rather good when you do this.

    Multiplayer is very fun too!! Flawless online co-op through the campaign and online deathmatch, etc. is very, very fun. The best thing about it is that it is free!! Go PS3!! A console that actually believes that when you pay hundreds of dollars you should get to play online for free!!

    Overall, this is a must buy if you have the money!!...more info
  • Good Game
    This game is compatible to Call of Duty 4. Very good. Highly recommend it. Wish PS3 used the same game pad as XBOX 360 ...more info
  • Huh? This game is great fun
    I recently played this game with a friend and we had a great time playing the Muliplayer and "Dual" screen campaign mode. The game was challenging enough and the controls, sound, backgrounds were great. I would agree that the AI seems to be odd at times, but the game itself is a lot of fun and was not just another "shooter". Give the game a try before you decide it's fate....more info
  • By far the best co-op FPS for the PS3
    Resistance was fun, but Haze remains the best co-op shooter for the PS3. (By co-op I mean two people can play the storyline on the same console in split-screen).

    That isn't a high bar! The PS3 doesn't have many co-op FPS games. It seems like most game publishers only support co-op in online mode, and have taken out most of the story elements. I'm guessing they do this to force people to buy more games?

    Anyway, I think Haze deserves 5 stars just so people know this is a good co-op game. Hopefully game publishers will make more!
    ...more info
  • bad storyline but great shooter!!!
    Don't listen to the reviews!!! This game is worth playing if you like shooters! The multiplayer is awesome and the nectar is unique! Buy NOW!...more info
    Haze tells the story of a soldier who discovers he's been fighting for the wrong side.The plot is pretty straightfoward,you're a trooper working for Mantel,a corporation who's mission is to bring peace and justice to foreign lands.Like all other Mantel troopers,you rely on a pharmacutical drug called Nectar which gives you improved sight/healing/confidence and strength.After dicovering Mantel's dirty little secret,you switch sides and take aim.Though Haze received overwhelmingly negative reviews,it's actually a decent FPS.The story,while not oscar material,does manage to entertain throughout.Enemy A.I. is viscious in terms of aim and attitude,however,freindly A.I. is not,with most you're compatriots walking straight into the fray while shouting the same three lines they've used for the past five hours.The graphics are a mixture,with most being next gen quality but a select few textures that could've been pulled off by a low performance PS2.Gameplay wise,Haze doesn't do anything most other FPS's haven't done,but the tight controls and quick handling make up for the lack of weapon/vehicle variety.Though Haze isn't a perfect FPS,it does manage to entertain for the few hours it lasts.Bottom line,if you're looking for a cheap FPS for the PS3 than Haze just might be your cup of tea....more info
  • Lots of Potential. Doesn't Use it.
    The way over-hyped game Haze is worth checking out. It is similar to Halo. If you enjoy Halo you will probably like Haze. The co-op option of the game is fun. My biggest gripe about this game is it gets quite repetitive very fast. The dialog and little in-game movies are stupid and get annoying within the first few minutes.

    I was looking forward to this game and was disappointed. Graphics are good, but not as amazing or quick as I expected for a high-def PS3 only game. Here are the pros and cons...

    -Sound is pretty good.

    -Control isn't bad once you get used to it.

    -Graphics are pretty good, but not as great as expected.

    -Graphics are just ok. For what else is out right now, these graphics are a little plain and not very creative.

    -Maps are boring, repetitive and plain.

    -Game play has been done over and over again.

    -Nectar is a cool touch, but not used to the extent or creativity that it could have been.

    -The game gets very repetitive very fast.

    -Teammates are idiot jocks that get annoying real quick. And they swear a lot.

    -No sprint option. Really really stupid. It is 2008 and we can't run in a game. What the heck.

    Over-all this FPS game is worth checking out. It is entertaining at parts but Haze does not use its full potential. If you are used to good games like Half-Life 2, Uncharted, Resistance or Gears of War you will probably be disappointed. Not a horrible game but don't expect to be blown away....more info
  • IGN has no credibility!
    I had pre-ordered this game and was nervous about my purchase after reading the IGN review. I will never trust one of thier reviews again. My friend and I played it co-op for a few hours and had a good time. The weapons are cool, the graphics are descent, and the whole nectar thing works really well. The opening cut scenes are a little drawn out but then the action begins and so does the fun. BUY THIS GAME...it's better than 90% of the junk out there(Wii owners)....more info


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