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From the time she burst onto the music scene as a teenager with the smash hit "Blue" to the release of her new studio album "Family," she has seen it all while taking it with a grain of salt. Some people will always see her as the little girl with the booming voice. She wants to change all that, and part of that process will start with her latest album "Family." For the first time, LeAnn wrote or co-wrote every song on the album. From the autobiographical first track "Family" to the hit single "Nothin' Better To Do," she pours out her soul for the world to see. While the album is incredibly personal, LeAnn managed to create music that is incredibly universal. Her confident, compelling voice helps to solidify her as one of the premier vocalists in Country music. "Family" showcases her diversity as a vocalist from engaging duets with Marc Broussard on "Nothing Wrong" and Bon Jovi on "Til We're Not Strangers" to the soul searching song "What I Cannot Change." Through LeAnn's journey to adulthood, growing up, and developing as a writer and vocalist, she has produced an album that is one for the ages that chronicles the myriad relationships and experiences that have shaped the life of one of America's most successful artist.

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This sounds like a pivotal release for Rimes, who made her breakthrough as a childhood prodigy with an uncanny vocal resemblance to Patsy Cline, and then evolved into an eclectic diva who couldn't quite decide what she wanted to be when she grew up. She's all grown up now, as both the sensual "Upper Hand" and the spiritual "What I Cannot Change" attest. Rimes had a hand in writing all the material (except for the bonus-cut duets with Jon Bon Jovi and Reba McEntire), and themes of family--though not always her family--pervade the lyrics. Musically, this is grittier, harder-edged, and more propulsive than much of her previous fare, with the title cut and "Nothin' Better to Do" evoking the Southern country soul of Bobbie Gentry, her duet with Marc Broussard on "Nothing Wrong" riffing like the Rolling Stones, and "One Day Too Long" sounding like the female Otis Redding. She's lost none of her supple upper register, as the balladry of "Pretty Things" attests, but Leann Rimes in no longer just a pretty voice. --Don McLeese

Customer Reviews:

  • Some great songs here
    What makes this album special is that LeAnn wrote pretty much all of it herself. She's growing to become a better artist than where she started out which was just a singer who sings other people's songs. So for that, I give her credit. There's still some growing to be done but this is a pretty solid album. I'll break down the songs:

    Family (C+)
    Not one of the stronger songs on the album.

    Nothin' Better To Do (B)
    One of the problems with this song is that it's so hard to understand. You want to sing along to it, but you can't really tell what the words are due to LeAnn's poor enunciation.

    Fight (C)
    Good Friend And A Glass OF Wine (C-)
    Something I Can Feel (C)
    There really isn't anything wrong with these songs. There just doesn't seem to be any purpose to them. They seem like the last songs she wrote for the album. She wrote the important songs to her first, and then needed 3 more to fill an album so she just slapped any old thing together. That's what it sounds like anyway.

    I Want You With Me (B+)
    This song was included with the charity LeAnn was involved in to support the troops. I don't know if that was the intention of the song when it was first written, but now the song has a special meaning and it's touching to listen to every time because of it.

    Doesn't Everybody (A+)
    One of the brilliant songs on the album. LeAnn takes on life observations, including tabloid celebrities, and questions whether or not we're all the same or if people are just missing out on what is really important in life.

    Nothing Wrong (A+)
    Another brilliant song. Marc Broussard's scratchy voice fits perfectly with LeAnn's pipes. This is one of the best duets she's ever done. It's loose and fun. One to sing along to in the car.

    Pretty Things (A)
    An unexpected and interesting song on the album. LeAnn singing about the superficial things in life. Beautiful vocals and with each listen you discover the deeper meaning of the song.

    Upper hand (B)
    A cool rock song but compared to others on the album it seems a little flat.

    One Day Too Long (A+++)
    FANTASTIC!!! That's all I have to say for this song

    What I Can Not Change (A-)
    Beautiful vocals and arrangement. What takes away from this song is that she's sung it on two prior albums. Not the song, but the subject matter. I hate to break it to LeAnn, but her life could be a lot worse than it is. She should sing a song about all the things she's grateful for instead of how she has family and stress problems all the time.

    Til We Ain't Strangers Anymore (B)
    I was expecting more out of a Bon Jovi song.

    When You Love Someone Like (A)
    I love this song. Reba and LeAnn sound amazing together. And it's one of the best songs on Reba's duets album too. Thankfully, Reba didn't hog the song like she did through most of her album....more info
  • Seriously she is absolutley AMAZING-!
    I don't know why other people have said that this isn't a strong album, i strongly disagree. This album is FABULOUS-!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this to be released for so long and now i finally have it. It's amazing...LeAnn is amazing-! Get this album, and dont listen to all the nay-sayers. I LOVE IT-!!!! LEANN YOUR AMAZING-! :-) Have i mentioned its amazing?! Lol....more info
  • family
    I'm Leann fun since her first song ever recorded. Although I was expecting more songs of hit category on this album, all together I was not disappointed. That's the reason I rated it with three stars....more info
  • Country Diva
    Leann Rimes is my favourite country female singer. I'm a fan of her country music as well as her "pop" type music AND her house and techno remixes. I guess you could call me a full fledged Leann Rimes fan who's in it for the long haul. My fave album by leann is "I Need You", which is more pop sounding? but has country elements to it. Leann seems to straddle both sides of the fence alternating from pop to country which can make her music and style confusing. I don't mind the mix and I love her voice and her off beat style, she keeps it unpredictable and fresh.

    On "Family", it's sort of a hit and miss affair for me. It was like, love this song, hate this one, love the next one, hate the next one and so on. Overall, I like the cd, and respect Leann for her creativity and talent. Here are my hit and misses:

    Nuthin' Better 2 Do
    I Want U with Me
    Doesn't Everybody
    Upper Hand
    One Day 2 Long
    What I Cannot Change

    Pretty Things
    Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore (Bon Jovi ain't country!) ...more info
  • Family by LeeAnn Rimes
    LeeAnn Rimes is an excellent SINGER but she is a poor song writer. The lyrics are simple and the melodies and arrangements are boring and repetitive. Her early work was terrific, but this CD has been promoted way beyond its value. I recommend your buying Trisha Yearwood's new CD or Brad Paisley's latest for far superior songs, tunes and production....more info
  • Great material wasted on bad recording
    What is WRONG with these people? LeAnn Rimes did a great job with the songs on this album, which are all good or excellent. But the CD is recorded SO LOUD that it is distorted and sounds like connecting a 200-watt amplifier to a 4-inch speaker! In the last few years, I've encountered several new CD's recorded with quality comparable to a wind-up Victrola, and this is one of them! Stereo separation? Forget it. Understand the lyrics? Forget that, too. Distinguish a guitar from a saxophone? Difficult, at best. The music comes out as an amalgam of sounds with ZERO definition. What a waste of LeAnn's talent! ...more info
  • What I Cannot Change - lyrics
    Song Name: What I Cannot Change
    Artist Name: LeAnn Rimes
    Album: Family
    Songwriter(s): Darrell Brown, Leann Rimes
    Release Date: October 10, 2007

    I know what makes me comfortable
    I know what makes me tick
    And when I need to get my way I know how to pour it on thick
    Cream and sugar in my coffee
    Right away when I awake
    I face the day and pray to God I won't make the same mistakes
    Oh the rest is out of my hands

    I will learn to let go what I cannot change
    I will learn to forgive what I cannot change
    I will learn to love what I cannot change
    But I will change, I will change
    Whatever I, whenever I can

    I don't know my father or my mother well enough
    It seems like everytime we talk we cant get past the little stuff
    The pain is self-inflicting, I know it's not good for my health
    But it's easier to please the world than it is to please myself
    Oh the rest is out of my hands

    I will learn to let go what I cannot change
    I will learn to forgive what I cannot change
    I will learn to love what I cannot change
    But I will change, I will change
    Whatever I, whenever I can

    Right now I can't hear about how everyone else feels
    I have enough hurt of my own to heal

    I will learn to let go what I cannot change
    I will learn to forgive what I cannot change
    I will learn to let go what I cannot change
    I will learn to forgive what I cannot change
    I will learn to love what I cannot change
    But I will change, I will change
    Whatever I, whenever I can...more info
  • I love this CD
    This CD is wonderful. I love almost every song on here, and that's alot to say for an entire album....more info
  • Leann Rimes -Family
    It's an all around great CD.Leann really puts her heart into this Cd.She lets you know what country music is all about...more info
  • Where is the "IT" in this CD?
    Many LeAnn fans will say this is her 'best' work yet. and i could not DISAGREE enough. LeAnn seems totally lost on this cd, like nothing fits on this cd. The songs/lyrics are bad/not so bad, to a few good lyrics (Something I Can Feel, What I Cannot Change, Pretty Things and I Want You With Me") these being the best songs on the cd and should be picked as singles. And yet AGAIN leann slurs some words in the songs and its hard to understand her. I just wish she could have stuck with what worked two years ago with "This Woman" a more country cd, that gave her 3 top 5 singles on the charts. Just because leann wrote these songs does not make it great, i am sorry but it's just a blah/out of place/missing something type of cd. I still have hopes for her next cd..hopefully it will be better than this 'best cd to date' work. I give this cd 2 stars for 1 the effort in making new music and 2 for 4 good songs....more info
  • love it
    I love LeAnn rimes and her music. this was a great album, so glad i got it. ...more info
  • Tommyboy
    This is her BEST album yet! I saw her live for the first time in Atlantic City which was her last show of her tour and she was FANTASTIC!! If you are a fan, you have to have this one....more info
    "Family" is LeAnn's best album. There isn't one bad song on the album. There is a song for everyone on this one. "Family," "Nothin' Better To Do," "Fight," "Upper Hand," and "What I Cannot Change" are my favorites. Her voice sounds better than ever. It doesnt get much better than this!!...more info
  • LeAnn
    Too long between buys on Miss Rimes. I have one of her first CDs from back when she was basically a child star. She has matured along with her music, but her voice is still terrific. All the songs on this CD are hot. I sampled it on line and was hooked. ...more info
  • Absolutely stunning
    Mature artist. Great music, arrangements and performance. I am looking forward to the next album by Leann Rimes. If she goes on like this, the result might be amazing....more info
  • The Girl has Substance
    LeeAnn is at her earthy best! The musicians are cooking! The lyrics are at their story best....more info
  • Taking the wrong road
    LeAnn has one of those voices that really is amazing on some level. She used to wow me each time on TV. What I loved about her albums, besides her powerhouse voice, was that each song on the album was just great. There are only 2 songs on LeAnn's previous albums that I couldn't listen to (Insensitive and Big Deal) because I didn't like them.

    I was so happy when I found out LeAnn was doing another CD. I actually preordered the CD without even hearing it... I'd heard LeAnn talk about writing her own songs and such. I heard that, and then I became a bit worried. Rarely is there a great vocalist who is also a great songwriter. LeAnn, who has had little to no music training, thinks she can create more "How Do I Live," "Can't fight the Moonlight," and "I Need You." type songs. These songs were not average; they were amazingly wonderful. To say the least.. yes I was worried.

    I would love to say my worries were just the result of too much time on my hands to think about things. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The songs on this album are demo quality at best. The lyrics just don't flow. Sometimes, I honestly don't think the songs are even beginning songwriter quality. It would be easy for me to say that the songs are complete crap, and then be done with this review. However, I cannot do that. The theme of the songs often is very interesting. "What I cannot change" and "nothing better to do" both have interesting themes, but the actual excution of the songs just doesn't work. In What I cannot change, she is singing about the profound up and downs of life. It is a great song overall, but why put in a line about what you like in your coffee? If your life is so 'bad' that what you like in your coffee is that important, then your life isn't bad at all. Yes I know wake and mistake rhymes in respect to that line, but it just sounds out of place. If the song was a light, playful song, the coffee line would fit.

    It is like Diane Warren talking about what shelikes on her pizza in the middle of How Do I Live. It really kills the flow of the song. Furthermore, the high part she tries to do on the chorus really doesn't work with LeAnn's lower pitched voice. It just sounds odd. If she would have belted it out, I think it would have totally saved the song from crashing and burning to me.

    Nothing Better to do was another track that could have been good. I have no problems with the verses except leann's slurring of the words, but to me, a good chorus is not repeating the same line like 10 times.

    My favorite track on the album is the duet with Reba. It is true sad that the best track on your album is one that is from another artist's duet album. Leann's vocals sound more like the 'little girl with the big voice' that we all watched grow up. I love that song! Leann and reba both sound great.

    Another bright spot on the album is "pretty things." It's a very pretty song, and LeAnn's vocals sound good on it.

    I don't know what else I can say about the rest of the album, though. It just isn't very good. I've found bits of light in everything from Leanns early country to her pop stuff to her covers. However, on this album, the negatives far outweigh the positives as far as I'm concerned. The album is just bad for the most part.

    I hope Ms. Rimes realizes that songwriters are professional for a reason just as she is a professonal vocalist for a reason. It's impossible to do everything we try on an elite level. LeAnn should stick to singing, and let the songwriters do their jobs. I feel LeAnn's voice is not the problem overall. I could deal with the slurred words if the songs were good. How anyone could compare this with Leann's biggest hits is beyond me. There is no comparison. This is far from LeAnn's best work as it can be since sounds to me like her worst album ever to me. ...more info
  • Nothing better to do.... and she does it very very well
    ok all you whiners saying she should enunciate on nothing better to do.... This is done purposly to envoke the southern cajun feel to the song. Stop listening and Feel the dang song.... Thanks for the buzz Leann!
    a++...more info
  • Far from her best. . .
    Being a huge fan of Leanne I was sorely disappointed in this CD. While her voice was strong and sounded amazing, the songs left a lot to be desired. To be frank, this CD is extremely boring.

    Other than the three duets and the song "Nothing Better To Do," this CD is dull. I hate to give a review like this for her since I am such a big fan.

    I borrowed this CD from a friend and I am extremely glad that I didn't buy it. I will just go to itunes and buy the four songs that I like.

    I suggest you listen to samples to make your own decision. But if your are going to listen to me. Don't waste your money. ...more info
  • Mature Album But Can Do Better
    Family is a very grown-up album from a very accomplished & talented young lady. She shows a maturity here that was lacking on previous albums. The collection itself is not bad with standout tracks being the three collaborations (Nothing Wrong - Mare Broussard, Till We Ain't Strangers - Bon Jovi & When You Love Someone Like That - Reba). There are some duds here but with a 14-track listing and 50% being of decent standard, then it's not bad value for money. Production on this album falls way short of what you would expect from an artist of this calibre and becomes irritating whilst trying to listen to the lyrical content of the songs. Not Bad, but as the school-card says 'MUST DO BETTER'....more info
  • Family is her best work to date
    I can't believe it has been almost 12 years since Ms. Rimes come onto the music scene with BLUE. Now, at 25, she has a lot of powerful emotions experiences to showcase on this--her tenth album. On the title track, she wrote and sang about the true-story of what happened to her family during her time of raising stardom. NBTD answers us the "what-if" question of what would happen if she stayed in Mississippi. In other words, what if she never got out of that state. Other great tracks are; Fight, Good Friend And A Glass Of Wine (good one to sing with your friends) I Want You With You (an amazingly beautiful love song about her husband); Doesn't Everybody and the emotional, yet sentimential ballad "What I Can Not Change."

    The bonus tracks are good too, but my favorite one is "When You Love Someone Like That." Reba McEntire and LeAnn's voice blend so perfectly together it's scarey.

    All in all, this album brings out the best in LeAnn as a gifted singer and songwriter. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ALBUM TO ANY LEANN FAN OR ANYONE WHO JUST LOVES GREAT MUSIC!! Basically, if this album doesn't go platinum by the end of 2008--it will surely be considered a crime in my eyes. I think that says it all about her new "best" album to date....more info
  • what a voice, what a presence, and what great songs
    I'm such a country tyro, I don't know the littlest thing about the genre. However, I have a taste for amazing talent and I know what I like, and I absolutely adore her voice and delivery. Her songs range from good to stunning. She hooked me with the Dionne Warren penned "Can't Fight the Moonlight" clearly a brilliant piece of pop perfection and impressed with with the European hit "Written In The Stars" with Elton John. I had the chance to hear her last album, and now, needless to say, I've been convinced!! There's something so utterly appealing about her! A great album, a wonderful artist, and by the way,"One Day Too Long" is an absolute show stopper of a song. Worth checking this gal out. ...more info
  • Anton South Africa
    This is one of the best cd's this year from a country female artist and i buy most of them. There are so much feeling in the songs you know it comes from the heart. All the song are great but the best ones are: Something i can feel, i want you with me, doesn't everybody, pretty things,what i cannot change and don't forget family. ...more info
  • Its a keeper
    I have no complaints about this purchase, its a good CD and came when it was supposed to. great experience overall....more info
  • Interesting Set
    Leann Rimes is an amazing talent and has established herself as a force to be reckoned with as a country artist with an immense catalogue of work established at a very young age. This cd is a very important stepping stone in her career. She has cowritten many of the songs here and a more mature sound is established.

    Some songs work better here than others. Standouts are FAMILY, ONE DAY TOO LONG and WHAT I CANNOT CHANGE. Both bonus tracks, duets with Bon Jovi and Reba McEntire, are also very effective. There is a problem on some songs here though. On NOTHIN BETTER TO DO, FIGHT and DOESN'T EVERYBODY her vocals are strong but her articulation is off and it is difficult to understand the words she is singing. This is apparent more on this cd than previous ones and she must be careful that it doesn't become stronger as she develops into even more of an adult artist.

    The cd is not her best but it is certainly very good. And on ONE DAY TOO LONG, already mentioned, she lets loose more than ever before. It is a bluesy, major belting ballad done expertly.

    Enjoy. ...more info
  • Leann sings everything great
    For years I have enjoyed her country and easy listening style but her new album is very contemporary sounding. She has powerful voice with tremendous range and doesn't sacrifice her integrity just to be popular, you can acutally play her album with young children in the room.
    ...more info
  • Family Matters
    For her second country album after her image hurting Twisted Angel (which i liked) She's gotten a harder rock edge to her country image. She writes on all the songs except the two bonus tracks. Of which "till we ain't strangers anymore" it's absolutely crappy! I can't handle Bon Jovi going country to sell more records and it's a stupid song. i just don't like anything about it.
    Her duet with Reba is awesome though. they really sound great together and it's a great melody.

    The songs that she writes with Her Husband Dean are the best tracks on here. Lots of them aren't bad..they just aren't memorable, or interesting meolodies. BUt as an album i think she does things more stylistically than This Woman, which was a bunch of boring sappy ballads.
    it's like all her wounds are exposed on album and it's very revealing.

    Family, Nothin' Better to do, Pretty things, One day too long, Upperhand and What i cannot change are the stand out tracks.

    What this album really shows is that LeAnn is growing as a songwriter and though there are bumps in the road she is getting better and all her hits show promise for what's to come....more info
    LeAnn Rimes "Family" is a Hit!

    Rimes co written all but two songs on this album and it shows what a great song writer she has become.this cd will not disappoint if you love music.
    ...more info


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