2 Lb. Duck Breast

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  • Made From Premium Duck Breast Fillets
  • High Protein Real Meat Treat For All Size Dogs
  • Oven Roasted Gourmet Natural Dog Treats
  • No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives

Customer Reviews:

  • Fresh product
    Great seller. Super fast shipping and the product was very fresh. My dogs love these treats! Thank you....more info
  • Best dog treat ever!
    We bought these ducky treats the first time at our Costco, and did not think our picky little princess would like them for long. WOW were we wrong! Our baby girl loves having ducky so much, that all other treats are now not important to her. She craves the duck, and chooses it over EVERYTHING! We just wish they were still available at Costco since they were $9 cheaper for the larger bag. All in all, its the treat, that can't be beat! Check out other items for safe doggy cleanup at Wowgreen.net if you value the health and long life of your hound!...more info
  • Best dog treats
    My dog really loves the treats, they're the only treats he will eat. They have really fast shipping.

    Thanks again...more info
  • Yummy!
    Excellent product! My Sheltie loves these treats. She has severe allergies so I feel very comfortable feeding her these treats....more info
  • No quacks here
    Excellent product. Once my dog tasted this duck fillet jerky thing, she was hooked. I have alot of other dog treats that she will not touch any more. It is fun to see her excitement when she takes a sniff of the bag before I open it to give her a piece. My friend put a few pieces in a biggie, added some water, & heated it up in the microwave. The jerky became rather meaty and the water became a sauce. The dog was in heaven. Now she looks forward to this 'duck stew' for dinner. I would be in paradise if this stuff worked on kids!!!...more info
  • Excellent
    I was buying this bag at Costco. It was cheaper and was 2.5 lb bag.
    All of a sudden they have not had it stock.I kept looking for them
    and nothing. So I went in the internet and oredered them through Amazon!
    I found them & I was so happy. More expensive and a little less in weight
    but atleat I know I can obtained them through the net.

    My little miniature chihuhua loves the treats, the only ones
    she can chew and asks for more all the time. This is an excellent product.
    ...more info
  • Happy Dog
    My dog lived for his chicken breast jerky treats until he was put on a strict duck and potato diet due to an inflamed bowel and food allergies. The vet had me giving him some hypoallergenic dog biscuits to replace the chicken jerky, and my dog was having none of it. (He has never been interested in biscuits.) I found these CADET DUCK BREAST treats (which are dried meat like the chicken jerky), and with my vet's approval I started giving them to my dog. He loves them! No more sad/disgusted dog face at t-r-e-a-t time! In fact, my vet was thrilled to hear about this product and said he would recommend them to his "duck diet" patients in the future.

    CADET DUCK BREAST makes for a happier restricted-diet dog which makes for a happier me....more info
  • No one like YOU!
    awesome as always-THANK YOU and thanks for being there-there are NO products comparable to you!!...more info
  • Great for dogs with allergies / Vet recommended
    These duck breasts treats are wonderful for your dogs. They are pure duck breast with no fillers added, this makes them wonderful for dogs with food allergies. The dogs love them and beg for more. You can feel good about giving these to your pets for a healthy treat. Man and woman's BEST FRIEND will love you for finding and purchasing this item for them.

    ...more info
  • My dogs favorite treat
    The duck treats are all natural with no fillers. My dogs absolutely love them ... more than any other treat they have had. Try them - your dogs will be glad you did....more info
  • our dogs love them
    Actual dried duck filets (minimum crude protein 68%, min. fat 2%, moisture 18%). don't know how they do it at this price, but of course it is a product of China. It states on the 2 lb bag that 9 lbs of duck meat were used which would be typical for any jerky. Because it is solid meat (obvious to the eye and how it breaks apart) there should be No issue with melamine. Each piece is around 5-6 inches long, 1/2 to 3/4 " wide, and about an 1/8" thick with natural variance in size expected with dried solid meat and little to no smell. The bag is resealable. The treats have a typical dried beef jerky texture so they are consumed fairly quickly, at least by our dogs (60 lbs and 75 lbs) But most important, our dogs absolutely love them. Your dogs will thank you. My folks in a different state have been able to get these at CostCo at a very good price ...more info
  • Favorite Treat
    Duck strips are my dog's favorite treat and loved by all dogs that visit us. I also use chicken strips but they come in second. My single lament is that they are quite expensive. Great product.

    Jim Philpot...more info


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