iGo Everywhere130 PS00099-0008 Universal 100 Wattt AC/DC Notebook Adapter with Dualpower

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Product Description

The iGo everywhere130 and the included iGo dual power accessory provide an all-in-one power solution for your mobile gear from any power source - auto, air or standard wall outlets.

  • Includes 2 power cords - one for standard wall outlets, and one for power-enabled airline seats and power outlets found in cars, boats and RVs
  • Includes notebook tips S1, S5, S7, S35, T1, T5 & T6
  • Powers and charges your notebook plus a mobile electronic device such as a mobile phone or MP3 player
  • Utilizes rapid charge technology for the fastest charge

Customer Reviews:

  • Good when it works
    I've had numerous iGo products, and this one has really dogged me the whole time I've owned it (or them, shall I say)

    First and most importantly, it does work and its really the only unit like it that can power a decent 15"-17" laptop, plus charge blackberry, phone and MP3 player with 1 unit. That part is true, and when it works, it works well.

    I travel about 300,000 miles per year, around the world. And the iGo 130 has been with me everywhere. Unfortunately, it doesn't have good behavior.

    Symptoms and diseases are the following. The DC power out cable that goes to the laptop fails regularly. I have been through several units and these cables always fail at the connector to the transformer. You can think you're charging, just minding your business, but alas, no power is making it to the laptop.

    Next, the transformer is a moody and cranky as a 5 year old child. It will just shut itself off. The blue light fades, and it takes 20 rounds of plugging it in and out to get it back to life. Why does it do this?.. who knows. The people at iGo know nothing about anything, they simply cannot help ever. So you just buy a new one is their response.

    This transformer situation is really really bad. Most decent laptops (15" and larger) draw 70 watts and up, especially at startup. The iGo 130 is supposed to be able to handle that. But basically, it doesn't and shuts itself off. On certain laptops, it shuts off all the time and is useless. On others, you learn tricks to make it stay on.

    Also, the tip situation looks great on paper, but in reality, is extremely frustrating most of the time. iGo regulates their voltage via the tip in a closed loop back to the transformer (hence the multiple wires in the DC wire). The tips they have fit/work sometimes, and sometimes they don't. I've been using a Toshiba laptop lately, and sometimes it works, but more often than not, it doesn't work..... the correct size tip from the sage wise people at iGo.... I've used these chargers on IBM, Alienware, Dell and Toshiba laptops over the past 4 years. It never works the same twice..

    Also, for many phones and PDAs, when you attach the charging tip to them, they cry foul and say "not an authorized charger".... I see, so I need your permission to charge the battery in the device I already paid for. Now this isn't really iGo's fault, but it realy is.... They should deal with the Verizon's and ATTs of the world.

    Also on this note, many notebooks simply will NOT work with iGo tips because they don't look like "authorized" chargers to the notebook. Many Dell notebooks have this issue. They will power the notebook, but NOT charge it... ridiculous.

    iGo customer service/support is incapable of providing real support or answers, always blaming the device vendors. The device vendors say they are not required to support iGo (or any other universal power supply company for that matter).

    All in all, using the iGo 130 is a massive compromise and will require you to think at all times. It does indeed work, and usually works fine. But there are lots of things that it does that will irritate you....more info
  • solid, but heavy
    The iGo does exactly what it says it will do - and does it quite well. I needed an additional adaptor for my laptop and decided to get the iGo rather than another adaptor from the manufacturer. The iGo works well and is easy to setup.

    Although it is pretty heavy and large, I've found that this is offset because I can get rid of BOTH my laptop adaptor as well as my mobile phone adaptor. I also don't have to carry around the auto/plane adaptors if I want to save a bit more space. Plus, if I switch to a different PC or phone in the future, I can just pay for a new tip and keep using the same adaptor.

    My only problems: weight (not a big deal if you have more than 1 device) and tracking down the tips you need (I had to buy two new tips - and for one of them I had to go to the iGo manufacturer website).

    If you have two or more devices to charge, you'll find the iGo is helpful to have with you.

    ...more info
  • Really Heavy
    This thing weighs about triple what my ThinkPad AC adapter weighs. I think it is even heavier than my AC adapter plus my current airplane adapter combined. That is a real drawback as I bought this mainly to consolidate on size and weight. These guys should look into this new invention called "switching power supplies"....

    Also, the cables are not that long -- again they are shorter than the ones that came with my laptop.

    And finally, the bundled connectors are useless as none of them are right for my laptop. A coupon that can be sent in for the one correct adapter would be much less wasteful and more cost-effective....more info
  • He ain't heavy, he's my brother.
    This product is a problem solver. After hours of trying to work with Dell to figure out which of their recommended products would work for one of their computers, and getting only ambiguous nonsense, I gave up and went with Igo. For a reasonable price I have something that will charge my laptop in a car, in a hotel, in a plane, or even charge my phone (though remember to keep it off in the plane)! The cords well made and the connections pretty tough--this is not a piece of junk as are many others.

    People have been complaining about the weight that it is (oh dear!) HEAVY DUTY. As in, it is well made. This isn't a minus. When you are traveling around a great deal, and your laptop is really like a shell to a snail, you don't want to take chances. A few ounces more or less won't kill you, while a cord that no longer stays in place really will. Not kill you, I guess--that's overstatement--but sometimes having that laptop die can be like watching your last line connecting you to the Apollo capsule if you were the great Edward H White II making a spacewalk. Goodbye photographs I was using to keep up my spirits. Goodbye music that distracted me from that unhealthy whine from the coolant system. Goodbye word processing program allowing me to work on reviews! Goodbye space capsule.....

    I know I have a tendency to exaggerate but here I really think reliability is the only thing that is important. And now that I find myself travelling a great deal again, with nothing but this laptop as a constant companion, as my friend and my family, I would no more get a "light duty" power supply than I'd get a "light duty" defilibrator for an aged parent. Those of you who are settled, for whom it is no problem if you just wait till you are "back home," well I see you might have different priorities. Maybe there is an Istay out there for you. But for those of us forced to move on, the Igo is the way To Go. [54]
    ...more info
  • Works but to big
    I had the IGO 85 which had worked good for me for several years. When I was assigned a new company laptop I checked into getting an new tip but found that IGO did not support my new Dell with the old 85 watt unit. I was told by IGO that the 130 was the only system they were supporting, so I had to order one... OK
    Well when I got it I found out that it was about 25% larger and heavier than my old 85 watt. I am disappointed in IGO for dropping the smaller units... I'll have to live with it now as there is not as flexable of system out there other than Targus, but the systems are virtually the same. If you don't mind adding the extra weight it works well.
    I was pleased with the price I paid through Amazon...more info
  • Works as advertised
    The zip case for all the cables and stuff could be a little nicer, but otherwise this does the job. iGo has the best tip selection, so if I buy a new device, I'm most likely to be able to get a tip for it. ...more info
  • Road Warrior Must Have
    The iGo Everywhere 130 w/Dual Power is just what I ordered and works as advertised. It can be used in lieu of the power brick that came with your laptop as well as on a plane or call. Additionally I can charge my BlackBerry without leaving my laptop powered on so I could ue my laptop USB port; this is a real plus.

    PROS- carrying case houses all accessories, can be used in home, office, plane, or car, cool styling, adaptable by design to power multiple devices through use of tips, power laptop and other small device at same time

    psuedo CON- pricey but worth it...more info


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