Royal Everlast MRY8200 Metal Upright Vacuum Cleaner MRY8200

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Product Description

Each Royal Everlast Upright comes with a 14 bell-shaped nozzle and a curved, double-row ball bearing revolving brush with stiffener to pick up deep down dirt other vacuums leave behind. The bell-shaped nozzle also provides effective dual edge cleaning along baseboards and edges of furniture, making your job twice as easy. Plus, for easy maneuverability and control, each Everlast upright comes equipped with our patented self-propelling CushionaireTM feature and wide wheel design. The on/off switch is conveniently located in the handle. And, to help protect your upright from any damage to the fan or motor, the unique, curved metal fan blades were designed to deflect large foreign objects. Features: Power 7.0 amp motor 5-year factory warranty Durable microtex outer bag with full-length zipper and top-fill disposable inserts 40 ft. kinkless, vinyl-covered cord Unique Adjust-O-Rite? (vacuum gauge) height indicator, with 5-position height settings, identifies proper nozzle setting for your carpet height Handle grip designed to ensure comfort while cleaning Headlight allows you to spot dirt that lingers underneath furniture and beds Burgundy Microtex Cloth Bag with top fill

 Customer Reviews:

  • Love it
    We've owned this vacuum now for 5 years. I bought it b/c I was sick of buying "new plastic" vacuums every 18 months for $200. While this vacuum is expensive, it has never required repair. If you buy it from a royal vacuum shop, you get 5 or 8 year factory warranty and the shops usually offer free cleanings every 6 months.
    I drop off a full dirty vacuum and it comes back with the bristles cleaned and a fresh bag and a tune up - free!
    It's all metal - so no cheapie plastic parts breaking off.
    AND - it's suction and cleaning is absolutely fantastic....more info
  • A vacuum built to last
    I borrowed this vacuum from the local repairman while he was servicing my royal power team canister vac. As uprights go, this one is the best I have ever tried. It is solid, sturdy and powerful in brushing and dust collection. The stainless steal parts are top notch and unbeatable in terms of durability. Unlike some other uprights, (the made in china and taiwan models or the old kirbys) the power head doesn't throw the dust everywhere and the bag and filter are engineered to keep the collected dust contained with minimal leakage.

    If I had to use an upright...this would be the one. It will last forever and work like a champ!

    Most importantly...this model had my overworn carpets looking like new in no time! I have a long haired kitty that sheds and sheds and sheds everywhere and picking up her dusty hair usually takes many many slow multi-angled sweeps with the other machines.

    Excited with the results,
    I loaded the heavy thing into my car and also used it on the carpets at our very very dusty, over aged gym carpets. They too were renewed and looking extra fresh after using this upright model!

    I had this loaner vaccuum for several weeks while my ancient royal parts were being back-ordered. It was a bittersweet reunion with my cannister vac (purchased in 1995 and still running)as I had to return this upright to its esteemed service center. The owner and his assistant both were so happy to have thier royal upright back in their midst.

    I must warn that there are no plastic gadgets and gizmos with this model...but I would trade a shipload of gizmos for this muscle machine any day! ...more info