Jarden 37000 Ball 8 Pack Wide Mouth Plastic Cap

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Product Description

Ball/Kerr 8-Pack Wide-Mouth Plastic Storage Caps.

  • Jarden 37000 Ball 8 Pack Wide Mouth Plastic Cap

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Product
    These plastic caps make old fashioned canning jars water tight and allow me to use glass jars to store leftovers in the fridge and grains in the freezer. I also use them to store different types of dry beans, pasta and popcorn - they look very nice. These lids fit all sizes of wide mouth canning jars. It is much healthier to store foods in glass rather than plastic and I like that the footprint is small and that I can see at a glance what is in the jar. ...more info
  • No More Rusty Lids!
    These plastic lids eliminate the need to use the metal rings and lids when jars are used for storing items in the fridge or pantry. They work great and I am no longer frustrated with trying to remove a rusted jar lid. Now if someone would only invent a way to use them in home processing, that would be great!...more info
  • Such a simple product, but so great
    I love these.. so much better than the metal ones that come with the can and rust (at least in the Florida humidity). I will always make sure I keep a stash of these on hand for all of my mason jars, which I use mainly for food and liquid storage, not canning....more info
  • Good product
    This product is excellent for replacing the metal rings and lids after opening or simply for the porpose of storing products which do not need the metal lids....more info
  • Fast Delivery
    I received the products very fast which I appreciated and everything was in great shape. Would buy again from them....more info
  • Wide mouth plastic caps
    Recieved the order in a timely fashion. The caps were exactly what I wanted and I am very pleased with them. I will be ordering more.
    Thanks Ed...more info


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