Panasonic AMC94KYZ0 Replacement Bag for Canister Vacuum Cleaner MC-CG973

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Customer Reviews:
  • oh c'mon!
    do you want me to wax eloquent about vacuum bags??? anyway, they're the only and necessary replacement for my panasonic vacuum, and perhaps yours. sexy, packed in plastic, traditional but with a hip flair...we just love 'em....more info
  • A Good Value
    They work very well.
    I went with a product made by the manufacturer because I didn't want any problems. And there were none.
    It's important to note there are FIVE bags per package. Thats not obvious when you first look at this page. And for a little over a dollar a bag they are a good value. Since they are made by the people who made the vacuum they fit easily, and don't leak at all. ...more info