Panasonic MC-CG467 Multi-Surface Lightweight Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Light Blue

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Product Description

Cleaning is a miserable chore but a vital one. For those dreary necessities of life, there's a right tool to meet the task. If you've a small, comfortable home, keep it that way with this cleaner from Panasonic. The Panasonic MCCG467 straight air suction canister is compact and lightweight. It features a 3 in 1 Turbine Nozzle can be used on 3 different types of floors. The secret is that this unique nozzle has two different brush lengths. Soft & Long brushes for Hard Surface flooring, Hard and Short brushes to remove dust from both long and short hair carpet. The variable power control adjusts the power to suit what you are cleaning. The dust cover opens like a canopy, making it easy to replace the dust bag. Even full dust bags slide right out without snagging, for quick, easy replacement. The additional attachments are stored on board the vacuum for instant access whenever you need to use them. The soft casters and bumpers protect furniture and hard surface floors from scratches. The canister uses a triple-layer dust bag for greater efficiency. 12 Wide Cleaning Path Anti-Bacteria Filter Uses E20 Type Dust Bags 11 Amps 1-Year Panasonic Warranty

  • Canister vacuum cleaner with a powerful 11 amp motor
  • 3-in-1 multi-surface brush for cleaning all floor surfaces
  • 360-degree swivel hose; telescopic wand; 2 carry handles
  • HEPA exhaust filter; on-board crevice tool and dusting brush
  • Measures 18-2/7 by 13-4/5 by 12-4/5 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • great back saver!
    When the old canister was doing in the back of the person using it, i searched the web and found reviews from seniors that specifically states that this was a kinder product, so i ordered it. it is's easy to use, easy on the back, picks up well. My house has no thick carpets, so it's perfect for me. I'd highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Expected something better
    Based on other reviews I thought I was getting a small, good quality vacuum cleaner. I was very disappointed when I first turned it on. Even though it has very good sucktion it doesn't pick up small pieces from my rug. I have to bend and remove them manually. It takes me three times longer to clean the rug than it used to with the old one. I'm giving it one star for being very operable. Besides that it doesn't function as it's described....more info
  • Great vacuum for wood floors!
    I purchased this vacuum and am very happy with it. It is lightweight and cleans my wood floors very well. I would recommend it and the price was very reasonable compared with other canisters....more info
  • Looks nice, functionality lacking (yes not the best Vacuum)
    Vacuum looks good, but when it comes to the actual head piece with the bristles, not so good... better off buying an upright....more info
  • Complete disappointment
    I bought this vacuum, in part, because of the very positive reviews it had gotten, but having now tried two different machines I find those positive reviews a complete mystery. The vacuum is fine on hard floors, though not exceptional. On rugs, however, it is a complete disappointment. On both piled area rugs and mat style rugs the powerhead was completely ineffective. We have three cats, one of which pulls his hair out in clumps and the vacuum picked up almost none of the hair off the rugs, no matter how many times we went over it. Our 10 yr old, battered Eureka canister works much better. I would not recommend this vacuum to anyone, especially if you intend to use it on rugs....more info
  • Poor performance
    Looks nice, lightweight, easy to maneuver. Design of brush head is odd. There is an auxiliary square vent that provides most of the suction at the bottom of the floor head, thus diluting suction power from the main opening into the wand. My unit's roller did not turn so I sent it back for a refund....more info
  • Good for the Price
    I did a lot of research on different canisters when I was switching over from my not so old Hoover upright. Once I saw the specs on this & it's price tag (got it for about $130 shipped), I had my heart set. Well, it was a hard one to pin down! I ordered 5 times from different co's before I finally found a company that actually had it- right here on Amazon from Beach Audio Inc (thank goodness they actually had it because my house was gettin' dirty!)
    So now I've had it for about 3 wks & love it. OK, there is some bad with the good, but for the price- I'm not complaining & that's some trick. I have a 4 yr old, 2 black cats & a red 40lb dog (oh, and a husband in construction). I also have cream and/or white low pile carpets & hardwood floors in the main areas of the 2200SF house. The dog is restricted to hard wood, but the cats have free roam (of course).
    With that said, this vacuum has enough suction power for me. It's 11 amps compares well with my 12 amp Hoover upright, though I do have to remove the air driven turbo nozzle to get the heavy stuff w/ the wand. Not too bad because it's just a pop & click out & then back in as I go around the house. The crevice & dust tools are conveniently on board so that's a plus, though the wand itself does the trick for me mostly. Overall, I would say that even though the turbo nozzle doesn't 'suck' (ie the brush is only powered by the air suction)it was worth the trade off to have it so light because my old hoover broke my back & this does not at all. I love that the wand is an easy telescopic click as well.
    I love that it's bagged. My hoover was not & I was getting sick of the mess having to dump it out & get all that dirt & dog grime back in the air & still have it blow 'dog smell' about my house while I was cleaning. Now the crud is cleanly tucked away in a bag I can toss & replace (I found it easy to buy a box of replacement bags off of panasonic's website).
    I love that the canister has 2 handles. I lay it down on the floor & stand it up while I go up the stairs. Easy grab either way. It's light weight for my bad neck arthritis overall.
    OH, and to my surprise- it is equipped with a parking mechanism that wasn't mentioned in the sales pitch. One of my favorite features! Makes it even compare closer to the Miele I was wanting and couldn't drop $600 on.
    I even like the handle grip as I do not prefer the 'ergonomic' type for whatever reason. They seem awkward to me. This is simple design & feels comfy on my wrist without the extra plastic.
    So, my only real complaint would be a shorter cord than I had- but if it were longer... the vacuum would be heavier. Give & take. I can manage 1 room at a time & then just move the plug. I do love that you push a button & the cord sucks back up-- no winding mess. :)
    Overall a very happy camper. I even love the color...
    ...more info
  • Good sturdy product
    This vacuum is well built and does the job well. I like the feature of switching between wood floors and carpet. It is somewhat loud, but otherwise works well. ...more info
  • Good choice
    I bought this vacuum about three months ago after searching online for other brand. I had canister vacuum for many years but it was broken. I like a similar vacuum because it is easier on the stais and good on hardwood floor. Panasonic has a good reputation on quality and design, so I bought without hesitation. So far the vacuum works well and light in weight. The only problem is that eighter the cord is not retracted back into the storage, or it does not stay out. I had to use a binder clip to stop the cord going back in. Also, it is very hard to find the replacement vacuum bag. Had to go to to order them. ...more info
  • panasonic review
    The delivery was much faster than anticipated. The product came right to my door in perfect condition. It was very simple to assemble and performs very, very well....more info
  • sucks good
    good little machine, probably fine for most uses. certainly adequate for my all hardwood 2+2 home. julliana, my guatemalan domestic, has remarked several times how pleased she is with this "aspiradora." it only comes with 1 bag, so order more online ($2-3 bucks each)....more info
  • Good design and handling; lacking suction power
    This vaccum is designed with good ergonomics and with attention to details - automatic power cable retraction, compact storage positioning, etc. It is easy to use and handles well. The swirling design of the vaccum head is a smart touch, enabling the vacumming of otherwise hard-to-reach places like those under the sofa or beds.

    However, it grossly lacks suction power. It might be suffice for bare surface (woods/vinyl) but it does not do a good job for carpet. I often found myself doing multipe-runs in order to pick up some pretty lighweight particle off the carpet.

    Another grievence I have is that the refilling bags are hard to come by. ...more info
  • Light weight vacuum cleaner
    I have both saltillo tile and carpeted floors and find this vacuum to be very satisfactory, especially for the tile surfaces. It does a pretty good job of removing surface dirt and dust from my low-pile carpet. Because I have arthritic problems, I find this cleaner to be far easier to use than my very heavy upright Hoover.
    I also find the wand to be a little shorter than I would like and the two attachments (dust brush and crevice tool) to be poor quality.
    For my needs, however, I am very pleased that I made this purchase.
    ...more info
  • Dean
    Cleans wood floors and bathroom floor tiles great. Good suction fantastic product for the price....more info
  • Great vacuum!
    Impressed with the quality of the product, i.e. metal where others are plastic, including parts of hose. Not too noisy at all. (But still scares the dogs, which is good!) Excellent power. Very lightweight. Cord has good reach. Paid a little more than the low-end, but seems to be a great value overall. Note: Did come with one bag, which is nice, but then the question is, where do you get replacement bags? ...more info
  • Excellent
    Being 82 years old I am experiencing difficulties handling my old, heavier cleaning equipment.This vacuum not only answers my need for lighter equipment, it handles well in every respect, yet has the power to easily perform all cleaning jobs at my house.
    I have no reservations to recommend it....more info
  • Vacuum
    Generally works as advertised and reviewed by Better Homes and Gardens. It is great on hard floors but not as good on carpet, especially 1/2" or more thick carpet. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This vacuum is really great. I gets the job done is quite its very powerfull. The brush is amazing. This product really has no minuses. And its cheaper than other similar vacuumes. I really recomend it to anybody looking for a canister vacuum. ...more info
    I am in a wheelchair and I got tired of looking at filthy floors. We have an upright vacuum which is impossible for me to use, and my husband wouldn't use it, so I searched for one I could use. This is perfect! It is so lightweight and the suction is great. I love the fact I can control the amount of suction and with just one adjustment, I can use it in every room, and best of all, the cord is retractable so I never have to worry about the cord getting tangled around my wheelchair! Give this vac a try -- if I find it easy to use, so will you!...more info
  • I should have bought this long time ago!!!!
    I bought this 3 weeks ago and this vacuum is amazing. Light, easy to use and powerful. I'm glad I don't have to lug my Hoover upright around anymore. Buy it and you will love it....more info
  • panasonic vacuum
    vacuum works well on carpet and bare floors. One problem is you have to change the setting each time you sweep from floor to carpeting. Has a revolving brush which picks up pet hair well but needs to be removed by hand to keep head clean.Had a hard time getting dust bags. I had to order them from the Panasonic company. I am still waiting for the bags to arrive. Seems to have good suction....more info
  • Great Little Canister Vac
    I've owned this vacuum for about a year. It replaced another Panasonic canister vac that I had for 30 years (with never a breakdown!), so I trusted this to be equally as well-made. My only criticism is the length of the cord. I'd prefer a longer one so more area could be vacuumed without having to change outlets. The suction is powerful and the suction adjustment knob is an added bonus. I have tile and hardwood floors plus 7 animals, but my house is always hair-free thanks to this strong lightweight vac.
    P.S. My old Panasonic vac still lives on at my friend's house and hasn't quit yet. Hurray to Panasonic for making such quality products!...more info
  • Motor died in less than a month/Update
    Well, this looked like a good unit and the reviews were good, but I am now sorry I bought the vacuum. I have owned it for less than one month and the motor has an problem already. It is cycling and drawing alot of current(I know because my lights dim when using it). It did not do that for the first 3-4 times of use. I have checked the filters and put in a new bag and verified that there is no clog in the hoseline. If I can find the warranty card and can get it serviced under warranty, I will report back, but this was very disappointing. Update: I brought the unit to an authorized repair center(closest was ~50-60 miles away) on 6/24. Within a few days it was determined that the motor had failed. Panasonic did not get the replacement motor to the repair center until 7/24 and I picked up the unit yesterday, 7/31(the tech forgot to enter that the work was done, so that was an extra few days delay. So the pro was that it was easy to arrange for the warranty service, but the amount of time it took was fairly long. The unit does seem to work better than when first purchased, so it was probably defective from the start....more info
  • Light and compact but powerful.
    This little vacuum is light and maneuverable. It makes vacuuming a two-story home including stairs a comparatively easy job, and I'm a senior citizen. This vacuum may have been designed for a smaller space than ours as the cord doesn't quite reach as far as I would like and it has a tendency to warm up, but I would prefer to vacuum the whole house without stopping to move the plug to another outlet. Although someone mentioned that it is too loud, I don't think it is bad. Having tried quieter vacuums, the price tag is way more than what I would be willing to pay for something a bit quieter. I'm very happy with my purchase, with it's power and ease of changing from hard surface to carpet mode, and it is a joy to use....more info
  • That is great
    I have bought this item about 2 months ago, the price I paid for it was very reasonable compared to the other similar products, it has high power and there is no hair or any thing else left on ground after Iuse it, it is wonderful for both carpet and parquet surfaces.
    I strongly recommend that....more info
  • great product. great value!
    In my opinion this is the best value for inexpensive canister vacuums. Beyond this you'd have to go for $500+ level to get Miele....more info
  • great for my aching back
    This is a great vacuum! I am over 60 with a back problem. I can use this vacuum without pulling. It will start/stop with a touch of a toe: no more bending over. The wand is easy to use for three types of cleaning. The filter captures the dust. Suction is powerful and I like the release feature for when little door mats are caught. This vacuum is exactly what you need if you have hard floors mixed with throw rugs or areas of carpeting. Clean like MONK....more info
  • Great canister vac for the price
    Only used for about 4 weeks but product is well designed; powerful enough for normal cleaning; has a retractable cord that is a nice benefit; accessories fit nicely onboard; rolls easily and vacuums as described. Good value....more info
  • Just Perfect!
    After replacing carpeting with wood flooring, I was on the lookout for a good, light weight canister. My upright did not work on the wood floors and the hose attachment created back-breaking work. Sweeping & swiffering still left dust behind. After many months of searching I found this Panasonic. My upright Panasonic has been a rugged, dependable machine, so I knew the brand would be a sound buy. This vacuum is just perfect for wood/laminate/tile floors. In addition it does great on area rugs (low pile) and it's a dream on stairs (carpeted). Light weight, easy to manuever, with very good suction. Powerhead adjusts to wood/carpet and the rotating brush makes sure all dirt disappears. Very pleased with this vacuum....more info
  • Enough Powerful,Compact And Well Built..........!!
    This canister vaccum is just powerful enough to clean your hardwood floors (bare floors) still does a pretty good job with my rugs at home which are pretty thick.....!!

    This product by's the best for the price and size..among others canister vacuums...!

    And it was not built with cheap materials like many other and it's category.....!

    ...more info