Vacmaster 14-Gallon 6 HP Wet/Dry Vacuum #VJ1411

List Price: $184.60

Our Price: $137.66

You Save: $46.94 (25%)


  • 14-gallon tough polypropylene tank holds liquids and dry materials; powerful and durable 6 peak HP motor
  • Secure-fit , 2-1/2-inch hose diameter, flexible hose can stretch to over 10 feet and bend without kinking, 18-foot power cord with cord wrap for extended reach
  • Tank drain for easy emptying, on board storage on both head and casters, big rear wheel casters, extra storage on rear handle with hanging bag, large on/off switch
  • Includes: 10-foot flex hose, 2-piece extension wands, cartridge filter, reusable foam sleeve, air control contour handle, noise diffuser, 14" floor/squeegee nozzle, crevice tool, utility nozzle and walk-behind handle with accessory bag
  • 2-Year Warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • The best I've ever used!
    I abolutely love this vacuum! I use it to clean my car, vacuum my basement and even vacuum outside. This was especially a godsend when I had my house painted and the contractors scraped the existing paint off. I also had some minor flooding in my basement which was no problem for this vac. The suction is great and I can't imagine ever having any complaints! ...more info
    There is no way a dust bag can be used w/ this vac AS IS. After calling the Vac. M. Co.rep. (who was an American)stating that there is a fine dust filter that can be used. No good for me. I am a Cabinet Maker. So dust is what it's used for. The filter clogs w/in minutes, making the suction worthless. Called after googleing for that # and said it may be returned using on line return forms only. Then I found the same item on for $40.00 less. I got that credit.
    Answer: drill a hole in the side of the blue vac bottle and use my blown up Shop Vac port and mount it on the bottle. Plug the motor housing port. For me w/ now paying $120.00 for this it will work....more info
  • Great Sucker!
    I'm TOTALLY impressed with not only the quality, but the ergonomic design and performance as well! It blows (or sucks, in a manner of speaking) away anything even remotely priced! Done the store brands...Done the 'name-brands' (been there, done that), and this is without a doubt, the best built, lowest costing, and well thought out (considering design) wet /dry vacuum on the market. This unit includes everything in one well equipped package! Tools, filters, LARGE rear wheels (for easy transport anywhere), and the handle, are all included. Top it off with a two year warranty and this EASILY ascends to the number one spot on my list of favorites. If the current market leaders don't soon follow suit, the rapid increase in popularity of this company will force them to...Otherwise latent discovery will be directionally proportional to their demise. ..."Two resounding thumbs up"...more info