The Art Therapy Sourcebook

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"The most accessible and complete art therapy book ever published. It is a great achievement."
--Shaun McNiff, author of Art Is Medicine and Trust the Process

"Malchiodi's fascinating book shows how modern art therapy is being employed as a potent health-care intervention."
--Larry Dossey, M.D., author of Prayer Is Good Medicine and Healing Words

Newly updated and revised, this authoritative guide shows you how to use art therapy to guide yourself and others on a special path of personal growth, insight, and transformation. Cathy A. Malchiodi, a leading expert in the field, gives you step-by-step instructions for stimulating creativity and interpreting the resulting art pieces. This encouraging and effective method can help you and others recover from pain and become whole again.

The Art Therapy Sourcebook will help you:

  • Find relief from overwhelming emotions
  • Recover from traumatic losses
  • Reduce their stress levels
  • Discover insights about yourself
  • Experience personal growth

Customer Reviews:

  • Practical Art Therapy
    Usually these types of books are theoritical (for example why art therapy works) while this one is practical with many activities to work with....more info
  • If you want to buy one book on art therapy, this is the one
    At last there is a book on art therapy which is clear, well-written, and comprehensive. If you want to buy one book on art therapy, this one is excellent and I cannot recommend it enough. There are numerous illustrations, exercises, and examples of how art therapy can be used for personal transformation and healing. Also, read the endorsements, they speak more eloquently to the book's contents and inspirational qualities than I can....more info
  • The Art Therapy Sourcebook
    An excellent primer for a psychotherapist who uses art for evaluation and treatment in psychotherapy....more info
  • incredible introduction to art therapy
    The book is incredible introduction to art therapy.
    I am personally writing my thesis on art therapy and it has proven an invaluable resource.

    Great read and quite informative...more info
  • It's also good therapy for artists
    If you've been through art school or worked as a professional artist, you're aware that it's difficult to create artwork without placing some value on the outcome of the piece. This book provides wonderful examples of how to free yourself from intimidation and competition in making art and how the creative process itself is valuable to the soul. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to gain more emotional satisfaction from making art and for any artist who wants to create art without the constraints of impersonal evaluation. It has helped me to strive to create more honest communication through my work, a valuable lesson worth far more than the price of this book....more info
  • most innovative and readable art therapy book in print
    After reading a lot of *same old, same old* art therapy books, I was absolutely thrilled to discover THE ART THERAPY SOURCEBOOK. There are so many art therapy books that are dense and poorly written; Malchiodi is a clear and articulate writer who provides a savvy overview of the field of art therapy in a style that is inviting and exciting. Even if you have never heard of art therapy before, this book will inspire you to want to try your hand at art and will encourage your creative process. As a teacher of art therapy, I require all my first year art therapy and counseling students to read this book and as a therapist, I encourage my clients to read it too. Bravo! I look forward to more books by this author!...more info
  • The Art Therapy Sourcebook
    This book is very useful for the beginner of art therapy....more info
  • A.T. Sourcebook
    A very good intro to art therapy or for the layperson to get an idea of what this amazing profession is all about....more info
  • Great book!
    This is an informative book for Art Therapists or those interested in learning more about Art Therapy. It is written in a easy, readable manner. I am an Art Therapist and I used it a lot when doing research for a presentation and found it very helpful....more info


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