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  • Berry Energy Shots from 5 Hour Leads all Energy Shot Businesses
    Build Your Beverage Empire

    5 hour energy shot has the best selling products on the market. The berry flavor is the best selling flavor at the moment for every energy shot, not just 5 hour. Five hour is still leading all energy shot products and companies.

    I've tried the product and sampled the product with distributors, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. It is the best tasting of the 5 hour line of shots.

    As a consumer, the formula works and you will see an increase in energy as soon as you zip this 2 oz shot. It is easy to drink and strictly an energy product. Many people tell me they don't like to drink the 8 oz, 12 oz or 16 oz energy drinks to get the same energy they can get by just carrying and drinking a 2 oz shot.

    As a wholesaler or distributor you are guaranteed turns with this market leader. The challenge is purchasing it at a competitive price.


    Jorge S. Olson

    Jorge S. Olson is a beverage consultant and entrepreneur. He develops, markets, sells and distributes energy shots and other new age beverages.
    Author of the Book "Build Your Beverage Empire"
    Author of the Book "The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion"
    ...more info
  • helps me stay with it to study
    Not a big fan of energy drinks per say, a little nervous about what they might do, so I tried this stuff. This stuff seems OK, no funny reactions, no side effects. I try to only take 1/2 bottle, but sometimes need the whole thing! Graduate school is not forgiving of fatigue!...more info
  • Good Communications
    I rec'd different flavor of item ordered 5-Hour Energy Berry 12 bttls; but my email was answered immediately & an equitable solution was reached quickly. Would definitely use this vendor again....more info
  • ehhhh
    I am pretty sensitive to caffeine so I was a bit nervous about taking this stuff. If I drink coffee or tea on an empty stomach I tend to get the heebie-jeebies. I drank a full bottle and didn't really feel anything. Nothing good and nothing bad. I took the berry flavor and it wasn't that bad at all. I think I'll stick to some strong Irish tea....more info
  • Take with caution
    I drank one 5 hour energy shot this morning. Prior to taking it, I was extremely sleepy and was having trouble staying awake. After drinking it, I instantly felt more energized. Despite the HORRIBLE taste, I really liked it...at first. Now, a few hours after taking it, I have a slight headache, am having muscle pain, and have crashed. I just took a two hour nap and am not feeling well.
    The taste made me want to vomit.
    Could not get the taste out of my mouth for a few hours....more info
  • Energy Drink
    I have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I have a lot of trouble with daytime sleepiness. This product is not a "cure all" but I believe it helps....more info
  • This little bottle is it
    This bottle is small. but the package is big. I drank half bottle on my way to the gym and i was hype. in a good way. i did'nt feel tired at all. no bad feeling nothing. I love this product i will continue buying it. ...more info
  • Works exactly like they say it does
    Bear in mind, different people have different metabolisms and different tastes. From past experience, I avoid anything lemon-lime flavored. I went with orange, which tastes like watered down OJ. Just two ounces, small bottle fits in a knapsack or desk drawer. When I'm crashing, caffeine just gives me the jitters and I still feel tired, no matter how much coffee or tea I drink. I had a bad mid-afternoon crash and could hardly keep my eyes open so I drank a bottle of this stuff. Instantly, I had mid-morning perkiness again. Magic. No after effects, but if you're dead tired to begin with you should probably treat the cause rather drinking energy drinks which relieve only the symptoms. Also, if you have a high metabolism, take a small sip and wait 5 minutes. Drink only what you need....more info
  • Really works.. but...
    I loved the stuff! I would still use it but I found I was allergic to something in there that caused a facial rash that took the top layer of my skin off after 6 days with only one bottle! .. it was a terrible rash but great energy drink! The facial flushing they say may occur did for me in a HUGE way.. UGH!...more info
    Dear Five-Hour-Energy (Berry Flavored),

    You came into my life when I was not ready for you. I was still in a love-hate relationship with another woman, Coffee. I loved Coffee's black taste, her bitter aroma, and her warm awakening after missing her for so long. But she was not the one for me, my nights with her left me shaking, heart furious. I felt manic and trapped. My body would crash after tasting Coffee and my mind would race, too busy spinning to do anything useful.

    Then you came into my life, my sweet 5-Hour-Energy. Coffee had stormed out, made a big scene at the cafe. I met you at a gas station, looking alone and forlorn. I asked you out to a club, and we danced all night long. Later, I took you to rock climbing, swimming, kayaking. My heart swelled with joy but you never made it hurt. As our relationship prolonged, we sat with each other, working, sometimes writing tender missives. My mind was alert, never spun thoughtlessly.

    Oh my love, I'd love to love you 5 hours more, my 5-Hour-Energy.



    - works! you do get energy!
    - minimal crashes (only occurs when i partake TOO excessively)
    - berry flavor is tasty


    - there's a lot of vitamin B in this. don't know if that is good or bad.
    - can develop an immunity if you drink two or more every day, so don't do that

    As always, don't overdo any caffeine product. If your body does not respond well to this product, cease immediately and maybe ask your doctor. And then tell me if there are health risks. Because I am not a doctor. I am a warrior poet. If by warrior, one thinks of programmers....more info
  • Kicking your Butt
    This is the best stuff, it may not make you crazy with energy, but your focus and general energy is elevated for hours. ...more info
  • This stuff is excellent!
    I just recently purchased this product, so I could get the energy to get off my butt and hit the gym. This definitely helped me do that, and since I count calories, this product also have a definite plus. 4 Calories! :)

    I would suggest to take this as early as you possible can, because you will be wide awake. I think this also helps with concentration, but not right after you take it. heh. If you take this for concentrating, wait a while to do work, or study. I don't experience any unpleasant wired-ness with this product, it's great! ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    My son just returned from Iraq and they said they use 5 hour energy all the time. I decided I would try it and I was very satisfied. I was concerned about the crash but there is none. It provides a smooth long lasting boost.

    There are no jitters but I wouldn't recommend it if you are going to be sitting at a desk all day because it makes you want to get going.

    It is great for a day of yard work, hiking, cycling etc....more info
  • Good Stuff
    5-Hour Energy Berry 12 bttls I am 100% satisfied with this product. I drink a cup of coffee before going to bed and I sleep like a baby. I can even drink Red Bull with the same results, There's an energy drink called Cocaine and it does work yet it's not as convient as 5-hour energy. I keep it in my car, my desk and purse. Whenever I start to nod. I just grab a bottle and within minutes I'm good to go 5 hours or longer. My sister called from Florida asking for the name of this enery drink for her husband He now travels with it too....more info
  • product great, Company outstanding
    The company was on time and as advertised. We have used the product for some time and it works without giving you the jitters or the sudden collapse you get with caffiene products. ...more info
  • Berry Energy Shots from 5 Hour Leads all Energy Shot Businesses
    Build Your Beverage Empire

    5 hour energy shot has the best selling products on the market. The berry flavor is the best selling flavor at the moment for every energy shot, not just 5 hour. Five hour is still leading all energy shot products and companies.

    I've tried the product and sampled the product with distributors, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. It is the best tasting of the 5 hour line of shots.

    As a consumer, the formula works and you will see an increase in energy as soon as you zip this 2 oz shot. It is easy to drink and strictly an energy product. Many people tell me they don't like to drink the 8 oz, 12 oz or 16 oz energy drinks to get the same energy they can get by just carrying and drinking a 2 oz shot.

    As a wholesaler or distributor you are guaranteed turns with this market leader. The challenge is purchasing it at a competitive price.


    Jorge S. Olson

    Jorge S. Olson is a beverage consultant and entrepreneur. He develops, markets, sells and distributes energy shots and other new age beverages.
    Author of the Book "Build Your Beverage Empire"
    Author of the Book "The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion"
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Stuff
    This product is a fantastic way of getting a quick boost of energy for almost any situation.

    + quick acting
    + long lasting
    + no jitters or other caffeine related side effects
    + Flavor (some people say it is not so great, but compared to other energy drinks this is as good as it gets)
    + No crash, just a minor drop in energy.

    - Sometimes the energy rush won't last 5 hours
    - if you drink it on a regular basis it loses some of its boost property characteristics
    - Price

    I usually only drink a half a bottle at a time and no more than two bottles per week in order to keep feeling the boost effect fully.

    JP...more info
  • Different effects for everyone!!
    Please be aware that this product, like any other supplement or energy drink you can try, will have different effects for each user. To think that it would react the same for everybody would be saying that everybody has the same exact body shape and health, metabolism, etc. Personally, it works wonders for me. I am 20 and in fit shape, and it does a perfect job of keeping me awake and focused at work. I drink one on days when I didn't get enough sleep the night before, and within 5 minutes I can go from stumbling around with heavy eyes to being alert and productive. For me personally, there is no crash afterward, I simply return to however I was before I took the drink. My only concern is the possible long-term effects, but since I do not use it on habit, just on those days when I really need it, I am not really worried about it. Highly recommended, but do not feel scammed if it doesn't work for you. It simply might not be as effective on your body....more info
  • best out there, still not perfect
    Of all the energy solutions out there, this is easily the best one. However, it still has its drawbacks.

    First, the PROs -

    Instant energy - Works almost immediately (within 1 minute for me)

    Not a lot of "jitter" - Many other energy bars and drinks give you that shaky feeling. This one does not

    No Crash - Its true, there is no crash. Though when you come back to your previous energy level, it might feel like a crash.

    A very positive energy - In addition to the physical energy you also get a very refreshing mental energy. It can almost be described as a very focused high. A feeling of clarity and motivation all at once

    Small amount goes a long way - I like that you dont have to drink a big 16 oz bottle of this stuff. Most energy drinks have a taste about as appealing as bath water. So, its nice to only have to drink an oz or two

    Now, for the CONS

    Taste - See above

    Thirst - I get very thirsty on this stuff. I always have to make sure to have a big bottle of water around

    Its addictive - The "mental" energy you get from this makes you want to do it all over again. Probably not for people with addictive personalities

    Big initial blast - The first 10 minutes for me are almost too much. I seem to want to do everything all at once. After that, i calm down a bit and become intensely focused. But, those first 10 minutes are usually spent just trying not to knock anything over in my office...more info
  • AMAZIING!!!!
    I primarily use these to prevent a hang over. Since your body gets depleted of most of the vitamins that are in this it gives you an extra BOOST of these vitamins right before I go out for a night of drinking. I can have fun all night long, drink like I'm 18 years old again (and as long as I drink a fair amount of water also) I wake up with absolutely NO hangover whatsoever!!!!!

    I may feel a lil tired the next day from being out late, but NO hangover!!

    I've also used these about an hour before I go work out and it gives me an extra little boost to push myself a little harder on the treadmill or when I'm lifting weights.

    I HAVE experienced the niacin flush that they warn about on the bottle, but it went away within a few minutes. This usually gives me INSTANT "energy". It's not really an energy energy perse, but I feel a lot more alert and focused.

    THERE are THREE main reasons I use these......... 1.) PREVENT hangover 2.) Boost workout 3.) Energy boost

    I LOVEEEEE it for ALL three! (Especially the preventing a hangover part!...more info
  • True to the commercial, but caffeine amount is questionable.
    As a person who has never consumed a cup of coffee or other energy drink before in his life, I can't say for certain just how effective 5-hour energy is in comparison.

    I can say that it worked, though -- my God, did it work. Having drunk merely half the bottle, I felt energized and ready to roll in three or four minutes. The product was true to its label in that I was able to study with concentration from 12 o'clock to 5 with no "afternoon slump" or "jitters"(though for a time I did experience a subtle tingling in my fingers). When my five hours were up, I came back to normal and didn't feel any side effects or "caffeine crash". The product is not addictive: I bought a pack of twelve bottles a month ago and still haven't used them all.

    5-hour energy should be used with wisdom, however -- the manufacturers say that it contains "no more caffeine than a cup of coffee" but doesn't specify the size of the cup. It took me an hour longer than normal to get to sleep when I drank a whole bottle.

    That said, I have no other complaints to offer of this excellent energy drink. I suggest taking half of a bottle whenever you need a boost of concentration or motivation, as that is usually sufficient. Also, drink these only when you need to -- it's potent stuff, and I wager those little bottles can disappear quickly.

    5-hour energy is a great resource for workouts, daily business, and the hurly-burly of modern life. I give it 4 stars....more info
  • lol energy
    i drank one of these at 8:40 am and didnt get to sleep until 4 am!! maybe there were other factors involved but, if i drink a cup of coffee at around 5 or 6 pm i dont get to sleep until late as well. anyway my local dollar store sells these for 1.50 so check around. still a bit expensive but ill drink em. berry tastes decent. lemon lime is atrocious....more info
  • Does what it is intended to do!
    5-hour energy does what is promised. If you are looking for the nervous, jittery, and overall anxious feeling, this is not the drink. Plus with no hard crash, this is the best out there....more info
  • Tried it twice
    Had a couple bottles while driving around on vacation this summer. No buzz, no energy, nothing....more info
  • A Nice Way To Level Off
    I've tried quite a few energy drinks, mints and pills and have favorites in each area. 5-Hour Energy isn't my personal favorite as far as energy drinks go, but it is quite exceptional. When I tried 5-Hour Energy, the first thing that I noticed was that I noticed nothing at all. I gradually became more alert and less tired, but not once did I experience the jitters, a fast heart rate or any of the other side effects some claim to have experienced here. What I did feel was what I feel like after having had a restful night's sleep. I wasn't going to run a marathon at full speed, but I wasn't going to zone out for the rest of the day either. I remained awake and alert for roughly seven hours, so the five hour claim might just be an estimate. Either way, when it was time for bed, I had no problem going to sleep and absolutely ZERO crash effects.

    The only negative aspect of this drink is the taste. It's somewhat medicinal, but pretty much all energy drinks have a medicinal taste in my opinion.

    If you want something to "take it up a notch" while working out or doing hard physical labor, 5-Hour Energy might not be for you. However, if you want a few steady, alert hours minus the jitters, 5-Hour Energy is the perfect choice....more info

    MAUI...more info
  • I Love the Stuff - Your Mileage May Vary
    TV commercials like the vendor uses make me skittish. I wouldn't have gone near this with a ten foot pole had I not been behind a woman in scrubs purchasing some in a convenience store. I asked her if it worked, she was very favorable and her doctor/boss was positive about it as well. I went home, did more research, saw that the results ran the gamut, but I saw no one experiencing any severe side effects. I took the plunge.

    I have Hashimoto's (hypothyroid) that is under control with medication, but I'd been recently finding myself extremely tired from early afternoon to the end of my work day (and beyond). I started out with half a bottle of 5-hour after lunch and am extremely happy with the result. It's not dramatic - it just gets me from "tired" to "not tired" for the afternoon and early evening. I've experienced none of the side effects that others have, but two things that I'm doing are (1) not drinking on an empty stomach, and (2) only using 1/2 bottle.

    I'm by no means downplaying anyone else's experiences - we're all different, our bodies react differently to all sorts of things, but I would definitely recommend to anyone to give it a shot. Above all - listen to your body. ...more info
  • Works gr8!
    I'd about had it for today, just after lunch. My eyes were heavy and my brain was fuzzy. Having a boring work day didn't help one bit. I have also been fighting nodding off while driving (YIKES) every day of the last week. I took a shot of 5 hour energy around 2pm. I am now fully awake and glad I didn't try to drive home sleepy once again. All the flavors have a bite, but I put mine in the fridge when I get here and it takes the edge off the flavor by the time I'm ready to shoot in the afternoon. I don't notice the transition from sleepy to awake or when it's wearing off. This stuff rocks! Too bad about the cost tho. ...more info
  • Keeps me going
    Lemme tell you, before this miracle drink; I couldn't please my wife for more that 50 sec's without me tiring out. I mean after seeing her fat tale everyday, i started to get limp(in the spirit that is). And then my friend Bill(you know Bill from those commercials0 showed me this... and let me tell you, never has my wife been so happy, not only can I please her for a whole 50 second's but now I can please her for FIVE HOURS! At first she was just a fat repulsive whale who lost her charms, and pizazz! Now after taking 5 hour energy I can take on any challenge including my wife, and my next door's neighbors wife.

    Not only has if kept me great with my wife, I also can now power my car off on the sheer energy that radiates from my body, for 5 hours I was on a town rampage, robbing banks, hitting the gentlemen's clubs, spray painting my obscene terms on corporate buildings, you know the usual teenager stuff. Yeah my life has been great since I started taking this miracle drink. The ladies love me, the me envy me... yeah I'm the talk of the town now. I even grew extra hair on my chest, and my 2 cabbages are too huge for my size 38 pants now, I have to move up to 44's.

    .Keeps you up and going
    .Makes you the talk of the town
    .Makes you feel like you mean something again
    .Fends off Mid Life crisis for 5 more hours

    .You wake up with bullet wounds
    .You black out, and wake back up to your face on the news for some reason
    .Your wife wouldn't be able to walk for a month
    ...more info
  • Beats The Afternoon Crash! 8 )
    I don't know about ya'll; but I work in an office and right between 2:00 -3:30, I experience an almost daily crash. Really sleepy and lethargic, no focus. This stuff usually does the trick. One minute you're falling out of your chair, the next, you're good to go. Alert and focused. It's been a lifesaver more than once. I'm also going to school online, and it has saved my bacon there, as well. I get the 12 pack and keep some at home and some in my drawer at work. For me, its effect is usually about 3 hours, though.

    I seem to need the whole bottle, and I guess I'm one of the few that really prefers the Lemon-Lime flavor to the others. The taste's not great; but it beats Red Bull and the like in taste, and effectiveness - and, you only have to drink the small bottle instead of a whole can. Only 4 calories. Sugarfree. Not much caffeine. I can honestly say the only time I've experienced anything close to jitters, is when I drank two in one day. Even then, it wasn't the usual "too much caffeine" jitters. It's the best thing I've ever found. Tried another brand last month- tasted even worse and didn't work as well.

    I highly recommend 5 Hour!
    ...more info
  • got energy?
    definitely provides more energy. I usually have a sip or two
    if I'm feelling a little sluggish. I agree with some of the other reviews with regards to feeling jittery. my solution to that is,
    don't down the whole bottle in one sitting. I'll usually take half
    the bottle, or less, then a little more when I need it. after opening the bottle, it should be discarded within 72 hrs. :-)...more info
  • a great boost
    The part i really like about this product is that it does not make me jittery and i don't crash after use...great product...more info
  • 5 Hour Energy
    This product is a waste of money.I noticed no effects at all.You would be better off drinking a cup of coffee and taking a vitamin....more info
  • Great Product!!!!
    This is a great product that keeps you going without the crash! It works immediately, so there is no waiting for it to work! Although, you might want to take this early in the afternoon or mid morning! It sometimes keeps me up at night! ...more info
  • 5 hour energy drink
    good deal on the energy drinks. That's the only reason i decided to purchase them through your website and not somewhere else....more info
  • Great Item!
    I love this product! It does what it says it will do with no side effects....more info
  • All Star Success
    I purchased this product late last week for my husband. He had been buying it at a local mom & pop store for about a week. He had been very pleased with its results. When I placed the order, I told him I thought it would be here on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. On Tuesday morning, the UPS truck rolled into my driveway with my order. I could not have been more pleased. Not only was the speed of delivery fast from CA to ME, but it was well packaged, in a properly sized box with minimal packing materials(appealing to the enviromentalist in me). I had also looked at other products on your site and will be ordering again soon. The prices were very good as compared to the health food store where I generally get these products. Thank you for your great service. It is most appreciated. Annette from Maine ...more info
  • Preferred energy drink!
    This drink is the best energy drink I have found! I like it because I can feel it work. It works fast and sustains my energy without giving me shakes or making me hyper.

    I recommended it to a friend who regular drinks the big cans of energy drinks, and now he drinks these. It is a lot less of all the bad stuff like artificial sweetener or sugar, and the same amount of the important stuff Vitamin B, caffeine, etc.

    Cheers!...more info
  • All boost, no buzz, no crash
    I drive between Pittsburgh and Philly most weekends. Usually an hour or two into the drive, I start to nod off with highway hypnosis. When I get in the car I pop one of these down the pie hole and no nodding off. I arrive at my destination alert and without the Red Bull and triple latte induced jitters normally experienced prior to finding this product. Experienced none of the negative effects I saw in other reviews. I suspect there may be secret agendas involving reputation assasination with some of those posters....more info
  • The biggest jolt I got was a gag reflex
    This stuff is really gross - I tried the lemon-lime and the berry. Neither were good, but the berry was a little better. I have also tried chilling them and transfering to a glass. Nothing seems to help. Add that to the fact, that I got nothing from these. Nothing at all. Not worth the money to me. By reading the label, I can see why - they contain vitamins, enzymes, and a little caffeine - products I ingest daily anyway....maybe if you don't take vitamins or drink caffeine, these can help you. ...more info


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