Norton Internet Security 2008 up to 3 Users [OLD VERSION]

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Product Description

What do you do to keep yourself healthy? Norton Internet Security Suite 2008 is designed to keep your PC healthy. Every time you visit the Internet, there are hackers, predators, and weapons ready to usurp your identity and destroy your computer. It can happen quickly and silently. Some viruses present on the web can have delay mechanisms that can halt use of your computer days, weeks, months ahead. Norton Internet Security Suite 2008 scans your PC for potential pathogens, points them out, and helps eliminate them. It provides regular updates to your system to eliminate any new viruses. It also provides a strong firewall acting as a shield while you're online. Control spam with built-in filter technologies. Enjoy the Internet and safeguard your PC and peripherals with the power and reliability that Symantec is famous for. Be safe when your PC has Norton Internet Security Suite 2008 installed. Intrusion Prevention automatically shields newly discovered security vulnerabilities Network protection configures security settings when logged on at home, or on public networks Full System Scan performs a deep scan to remove existing viruses, spyware and other threats Norton Protection Center provides a central place to easily check overall security settings Includes protection updates and new product features as available throughout the renewable service period Windows Vista friendly

Stay protected from the latest online threats. Norton Internet Security 2008 runs quietly in the background to detect and block today's complex threats and to protect your identity when you buy, bank, or browse online. The friendly and efficient product design helps minimize confusing security alerts and system slowdowns that can get in the way of your online experience. And if you need help, an integrated online chat tool connects you to our support professionals, so you have easy access to the answers you need. In addition to protection updates, Norton Internet Security provides new product features as available throughout your service subscription.

Norton Internet Security 2008 runs quietly in the background to detect and block today's complex threats and to protect your identity when you buy, bank, or browse online.

Stay protected from the latest online threats.
Norton Internet Security 2008 runs quietly in the background to detect and block today's complex threats and to protect your identity when you buy, bank, or browse online.

Key Benefits

  • Blocks online identity theft--An extra layer of security protects when you buy, bank, or browse.
  • Detects and eliminates spyware--Provides advanced protection against today's latest threats.
  • Removes viruses and Internet worms--Fast and quiet scans provide comprehensive, automatic protection.
  • Protects against hackers--Safeguards your computer with a smart firewall that automatically configures protection settings.

Includes Full Versions of the Following Products:

  • Norton AntiVirus
  • Norton Personal Firewall
  • Norton Antispyware
  • Norton Identity Safe--New!
  • Norton Antiphishing

New Features and Enhancements--What's New

  • Norton Identity Safe keeps your personal information and your identity safe when you buy, bank and browse online.
  • Enhanced performance lets you start, scan, and run faster, so you can enjoy your online experience.
  • Get help fast with free online technical support via live chat and email all from within the product.
  • Optimized product design improves scan times and decreases impact on system startup and resource usage.
  • SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) technology delivers behavior-based protection that can detect emerging spyware and viruses even before traditional signature-based definitions are available.
  • Stores and encrypts your passwords and other confidential data, automatically filling it at your request to save time and protect it from being stolen by eavesdropping keystroke loggers.
  • Network security monitoring checks the status of your wireless network security, maps connected devices, and provides expert advice on managing your network security settings.

Start, scan, and run faster. Improved performance delivers an enhanced online experience.

Norton AntiVirus:
Antivirus and antispyware protection, rootkit detection and intrusion protection

  • Protects your computer by automatically detecting and removing spyware, viruses, Trojan horses, and Internet worms.
  • Exchange files via email and instant messaging without worrying about receiving threats on your computer or spreading them to others.
  • Stays out of your way. Runs quietly in the background without requiring you to respond to confusing security alerts.
  • Threat blocking technology quietly monitors system activities to stop most spyware, viruses, and worms before they can install and cause damage on your system.
  • Email and instant message scanning detects and removes infected attachments even if they're hidden in archives.
  • Rootkit detection finds and removes threats that are hidden deeply in the operating system.
  • Internet worm protection blocks an entire class of viruses, spyware, and worms with a single threat signature.
  • Thorough pre-installation scan cleans out spyware and virus infections that can obstruct ordinary protection.
  • Quick Scan automatically runs on receipt of new definitions to help ensure protection against the latest threats.
  • Full System Scan performs a deep scan of the system and hard drive to remove existing spyware, viruses, and other threats.

Norton Identity Safe:
Antiphishing, Web site authentication, eavesdropping protection and confidential information management

  • Advanced phishing protection identifies and blocks fraudulent Web sites designed to steal personal information.
  • Adds a layer of targeted, real-time identity theft protection to prevent identity thieves from eavesdropping on your online shopping transactions and banking and brokerage sessions from login to logout.
  • Blocks hard-to-detect phishing sites by deeply analyzing Web page elements for evidence of criminal activity.
  • Authenticates the Web location and credentials of the most popular banking and shopping sites, so you know you're dealing with the true site and not a fake.

Norton Personal Firewall:
Two-way firewall

  • Stay hidden when connected with a smart firewall that automatically configures protection settings.
  • Log on at home, at a cafe, or on the road, and Norton Internet Security automatically optimizes your security settings.
  • Two-way firewall blocks hackers from breaking into your computer and stops spyware from transmitting information.
  • Trust Control automatically optimizes your protection settings based on the network--wired or wireless, public or private--to which you're connected.

Additional Features

  • The Norton Add-on Pack delivers optional solutions for you and your family including antispam and parental controls.
  • Connect with confidence knowing your protection is continuously updated for one year as new threats emerge.
  • Includes protection updates and new product features as available throughout the renewable service period.
  • Intrusion prevention shields newly discovered security holes in the operating system and applications to prevent viruses, worms, and hackers from entering through these vulnerabilities.
  • Includes one year of automatic definition updates, new product features, and access to updated versions of Norton Internet Security throughout the life of your service subscription.

  • Norton Identity Safe keeps your personal information and identity safe when you buy, bank and browse online
  • Start, scan, and run faster. Improved performance delivers an enhanced online experience
  • Get help fast with free online technical support via live chat and email all from within the product
  • Optimized product design improves scan times and decreases impact on system startup and resource usage
  • SONAR technology delivers behavior-based protection that can detect emerging spyware and viruses even before traditional signature-based definitions are available

Customer Reviews:

  • A must have!
    I love Symantec's Norton Internet Security! I've been using this to protect my computer since 2002, and haven't had any problems. As soon as I installed this 2008 version, Symantec sent me a message letting me know a free upgrade was available to the 2009 version! Plus, I received this item earlier than expected. I couldn't be any happier! Thanks!...more info
  • Not the best But...
    After I restart my Comp it Freezes up for a few Mins but it you just have to wait and it will fix it self. But this my just because ofmy comp....more info
  • Making Security Easy
    I recently bought a new computer that came with Norton Internet Security. This is the first time that I have used a product that contains an antivirus and a firewall together as one product. I am convinced that an integrated security solution is the way to go. Since the product came installed on my computer I cannot comment on the installation process however configuration for the most part was a snap. I have a network of wired and wireless computers. Defining which computers are trusted by the firewall was easy. Allowing or disallowing program access control is fairly easy also and you can customize the program access rules but this is not for the novice. The antivirus, spyware detection and automatic update features are all setup for safe computing. I really like the log viewer. Using the log viewer I can see separate reports on network or firewall activities, security or intrusion alerts, errors, etc. During normal operation I barely notice that it?(tm)s running. That being said, I schedule full system scans to run off hours because the scans will compete with other programs for computer resources. ...more info
  • Internet Security 2008
    Since I am a semi professional in the IS business, as a System Administrator of the mid-main frames, I am really concerned with security. My main systems are well protected, but I rely on Norton Internet Security to maintain the integrity of my system and to be assured I will not introduce undesired code to my administered systems. I absolutely love this prodect as it gives me the ability to sleep well at night....more info
  • Works great. Some performance tips
    If you are having problems with your system getting bogged down by Norton Antivirus (whatever version), I think I have a good tip for you. Try to reduce hard drive activity on your PC. Your software (especially Windows) read/writes more stuff to disk than you think and they all have to wait for that mechanical arm to move around. It's an incredible bottleneck and if your PC is already pretty busy, the nature of Norton Antivirus probably pushes it way over the edge.

    First off, I turn of any kind of (disk) auto-scan I can find in Norton. It will remind you anyway when it is time for a full system scan and I prefer to pick my time when I let it take over. Until then it is running in memory inspecting files being created anyway and should catch anything evil. The monthly(?) full scan should catch anything that slipped by for whatever reason.

    Then, try to reduce disk activity in Windows. I'm currently running Vista and it indexes and caches and prefetches so much that there is very little left for what I'm actually doing.
    You may have to fine tune it for your particular use, but personally I turned of disk indexing, prefetching, various other caching and since I have 3 Gigs of memory I actually turned of virtual memory as well (even if you have lots of memory, Windows will swap things to virtual memory and that disk activity is usually what makes your PC slow down). I also use Hibernate when I shut down my PC. That eliminates a lot of the disk activity that happens when Windows (especially Vista) starts up again. Hybernate actually powers your PC off, so I only use Shutdown every couple of weeks to let it get a fresh start.
    My Norton 2007 went from making me literally scream at the computer to being virtually unnoticeable and the full system scan never turned up anything (the program running in the background on the other hand caught several viruses and unauthorized access attempts).

    Now I upgraded to Norton Internet Security 2008 and it zooms along just as 2007 did after my tweaks. So technically, I don't know if 2008 is any faster than 2007, but other reviewers have said they have observed it to be much faster.
    However what I can say is that I like its interface A LOT MORE than 2007.
    The numerous attributes (Virus, Spyware, Firewall, eMail, Phishing etc) are listed separately on the Home screen and even though there is a Fix Now button that will fix all of them for you, you have the option to individually configure and update each attribute. I have my Windows Automatic Updates set to inform me of updates, but not to download or install them until I choose. What bugged me in Norton 2007 was that it considered that a threat and would not give me the green checkmark in the taskbar even though everything else was up to par. So since I had a permanent warning icon down there, I would not notice if anything else had gone critical. In 2008 I am now able to tell it to ignore the Windows Updates when determining to give me a green checkmark and will notice when something I actually care about goes critical.

    2008 removed the ad-block feature which I miss and added a password and forms filler, which a lot of browsers and tools provide. Personally I use RoboForm, which I like a lot.
    There is also a Network Map, which looks interesting, but to which I can't speak since I don't have a network.

    Another tip: If you have a previous version of Norton, use the Norton uninstaller before installing 2008. It's easy and may avoid problems. You can find it by searching for "Norton uninstaller" in Google....more info
  • I want my money back
    I purchase NIS 2008 in April for both my own computer (5 years old) and my daughters computer which is 2 years old. 1 gig of memory in both and lots of hard disk space. The performance is awful!!! On occasion NIS software takes over the computer for up to 30 minutes. Their COH32.exe piece of code blew up to taking 874K of main memory and kills the performance. Symantec has lost sight of the goal is not protection of customers at "any" cost. And not just "good" performance on PCs with the fastest processors and 2 to 4 gigs of memory. I uninstalled NIS 2008 and my performance has returned to normal. The NIS 2008 "cure" was worse than the "disease". I will try and get my money back and will take a self imposed moratorium on Norton Products until I here consistent positive reviews of their products before I stick my toe back in to purchasing any of their software. Avoid NIS 2008 like the plague!!...more info
  • Computer has crashed
    Since I have uninstalled the free AVG computer secutity software and installed the Norton Internet security software on my computer, the computer has become infected with a virus and unusable. I am glad I did not install it on any of my other computers. ...more info
  • Overly Comprehensive
    I'm pleased with the level of protection but I've noticed a considerable slowdown in Internet Explorer once I installed Internet Security 2008. I know it is the product and not my broadband connection as I also use Opera web browser and it still maintains the same speed as before. Who wants so much protection that the protection slows down the program it's protecting?...more info
  • Nice Streamlined virus/firewall protection
    I was suprised to find that the install and operation of this product went well on Vista. I wasn't sure what to expect because Norton's antivirus product has gotten large and added extra fluff over the years... but Norton Internet Security is a good stable product so far....more info
  • ACER owners BEWARE!!!!!!
    I have an Acer laptop and it came with Norton Antivirus 2004 uninstalled, I was never able to get it to install correctly and just gave up on it. I just got Norton Internet Security 2008 and installed it. Everything was OK until I was prompted to do an initial scan which has left me with a blank screen except for this message: "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOW\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM". So, I now have to take it to the shop to have it fixed as my tech on the Norton live chat said it was a Microsoft problem not theirs. I have talked to others that have said that Acer laptops have had problems with Norton before, so before you buy this you might want to check out some others....more info
  • Norton Internet Security 2008 Works Well
    This product works much better than previous versions for the home user. It is more user friendly and configurable to handle situations common to home users, such as limited Internet access and multiple users. In nearly 2 momths, it has worked smoothly with few bobbles--all with Live Update and all recovered. Those inconveniences involved the occasional failure of updates, typically Sundays and holidays....more info
  • Promises everything but delivers little
    Norton looks so ends there. NIS actually performs OK at best, but it has failed me for the last time. I am now in search of a product which can protect me from such simple things like Blackster.exe, the About:blank hijack; neither of which NIS provided any protection from. In addition, tech support is nearly non-exsistent. The company refers you to its website for menu-driven troubleshooting. If the menu gives you a proposed solution that does not fix your problem, they apologize but provide no other solutions. As for me, I have a non-functional version of NIS 2008 which refuses to load or update correctly. It all seemed so simple at, install, use...NOT! F--- Norton!...more info
  • As advertized.
    No problems with the install. My firewall settings were defaulted and it took me a couple of minutes to figure out why I couldn't access my media center computer but after that, all good. New GUI is pretty. No slowness issues as reported by others, running now for almost a month. New version detects tracking cookies. I would recommend this product.

    U.S.A....more info
  • Symantec-Norton Is A Has Been
    I had been a Norton User since 1995, up to 2003 I was pleased, but it has gotten worse with each update. I had to uninstall Internet Security 2007 because it was thrashing my disk constantly--removed it and the disk thrashing stopped. I had most of the bad experiences mentioned by others. I kept on upgrading because I foolishly still believed in the Norton of the past, but it is Norton only in name, Symantec is greedy and incompetent, no longer a good choice--actually a disaster. I hope they do not do to Partition Magic what they did to Norton. What a shame. I am done with Symantec. Norton, Partition Magic, Drive Magic were all good products. Now I have to spend the time to find other solutions, but it will save me time in the long run, as compared to all the time I had wasted on Symantec, especially all the re-installs of my system that I had to do to revert back to a clean system. Don't waste your time with Symantec-Norton....more info
  • Improved over older versions
    I was using the 2006 version up until about half a year ago. There were a few things I didn't like, the amount of time it took to download some of the updates and virus definitions using LiveUpdate was one. Trying to remember how long my subscription was going to last was another. They fixed those issues in the 2008 version. It's great, no complaints now....more info
  • Norton Internet security review
    Merchandise arrived on time, in good order and performed as expected. I have used Norton internet virus protection and similar Norton products for years with good succes. I have never had a virus infect my computer....more info
  • Norton Internet Security 2008 3 user
    Although I have had this product for a few weeks, I have only just installed it. It seems to be working well and was easy to install....more info
  • Doesn't measure up to IS 2007
    I have purchased Norton products for awhile but I have to say that Internet Security 2008 is the worst product I have ever installed and used, including being worse than Vista. However, the tech support engineers are great. It is unfortunate that they have to deal with a poor product such as this.

    I have been running IS 2008 on two computers, an XP SP2 and Vista SP1. Both computers have had problems:
    1. Product reported that my definitions were out of date yet when I ran Live Update there were no new updates.
    2. Product reported that there was a subscription problem, yet my subscription was valid.
    3. Scheduled scans would not run.
    4. Scheduled scans froze with an internal error and then IS 2008 would not start again unless I rebooted the PC.

    Each of these problems were eventually fixed through tech support but after many hours on the chat line and mulitple uninstalls and re-installs. Several of the problems had tech support solutions on their web page but even those didn't fully resolve the problems until I contacted a tech support engineer.

    Bottom line is that after my subscription runs out I will switch to McAfee after being a Norton fan for many years. I may even switch before the subscription runs out.

    ...more info
  • great product
    have used on many other machines its a great product have been using their products for years...more info
  • Nag-ware and deception
    This is not for "3 Users" but for one user on 3 PCs -- so the product name is deliberately deceptive. Plus, although I signed up for Automatic Renewal, I'm getting a pop=up every FEW MINUTES ( !!! ) telling me "there's a problem with your Symantec protection" -- and the "problem" is that "there are only xx days" until the subscription runs out ! So the idea is to annoy me until I renew a month early -- and since the subscription renews from that point onward, I lose a month I've paid for. So they deliberately set it up to force you to lose a month or be annoyed incessantly by a popup every few minutes. I'm going to delete this and go to any of the "Open Source" anti-virus (which get excellent reviews) that were created and maintained by engineers who got tired of this money-grubbing treatment....more info
  • All problems solved
    After purchasing and installing Norton Internet Security, all intrusions are blocked successfully. Recent info-stealer viruses which infect especially USB drives are also successfully located and killed. Online help is also designed efficiently for solving user problems. I highly recommend this product as an anti-virus and internet security tool....more info
  • Symantec Norton Internet Security 2008
    Product is basically the same as earlier editions EXCEPT it eliminated the Ad Blocker from the Ad-Ons. I uninstalled it and reinstalled an earlier edition....more info
  • auto renewal nightmare
    The automatic renewal program is a nightmare to get out of. Canceling is so difficult it approaches being a scam to get your money. I will never purchase or use Norton again...more info
  • Internet Security 2008
    Bought this product to replace an earlier ver on three computers. Was new and installed and works as advertised. Have never had any problems with any Symantec item that was not corrected by them. I'm not big on Indian call centers but was helped by Symantec's call center there satisfactorily....more info
  • Norton Internet Security
    Norton Internet Security 2008 up to 3 Users
    This was an update of my 2007 edition. I am well satisfied with it. I do not need the provision for three users since I only have one computer. I think Norton should have a cheaper edition for home computers with only one user 0r, if Norton wants to keep it for three users, the company should provide three years of updates for one user. Fifty dollars for only one year is pretty steep....more info
  • Watch the Fine Print
    Norton has started to use an automatic renewal system with its products.

    If you don't want it, you have to jump through hoops to cancel it (they don't make it easy). If you never signed up for the autorenewal but have an account with them, they decided on thier own to sign you up for it.

    The product was ok however, I discovered that it didn't stop or detect all the spyware. I ran Norton Virus/Spyware check at the same time as running a competitors. The Competitors identified and cleaned more than norton.

    I do like thier system works and would give it a 5 star rating but this tatic of forcing you into an autorenewal system shows, in my opinion, how low norton has gotton. If the product is good, consumers would renew on thier own and at least should be given the option of joining or not joining an auto renewal program.

    So read the fine print....more info
  • slows down computer
    I was running version 2007 and because of my subscription I got a free online upgrade to 2008. My computer definitely runs more slowly. IE6 is slower to start. Otherwise it seems to have no problems, though I only loaded the upgrade yesterday....more info
  • Not just bad, but sinister: I had trouble accessing these reviews!
    I was alerted by my old Norton Internet Security 2006 that I should resubscribe because my subscription was running out. So I clicked on the button and read about the new features. At the end of a list of stuff I don't care about (parental controls etc.) it said, Ad and pop-up blocking no longer available. Hmmm...I'm not sure what's been providing my ad and pop-up blocking, but I thought it was Norton, so I opened the program and looked at the stats. Yes, apparently it's been blocking ads and unsolicitied pop-ups for me. So I needed more info. I went to the Norton site and looked for an email or phone # to contact them. There wasn't one! All I found was an invitation to PAY to ask them a question!
    At this point, I went shopping for alternative security software. I found a couple of reviews, and one of them pointed out that Norton is very badly rated by Amazon users. So I went to Amazon to read the reviews. When I clicked on the link to show the reviews, my computer froze and I had to turn it off (this almost never happens to me). After I rebooted, I got back on Amazon and checked to see if I could access other reviews. Yes, book reviews, other product reviews, all came up fine as usual. Then I tried again on Norton Internet Security 2008 and the computer froze again!
    What can I think but that Norton is actually BLOCKING people from accessing these reviews?
    Using an alternative pathway, I managed to access the reviews, and now that I've succeeded, of course I will avoid Norton like the plague. I am now researching how to get rid of it, and with what to replace it. I'm leaning toward BitDefender, but will need to check it out more thorougly. I hope Norton doesn't block my research!
    ...more info
  • A Simple Reason To Buy This Norton Product
    I am not a computer or tech expert in any sense of the word, but I have heavily used personal computers in my home for my entire life. Each of those computers have been guarded by some version of Norton Internet Security. Never have I ever had a computer of mine crash due to a virus, or had problems with adware or spyware. However, a few of my relatives took a bit of a cheaper route and had their PCs "protected" by other products...and those family members are constantly taking their computers into Best Buy to have the "Geek Squad" remove the multiple viruses that locked up their systems.

    Like I said, I'm not extremely tech-savvy, but my common sense experience tells me that Norton is a superior product to all its competition. The only drawback is that the 2008 edition may bog down slower computers, but Symantec does allow you to revert back to the 2003 edition if need be.

    I recommend spending a little extra money on this product each year, but then enjoying the security and peace of mind that it brings....more info
  • Norton Internet Securities 2008
    Easy to install. Runs great and doesn't slow the system down. Very user friendly. Have had no negative issues since install a month ago. ...more info
  • The Devil You Know
    Norton computer products are sort of the devil you know. You stick with them because you fear the other anti-virus/internet protectors will be worse. Norton does an acceptable, not great job, and I also back it up with other (free) anti-cookie and anti-spyware products.

    There's always some glitch to installing Norton products--one try is never enough, even if you're very computer literate.

    My other comment is that if you have a previous Norton subscription, don't install your new product until the very last day, because they'll never give you even a day's credit for your previous subscription, even though they start nagging you to renew at least a month in advance. You'd drop a magazine subscription that did that!...more info
  • Do not trust this software to protect your computer!
    A previous version of this software came with Vista PC I purchased for my father over a year ago. When I renewed this product I performed the recommended upgrade to 2008 Internet Security (1 user) and made sure that it was working properly.

    I checked on his computer a few months later to find this software had disabled auto-protect features without warning. I couldn't enable these features and there was nothing to indicate what the problem was. I clicked on the Fix It button and after a long scan of the computer it was determined I needed to contact support without any indication of what the problem is. It costs over $9.00 to contact support by phone (perhaps this is a scam they're running -- break the software and charge people to fix it?), or you can download a 4MB program to perform a live chat that installs and never runs. You can also send them email, but I have no information regarding the problem.

    I'm done with Norton and I'm moving to another solution. I'm a software engineer and work on a lot of different computers. I've tried most antivirus products at one time or another and by today's standards for professional software there is no excuse for this type of problem....more info
  • New lease on life by getting rid of this slug
    I replaced Norton Internet Security a couple of days ago with Zone Alarm, because my system contracted a stealth mailer. The only indication of a problem was that the Norton Email Proxy was getting some errors because some servers were rejecting the emails. The antivirus and spyware components of Norton indicated no problem whatsoever; perfectly clean scans. I installed Zone alarm, which immediately fixed the problem and also warned me that another application was trying to send emails.

    I was getting to the point that I thought I was going to have to upgrade or replace my 3 year old desktop and laptop because of the slow speed, but when I replaced Norton with Zone alarm, both systems are now running, I estimate, at 5 to 10 times faster than before. This has given a new lease on life to these systems and I should be able to use them for at least a couple of years more. Norton Internet Suite is a boat anchor that drags sytems practically to a crawl. I have no particular interest in promoting Zone Alarm... I understand that it is based on Kaspersky Antivirus, and I just bought Zone Alarm because it was a complete security suite. Or read some reviews and choose SOMETHING else... definitely not Norton. You can read the reviews on, which indicate that Norton has some features that are missing from Zone Alarm, but that those extra features are unnecessary for most users.

    Anyway, the main point of this review is that my system now runs 5-10 times faster after I replaced this Suite with another product. ...more info
  • Don't slam this yet!
    My PC has a 2.2g duel core intel processor with 2g RAM (any of you folks out there who still has less than 1 g of ram, or still using single core, please, stop complaining abt new softwares slowing down your PC and get real!). I was using NIS 2006 previously on this PC. Recently, the subscription for NIS 2006 ran out so I uninstalled it (which went without a glitch!!!! yes, I just used the normal "do it from the control panel method"!). Then I loaded in NIS 2008. Man! My boot up actually speeded up! I know some of you folks have all kinds of complain but I don't see this at all! Who says this product slow down you PC? I think it only slow down those PC who doesn't have the processing power in the first place. ...more info
  • Not Bad
    I love the drop down menu for password selection although I learned that this was done with a later version of Norton Internet Security later version. I hope that this product eliminate spamware but I do not like the update of ASK Search included in the Norton tool bar, that is something I can do without and if I knew how to delete it I would....more info
  • Nortons Internet Security is good to me.
    I have been using Norton's for a long time and while I believe no software is perfect, I like the Internet Security series enough to update it twice a year. I am not a Bill Gates in any way nor am I a person who knows just enough to be dangerous, I feel that I fall in the middle of computer knowledge and skill. The reason I update every other year is solely for software improvements as the software keeps you up to date in the virus definitions at all times while your subscription is active. When I first used Internet security, I just bought it off the shelf and installed it and it worked fine, just needed to tweak a few areas and I haven't looked back since. I bought the update from Amazon and was reading the comments left by end users and was shocked at their comments. A good amount was user issues was with installation and how it didn't run right or slowed there PC to a crawl. Well first off, they print instructions for a reason and it states that you need to delete ALL copies of Norton's and any other anti virus from your PC, so they don't interfere with each other, simple enough right? Second is the part on the box that tells you what your system requirements will need to be to run it. This is another area I think hurts people as their system cant handle the software and it bogs down to nothing. I have updated my PC with memory and a few other things and the software runs fine edition after edition because I believe I have a PC that performs. Is there better protection software out there, I'm sure there is, but for us middle of the road people who don't have an IT department to back us up, I like it just fine and it has served my family well for years. Just read the box and instructions and you'll be happy with it, because after all the only way to learn is to do. ...more info
  • Consistently Reliable
    This is my third year with this particular software as opposed to using NAV alone. I can say that I am very pleased and run it on four different computers. It has always performed flawlessly and doesn't seem to be a resource hog as some of the software I have seen....more info
  • Terrible User Interface
    I recently switched to this from McAffe, and I think I'll be switching back soon

    The Norton Internet Security Window is very helpful only to those who have absolutely NO IDEA how internet security works. For people who want to command the program, it merely tells them what they already know.

    Norton's UI is made up of a series of windows and icons that attempt to reach the computer illiterate. They can be turned off, but they give computer-smart users little peace of mind.

    For example, the Phishing filter on internet explorer. It sits there, telling you it is "on". So what? I have NEVER seen it do ANYTHING in my entire online experience.

    It didn't even warn me when I went to a fake site, firefox let me know and I got nothing from Norton.

    Along with this, Norton is highly lacking in features. Unlike McAffe, it doesn't have the very handy SiteAdvisor, which, through the equivilent of Website crash-testing, rigourously checks every icon and file on any given site and gives a rating of how safe that website is.

    I can only reccomend this program to those who don't know how to protect themselves and those who just go to a few sites over and over again. Quite like acting as though you had a limited account on Windows.

    For those who want to explore without worry, look elsewhere....more info
  • Functionality of product
    Simply awful. The Norton product is unresponsive, unhelpful, persistently annoying and misses far too many threats. I use two other 'scans' to double-check computer systems' vulnerability and they both consistently pick up, isolate and destroy threats which were transparent to Norton. If Norton happens to stumble upon a threat it simply annouces it and states that it can't deal with it but, if I subscribe to a more sophisticated Norton product it will see what it can do. Nonsense! My 12 year-old son is better at this business. I am unfortunately subscribed to Norton Symantec for the remainder of this year but never again. Expensive and useless. Baloney!...more info
  • Horribe!
    Each time I ran a scan, norton showed only 1 tracking cookie. This seemed odd, so I downloaded the free version of AdAware and the scan showed 389 tracking cookies!!! Norton is absolutely useless. I ran it on vista 64 and had continuous problems with freezing/hanging. So sorry I gave this program a try....more info
  • Everything Was Fine Until It Wasn't - Abysmal Support
    I had no complaints for the first six months of use. Then suddenly I started getting an error message, virus protection stopped and couldn't be activated again. Norton's embeded fixes didn't cure the problem.

    Then the nightmare began. If you want to "chat" with customer support you need to download a software program which won't "install". After that attempt it took 3 days worth of email (to and from India) to get information on how to resolve the problem. I was told I needed the "product key" which I didn't have (and they wouldn't provide).

    Logging onto "My Account" proved a deadend - no way in sight to get the product key.

    I finally dragged a toll-free number from them, called, spent 15 minutes wading through menus only to end up with a recording advising me someone would call back between certain hours. No one called.

    So as I say, everything was fine until it wasn't. Customer support is totally abysmal - non-existent as far as I'm concerned. When will Norton/Symantec wake up and realize that prompt and convenient customer support is nearly as important as a good product? When people stop buying from them?

    ...more info
  • Norton 2008
    Norton has always produce a high quality product, backed it with a great technical support staff.

    Over the years having used many antiviral programs, fire walls, etc, North has the top of the line product with the ability to do the job properly, efficiently and effectively!

    Norton is always a very GOOD investment when it comes to computer protection!...more info
  • Amazon statement of 3 users is incorrect.
    Amazon states this is for 3 users which is incorrect. It is for one user only, with 3 PCs. I wasted money on this as I could have bought the one for only one computer. I had to install due to canceling from my Internet that was charging me $ 6.00 a month. It also came with the antivirus so I would not have had to pay for either....more info
  • New version is excellent
    With the wide variety of Anti virus software and the ease of loading and using other formats I was hesitant to once again purchase the "white elephant", but I was very pleasantly suprised at how fast the program operates now and the recent changes to the startup are excellent. If it keeps working as well as it is out of the box I will stick with Norton for the Internet Suite in the future....more info
  • Great Product
    I've been a long time user of Norton Products (10+ years) and NIS is probably the best version yet. Easy to install and easy to keep up to date are big pluses with the program. It seems to run alot smoother that previous versions of the program, I haven't seen it "bog down" my system, like previous versions seem to have done. The newer features, like Norton Insight and the Home Network settings seem to be easier to use. It's worth the money to keep your ssytem up to date...get it!...more info
  • norton rocks!
    Norton was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and grew up in Columbia, Maryland. His mother Robin, an English teacher, died of a brain tumor in 1997; his father, Edward Sr. is an attorney and former federal prosecutor under the Carter administration who now works for the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Norton Jr. is the grandson of developer James W. Rouse (also see The Rouse Company), who designed the city of Columbia, Maryland (where Norton grew up) and who also helped develop Baltimore's Inner Harbor and Boston's Quincy Market. He has two younger siblings; his sister Molly Norton, who attended Washington and Lee University and his brother Jim with whom he has collaborated professionally. ...more info
  • Improved over older versions
    I was using the 2006 version up until about half a year ago. There were a few things I didn't like, the amount of time it took to download some of the updates and virus definitions using LiveUpdate was one. Trying to remember how long my subscription was going to last was another. They fixed those issues in the 2008 version. It's great, no complaints now....more info
  • Norton Internet Security 2008
    Does the job but is a bit of a CPU resource hog when it is scanning. One annoyance lately is that each time I boot the PC I get a nag screen from Norton live update asking if I want to check for updates (Yes/No)? and I have to answer it each time. This even after I set live update to "off" in the Norton Internet Security control panel settings. It nags you.
    Other than this, it seems to do a thorough job of protecting. Firewall is maybe a little too thorough as it has blocked some things that I don't want blocked and caused a kensington bluetooth Windows Vista driver to not install properly (until I disabled the firewall). Running it on up to date fast Intel based multi-processor laptop PC's also, so it does not slow things down in normal use. Overall I am happy with it. The package I bought allows you to install and use it on up to 3 PC's. It's not a bad package and does its job well....more info
    Norton is NO LONGER the best AntiVirus software on the market. In fact Its not even in the top 5 anymore according to IT experts. I've had Norton for a decade and after using NIS 2008 for 6 months have HAD IT with this software (even though I have 6 more months on my subscription). Every year Symnantec adds more bells and whistles to their software to the point where it is now SEVERELY slowing down "the train" it is supposed to be protecting. Everytime Lucallback proxy updates (about once an hour) my whole computer freezes up and I have to wait until its finished to continue. AND I have 2 quad core Xeon processors and an awesome graphics card w/ 500 GIG of hard drive space, so basically not a slow computer. While I configured Norton to check for updates twice a week in the evenings, there is no way to stop Lucallback proxy from running. Maybe if enough people quit using Norton, Symantec will get the message and make a better and more streamlined product that isn't so memory intensive. They also need to streamline the installation process. It takes far longer to install Norton Internet Security than any other piece of software I own. But, for now they've lost my business, perhaps indefinetly. I've gone with KASPERSKY! Its a far more reliable and BETTER QUALITY product anyway AND its one of the LEAST MEMORY INTENSIVE antivirus software programs out there. But, don't take my word for it, check out the reviews from PC Professionals & CNET. They all say the same thing....more info
  • Norton Internet Security 2008
    So far the Norton Internet Security 2008 works well with my laptop Windows XP. Easy to install and overall a very good performance....more info
  • One of the Best
    I ordered Norton off of Amazon and I got it in like a week or so.I installed it and ever since then I've never had any infections or complications. My computer runs smoothly and almost as fast as when I bought it newly despite all the programs stored on my PC. It's really amazing. There's also a really nifty feature called Live Update. This feature downloads the latest updates like every 2 or 5 hours because new types of viruses are being released faster than you can say "virus" so it updates the capability of Norton to detect them. It's really sweet. It also doesn't leave cluttered trash all over your desktop like some other types. There's just one icon on the desktop which gives you access to all the services it offers and or Vista users, it's on the sidebar too. There's also a small icon on the toolbar that turns red to indicate a problem. Simply click on it and it takes you straight to it, telling you what to do all along. Green means everything is ok. It also scans your computer in the background every week silently to make sure that there are no hidden viruses. Really, there are so many features in this product that I could describe but all I'm gonna say is that this is definitely one of the best. I've not regretted this product one bit and trust me you won't. ...more info
  • I use it, I detest it
    Norton just may be the best of the AV suites available, but that doesn't make it much more palatable. The software is a pain to install and worse to renew, has a major (negative) impact on performance, and is paternalistic to the max. Turn off anything - anything - in the suite, and you'll never see the end of warning messages in your system tray warning you of Armegeddon, even with notifications turned off. From a protection standpoint, the software is pretty good, but by no means a panacea, and things do slip through. Personally, I suspect there are some memory leaks somewhere in the software, as my machine is unresponsive to the point of being unusable after a full system scan.

    I went to an AV suite after running without one for years, but finally got hit with a virus that required reflashing and a ground-up rebuild. Given the performance problems running AV software, however, my current thinking is that I might be better off simply taking a conservative approach with data security and redoing the build once a month. Given that's an immensely easier task on the Mac OS (more secure to begin with), I'm switching in the next couple of months. Norton and Vista aren't my idea of better off....more info


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