Baby Colic Relief 3-Pack

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This bundle of 3 top selling CDs amazingly ease baby colic as well as gently lull fussy and crying babies to sleep. Included in this 3 CD-Pack are: Babys Fan CD, Babys Vacuum CD and Babys Blow Dryer CD. All 3 are one full hour each. Babies love these sounds! Parents love what they do! Value priced for savings by Pure White Noise? the leader in white noise products. Makes a much appreciated gift for anyone with little ones! Note - Our CDs are now packaged in earth friendly recyclable cardboard jackets. It is environmentally irresponsible for us to use the outdated petroleum intensive big bulky plastic CD jewel cases in a web based retail environment. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to become more earth friendly. * Note: To provide you better customer service and faster shipping, all CDs purchased from Pure White Noise are now packed and shipped to you by Amazon.

Customer Reviews:
  • These sounds really do work on colic
    I've tried treating my daughter's colic with lots of different remedies, but nothing seemed to help. The pediatrician told me to try blowing my hair dryer or running the vacuum cleaner near the baby. When I told him that those sounds hurt my ears, he explained that life in the womb is noisy, due to my body's heartbeat, hunger pangs, blood flow, and so on. So most babies, including my daughter, are used to what we think is loud sound.

    So rather than burn up my blow dryer motor, I ordered these CDs with the machine sounds. All I can say is that the minute my squalling daughter heard the Blow Dryer sound, she immediately stopped crying. I couldn't believe it! The Vacuum Cleaner sound also works well, and I don't have to burn out the motor trying to get my daughter to calm down and fall asleep. The other thing I like about these CDs is that I can adjust the volume; you can't do that with an appliance.

    Definitely money well spent....more info