Hoover Windtunnel II Extra Reach Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Description: Features and Benefits: Patented WindTunnel 2 technology. Real-Time tool system with Tag-Along grip. Self-cleaning HEPA filter .Pet hair cleaning tool .Adjustable handle height. Brilliant headlight. Telescoping quick-release wand and super-stretch hose. Automatic brush shutoff. Lifetime belt .

  • With patented WindTunnel 2 technology, this powerful vacuum sucks up dirt and traps it inside
  • Telescoping quick-release wand and the super-stretch hose provide 12' of handy cleaning reach
  • To maintain its strength, the HEPA filter cleans itself every 6 seconds
  • Features adjustable handle height, a headlight, lifetime belt and automatic brush shutoff when the vacuum is upright
Customer Reviews:
  • Worst vaccum in the history of the world.
    Very heavy and difficult to maneuver. The brushes are very aggressive to the point of destroying carpeting, even on the highest setting. The canister fills up super fast, unfortunately it is filled more so with shredded carpet than actual dirt. This vaccum is so bad to the point I believe it is unethical for any store to sell it. You would do better to pick the dirt particles up with your fingers than to use this piece of junk....more info
  • Great Vaccum Overall
    I received this vaccum as a gift and I was a little bit scared to try it after reading the reviews posted on here. I have to say that I have owned this vaccum for a little under a year and I love it. It has powerful suction and I love the attachments. There are only 2 complaints that I have. 1) I have to constantly empty the canister (this may be due to the fact that my dog sheds like there is no tomorrow) and 2) There are a lot of clear parts so the vacuum always looks dirty. All in all, I am very happy with this vaccum and hopefully I won't regret saying so....more info
  • Piece of expensive junk
    It worked great at first but was not made to last long at all. The HEPA filter gets clogged, and they designed it so that it is impossible to replace at home. When I walked through the door at the repair shop, the repairman immediately said, "Don't bother spending any money on this piece of junk. I don't want to take your money." He had some interesting and not very flattering things to say about Hoover and this machine in particular, and wasn't looking to sell me anything else so I trust him. When I called Hoover, they were not at all helpful. ...more info
  • Avoid this thing like the plague!

    One the worst vacuums I've ever owned! The "self cleaning" HEPA filter doesn't clean itself and becomes so packed with dirt, hair, etc that it quits workings. When this area gets clogged, it will no longer pick-up. There is a set of plastics gears that control the filter and these become striped due to the build-up of dirt. I tried to repair mine, but after getting it apart, I just took it to recycling bin and went and bought a Bissell "healthy home series"; great so far. I had the Hover for about a year. I hope some lawyer files a class action lawsuit; the internet forums, websites, etc are full of stories just like mine. EVERYONE has the same issue and even when sent out for repair, they only last a short time before they fail again. Do not waste your time or money with this thing regardless of price!!
    ...more info
  • Worst appliance we've ever owned
    We bought the Hoover Wind Tunnel 2. During the first use Hepa filter stopped spinning. Local Hoover repair shop replaced the motor. Week of use, Hepa stopped spinning. Replaced transmission. Third time we exchanged for same model. After another week it stopped working. Piece of junk was in repair shop more than our home. They would not extend warranty. We broke the Hoover to pieces and got a Bissell, which works great....more info
  • Worst vacuum I've ever owned
    This is the worst vacuum out there in my opinion. The Hepa Filter clogs after 3-4 uses and you have to use a shop vac and tweezers to clean it out. I am so frustrated over having to vacuum out my vacuum! If it hadn't been so expensive I would literally throw it away. I will NEVER buy another Hoover Vacuum. I can't believe they would sell a product that works so poorly. The attachments don't stay attached either. Overall it's a useless product....more info