Hoover H3045 FloorMate SpinScrub Wide-Path Hard-Floor Cleaner

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Product Description

Hoover, Floormate, Cleans Hard Floors Including Wood Floors, Wide Path 6 Spin Scrub Brushes, Folding Handle, Completely Assembled, E-Z Select Dial, Vacuums, Washes, Dries Hard Floors, Includes Bonus Brush Block For "Grout Cleaning Power", Includes Grout Cleaning Solution

  • All-in-one cleaning system vacuums, washes, and dries hard-floor surfaces
  • 15-inch-wide cleaning path; EZ Select dial; fingertip trigger control
  • Interchangeable SpinScrub and grout brushes; separate tanks for clean and dirty water
  • Fold-down handle; 8-ounce grout cleaner and 8-ounce floor-to-floor cleaner included
  • Measures approximately 20 by 15-1/2 by 45 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Works well, questionable longevity
    Just picked up one of these machines today, it works very well but feels cheaply made. The body is made out of flimsy lightweight plastic. One reviewer noted that the vacuum feels heavy but in fact it is very lightweight when empty. It does however feel heavy when you use it because the suction is so powerful it creates alot of friction. The machine is definitely not underpowered, lets just hope the motors are sturdier than the plastic exterior!

    One thing to note is that to really get a good cleaning with no residue you have to move quite slowly and methodically, this is not necessarily a flaw with this product but is just due to the nature of wet vacuuming, either way it is certainly much faster than mopping or scrubbing by hand.

    * Powerful motor, strong enough to suck the dirt
    out of the crevices in porous natural stones such as
    tumbled marble and travertine
    * Deep clean, works with most types of cleaning solution
    * Doesn't scratch my hardwoods
    * Long power cord

    * Flimsy plastic body
    * Questionable longevity
    * Dirty reservoir could be a bit larger

    Overall, I'd say the pros outweigh the cons, it will save you a lot of time if you are somewhat anal about having clean floors like I am....more info
  • HOOVER H3045 FloorMate
    This machine performs as though it has been refurbished, although I purchased it as a new machine. The recovery tank never completely fills to allow the automatic suction shut-off to activate. The reason I believe, is because the dirty water leaks on the tile floor when the recovery tank is about half full. Another problem or "feature" is that the machine is impossible to move when the tiles are dry. Is this deliberately designed, or is it a defect? This is the second time that I've used this machine, and I'm tempted to use a mop the next time. At least the floor appears clean enough to overcome the frustrations....more info
  • Cleans tile well, but don't expect miracles with grouting
    I have used the Floormate for 6 months and it cleans our tile floors well. It limits the yucky build up of dirt and soap that darkens grout but the Floormate (and really no household machine) can clean grout -- hand scrubbing is the only remedy for this problem. Because I do not like to leave a soap residue on my floors, I spray my floors first with a floor cleaner (I use one of the enzyme pet cleaners because I have four dogs) and I place clean water in the Floormate's tank and use that to rinse away the cleaner I sprayed on the floor. Finally, the machine does a nice job of removing the residual water on the floor. ...more info
  • Hoover Floor Mate Spin Scrub H3045
    One person said "The best thing since sliced bread" This is exactly what I said to my husband when I finshed my floors the first time. I read many reviews on every type and model........I am so pleased I chose this one. I have cleaned my floors on my hands and knees since high school....I want tell you how many years it's been.....I'll just say these bones are not up to this kind of labor anymore :) Not only do my floors look like glass and are by far cleaner than I could have ever done myself with all that labor....I never even broke a sweat. I think the attachments on the larger model sound nice but I clean my floors about every other day......This machine is so light and easy.......With fantastic suction power!! I would purchase this bad boy again and again!!!! The best purchase I have made since the microwave!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Best "dirty" water
    This machine does a great job in cleaning our tile floors. Even when the floor didn't look dirty, the brackish water showed it was! I have to admit that the machine is rather heavy and you have to take your time to push it back and forth slowly, but I don't plan on using this as a weekly cleaner, but rather, maybe once a month. I'm pleased with the round spining action of the brushes as I feel this does a better job than the "forward roll" of the earlier machines. All in all, I'm pleased with it....more info
  • Finally clean tile and a super easy machine that works!!
    Our entire downstairs is hard floor - some wood (for which I am happy with my mop and cleaning solution) most tile...dark, slate tile which though does not show dirt easily...we know its there!
    Fed up with an ineffective mop and bucket, we went through the Bissell line of products...one broke down, the next went straight back so we decided on this and LOVE it!!!
    First its super sturdy, all the pieces are solid and it feels like it is built to last. Second - its easy to use right down to the little cup that dispenses just the right amount of solution...and talking of solution - the Hoover Floormate product is great, does not leave a sticky residue and smells fantastic!
    This also has a long cord...the Bissell drove me crazy as I kept on having to move the plug around..not so with this!
    It works well..dispenses water easily and picks up evenly. It has generous solution and dirty water tanks which get the job done in one go with no refills / emptying needed! The dirty tank shows how well this works....no matter how clean I think my floor - this always fills with dirty water telling me otherwise and leaves my floors clean and smelling wonderful!
    Finally after a few years of trying this and that - this is my soluton for my tile floor!...more info
  • Not as great as the first model
    I owned the very first model of the floor mate and loved it more than anything. I tried out this one today and I couldn't even push the darn thing across my floor no matter what setting it was on. The rubber part where it sucks the water up is way too long. I ended up cutting the rubber just to make it move. Once I did that it works great but the original model is by far the best one yet.

    Never lay the floormate down with water in it. It spills immediately. ...more info
  • Awesome floor cleaner
    This cleaner works so much better than a mop, and it's easier to use. With one quart of water we can clean about 500 sq feet of tile. And it does a great job of cleaning. The floors feel clean for about one week. The really nice thing is that you're always using clean water, as opposed to using a mop; with a mop, you're always putting dirty water back on the floor. I strongly recommend this floor cleaner....more info
  • Perfect for those with young children and pets!
    With a toddler, cat, dog, 160sf kitchen, and 3 bathrooms this machine gets a weekly workout in my house. I LOVE IT!!! I hated cleaning the floor before owning this, now I find excuses just to get it out and use it. My son was crawling at the time I first purchased it. I was grossed out by how dirty his knees and hands were after crawling around all day... I never took note until then how dirty my floors were. This cleans up every thing my son tosses on the floor within minutes (watermelon, rice, juice, oatmeal, etc). Sticky messes are no more in my house. I also LOVE how it easily glides under the kitchen cabinets and how close it gets to an edge.

    I also use it in the bathroom and it is great for picking up hair, short or long.

    Like a previous post said, this is perfect for floor maintenance. I still need to get on my hands and knees every so ofter and clean out the corners with a scrub brush but I'd need to do that with a mop too. But no mess is too big or too small. It is just as easy to get this out as any vacuum would be. I actually think this gets my floor cleaner than any mop or scrub brush I used before. I would think my floor was fairly clean, use it to clean a small spill then continue cleaning the kitchen's entire floor since I had it out and find the water filthy in the chamber.

    My only con is I wish the container that you put the cleaning solution in had a lid that really locked and sealed. The cap just kinda sits on top and I've had some spills carrying the full container from the sink to the machine.

    Well worth every cent....more info
  • Great for Hard Surfaces!
    I've had the Hoover Floormate (red) for several weeks now. I loved it. I won't ever go back to regular sweeping and mopping again. My husband and I just purchased our first home. It's new and I wanted to "prevent" the floor from becoming stained. We have tile in kitchen, foyer, hall way, landry room, and two bathrooms. I can run the sweeper option and afterward walk across the floor and feel nothing under my feet. It really sucks up the pet hair. I have a Great Dane that stays in the landry room when where away and the floormate sucks up all the pet hair she leaves behind. It's hard to do that with a regular broom because it just gets pushed around and gets released into the air. It's also nice to mop (don't know if I would call it that with new way of doing it). After the cleaner is release and the scrub brushes do their job the floormate just sucks up all the dirt and cleaner left behind. After I do this it might take maybe a minute for the floor to be dry! Great with pets because the first thing they want to do after you mop the floor is walk on it and leave their paw prints behind. I gave the floormate 4 stars because it does take a little time to clean the floors. You can't rush the process. The slower you move the cleaner your floors will be. This is more with
    the mopping feature. With sweeping you can moved at a normal pace. Not a problem for me. Using the floormate is a lot easier and cleaner than using a traditional broom and mop. Like some of the other reviews, I also only use less of the cleaner than they recommend. If you use the recommended amount you see what I'm talking about. The cleaner smell is to strong. I use about 3/4-1 oz. It's also nice because there is a built in measuring cup- connected to the nob that opens the cleaner/water tank. I would recommend this product to anyone who has hard floor surfaces in their home. This would be a great wedding or house warming gift. ...more info
  • Works as hard as I do.....
    Super fast shipping, 3 days. Used it today and it did what I wanted. Scrubbed the floors, wood and tile, and throughly picked up every drop of solution. I had the older floor-mate and it was used up. WOW this is sooooo great. Love the new and improved recovery tank as it comes apart for easier cleaning. Good job....more info
  • Floormate 3045
    I recently purchased the Floormate with the double scrubbers. Although I haven't used the grout cleaner as yet, I believe that the Scrubber for the tile to be one of the best on the market. It leaves my tile floors completely clean with a shine you can't get by hand scrubbing. Since I am a recent widower, I need all the help I can get. The Hoover Floormate H3045 model does it all. It will pick up light trash, scrub the floor, pick up all the water and soap, and leave the floor completely dry. All this in one half the time it takes to do it by hand. WOW!!! Thanks, Hoover....more info
  • Saves my knees
    Hoover floormate is great - saves me from having to get down on my knees to get tile floors clean...so easy - scrubs and dries..all I have to do is empty the dirty water....more info
  • Great investment!
    I'm Julie and I have been toying with the idea of getting this type of machine for more than a year. I'm glad I waited and got this particular model. I bought it April 7, 2008.
    This is a great investment. The product works great! I tried it yesterday and my floors which I hadn't mopped in a month looked FANTASTIC. I love that I am not hurting my back anymore trying to mop all the floors. It took half the time to do as a bucket and mop and way less water! When I do my floors, I usually end up using about 4 buckets. With this machine I didn't even use enough water to fill 1 bucket!! And my floors were so clean! This is a great way to conserve water! Also, I didn't have to wait for them to dry like you would with a mop! I loved that! Also the handle folds down for storage!
    Today I accidently spilled a glass of water on the floor and this machine made for a speedy clean up! Less than 2 minutes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this machine! ...more info
  • very nice product
    Love this machine, cleans our tile better than anything i have ever used. Better than scrubbing on my hands and knees, cleans well, rinses well, our money was well spent on this machine....more info
    ...more info
  • broke within 2 months
    Although I thought this did much better than a swiffer wet jet or even a pregular mop and bucket, it wasn't a miracle worker on my floors lke others said. It never sprayed solution from the first time I tried it. I had to use a seperate spray bottle from the start. Then over the course of a month or two it kept dying and had to be turned on again. Finnally after a few months it would not turn on at all. I sent it back and did not repurchase....more info
  • Good for hard surface, not good for pet hair
    I purchased this hoping it could be my one-size fits all floor solution. Most of our house is hardsurface with a few area rugs and living room carpet. The wet option works wonderfully. I am very pleased with its power and even cleans up muddy paw prints and kitchen sticky messes. However the biggest drawback for me is a design flaw when using the dry vacuum option. We have a dog and cat and when I vacuum I get a lot of pet hair. Unfortunately there is a round plastic "flap" that hangs down in the canister and it becomes clogged with pet hair after about five minutes of vacuuming. I have to stop, open it up, push the pet hair down into the canister and go again. It also doesn't seem to have very good power over carpet as it won't vacuum up fuzz from pet toys or other small stuff like a normal vacuum would. I'm still going to keep it for "mopping" but I am disappointed to learn I will have to purchase another regualr vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet and area rugs. This model also has no attachments which is a bigger drawback than I first thought it would be. It is not a one solution for all types of floors. ...more info
  • Excellant floor cleaner - Picks up every piece of dirt and washes great
    I think this is a excellant product. I had it delived and took it apart reading the directions and it was very easy. I put it together, again, very easy.
    I washed my tile floors and two shower floors and it picked up so much grit and dirt, sucked up the dirty water and dried my floors with such ease.
    I would highly recommend this floor cleaner to everyone who has tile floors and wants to keep them very clean....more info
  • good tool, with some draw backs
    The cleaner is quite useful for cleaning tiles, but with some draw backs:
    1. heavy, become even tougher to move around when vacuum is on.
    2. never lay it down when there is dirty water captured from the vacuum in the receiving compartment. Otherwise dirty water will leak out from the back of the compartment and spill all over. This is a design error....more info
  • Great little machine!
    I just bought the WidePath SpinScrub yesterday, and I love it so far! It is relatively light-weight, easy to use, and does a great job cleaning. The dry vacuum setting does as good a job at picking up stuff as my regular vacuum does. Although it is a bit difficult to push when on the wet setting, as long as you don't rush the job and take your time, it gets the job done. You don't even need to use the dry option because it sucks most of the water up. My ceramic tile floors are dry after about 5 minutes.
    One important note...When I first assembled the machine yesterday and used it, after a few minutes it was shutting itself off like a previous reviewer mentioned. It kept turning itself on and off and I was so frustrated! I put it away and took a fresh look at it this morning. What I discovered is that the handle was not fully locked into place. (Even though I swear it locked into place when I first assembled it!) Once the handle was locked into place (again), it worked perfectly!...more info
  • Horrible!
    I was so excited to use this on my completely hardwood floor house. I swept the floors, then used the dry vacuum option before I started washing them. It kept shutting off, every 5-10 minutes! I would empty the dirty water, it started back up then shut off 5 minutes later. Refill the cleaning solution tank, restart it, this happened over and over. It took 2 hours to do about 500 square feet. The dry vac worked well but the wet vac kept leaving water streaks that I had to wipe up. Definitely NOT worth the price! The floor to floor cleaning solution does smell really good, however....more info
  • A great improvement over the old model....
    This machine is better built than the previous model. Since we have burned out one floor cleaner about every 6 to 8 months, we are also hoping that it is longer - lived....more info
  • Great floor maintanance tool
    I recently purchased this for cleaning the tile and grout lines in my house. Roughly 80 percent of my house is tile, and it was pretty dirty. This machine did an excellent job cleaning the tile surface but it could not deep clean the grout as I was hoping. If you have extrememly dirty grout you will still need to scrub it by hand. Once you performed the initial cleaning though, this machine will maintain the tile and grout great. I am so glad I bought this. I had a party last night, and this machine made cleaning up dirt and spilled alcohol easy and fast. ...more info