Aprilaire 360 Humidifier

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Aprilaire 360 Humidifier

Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent item! Maintenance-free humidifier
    I am glad I bought this unit. I was so tired of daily filling, draining and cleaning my console humidifier, and the crusty white stuff that accumulated on it (not to mention the slime mold that grew in the tank if I didn't clean it with bleach.) This unit connects to your hot water line and to a drain, so it supplies its own water and continuously cleans itself. There's no crusty white stuff, you just set the humistat and forget about it. It's fairly quiet, too.

    Though the unit is fairly small (about 13 inches square) and not heavy (15 lbs.) it's more than adequate to completely humidify our 1600 sq. ft. home.

    I don't know about energy usage or reliability because I just started using it, but so far the performance has been wonderful.

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