6 Pack of Dry and Store Global Hearing Aid Dehumidifier Dessicant Bricks, Dry Brik

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Useful life of the original style Dry-Brik varies widely with the seasons, geographic location, and activity level of the user. The average life of a Dry-Brik I desiccant is two months, which means that a typical user will go through six Dry-Briks a year. Generally speaking, it is likely to be less in the summer when its hot and humid, and longer in the winter, when the air in your house, school, or office is more dry due to artificial heat. When to replace the Dry-Brik: Useful desiccant life varies widely with the seasons, local climate, and activity level of the user, so individual results may vary. General guidelines: 1. Replace the Dry-Brik every month during warm weather months. 2. Replace it every two months the rest of the year. When the color dot on the label turns to a very light pink, it is an early notice that the Dry-Brik will need to be changed soon, but it is not a precise indicator. There is usually no need to replace it sooner than one month even if the indicator dot on the label changes color before then. Users who live in especially humid areas or who have unusual moisture problems may experience a shorter Dry-Brik life. If you note a decline in hearing instrument performance, it may be time to change the Dry-Brik. First check your batteries, and if theyre good, the Dry-Brik may be saturated. Adjust your replacement schedule accordingly. Storage: Dry-Briks may be stored for up to a year with the gold foil wrapper intact. Store in a cool, dry place, preferably in a plastic bag for additional protection against moisture. The Dry-Brik is completely disposable, no special handling required.

  • Can be used in both the Global and Professional Models
  • Should be changed every 1-2 Months
  • Includes 6 Dry Brik Dessicant Bricks!