It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Product, 4-Ounces

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Product Description

It's a 10 Ten - Miracle Leave In Product is amazingly easy to use: Shampoo and condition hair, towel dry, spray product all over hair and comb through. Blow dry or style as desired.

  • Smooths & Controls Frizz! Adds Shine!
  • Repairs Damaged Hair! Detangles!
  • Seals & Protects Hair Color! Prevents Split Ends!
  • Flat Iron & Thermal Protector! Stops Breakage!!
  • Creates Silkiness! Does 10 Things Instantly!!

Customer Reviews:

  • The best leave in conditioner ever!
    I have color treated hair and it is a bit thin. This product makes my hair silky and smoth, no tangles and never greasy. I LOVE IT and will always use it!...more info
  • I dont want this to sell out!
    I am afraid to tell people about how great this product is, in fear that it will sell out. Okay...I will be honest..It is fantastic. I used to see a lot of my hair going down the drain in the shower and I haven't seen any since using this product. It is so worth the price (which is outrageous when you combine it with shipping- It ends up being close to $30.00 for 4 oz !) But if you are a bottled blond and need to keep your hair from breaking, this is the stuff to get. And it smells like the Old Victorias secret lotion "Raspberry Glace"(Remember that?)which made me want to go on ebay and find that lotion. ANYWAY, this is a GREAT product. PLease dont buy any so I can order it all for myself!...more info
  • A little smelly..
    Good product. Made my hair shiny and manageable. However, the smell isn't so great....more info
  • Great Product

    My daughter and I both have very straight hair that tangles horribly when wet. Some other products have worked okay in the past (the children's detanglers do not work on her at all) but when my hairdresser found this product it seriously worked like a miracle. Within a few seconds a comb will easily slide through our hair....more info
  • It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Product Spray
    Works wonders on my hair! Just spray it in after towel drying your hair and it makes all the tangles go away. Also leaves a healthy shine on your hair. I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Great product to make hair shiny and healty
    My hairdresser started selling this about a year ago and i decided to try it, though i was hesitant. I couldnt imagine that 1 product would actually do all that this one claimed to. I tried it for a week with no other styling products, and since that week i have been a believer! This product is amazing. I have SUPER THICK curly hair that i blow dry straight and flat iron. it's a 10 leaves it feeling amazing. My hair is shiny, silky, soft and not damaged at all. I will not ever stop using this product. I have tried various styling products for years and have never had such amazing results. It really does do everything it claims. It's also nice to only have to use 1 styling product as opposed to the 2,3, and sometimes even 4 that i was previously using. ...more info
  • Good Hair Day
    I only use a small amount of this product--maybe four sprays, and it really makes my hair look great. I have a great hair day when I use this and the Aquage Detailing Creme together. This product takes out every single tangle from my long locks, and adds shine and makes it super soft. When I wash, it makes my hair look like I didn't, but not dirty. It makes it supple and not puffy or poofy, and no flyaways. I have a lot of breakage, but you'd never know when I spray this on....more info
  • this is exelent
    este producto deja tu pelo suave y manejable mi hija se la pasa acariciandome el pelo todo el tiempo aparte de que te lo cuida de muchas formas lo recomiendo 100%...more info
  • Trully a Miracle!!
    This product is great as a leave in, never greasy or too heavy, and my hair is smooth and tangle free!!...more info
  • Finally at MY AGE!
    I too, have very curly thick hair, that I color. I am a 59 year old, who at my age, finally loves my hair. I also use the It's A 10 masque, which is as wonderful as the leave in. My hair looks & feels so silky, not frizzy at all, and tames the big hair look. I wear my hair curly most of the time, but when I straighten it, it is awesome. I does everything it says. As I say, try it, you'll like it, trust me!...more info
  • It changes the texture of my hair.....amazing !!!!!
    I ordered this product about a month ago. I heard about it after one of my friends, a hair stylist in Cali, told me she was telling her clients to use this product to strenghten their hair. So I was desperate at this point and thought what the heck....oh my gosh the best decision ever. The first time I used it I blowed my hair straight before straightening...I have course curly blowed straighter than I ever could get it with just a blow dryer....on top of that I straightened my hair after and my hair felt the softest it has ever felt....It looked so healthy and shiny....I was sold....for a low price this bottle packs a huge punch...use it everytime after you wash your makes you love your hair......more info
  • The BEST
    This stuff is GREAT! I read some of the reviews and I think the people that left less than 5 did expect a miracle, but I will tell you, it detangles and smells great, the bottle lasts a long time, you don't need much. This is the BEST product I have used in a LONG time. It Rocks!...more info
  • Great Product
    My hairdresser raved about this product, but it is difficult to get around here. As soon as it is on the shelf, it is gone. Just spray it on, and style. It leaves your hair feeling healthy and strong, and that is a miracle, as I am 50+ and color and straight-iron my hair!...more info
    I, too, have curly hair that I straigten. This product is amazing and makes my hair so soft. It's straightens perfectly with all the bend on the ends I need. I love this product!...more info
  • Good product
    It has a really pleasant smell. I feel more comfortable taking the flat iron to my hair with this spray...more info
  • very good, smells good, spray is annoying
    A very good conditioner, and not too expensive. The smell is great. The only downside is that the spray is a pain, and the bottle quickly gets slippery and hard to control....more info
  • Excellent hair product
    I have very dry hair and it is difficult to comb through after washing it. This product really helps a lot and is one of the better leave in products I have tried....more info
  • I love Its a Ten
    Its a Ten is perfect for my long, thick, curly, color treated hair. I have tried several products to get through the tangels but this stuff works the best. I spend a lot of money on up keep for my hair and when I found its a Ten I was really happy because it has actually cut down on the breakage that I get. I am reallyu happy with this product, I just wish it was less expensive. ...more info


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