Hoover F6207-900 SteamVac Lite Carpet Cleaner with Heated Cleaning

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Product Description

Why spend time and money for a professional carpet cleaning service when you can easily do it yourself? The Hoover SteamVac Lite Deep Cleaner has a powerful 12 amp motor and 2 brush speeds providing you with power and flexibility. This Cleaner's 5 SpinScrub brushes work together to loosen dirt from carpet fibers fast and easy using heated steam, so your carpet has a deep down clean. This carpet cleaner features side by side tanks so the clean solution is separate from the dirty solution that is extracted from the carpet, meaning you never put down dirty solution on your carpet. To help you with your above floor cleaning needs, the F6207 has a handy removable tool caddy that holds all your cleaning tools. This Hoover Cleaner has a folding handle for easy assembly and storage, therefore its always ready to use again and again, for that deep clean carpet feel. 8 foot hose helps you clean more stairs and upholstery without having to move the unit and 24 foot power cord allows you to freely move around without having to look for a electrical outlet. 1 Year Warranty. 8 foot hose helps you clean more stairs and upholstery without having to move the unit 24 foot power cord means you don't spend as much time searching for an outlet Folding handle for easy assembly and storage Warranty - 1 year warranty

  • 12 amp carpet cleaner with direct heat and 5 rotating brushes
  • Choose from 2 brush speeds; brushes pop out for quick rinsing
  • Dual tanks keep clean and dirty water separate; removable tool caddy
  • 8-foot hose; 24-foot power cord; folding handle for compact storage
  • Measures approximately 20 by 11-1/4 by 44 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Carpet Cleaner
    This product was recommended to me by my cousin and I have no regrets. It is lightweight,easy to use, easy to care for,and very reasonably priced. The Hoover Solution was much better than others I have used in the past.Definately recommend it 100%. ...more info
  • Hoover steamer carpet cleaner
    product is very good ... but the amazon service is much much more, incredible, very efficient ...more info
  • great buy
    I had been looking for a steamer for quite a while and couldn't believe that this was the same one that I seen in the stores , for a lot less $$$ on Amazon.. Of course, I ordered it from amazon. It arrived very quickly! I used it yesterday and it was great ! Light weight,ease of use was fantastic,and the rugs look great. I have a puppy so I know I will use this a lot ! The only concern I have is that ALL the parts are plastic,so I worry about durability. But... everything is made of plastic anymore so we don't really have a choice now , do we ?!...more info
  • Go with the 5200 series instead of Agility/Lite
    This machine does nowhere near the cleaning job of the 5200 series. I think the problem is an engineering issue - with the weight of the water tanks on the back of the machine, over the wheels, instead of over the brushes and suction in front, there's not enough contact with the carpet to suck out the water, and the brushes aren't effectively engaged. I solved this (partially) by tying a brick onto the front. I notice another reviewer pushes down on the front while his wife runs the machine. But my old 5200, which lasted for years, had much better suction as well as brush action. So only buy the Agility if you can't handle the slightly heavier weight of the 5200 machines, because it does a very poor cleaning job and leaves the carpet very wet, which, with time, might be damaging to the carper....more info
  • Great For The Money!
    This cleaner gets my vote. I bought a condo with horribly dirty carpets. I tried Resolve and a few other methods of cleaning, only with satisfactory results. To make things worse, my cat acquired a urinary tract infection. The medication caused him to stain the carpet even more. I was about to rip the carpets up and replace them with laminate hardwood flooring. In a last ditch effort, I purchased this SteamVac on sale from Amazon. I couldn't believe how great a job it did. The carpets looked almost new. The stains and cat stink are gone. Well worth the money....more info
  • Good product but beware
    Recently purchased this Hoover model after owning another Hoover for five years. The other Hoover is their common design of the cleaning fluid stored over the dirty water bucket. First off, the history of this machine: I never had a problem with breakage of the motor however after four years the hose attachments stopped working (wouldn't despense cleaning fluid) and the hoses all broke (had to be repaired with duct tape). But, overall it cleaned the carpets better than a vacuum.

    The Pros:
    The new machine has made a lot of improvements over the older model. They've made both compartments easier to access and the new design keeps water from dripping all over the place (a constant problem with the old one). The handle folds down easily for storage and the hose/tool attachments actually separate in their own caddy if you don't want to store it on the vacuum itself, very convenient. The compartments for the cleaning and dirty water are larger. The overall suctions seems as good if not better and the brushes are larger and clean better than the older model. Finally, the front shield is removable for easy cleaning, this was problem on my last model as we have pets and fur buildup would necessitate me having to unscrew it and replace it after cleaning. The brushes turn off automatically when the handle is raised to the upright position while the unit is still on. This was quite possibly the best feature of the new one. Overall, a nice improvement on their older models, easy-to-use and many convenient features.

    The Cons:
    In terms of heating the water it does do this but don't expect it to improve your cleaning at all. If anything the same effect can be achieved by using very hot tap water. Access to the compartments is difficult because of a 2 tab release system they use on both sides. This makes it necessary to use both hands and seems like it could be prone to breaking if you remove them incorrectly. The power and hand release pedals are poorly designed as they slope downward and your foot can slip off and make it difficult to turn on and off or release the handle(very annoying). It remains to be seen if the durability of the unit is any good but overall I'm happy with the product....more info
  • Clean carpets
    The typical reviews do not do this product justice, I didn't have any problem with getting the carpets dry. My only complaint is that I didn't buy it sooner, maybe I could have saved the life of my carpets. ...more info
  • Hoover carpet cleaner
    Hoover is the brand a local appliance repair shop recommended and this one was a great price. Unfortunately, sometimes you get what you pay for! This model has, in my opinion, a design flaw. If the return compartment is not completely closed, the water will not be sucked from the carpet. I took it on and off several times, before and after talking to a Hoover rep, and it still did not function after the first run. I did like the brushes that clean in all directions rather than a brush similar to a vacuum and I will definately be investing in a better model and do the job myself rather than hiring companies. You have control over how much water and soap go into your carpet....more info
  • Excellent for the price
    I used the cleaner today to clean a rug that had been rolled up in our garage for 3 years. It is a patterned rug with a great deal of white background.

    It had several areas of dark brown staining (residual cat barf I think). After several passes with the machine, the stains were gone! I consider this a minor miracle.

    Additionally, the white (predominant color in rug) was never this bright.
    The dark black water that came out of the rug was proof enough of the dirt, which was ever worse than I thought.

    In short, we are now going to use this rug instead of dispose of it, which was what I thought would probably happen to it.

    Easy enough to clean, easy to operate. The latch for lowering the handle is terribly stiff and a pain to use, but that's a minor quibble.

    Appears to be a great deal for the money....more info
  • Good Product for Value
    This product worked great. It is not a professional, high-end machine so the results were what I would expect for the type of machine that it is. I would recommend highly for home use if your carpets were cleaned on a regular basis. Not for extreme dirt. ...more info
  • Hoover F6207-900 a loss
    Do not buy this particular brand Hoover model F6207-900. It is one of the worst products I've used. It is not user friendly and doesn't pick up the water after dispensing it. I rather wash buy hand. However, the Hoover Silver model 5915, is one of the best products I have purchased. This is my second one of this kind. The first one lasted me about 17 years. This model is the same one I had before, but a step up with the power surge and heated cleaning. Not only does it do great in picking up the water, but I use it on my bare floors and cleans just as well. I can now wash my kitchen floor in 1/3 the time it use to take me. And, it is a reasonable price. ...more info
  • Does not have a long life
    Hi! We purchased the Hoover Agility about 2 years ago. It is now not usuable. We are shooping for a Bissel.

    Pros: It always got out a lot of dirt.
    I felt it left the carpet dry
    lightweight and pretty color

    Cons: made from really cheap plastic.
    brushes kept quitting on us
    replacement parts are pricey

    So after like 4 uses an important front panel cracked. We had it replaced at our exspense. Serveral times the brushes have simply quit working. Once my hubby found a quarter stuck in there. But the other 2 times nothing. The latch for the clean water tank cracked and it leaks but we have been living with that. But we went to use it the other day and the brushes aren't working again. Dh hubby is sick of fixing it. ...more info
  • Good Machine
    I am very happy with this machine, cleans carpet very well easy to lift and the handle folds down, so you have more storage options. Also easy to clean after use. At first I found the storage tanks awkward to use but that is no longer the case in fact just the opposite, they are extremely easy to fill, empty and clean The price was right too under $100.00 It does leave the rug a little wet wet though, so if you live in a humid climate I would not recommend it, but here in the southwest I have not found that to be a problem. ...more info
  • Great Product
    The product was delevered fast and it works great. I have used it on entire rooms and spot clean ups and it has been great. It is very easy to operate and their was no assembly. ...more info
  • Easy to use
    I got this cleaner at a great price while it was offered as a lighting deal. It arrived very quickly and I am very pleased with the job is does. However, I only give it four stars because after only two uses one of the plastic latches snapped off the water container with no abuse or force. I don't think that was a very well thought out concept in the design. While the latch is no longer intact, the water container still holds into place. My only other complaint is that the carpet cleaner does not stay separate from the water like other Hoover cleaners. It is mixed in directly with your cleaning water, so if you don't use all of the water in one cleaning it goes cold and is a bit of a waste....more info
  • Steam Cleaner
    The product has been great. We have 3 cats and it really digs the dirt out and leaves our home smelling clean and refreshing. A great deal for the price....more info
  • Great steam vacuum for the price!
    Works perfectly and as promised. Did a great job on my apartment carpet, that hasn't been cleaned for two years. Used it with hot boiling water from the oventop and the carpet looks almost new and does as good as a rented steamer. Should have bought this much sooner. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing a good value and quality steamer....more info
  • Cigar or No Cigar???
    I just got this today from Amazon. GREAT price. However. I used to have a have a shampooer from years ago, that actually JUST laid down the water and shampoo, BUT did not extract anything back up, and I could swear that--that machine got my carpet cleaner. At least that was my perception. The rug smelled better and looked better, and the scrubbers underneath the machine, REALLY spun the carpet fibers something fierce. After I make a pass with this machine, I dont see hardly any carpet spin like I did with my old machine. Yes, the recovery tank had very dirty water in it. I realize that this dirty water is very important, but just as important I feel is the agressiveness that the scrubber makes with the carpet. I kept having the feeling that the scrubber was barely making contact with the carpet. Isnt it important to see that also? Do I need to shampoo it twice just to make sure the water is now coming up clean. I have mixed feelings. Im tempted to go to Walmart and try out the Bissell with suppssedly lower specs (lower amperage), with the thought that those spinning brushes will get more into the carpet. Any opinions??...more info
  • Diabolically Powerful!
    Long story short:

    Used Bissell Products a long time...

    Bought this SteamVac

    This machine pulled a full tank of black dirt out of a 5 foot piece of rug, and when rinsed again with water instead of soap, there was NO, repeat NO residual dirt and debris...

    Finished the rest of the rug with it, rinsed....absolutely perfect...

    It drys very well too...very fast...just go over your carpet a couple times after scrubbing and rinsing...it dries in 20 minutes or less...

    The spinscrub is VERY EFFECTIVE at getting in the carpet pile, unlike Bissell machines that just beat it to death and pull out all the fibers and clog the filters as well.

    I used the Bissell Quicksteamer, the Powersteamer, a Little Green, and one of those useless little hand cleaners that work like a handheld vac:

    They are useless. No power, NO comparison to this machine.

    I cant be more simple in describing it. 12 amp moter power DOES MEAN POWER...more info
  • doesnt suck
    This cleaner does not pick up any water. I had a Bissel that was wonderful but for a cheaper price I picked this one up. Now I am disappointed I wondered if I was doing something wrong but after reading the reviews saw other people had the same problem. I expected more from a Hoover....more info
  • Does the job.. Doesnt really steam.
    Misleading tag.. but it appears that it is how the industry does it anyways.
    Doesn't really produce any steam.. but does a great job for its size and value. A must have for folks who have carpets and cloth upholsteries ....will come handy several times. Clear plastic on suction side show how well it is doing it job... and when you can stop.
    As many mentioned..it doesn't dry really good.. but this is not a commercial one or other big bulky steam cleaner either. So again..for its size..it does a great job.
    ...more info
  • Hoover Carpet Cleaner F6207-900 metexpectations
    This product was purchased initially because of the weight and versatility, having both the rug tool and the upholstery tool which worked well on stairs and small areas. The machine works very well and certainly meets my needs. I removed the cord rack from the back as I found it to be cumbersome. The only problem I have with the machine is the foot lever on the right to lower the handle. It is very stiff and awkward to release. As far as cleaning and performance, the cleaner does an excellent job and the carpet dries relatively quickly. For the price, I found this to be an excellent buy. I would purchase it again....more info
  • Very Pleased - Worth the Money for Sure!
    I recently purchased this carpet cleaner, got a great deal and only paid $105 for it. I was initially confused because it is called "Lite" on this site but nowhere on the box or papers is the unit called "Lite". I compared the weight of this machine to the regular Hoover SteamVac and they were exactly the same. I liked the design of this one better so I purchased it.

    I used it to clean several rooms of carpet so far that have not been cleaned (other than regular vacuuming) in 5 years. I thought it did a great job. Before we purchased this unit, we rented a Rug Doctor to do one of our rooms upstairs. This Hoover unit got the carpets just as clean as the Rug Doctor did. The water output looked pretty much the same level of dirtiness with both machines. The biggest difference was the carpet was left wetter with the Hoover. That was easily handled by setting up a few fans and within 4-6 hours the carpet was dry to the touch and was completely dry all the way down by 8-10 hours.

    The Hoover was SO easy to use I almost couldn't believe it. The unit was ready to use right out of the box, all you had to do was fill the water tank. I loved that the motion was basically the same as vacuuming and it was no harder to move this machine then a regular upright vacuum. I used the water spray for the first pass and then usually made 2 more passes with just suction. I was able to finish my rooms very quickly. Based on the look of the water returned after cleaning, the Hoover did a great job of extracting the dirt from the carpets. To me that's the most important thing.

    In doing my research to purchase a carpet cleaner, I found that there is no perfect product. The ones that get the carpet drier are usually large and bulky to use. The lighter-weight ones like the Hoover do a great job with the cleaning but don't extract as much of the water leaving the carpet wetter. I feel that for the price, you can't beat this Hoover. It's so easy to use in every way, from set-up to cleaning to clean-up, that having to set up a few fans to help the carpet dry faster is well worth it. For the price and the ease of using the machine, this is one of the best out there....more info
  • Hoover F6207-900 SteamVac Lite
    I am very pleased with my SteamVac, It did a very good job of getting my carpet clean. I am handicapped and I used the SteamVac while in a sitting position. The "fill" and "empty" containers were easy to manage. It is lighter and more compact than cleaners I have used in the past. Also, I got the carpet cleaner and dryer than the last professional carpet cleaner company I hired to clean it....more info
  • Cleans and deodorizes!! I have a sensitive nose!
    I bought the Hoover Steam Vac Lite right when my family was sick a few weeks ago. My 2 yr old son had thrown up all over our couch. I tried to clean it by hand and couldn't get the smell out. The Hoover attachments not only took out the smell, but also cleaned up alot of dirt in the couch that I had no idea was there. I also cleaned all of the carpet in the house. It did a great job. Everything was completely dry in 2 hours. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable Carpet Cleaner....more info
  • Very pleased
    Performs as expected. No leaking and very durable. I could use a water jet on the bottom to enhance its already functional design. Very useful for spot cleaning with soapy detergent. The heater does not function well at all but I find it to work just as well with hot or cold water so the heater is not necessary. Great carpet cleaner for the price. ...more info
  • Don't buy it!
    I purchased this machine a a little over a year ago, I didn't use it very long before the hose that carries the water to the tank tore in half. I ordered a new hose back in August 2007, and still haven't received anything, customer service has not been helpful at all. Just one frustration after another. Save yourself a big headache and don't even deal with Hoover!...more info
  • Even with 12 amps, it doesn't extract enough water
    It leaves too much water in the carpet. So, while my wife operates the water discharge lever on the handle, I push down on the suction/vacuum to create a better contact thereby helping the unit suck out the water.

    My wife also has arthritis in her hands which makes it impossible for her to manipulate the water tanks.

    I'm not sure the unit heats the water prior to expelling it from the machine.

    I tried the upholstery cleaning attachment and it seemed to do a good job.

    You get what you pay for.

    ...more info
  • Hard working, light and easy to use
    We have hardwood floors and area rugs (Flor tiles. We also have a wood burning stove and a dog. The Bissel Spot Bot just left light colored rings and took forever. We need regular carpet cleaning, but didn't want to invest in an expensive steamer for just a few area rugs. After researching this unit, we ordered it. It is exactly what we needed. It works pretty quickly, is easy to fill and move around. With monthly cleaning, our carpets are like new each time. You do have to watch the storage tanks as it uses more water than you think. Even a medium area (9x11)may require two tanks. I am very pleased with the value for the money and the performance of this. Now I can stop paying Stanley Steamer $300 a year to clean. ...more info
  • Disposable
    It's lighweight for one of these things, but leaves carpet damp. I was ok with that trade-off, because I used it very little.

    But shortly after a year of light use one of the internal hoses split. Past the warranty cutoff, so hoover won't help. Machine is unusable and repair as expensive as new one.

    This is an internal hose that gets no wear; it split because of design flaw or defect. If you get this, don't expect it to dry your carpet and don't expect it to last very long.
    ...more info
  • Does a great job
    I read many reviews before buying this and was worried about leaking but I haven't had that problem at all. It's easy to use and to clean. I've only used it once but it was on carpeting in rooms recently remodeled (with lots of sawdust). After cleaning the carpet, the tank was filled with a grey sludge (even though I had vacuumed 3 times before cleaning) so I would say it does the job!...more info
  • Light and effective
    I got this while it was on sale, and was very pleased. It does a good job of cleaning both carpet and furniture. It is light and easy to move around, much easier than the vacuum.

    It does have some drawbacks to the design. The intake and outake canisters are a little tricky to open at first but you get the hang of it. Also, to drop the handle back you have to press on the right hand foot pedal and it is a bit hard to get it to release.

    As another poster pointed out, it does not suck up the water really great. This is only a problem when you have really tough stains that get overly wet. For normal use, simply pushing it over the spot a few imes without pressing the water release will dry it sufficiently. On the whole, I would say it is an excellent all purpose steam cleaner. However, if you want to clean up pet stains, you might need something that is more like a wet vac that can suck up a lot of water.

    I did not have any problems with it cleaning all the stains on the carpet. The carpet looked like new afterwards, with a nice soft nap - and so did the furniture. ...more info
  • Good enough for me
    I saw the marketing for the EVEN lighter version on QVC or something. But I figure I need the heavier one cause of the stains I got.

    IT's pretty scary when it came but it did an ok job. It didnt take out the dog poop stain that sat there for 3 days lol

    But I like it better then my old one and I'll use it for a while. When I actually have time to do it.

    Doesn't dry fast but it didnt advertise to dry fast.

    ALWAYS vacum first then use the carpet cleaner and then vacum again I find that helps alot. Just my two cents....more info
  • Lightweight and easy to use
    I purchased this carpet cleaner because of the "lite" in it's name. I have a neuromuscular disorder and can't push around heavy things very long. I was very pleased with how easy it was to use and how light it was. So many machines are so heavy you can't move them anywhere after the water tank is filled. I was surprised how clean my carpets were after one use. I would definitely recommend it. I only gave it four stars because the plastic water containers have plastic latches. They may break at some point if you are not careful. ...more info
  • Good steamer for the money
    It is a nice steamer unfortunately not as shown on TV. It did a good job cleaning carpet but left carpet wet. It took approximately an hour with the help of heather that we own to dry the carpet out. Other than that it did a good job. We moved to our apartment few years ago and we tried to clean the stains on the carpet but without any success. The steamer could not take them away since they are old stains but light them down so it is not that noticeable. So, I am pretty happy with the steamer. I wish it could dry the carpet as well. ...more info