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Clif Shot

  • With 5 strategically located warehouses in the United States, we'll get CLIF Shot to your doorstep fast!
  • We have great prices on CLIF BAR products and many other health and nutrition items.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great price for decent goo
    I recently started training for distance and endurance races, which means that I had not choice but to get some sort of gel or other energy food. I went with the gel because it is the easiest to eat quickly on the run (I prefer the Cliff Blocks on the bike, they are like fruit snacks). I chose cliff shot raspberry because Cliff Shots were the cheapest and raspberry is a flavor that is difficult to screw up. It isn't bad, like all gels it takes some getting used to, but I like that the texture is a little more like apple sauce (CarbBoom) and less like cake frosting (Power Gel)....more info
  • Like a Shot of fudge!
    These really taste like chocolate. I was pleasantly surprised. Sure they have a bit of chocolate liquor in them, but still are low calorie and mostly healthy. Thumbs up!...more info
  • Works but no points for taste
    Two problems with this product: It doesn't taste like Razz, I'm not sure what favor it is but it isn't exactly yummy. Second the litter leash does't work, it is very hard to rip off just the top and leave the leash attached.
    But I'm not using this product because it tastes better than candy. It does gives me energy, it is organic and at least they tried to make it easier to reduce litter....more info
  • Absolutely key for long distance running
    I am a true believer in the Clif line of sports/running products. I started running in winter of 2008 with the NY Road Runners and have worked my way up to two half-marathons. Every time I run any distance, I always carry some Clif electrolyte replacement drink and Clif Shot with me. The difference between running with and without is night and day. Can't recommend enough. Just ordered their post-running muscle drink. I'll wait and see, but expect nothing but continued excellence!...more info
  • smooth energy
    The gels have less cafine than the typlical energy shot but the organic ingredients compensate. It gives you the energy to work out but with out the crash and yawns....more info
  • Does this have caffeine?
    What confused me was the Amazon listing stated this product contained caffeine but when I received the product and read the ingredients, caffeine was not listed. I use these for workouts but not sure if its this product or all psychological that's keeping me going. I got 3 boxes for about $36 shipped which was much cheaper than buying 2 boxes of PowerBar's Power Gel on eBay for $36 shipped. I've gone through about 1.5 boxes in a month :X...more info
  • I use this product prior to races and fast training rides
    I'm a serious, competitive cyclist who trains 22-23 hours in the saddle every week - all year. After careful research and trial and error, I switched to exclusively using Clif Bars and Gels. I like the incredients, taste and I like the philosophy of the company. I use this particular product about 15 minutes prior to a fast group ride and I do the same prior to every race. I normally use their gels without caffeine, but prior to races I have switched to using the Strawberry which is my favorite flavor of gel that also contains caffeine for that little added (legal) boost!...more info
  • Excellent Stuff!
    Clif Shots really do work. It gives you a boost in energy, staves off the lethargy of the 3rd lap, and restores the bodies' balance of sodium, preventing cramps. And all this while being organic to boot! I think I really like that part best. Too much synthetic gels and food makes it difficult for the body to handle. Sure synthetic gels may work a little better, but it doesn't seem to make sense when you're trying to enjoy nature and get fit and healthy. I think the conscious effort to protect nature with the litter leash is very commendable. It's not too difficult to punch a little hole to prevent fully tearing across and letting loose upon the world a non-biodegradable bit of aluminum plastic tab, so i don't see why other companies can't do that too. Do your bit... go organic, and protect nature too... :)...more info
  • Great Product
    This is coming from a guy who typically doesn't eat very well. This product actually gives me a good constant amount of stable energy for hours after I eat one. I must say that I am not doing any strenuous activity though....more info
  • price is right...taste is not
    You couldn't beat the price for these gels, but the taste is just awful. I've been running for years, so I'm used to taking gels on the run without water - can't do it with these. ...more info
  • Works fine at an excellent price
    For what it is and how much it costs, these gel packs works fine. It's a little more viscous compared to other brands (e.g. PowerGel or Gu), so be sure to definitely drink water with them....more info
  • Good Product
    I have been using the Mango flavor Clif Shot Gel on my long runs. I think it works great and tastes pretty good. However, I also like to try out other brands from time to time. What I have found is that the Clif Bar Gels are thicker than other brands (specifically Powerbar Gel and GU Gel). Also, the package was harder to open than the Powerbar Gel. While I didn't find these two factors to be huge disadvantages for the Clif Bar Gels, I think they are something to consider. If you are unfamiliar with the carbohydrate gel market I would advise trying a few brands first before committing to buying a 24-pack of any one brand. You can find individual gels in places like Sports Authority or specialty running or endurance sports stores. Pick up one of each brand the store carries and then you'll be able to judge which brand you like best.
    In short, I give the Clif Bar Gel 4 out of 5 stars because of the extra thickness of the gel and difficult-to-open package....more info
  • Tasty, and not too sweet!
    I have tried many energy gels and cubes for a pre- or mid-session energy boost during workouts, and most have been too sicky-sweet - vanilla, strawberry, etc. I could get them down if I swallowed them fast and chased them with lots of water. This chocolate-flavored version from Clif is excellent however! It's VERY chocolately, but in a dense, semi-sweet way - almost like eating unsweetened chocolate, but smoother and without the bite. And they certainly seem to provide the boost I need to go another 30 minutes of intense weight training. The other cool thing is the "Litter Leash" - when you (easily) tear open the top of the container, you don't have a little piece of packaging to put somewhere - it's still connected to the package! Highly recommended....more info
  • That's a good shot
    The Clif shot gives me energy during my ride and tastes pretty good. A little difficult to consume while cycling though....more info
  • cliff is disgusting
    I was given one of these during a half-marathon race. I took a bite and spit it out because it was so disgusting. I was tempted to run back and throw it at the person handing them out. ...more info
  • Disgusting!
    I usually buy GU gels but I'm running a marathon sponsored by Clif so I thought I'd give them a shot. They are horrible! They taste like Rolaids dissolved in gel except a higher concentration of Rolaid than gel. They are also gritty. They gave me no energy whatsoever. I'll stick with the GU....more info
  • Love 'em!
    I started off with the Mocha gels, whose taste I loved but the caffeine was too much for me, started to feel kind of light-headed and dehydrated. I typically drink just one cup of black tea in the morning each day, which gets me through the whole day, so you can see how sensitive my body is with caffeine.

    So I switched over to the uncaffeinated Chocolate version (Amazon's listing of ALL these flavors being caffeinated is flat wrong, just go to the Cliff Blok Gel website to verify) and have been extremely happy. Delicious taste, zero stomach problems, and carries me through my long 2-3 hour runs, during which I'd suck down one of these babies about every 45 minutes. It's true that they go down a little easier with a few mouthful of water, but even without the liquids, they are far from bad tasting! ...more info
  • Love it!
    Was hesitant to try this flavor, but went on eopinions and they highly recommended it. I am NOT disappointed! Great flavor and great packaging!...more info
  • Great product at great price
    I have been using Clif Shots for the past 3 months and found them to be one of the best energy gels at a great price. Amazon has a great sale on boxes of Clif Shots that could not be beat when you consider free shipping.

    The only draw back on this product is they can be difficult, if not impossible, to open while you are running if your hands get wet from sweat. The handleto prevent littering is almost useless when you figure you have to tear these things with all your might to get them open. However, the energy gel itself taste great and it easy to swallow while running....more info
  • Tasty
    Keeps my energy going on my 2 hour runs and not bad tasting......kind of like honey....more info
  • Works great for the extra energy shot you need
    I usually don't like the very sweet flavors and compared to a concentrated gel the Clif Mocha shot does a great job.
    Works great as an energy gel.
    ...more info
  • Effect is great, but taste quality varies widely
    I can only speak to two flavors: chocolate and the double espresso. Being as I love all things mocha/coffee, I was really hoping the double espresso (the little silver packs) would work, both for taste and extra caffeine, but it was GROSS. The taste was worse than midnight coffee at a 24hrs truck stop! I choked it down, glad for the experience so that I don't ever buy that flavor again.

    The chocolate, on the other hand, is really not that bad. No, it's not going to taste like slurping down and ounce of delicious Hershey's fudge (since Clif Shots have that consistency) but it's not that bad either. Just wash it down with some water, which you should be doing anyway to stay plenty hydrated.

    Finally, buy the Clif Shots on Amazon... your local bike store will never come close the prices offered here. Be sure the check with the various Amazon sellers for best prices....more info
  • Great price
    My husband loves these things on his long bike rides. Amazon's price was significantly lower than any local stores , plus the stores were always out of stock. ...more info
  • Mango Tastes OK, but it has no caffeine
    The Mango flavor tastes OK. I prefer the vanilla, but these really aren't for taste (it's for nutrition) so it's fine. The ad is misleading because it says "with caffeine" but this flavor does not have any. Only the mocha, double expresso, and strawberry have caffeine. I prefer just a littel bit of caffeine like the strawberry, but it does not taste as good as the mango. Buying the subscription is a good deal, but I am not sure I will be able to finish it in 6 months. It would be nice if there was a variety pack so you don't get tired of the same flavor. I ordered it April 21, and the expiration date says Sept on the packets, so that really only gives me 5 months. If you use these more often than me, than I think you will be happy with the product....more info
  • Terrible taste
    Hammer gel is a ton better. I love Clif Bars and thought this would be good but it tastes like you are eating molasses and that is what it tastes like. Might be good on a bisquit but when you are sucking them down mountain biking not a good combo. They were super cheap and now I know why. Maybe a different flavor would be better than the Mango. Go with Hammer gel, I really get an extra energy kick with them and the flavors are good....more info


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