McAfee Total Protection 2008 - 3 User [OLD VERSION]

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Product Description

10 in 1 Protection - complete online and PC security / Fight viruses and more / Provides 1 Year coverage + Updates / For up to 3 users and computers Blocks hackers from attacking your Wi-Fi wireless network and stealing your personal information, so you can safely connect Backs Up and Restores your photos, music and important files Safeguards your identity and online experience so you can surf the Web, shop, bank, e-mail and instant message safely Keeps your PC healthy and secure. Intercepts prohibited Web sites, unwanted activity and offensive pictures to keep your family safe Blocks hackers from attacking your wireless network, safeguarding your personal information and transactions. Automates file and printer sharing among trusted friends and family Protects Children Online - Filters offensive content, pictures, and Web sites so you can keep your children safe when online Simplifies security with improved McAfee SecurityCenter Warns you about sites which send spam, install adware, or attempt online scams Shields your PC around the clock - always on, always updating, always protecting Prevents spam and phishing scams so you can e-mail with friends and family safely 24/7 virus and threat protection from McAfee AVERT Labs continuously monitors worldwide virus activities and provides immediate anti-virus protection and removal solutions Provides advance warning to help you avoid sites which send spam, install adware, or attempt online scams Daily updates are installed automatically. When a new version of McAfee is available, you get it automatically at no charge during your subscription, ensuring that you always have up-to-date protection for up to 1-Year after installation Support from McAfee's computer security experts, via Internet chat, e-mail and phone

  • Comprehensive PC and Internet security software
  • Guards against viruses, hackers, and spyware; 24-hour protection
  • Stops wireless intruders, identity thieves, spammers, and predators
  • Backs up and restores important files; intercepts prohibited Web sites
  • Automates file and printer sharing among trusted friends and family

Customer Reviews:

  • Solid Product
    This is an excellent, user friendly product with a good reputation among the McAfee users I've spoken to. I had no problems installing it, and haven't experienced any problems with it at all since installing it.

    If you're looking to protect your PC or laptop from hackers, viruses, spyware, email and phishing scams, and want to secure your identity when your online, you can't go wrong with this product.

    Reasonably priced and a good value for the cost....more info
  • mcafee is no good...
    i have a computer that is less than one year old. i used the mcafee 'quick clean' that they offer in the software to make the computer run more efficiently. it totally messed up my computer. my email doesn't work now, i can't do a restore (it erased everything up to that point), and my speakers, and printer don't work. i called them to help (some guy in india who i couldn't understand), and they could not fix the problems. when i asked them how they were going to reimburse me for my efforts/inconvenience, the guy stuttered, and advised me to call dell. very irresponsible. avast is a free virus software that i should have used, but this mcafee came with my new software. never again...
    good luck....more info
  • I can't believe I paid for this program....
    They should have paid me for what it has done to my new notebook. It's like the protection works against the operating system. It now takes my computer 20 minutes to boot up. Uninstalling the program as I type. What a waste of money.......more info
  • It Does Not Block Virusses
    I want to first say that anyone who is NOT running anti-virus software should really get some - any - antivirus software on their systems immediately. It's not only about losing your own data. It's about your system being turned into a robot to send out millions of spam messages a day. If your system is open and unprotected, it in essence can be taken over by anyone on the web. This could turn you into a porn system, a spam system, or many other kinds of illegal systems without you ever knowing. You really need to keep your system locked for your safety as well as the safety of others. Never mind your legal implications if you let your unprotected system become a storehouse of child porn. ("Really officer, I had no idea ...")

    McAfee and Norton are traditionally two of the big names in the PC protection world. We have used both on and off over the years. Recently we have given the edge to Norton for their anti-virus software abilities. You only need one virus to hit you to wipe out your data and to turn your machine into a porn-distributing robot. When we had the opportunity to try McAfee, we thought we might as well see how it was doing.

    The first thing I have to say is you CANNOT review an antivirus software package after only a week of us!! That is not a valid test. You need to use it for months to see how it actually performs. This is a long term software package, not one that works for a week and tells you much of anything. That is like buying a retirement stock portfolio and judging it after a week's worth of time.

    So we've had this for several months now. Issue 1. It really slows down your system. Far more than other systems do. Since most of us use our computers for things that we do not want to wait 8 hours to complete, a slow system is not a good thing. There is no reason for the system to crawl the way it does when McAfee is running.

    Even more importantly though it does NOT provide reliable virus protection. I might even accept a slower system if I knew it was being properly protected. However, it is not! The system that was running McAfee on it got hit with a virus that Norton blocked on our other systems. That right there is the ultimate failure mark. If you are running anti-virus software on a system, and it gets a virus anyway that damages data, just what was the purpose of the slow anti-viral software? Especially when other software at the same price did its job properly.

    We haven't tried yet, but we've also heard that this software auto-bills yearly without asking your permission and that canceling the software is a royal pain in the butt. That is the death knell as far as we are concerned.

    Buy Norton. Stay away from McAfee, at least this 2008 version.
    ...more info
    I HATE THIS PROGRAM. Everyday there is something it does to waste my time. The most annoying ritual is I have to activate it several times a day. When I missed doing so, I had to re-install the program (downloading and installation - about 90 minutes). Several times a month the automatic update causes errors, at the least I have to stop everything and re-boot several time, or more often than not, the program informs me I have to re-install ... again. It doesn't work in the background either, whenever it decides to do something, (scan, download, update the program). Everything I'm doing crawls to a halt. No warning either, if I am doing something that needs the processor or the internet... too bad. (The only thing you can stop is the scan, if you look for the hidden icon, but by then it is too late.) If you try to change the settings (if you can find them) it announces you are unprotected all the time. Finally, they send you a butt load of ads that pop up on your desktop and you have to click the button "continue with what I am doing"...more info
  • McAfee Total Protection
    I had a hard time installing the "McAfee Total Protection" and hope I managed to uninstall it completely. I want to return it for a refund. I notified the seller that I want to return it and he never responded.

    How does Amazon'sguarantee of satisfaction stand up?...more info
  • 'Cos hey - you never know
    If you have a home office or small business and need protection against the nasty bugs and sneaky worms that thrive in the cyberspace lottery, then McAfee Total Protection can help you make sure that your number never comes up.

    The default settings provide very strong protection against viruses, Trojans, worms, malicious ActiveX controls and Java applets. The SecurityCenter has easy tabs which make it simple to review your computer's security status, check for updates, and fix potential security issues. Besides the VirusScan tab there's also Personal Firewall Plus, Privacy Service and SpamKiller.

    McAfee automatically downloads updated virus definitions from the internet on a regular basis. Staying up to date will dramatically decrease any possibility that a virus will infect your computer. McAfee usually comes out with new virus definitions on a daily basis. A subscription is needed for this service, but this package includes licenses for three users. Techies at the office have also reported that McAfee uses less system resources than Symantec and also picks up viruses that Symantec might miss.

    McAfee VirusScan offers a wide list of features. You can set VirusScan to scan your computer at a preprogrammed time. The program also scans for spyware and adware. The SpamKiller really knows its stuff, and also updates automatically.

    With regard to installation, there are absolutely no problems when installing to a clean system (no previously installed Virus Suite.) However, when switching from Symantec to McAfee you may need to do some research online to get Symantec uninstalled.

    Bottom line: Using McAfee improves your odds against the critters of cyberspace, so make sure you get it right the first time.

    Amanda Richards, June 10, 2008
    ...more info
  • Not entirely satisfied
    I have always associated McAfee with the highest quality in virus protection. I frequently used their web site to scan my computer in the past and it seemed to do an exemplary job.

    I regret to report that I was a bit disappointed with this Total Protection package. It was a pain in the you know what to install, and then I found my computer started to run very slowly. I decided to uninstall it immediately. I need a computer with sufficient speed more than I need protection from viruses. Perhaps with more memory added to my computer, this product will be as excellent as I know most McAfee products to be, but for now I'm reluctant to recommend it.

    Brian W. Fairbanks...more info
  • Slows Computer, but does what's needed.
    I purchased this for my home network (2 PCs and a laptop) due to the name (McAfee) and the price. I had read that it would slow down the computer, but I purchased it anyway. I think most security suites will do that to any PC (even fast ones like ours). But, it seems to keep our home network secure which is what we were after. If you don't mind waiting an extra second or two for websites to load, then for the price, this may be the software for you....more info
  • I'm done paying for protection!!
    I have used AVG Free and Windows Defender for a very long time .. I will continue to use them!!! This was nothing but a pain for me!!!

    I was excited to get McAfee - the name alone had me sure I'd be safe and happy -- nope!!!! Too much work, too slow, just too much of a pain!

    Go for the free protection - that really does protect!!

    - 1smileycat :-)...more info
  • Anti Virus suite for the dark ages?
    There are a LOT of anti virus software packages available, and many people rely on names like McAfee and Norton to provide the best protection, and the easiest interaction, in favor of "bundled" security from their internet provider.
    I have used McAfee in the past and find a lot of their features, excellent but having removed my existing AV setup and installed this, I am about to go back to my original one, and can't help asking - What were they thinking?
    To put it simply, one word WIRELESS.
    If you have any kind of home wireless setup, and are thinking of a three license package (like this one) DON'T.
    To quote the packaging - New! Automatic wireless security key rotation thwarts even the most determined wireless hackers - this is certainly true. The only problem is, unless you are VERY good at setting up your own software, ISP filters, TCP's etc you will find it will BLOCK your OWN wireless setup probably. It took me an age to reconfigure the firewalls on each PC to just get an internet connection?
    Maybe it's me but I think McAfee has really dropped the ball with this package. The rest of the features seem OK and pretty standard, but I felt that we were moving forward with wireless, and in an attempt to make it super safe, they've made it extremely difficult to use.
    I hate to write a bad review, but do some research, there are better products out there. 2 stars....more info
  • In This Day and Age a Girl's Gotta Be Protected
    Well, well, well. Do I feel secure now? I guess, but stuff has slowed down some. Let me clarify. I have an iMac and am running Vista via Fusion. So maybe it's because I'm running Windows in emulation that I have this problem, I don't know. Maybe on a fast, real Windows machine one wouldn't feel the speed hit that I seem to be feeling.

    However, I don't run windows programs all that often, so I've decided to keep the program installed, because there are times I go online with Explorer and until now I had zero protection on the Windows side of my computer. And you know in this day and age a girl's gotta be protected....more info
  • Protects you like a virus.
    I was so excited to get this product. I've been using AVG Free for awhile, and now, here was the opportunity to get an advanced service, to fully protect my computer! I could get something that would finally remove any viruses. I could be safe in my surfing.

    And it would appear that this is so. So far, nothing is getting through. True, everything is running slower, but I suppose that's the price you pay for full protection.

    But protection at what cost? Benjamin Franklin said that any society which sacrifices liberty for the sake of security deserves neither. I feel like this is what I have now done.

    It's little things. I can run most videos, but not MSN videos. MSN commercials before the videos are no problem- you just can't watch the videos themselves. And everything runs slower. Well, it's to be expected that you have glitches in newly installed software. So I'll just contact Customer Support, right?

    It turns out, you have to pay for a live person on the phone. But that's okay, there's the chat opption. But to get to the chat option, you have to jump through other hoops. You have to run the McAfee Virtual Technician, which takes a *long* time. Then you have to do a search of the FAQs. Only then do you get to the chat. But at least you get there.

    Except the chat system doesn't work. It takes you through a few steps, then asks you to "fill out the form below". Below there is no form. There is a smaller screen that looks identical to the McAfee Technical Support screen, with fully enabled links. If you click on one of those links, you're taken to the McAfee Technician. You run the technician, and then look at the FAQs, and then you can request Live Chat. You click on Live Chat, and are directed to a screen saying "fill out the form below". But below this line is an even smaller screen, looking just like the first McAfee Technical Support screen. I think this was part of the old "Adventure" computer game. There was some sort of situation like that in the game. If only I could yell out "XYZZY" and leave.

    But, no fear. I can just back out and retry. However, if I back out, the system requires me to run through the interminable McAfee Virtual Technician again, and so on, throught the same process, time upon time, ad infinitum.

    Yes, there are Community Forums. But they require jumping through a lot of hoops to sign in, and once that is done, you have to figure out how they work- which frankly shouldn't be required for a new user when they are just wanting to get their program up and running. And it may be that something there will resolve these issues. So far, I've been told to turn off pop-up blockers to use Live Chat. I did so. It had no effect.

    If you're contemplating getting this version of McAfee, don't. Wait till they actually create something that works. I deleted McAfee and went back to AVG Free, and it was a miracle- my computer ran at normal speed again! I just want the last six hours of my life back....more info
  • Good stuff!
    Although McAfee is a bit annoying with its CONSTANT updates, this product does the job and keeps your computer safe from all the bad things hackers and their ilk want to do to your computer. Definitely worth picking up, especially at a discount....more info
  • My laptop is "Totally protected"
    McAfee is the world leader in protection. I started using it when I saw my school used it without reservation. I have always found it more intuitive then the "competition" and never had any major "problems".

    The few I have had, it was easy to take care of them. That is why I have always trusted and will continue to use and recommend McAfee....more info
  • It's awesome better then Norton for sure
    It would highly recommend this product to everybody, its fast...removes everything that might comes in to ur system...on top of this it always block everything coming to your system.....even registry clean up.
    Only one thing about Norton is it sucks lot of resource and slow down your system....more info
  • Excellent product for Home use
    I received this product through Amazon from a different seller (I fell for the low price). Guess what, I received only an empty box and no Antivirus CD in it. Seller did not respond to my email. Amazon took prompt action and refunded my money. This is not the first time I am experiencing excellent customer service and real professionalism from Amazon. Thank you, Amazon.

    Well, finally I received this product to replace my trial edition of pccillin, which was installed when I bought my laptop. I uninstalled pccillin and installed mcAfee Total Protection. I found great difference in speed. Then, I realized that the culprit earlier was pccillin. I do a lot of browsing around the Internet and I can see that mcAfee provides perfect protection against adware, malware & viruses. I have already used mcAfee earlier at my workplace. Since I did not use the Internet for personal use through my corporate laptop, I was not sure how much protection this product would provide. After using it at home now, I see that mcAfee, not only provide good protection but also do not eat your memory. The installation was a no-brainer.

    I am not so sure of the automatic renewal problem people say about here. So, I am quite happy that I avoided the situation by buying the CD and not the electronic version.

    This is top-notch antivirus software. I strongly recommend this product to anyone. The only thing I wished was I should have bought this product much earlier.

    (My System: Inspiron 1525, Intel Core 2 Duo T5450, 1.66GHz, 667Mhz 2M L2 Cache, 2GB, DDR2, Windows Vista Home Premium MS Office 2003 Home Edition, 120G 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive, + 2*500 GB External Hard Drives)
    ...more info
  • AVG anti-virus is free online, why pay money...
    Folks I used Norton system works a couple of years ago, then I decided to switch to this McAfee stuff only to hate its anoying bell rings and some other things etc. Then somebody on a online chat room told me about AVG anti virus and the anti-virus is free to download and stays updated. If you think about it all you really need is the anti-virus, microsoft has you cover with a firewall and most spyware blocker tools, so all you really need is the anti-virus. Its been several months and I have had no virus, NONE, no problems NONE at all. Hands down, AVG anti virus has been the best thing that has ever happen to me, it doesnt bother you and it does the job extremly well and it updates when needed. And the best part, IT FREE... :D

    P.S. Not saying McAfee is bad, I'm sure it does the job quite well, but I'm using AVG mainly becuase its free :/...more info
  • McAfee Total Protection 2008 - 3 User
    I have found this McAfee product to offer my system complete security without being as intrusive as Norton or Trend Micro. I feel completely secure while surfing, shopping or researching without being annoyed at every "click" with endless questions to ask if I really know what I'm doing! The automatic update feature is constant but, only announces itself with a small window after it is already finished. And, I like the little instant site reviews it makes available on search engines like Google. They're there for you to check but don't force you to act on their presence before you proceed. I have to put up with Norton and/or Trend at work but, at home I can have peace of mind without most of the hassles....more info
  • Good So Far
    This product was installed for one user thus far. Installed with one glitch on the re-start screen that was solved quickly. It does cause the system to slow somewhat while in scan mode upon initial start up, but it's not a big deal. It's fine after it's scan is over which is less than 5 minutes. Site advisor works fine for both IE and Firefox....more info
  • Good transaction.
    I received eleronic version of the sofware. I was unsued about the delivery. But when I contacted the seller , I go well reply form the other end. It was good to have electronic version.I won't have to worry about CDs etc. to keep those in proper place for future use. It was a wornful busiess....more info
  • McAfee Total protection 2008
    Was questioning getting this product after reading some reviews. I had no problem and would recommend. Easy to install on both vista and xp, only took maybe 5 minutes each computer. Have had no problems since installation. Good luck!...more info
  • McAfee- great
    This product works really well. I recommend this product to anyone that is looking for great sercurity protection for their PC. ...more info
  • Unusual Kinks, no help from McAfee
    I bought this product after having McAfee's Internet Security Suite the last two years. I was comfortable with McAfee and have found the products to be good in the past. However, this product keeps prompting me to register so I can receive some necessary protection updates. When I click the "Register" button, I am only taken to a blank McAfee window and I haven't been able to register yet, one month later. I have contacted McAfee about 4 or 5 times or more by email, chat, and phone, but they keep telling me (in some foreign accent) to do things that I know will not solve the problem. My most recent email to McAfee has not been returned yet, but I have yet to have a problem with the product otherwise. My computer has been safe and I am otherwise pleased....more info
  • Mcafee total protection
    Not happy with it. Seemed to cause more problems than it protected us from....more info
  • McAfee Let me down
    I started using McAfee three weeks ago. I have been using Kaspersky before that. I bought McAfee because its reviews and its reputation. I have seen McAfee almost ever web sites as a guardian. Last week, my computer got infected by a Malware and McAfee neither protected my laptop nor cleaned it. On the other hand, my desktop does not have any problems except for the infection from the system. Since I had a system protection for both of my computers, one infection in the laptop affected the other. Although I did not have time to test McAfee in long run, it did fail in the first try....more info
  • McAfee Total Protection
    I am very pleased with this product. It was exactly what I wanted and I had no trouble loading it into my computer. I have had no problems with it and it is working just the way it is supposed to. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Hard to cancel
    I switched to a mac so I no longer have to worry about viruses.

    McAffee only issues refunds within the first 30 days, so I didn't even consider it.

    Several months later I received an email from McAffee several months later that I'd been charged $39.95 for my autorenewal and I spent about 30 minutes trying to cancel it. For me, that is unacceptable.

    First I went to the website, and realized you CAN'T cancel on the website. You have to chat, email, or talk with a customer service representative.

    I tried to "chat" but after submitting my request they required that I download the chat software. But they don't support Macs.

    So then I tried the telephone, fortunately I was within their business hours. From the McAfee website:

    "Telephone Customer Service

    To speak with a Customer Service representative, call 866-622-3911. You may be asked for your registered email address and order number. Telephone charges may apply.
    Average contact length: 10 minutes
    Estimated wait time: 5-10 minutes
    Hours of Operation: Available daily, 6am-6pm Pacific"

    I called and there was a slight language barrier, but we were able to communicate.

    The customer service representative tried to convince me to use the virus software on my new computer, the Mac. They do make some sort of Mac virus software, but to my knowledge viruses on Macintosh's are extremely rare. I'm not sure what they are selling.

    They were unable to process my refund because "right now our refund processing system is down."

    They said they will call me back.

    ...more info
  • Like Driving a Tank, Instead of a Car
    Yes, you will be safer in a tank than a car, but will take you forever to get there.

    Horrible in terms of slowing down computer. I have been using NO virus software for 5 years without any problems. I decide to protect my two computers (both a year old) with software, and after installing this software, my computer runs at 1/4 the speed. If you want to run more than 1 internet explorer, forget it. Im better off taking my chances getting a virus and moving "stress free" through my searches, than being safe yet moving so slow....more info
  • McAfee -- great protection little annoyance
    I have been using McAfee Total Protection on my desktop and a Norton product on my lap top. I'll admit I'm lazy. I want to set it up to do gaurd my computer, do updates seamlessly, and fix a range of "no brainers" w/o me having to do much. I also want it to not pop up and ask me questions every time I run a program.

    I feel this program strikes a good balance of Great Protection and running in the background w/o a lot of user actions being required.

    ...more info
  • Good product that provides protection but slows your computer down horrifically
    Ten years ago when the company I worked for suffered from a Word Macro virus infection the network administrator installed McAfee as the solution and it worked. That was the last virus infection we suffered through. The administrator sold me on McAfee and I used it for years. Lately, and this product reinforces this, I have altered my opinion regarding the quality of the protection it provides.
    While it still provides solid protection against the majority of malware buzzing around the Internet and the supporting data files are regularly updated it runs so slow that it can be infuriating. It becomes difficult to perform any work with an open application when any segment of the McAfee package is running.
    Since the days I referred to in the first line, I have become much more knowledgeable in the area of malware and computer security. I now have better luck by doing the following:

    *) Being very cautious in what I do online
    *) Always use the malware protections provided by my online service provider.
    *) Using an effective firewall on my computers that runs 24/7
    *) Using other virus scanning software (plural) that I run on my time

    I came to the conclusion some time ago that the actions listed above are superior to using McAfee products and this one did nothing to change my mind. Once I examined it for review, I immediately uninstalled it.

    This product was installed on an XP machine for examination. ...more info
    The marketing strategy used for the McAfee software that came with my Dell Laptop was to annoy the user constantly and permanently PUSHING AND PUSHING for you to HAVE TO BUY THEIR SUBSCRIPTION. I got popups, emails everyday saying that ?ts my last chance to get it at discounted prices, and so forth. I HATED SO MUCH THEIR ANNOYING PUSHY MARKETING (I found it UNCOMFORTABLY INVASIVE). Instead of motivating me to buy from them I prefered to get NORTON 360 from Symantec. I gladly payed that subscription- and I was so happy when I read "Before installing Norton 360 you must remove the following program: McAffee !"

    It's like a war Tax. Either you pay McCafee or you will be bugged for the rest of your life until you do. Talk about a Virus-Like behavior.!
    There are tons of better options than this.

    ...more info
  • So far it seems to work ok
    but in all honesty, I really don't feel that it does anything greater than Norton. I didn't have a problem w/customer service as some have mentioned but I did notice a bit of slowing in speed of while surfing occasionally.

    ...more info
  • Seems to be working at least as well as its competitor on my machines
    Installation. If you have Vista, the CD requires that you download the software; for other platforms, you can choose installation by CD or download. I have installed it to XP computers using the download version. I would welcome full CD-based installation for all platforms since that's what I would do for a computer that I suspected was infected.

    After the full download, the installer checks for incompatible programs, which you must uninstall before continuing. Most of these, such as rival virus software, will require rebooting in the middle of the McAfee installation. This worked but it seems inefficient to me: why not run a software check before downloading the full program?

    Operation. Boot time with this software is quicker than the rival program I had been using. This differs from the experience of some other users who have reviewed the product.

    I've been using it for about a month, and I have no evidence of viruses or spyware, so it seems to work. I didn't test it by trying to infect it. I use Firefox as my browser and web-based email through a university with a very good spam filter built in, so my exposure is different than, say, a Hotmail+Internet Explorer user.
    ...more info
  • Good Protection
    It's hard to review security software, since when it does its job you (ideally) don't notice it. I have had no problems using McAfee Total Protection on my Windows Vista computer, and that's all I can really ask of it. It was easy to install, it's easy to use, and it hasn't caused my computer to crash so far. ...more info
  • McAfee Total Protection 2008 Review
    This product installs and works as advertised. McAfee has a quality product here. The 3-user license is nice in this product when you have multiple computers to protect....more info
  • Very happy with software- not so much with customer service
    I really like this anti-virus software. It took about 10 minutes to install and an extra 2 to update. Seriously, this software is very easy to use and install. After installation, this software was ready to use and the interface is easy to navigate. It reads files FAST. The only slow up is when you activate the parental controls (a handy feature to have for a family) so if you don't need it, I suggest skipping it. I have no complaints about the software at all!

    The customer service on the other hand, I am not so happy with them. I have difficulty getting an e-mail response despite several attempts. Although it is a very minor issue, it would be nice to get a response. I cannot find a telephone number anywhere so that just leaves e-mail. Hmmmm. I am worried about what would happen if I have an real issue with the software. Hence the four stars.
    ...more info
  • Total and Economical Protection
    This is easy to install and provides good protection. Add to that three users and it's a real value of a deal.

    I am very happy with it and would recommend this to anyone needing it. ...more info
  • A pretty good security solution for those with only basic computer knowledge and needs
    Quite frankly, I gave up on McAfee security software even earlier than I dumped Symantec/Norton, but I was pleasantly surprised by McAfee Total Protection 2008. That being said, I have to issue a caveat here. I did not install this product on my primary computer, as I'm quite happy with the security software I've been using - but I figured I would give this software a try on one of my secondary computers. My parents use this particular computer more often than I do, so I basically just needed something to help safeguard an email client and keep nasty web entities (viruses, spyware, adware) at bay during limited Internet access. That means I can't really speak to a lot of the more advanced capabilities of this product, as my parents aren't exactly adventurous when it comes to exploring what a computer can do.

    Virus protection is old hat and then some, by now. Since this computer is basically left on all of the time, virus protection files are downloaded and installed automatically, and the real-time protection rounds up any potential danger as soon as it comes riding over the horizon. The same deal goes for spyware and adware. Scans can be set up to run overnight or whenever, so my parents really don't have to do anything in order to be protected when they're actually doing something online. That makes life a lot easier for my parents - and for me, as well. McAfee SiteAdvisor is also beneficial, as one of my parents (who shall rename nameless) does have a bit of an itchy clicking finger - any kind of warning about sites that have been identified as sources of spam, spyware/adware, and scams is definitely a good thing.

    Any security software with real-time protection is going to slow down your computer to some degree, but McAfee Total Protection 2008 seems to leave only the most minimal of a memory and CPU usage footprint on this particular computer - but my parents rarely have more than two programs open at the same time. I can definitely say that this software doesn't slow email down to an infuriating snail's pace (unlike Symantec security products, which make opening your email client a veritable time-consuming ordeal) - and that's noteworthy, in my book.

    What surprised me the most with this product was the ease of installation. (The computer in question, I should note, is two or three years old and runs Windows XP with half a gig of memory.) Installation really couldn't have been quicker or easier. Some products I've used in the past required some detail work to get the firewall configured the way I wanted it, but I really didn't need to do anything of the sort in this case. When a program opens that isn't configured through the firewall, it's a simple matter of allowing or blocking that program from gaining Internet access. In addition, you don't have to worry about being bombarded with firewall-related messages. I've used products in the past that popped up little alerts for even routine Internet traffic activities by default, requiring you to go in and reconfigure your settings to eliminate those flurries of mundane alerts. My parents usually stop in their tracks whenever they see a strange message on the screen, afraid to do anything else until I can tell them what to do in response to that message. With McAfee Total Protection 2008, I feel pretty confident that the only messages they see will be ones I really do want to know about.

    This review will be most useful to those who aren't experienced computer users, people like my parents who really only use their computer for email, some Internet searching, word processing, and similar basic functions. I think McAfee Total Protection 2008 makes for a pretty good security solution for this type of computer user because the product is easy to install, doesn't require any fancy configuration changes after the fact, and basically just runs in the background, minding its own business, until such time as a threat of one sort or another comes along. The fact that this product comes with three user licenses is also a plus, as so many people nowadays have more than one computer....more info
  • FINALLY!! Just what a computer user needs.
    I was so angery before when I bought a virus protection product only to find out that I now need Spamware, Pop-Up blocker, Spyware, etc. Total Protection MEANS total protection. It is SO easy to use and SO easy to update it if you buy a newer system. I finally convinced all my family in Taiwan to get McAfee after they lost two or three computers using those "cheap" brands. They ended up paying a lot more in money and time than I ever did....more info
  • What's not to like?
    As a home user of this product -- and a person of only general expertise with computers (i.e., good general facility, no programming experience) -- I would rate this product highly. It is easy to install and easy to use. And thusfar, at least, I have not experienced any noticeable slowing of clock-speed on my computer. That said, the one -- and rather quintessential -- aspect of this product I am unable to comment on is how effectively it does what it is supposed to do. Before installing this software, I had never experienced the kinds of problems that require protective software (save for the accumulation of ad-ware/spy-ware, which my own pre-installed software seemed effective at eliminating). After installing it, I continue to be (as far as I can tell) problem-free. So, McAfee is either doing a brilliant job or very little job at all. I must defer to the experts on protective software to weigh in on this detail......more info
  • Easy Install
    McAfee Total Protection was easy to install on all 3 computers. The program does not use too much memory as do so many other AV suites. It offers many usefull scans to keep your computer running to it's optimum potential. I have used CS suite, Norton, and Zone Alarm but in my opinion, none are as complete and easy to use as McAfee. ...more info
    Having used a McAfee product in the past with which we were very pleased we were eager to try the McAfee Total Protection. It is as effective as we had expected.

    Undoubtedly, the McAfee protection we were using was sadly outdated, so we were glad to find the added advantages of this edition. One only has to read of the mounting numbers of computers affected by viruses, identity thieves, and fraud scams to know how important the best protection is. We feel we have this with McAfee.

    If you've been as relaxed as we have been about upgrading protection on your computer, we suggest you give this a try. We believe you'll be well pleased.
    ...more info
  • Great product... until I tried to register it!
    I can't change the rating stars on this, so I will just preface my edited review instead. My enthusiasm for this product would be total were it not for McAfee's inability to resolve a simple problem: How to register the product so that the defense files would be updated regularly.

    All that was accomplished after 5 separate sessions with McAfee Support was the exhaustion of my patience and the rising of my temper.

    Go ahead and try this product, I still mean everything that I wrote below. Maybe your version will install and register just fine. My version won't and I'm returning the CD to McAfee.


    Maybe I wouldn't be so enthusiastic about McAfee Total Protection 2008 if I hadn't had such a bad experience with Microsoft OneCare. That said, for me... this product is everything that OneCare is NOT! It's easy to install, taking only a few minutes on my Vista-powered machine and it nicely coexists with all of my software and peripherals, even to the point of finally (yes.. finally) making the network connection between my Sony Vaio notebook and my wife's iMac work.

    How ironic is it that McAfee could coexist better with Vista than Microsoft's own product?

    If you're confused by the disparity between various reviews of McAfee Total Protection 2008, I can't say as I blame you. But in truth, that's the nature of the beast when it comes to personal computing these days. Memory usage, processor speed and cache responsiveness will influence what works for you (and against you) while the guy next door working with a different configuration will get totally different results. So with that in mind, here's a link to the PC that I installed this product on
    a Sony VAIO VGN-N220E/B 15.4" Laptop (Intel Pentium D T2060 1.6 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive, DVD RW Drive, Vista Premium) Black. You can decide for yourself it it's close to the configuration of your machine.

    I've been using McAfee anti-virus protection for a few years now so that was a no-brainer. But the spyware protection and anti-phishing functions are great. Total Protection gives me instant validation of some of my spam-related fears, preventing me from letting my curiosity lead me down an internet rabbit hole.

    Whereas OneCare could never seem to coexist with my Linksys WRT54GS Wireless-G Broadband Router with SpeedBooster, McAfee practically kissed the router on the cheek and got on with its business.

    The first backup that I performed with Total Protection not only went smoothly, but I was able to back up documents, music and a ton of jpeg images to a flash drive with an almost unbelievable compression ratio, leaving plenty of room to spare. Uh... OneCare not only could back up the same data to that drive, it couldn't allow me to change the destination, hosing up mid-backup.

    Another function that seemed to get superior results was in the Registry cleanup. Keep in mind, I just used OneCare to "clean" registry three months ago. That said, Total Protection found plenty of things to fix and remove, and I have better system performance to show for it.

    Last but not least, I like the ability to digitally "shred" confidential files. Any CSI or Law and Order viewer knows that no computer file is ever truly clean of deleted files but with Total Protection I feel much, much more secure.

    Bottom line... for me, Microsoft OneCare was definitively NOT the answer. McAfee Total Protection 2008 DEFINITELY WAS!
    ...more info
  • Not Bad
    Ok, I admite I am finding it hard to say much about an antivirus program. :) It was easy to enstall and my computer has not crashed so I guess it's doing it's job. I do love the feature that warns you if a website is prone to spamming visitors. That's a nice touch.
    Now one big thing I don't like about it is how much it slows down your computer. My computer was built (and believe me it cost a bit!) from the ground up to be a really good machine. And it's only a year old. But for some reason ever since I put the antivirus on it, it has slowed down considerably. That doesn't make me to happy as you can imagine.
    Still, the McAfee seems to be as good as any other program out there....more info