McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 - 3 User [OLD VERSION]

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You spend lots of time on your PC. You enjoy cruising and using the Internet. Covert predators hide behind sites you visit ready to maliciously attack your information and your PC itself. McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 is a 1-Year insurance policy that really works as a shield. You get routine updates to stay ahead of new antagonists. Continue to enjoy your PC and be safe. Backs Up & Restores Files. Automated backup and one click restore so you don¡ät lose photos, music and important files. Secures your Identity. Protects your online identity so you can shop, bank, e-mail, and instant message worry free. Prevents Spam & E-mail Scams. Prevents spam and phishing scams so you can e-mail with friends and family safely Protects Children Online. Filters offensive content, pictures, and Web sites so you can keep your children Scan your computer, check for updates and configure your security settings using the new McAfee SecurityCenter. This essential, easy-to-use program gives you one-click access to your computer¡äs security information Daily updates are installed automatically. When a new version of McAfee is available, you get it automatically at no charge during your subscription, ensuring that you always have up-to-date protection for 1 Year after installing to PC 24/7 virus and threat protection from McAfee AVERT Labs continuously monitors worldwide virus activities and provides immediate anti-virus protection and removal solutions Network Manager monitors PCs across your network for security weaknesses so you can easily fix security issues from one centralized network map SiteAdvisor adds safety ratings to sites and search engine results based on comprehensive spam, adware, and online scam safety tests

  • 8-in-1 PC and Internet protection for a worry-free online experience
  • Online security from identity thieves, spammers, and predators
  • Protection from viruses, hackers, and spyware; keeps PC healthy
  • Backs up and restores photos, music, and important files
  • Warns about sites that send spam, install adware, or attempt scams

Customer Reviews:


    If you buy this product McAfee will auto-bill your credit card every year for $[...]. You CANNOT turn this off via the web. You must go through customer service and it is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to accomplish. They give you the total run around.

    It is one of the slimmiest policies I have ever seen. Totally disgusting!

    DON'T BE SUCKERED!...more info
  • Well Rounded Internet Security That Actually Works
    McAfee is a well known name in computer security software, which has been around for many years. In fact, if you ask the average computer user what brand name anti-virus software they know of, the usual response will either be McAfee or Norton. Both of these brands (along with many others) are well known and are very useful in fighting the war on cyber-crime and the malicious acts of computer hackers. Computer security software isn't nearly as simple as it once was. I remember the good old days when the biggest concern was scanning a floppy disk for a virus before installing it on your computer. But it's not just pimply-faced teen geeks, sitting in a dark room, dreaming up mischievous computer code while eating Hot Pockets anymore. Today's attacks are complex worms, Trojan Horses, Spyware, Malware, and even Hijacking, just to name a few. And don't even get me started on e-mail Spam! A simple Anti-Virus program is no longer enough to protect your computer. You need a package to kill viruses, block spyware, firewall protection to block hackers, spam prevention, and filters to keep children safe from offensive content and the many other dangers of the Internet. These are just a few of the things that are needed in one's arsenal of protection when using a computer these days, and McAfee has developed a software suite with everything you need, all on one CD-ROM.

    The McAfee Internet Security Suite boasts 10-in-1 protection for your system. These key areas include:

    1 - Safe Search/Safe Surf
    2 - Home License Subscription Service
    3 - Stops Viruses
    4 - Stops Hackers
    5 - Blocks Spyware
    6 - Improves PC Health
    7 - Secures Your Identity
    8 - Prevents Spam & Email Scams
    9 - Protects Children Online
    10 - Backs Up & Restores Files

    Some of the features you get with the McAfee Internet Security Suite are:

    * McAfee Site Advisor - Adds safety rating to sites and search engine results, based on comprehensive spam, adware and online scam safety tests.
    * Integrated anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, anti-spam, anti-phishing and backup technologies.
    * Spyware protection - Detects, blocks and removes spyware and adware.
    * Do Not Disturb Mode - Watch movies, slide shows, play games, uninterrupted as McAfee security service intelligently defers tasks, updates and alerts when you're in full screen mode.
    * Backup & Restore - Saves copies of your most valuable files, wherever you want, encrypting and compressing your files on a CD/DVD, USB external device (flash drive, hard drive, etc.) or network drive.
    * McAfee Image Analysis - Enhances content protection by protecting your family from potentially offensive content and pictures.
    * McAfee System Guards - Watches your computer for specific behaviors that may signal virus, spyware or hacker activity.
    * McAfee X-Ray for Windows - Detects and kills rootkits and other malicious applications that hide from Windows and other anti-virus programs.
    * McAfee Security Center - Makes it simple to review the PC security status, check for updates and fix potential security issues.
    * McAfee Network Manager - Monitors PCs across your network for security weaknesses so you can easily fix security issues from one centralized network map.

    Installing the McAfee Internet Security Suite is very straightforward. Although the box comes with a quit start guide, you shouldn't really even need it. Upon inserting the CD you will be prompted with a very generic looking startup screen. You click on the Security Suite link, at the top of the page, to begin the software installation. It will prompt you to choose between a complete or custom installation. I recommend that you select complete, unless you intend on excluding any of the Security Suite features or need to install the program files onto a different hard drive, instead of the default C:\ drive. The software also asks if you would like to download any new software updates during the installation process. If you have an active Internet connection then I highly recommend agreeing to allow the downloading as part of the installation. However, keep in mind that unless you have a broadband Internet connection, this process could take a very long time. My download was just over 60 MB, which would take a painful amount of time to download over a dial-up connection. Your computer will also be scanned for viruses, prior to installing the new Security Suite, to make sure that you're getting the best protection.

    My copy of the McAfee Internet Security Suite was for 3 computers, so I installed it on three different systems in a row. I found that the average installation process took about 20 to 25 minutes. This included downloading the 60 megabytes of updates, over a 6 Mbps broadband connection. The entire process was very easy, requiring very little user interaction. I launched the McAfee Security Center, after the installation was complete, and checked all of the configuration settings. The screen will show if your computer security needs attention or if you are fully protected. By default all updates are set to download and install automatically, and most every other core application is set for maximum protection, providing the least amount of required user interaction. Although I chose to tweak a few of the settings, I was pleased to see that McAfee has configured the entire Internet Security Suite for complete, automated protection. This means that the end user does not need to have much computer knowledge to install and use this application.

    Another great thing I discovered about McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 is that it doesn't bog down your computer performance. Of course the performance will likely depend on the individual computer specifications of each system it is installed on, but for the most part I noticed very little change in boot times and overall performance in Windows. Just about everyone knows that these security suite programs are usually quite taxing on system resources of your computer. While McAfee is no exception at taking up some system resources, it does so with remarkable efficiency. On all three computers I installed it on, ranging from only a few months old to one system that is at least 4 or 5 years old, I noticed only a few seconds of additional time in booting up the computer, after installing the McAfee software, and any overall speed and performance changes in Windows were unnoticeable. Even when the application checks for updates, or downloads and installs them, you will rarely notice any form of slower performance on your PC. This is a major breakthrough in Internet security software, and it is certainly the best that I have personally experienced in the many years that I have been using these sort of security program packages. In the past I have used software from Trend Micro, Symantec (aka Norton), McAfee, Panda and ZoneLabs. While they have all shown their own strengths and weaknesses, I find this latest release from McAfee to be the best, most well rounded Internet security package on the market today. It's a breeze to install, is very easy to use, and doesn't seem to affect computer performance in a measurable degree. Now that McAfee (and most of the other competitor manufacturers) offers multi-license packages at reduced prices, it is now very affordable to protect every computer in your home with a safe, full-featured security suite. This package comes with a 3 user license, but McAfee offers 4 and 5 user licenses for about $10.00 more per machine. That sure beats needing to purchase a full-priced package for each and every computer in your household.

    Although no security package is perfect in every way, I think McAfee has come as close as you can get today. However, a few factors prevent me from giving this software a perfect 5-star rating. First of all, the software package comes with no detailed manual and no video tutorial for beginners. Also, McAfee technical support charges fees for help with serious issues. Sure, they offer a FAQ knowledge base for free, as well as a free on-line chat service, but for serious problems that require a technician to work directly with you, McAfee charges anywhere from $9.95 to $59.95 per incident. I don't like companies charging customers for support of their products and I was hoping to see McAfee stand behind their security suite without imposing charges to loyal consumers. I have also read some professional testing reviews complaining about problems with installing the McAfee Internet Security Suite onto systems that already had pre-existing infections. I have also noticed that some of the pop-up messages that the program displays, when a security problem occurs, don't give enough information to the user about what the problem is. This means that you have to sometimes choose whether to allow the requested activity to continue without knowing for sure whether it could be potentially harmful to your system or not. Still, these are shortfalls that I have noticed with every other security package that I have used in the past, and I feel that McAfee has produced a product that is effective and as easy to use as one would expect to find today. I give this product a solid 4 stars and recommend it to everyone who has multiple computers in their home that need a full arsenal of Internet security tools. If you want a product that you can install and then virtually forget about, knowing that the software is keeping your system safe and secure, then the McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 is the right choice for you.

    Below are the computer system requirements for McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 (as identified on the McAfee website):

    * Microsoft? Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 (SP4) or higher, Windows XP with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or higher, Windows Vista* and Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) Personal computer with Pentium-compatible processor 500 MHz or higher and 256 MB RAM or higher.
    * 800 X 600 or higher resolution.
    * Internet connection.
    * .NET Framework version 1.1.4322 .
    * Microsoft? Internet Explorer 6.0 or later.
    * Optional: Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later.

    Supported Email Programs
    * POP3 - Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, Netscape, IncrediMail and Thunderbird; Japanese only: Shuriken, Becky and PostPet.
    * MAPI - Outlook.
    * Web - MSN/Hotmail or email account with POP3 access.

    Supported Instant Messaging Programs
    * AOL Instant Messenger 2.1 or later.
    * Yahoo Messenger 4.1 or later.
    * Microsoft Windows Messenger 3.6 or later.
    * MSN Messenger 6.0 or later.

    Required For Anti-Spam Toolbar Plug-In
    * Outlook Express 6.0 or later.
    * Outlook 2000 or later.
    * Eudora 6.0 or later.
    * Thunderbird 1.0 or later.

    * Must meet Windows Vista operating system requirements
    ...more info
  • Complete Protection
    McAfeee Internet Security offers the complete protection for the computer along with backup and recovery. Installation was simple enough. However, one of the things with internet security is slowdown of the computer on startup. Though a much improve version in terms of appearance and options, I had a much older McAfee version....more info
  • User-friendly, no problems on Vista or XP
    I was running Iolo System Mechanic, but it just wasn't doing the job. In fact, it was causing way more problems than it resolved. I decided to gives te McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 a try.

    I've installed it on two computers so far. Both are Gateway laptops.

    The program was easy to install and I encountered no errors. On one laptop it actually found several viruses that the Iolo product had missed. The McAfee program is proving to be a much, much leaner running program than System Mechanic. System Mechanic was always hogging resources, but McAfee has not caused any such problems.

    One thing I really liked about the McAfee product was how easy the registration process way. I've used Norton in the past, and their registration process was really annoying. The McAfee product just required me to make a user account. No product codes, no lengthy activation process, nothing like that. Very simple.

    I wasn't sure how I would like this product. My previous experience with McAfee was over 10 years ago and I was not impressed at that time. They seem to have really improved their product since then, though.

    So, in summary, easy installation, quick and simple registration, doesn't hog resources, and found viruses other products missed....more info
  • Building a Safer E-Footprint
    First and foremost, I want to make it clear that this is written about protecting my home PC from invasion and that the program is not guarding anything amazing. I am also writing this as someone that is not an expert at PC defense by any means: I am a casual user and am writing this as a layman that has logged more hours than he cares to truly remember. Also, I do not have a lot to say on this product because it is relatively new to my system. I may learn more as I go and it may mean that my mind might change as updates change and as different programs are introduced. That said, there are only a few major players on the security market these days and these products are always promising something new.

    As far as products go, I've trusted McAfee for a while now. While I cannot say that the something new really impresses me all that much each time, I do have to say is that it has done well thus far, that it has caught some things that the other system did not, and that it is not a jumble of "features" that keep you from noticing the problems. The program loaded without any problems, has been receiving updates without any difficulty, and has all the features you need in an easy-to-use model. While this does not mean that I trust it (or any other program) completely, it does mean that I feel safer setting behind it and letting it sort out all the problems that come with walking the e-jungle.

    If you have a program that has treated you good in the past, staying with it is always a great option. If that program is buggy and somewhat problematic, however, perhaps it is time to try out something that spends less time trying to market itself and more time trying to find niches where nasty little programs reside.
    For now I am going to say that I like it, giving it a four-star appointment only because I have yet to see any miracles that other variations did not provide. Nice program - does good for my home PC.
    ...more info
  • McAfee is the Worst
    I uploaded this "software" on my laptop, my wife's laptop, and my kid's desktop. They were all running fine, but figured to start the school year off safe. Soon after, my kids computer and my laptop were infected with maliciousware and my wife's computer was running very slow.
    I called them. They stated I had a choice between three products that I could purchase to diagnose the problem.. What a shake down. This product is absolute crap.
    Bergen County NJ...more info
  • Does it work? Yes. Does it take over and possess your computer? No.
    I had a horrific experience with Norton, and was reluctant to even try a security suite. There are cheap/free antivirus solutions available, but there is, I believe, a market for a well-designed comprehensive security package for PCs including a firewall, a decent pop-up blocker (I have applications requiring IE, so Firefox isn't an option), an antivirus application, and a non intrusive system scan to get rid of those pesky unwanted cookies and files.

    In the interest of fairness, I started with a Dell e250 with a clean install of Win XP, with very little software loaded. McAfee arrived one one disk. Installation is a frequent hang-up for all-encompassing software, and this one went off smoothly. Few options, but McAfee not once, but TWICE tried to steer me into sending them anonymous "performance data", with the default checked "yes." Not good, and I didn't appreciate being asked twice (although, they did ASK, I suppose...).

    Installation was otherwise good. I rebooted, and it added about 20 seconds to the boot-up process (there is the usual splash screen when McAfee loads). Still, it was faster than Norton under similar conditions.

    Note: there are quite a few "ask for more info" buttons that seem to be for opting in and out of various programs. An attentive customer will spot these, but caveat emptor.

    Comments about various parts of the security suite, in no particular order:

    -The full system scan takes about as long as Norton does. It seems to work, and is necessary I suppose. I launched it manually instead of programming it, but that appears to be an option. The full system scan coexists nicely with casual web surfing if you want to do that at the same time.

    -The pop-up blocker works great - doesn't' give you 8 bazillion "alerts" every time it blocks a cookie, either. Nice.

    -Data backup? Check, didn't try it but it seems to be serviceable.

    -There is a "lockdown firewall" that seems to be like a panic button - hit it and all inbound/outbound traffic is blocked. Seems like overkill, and there are other ways to easily accomplish this (unplug your modem, my network in Windows XP) but it's nice to have the option.

    -There is a site advisor that you can use to analyze the safety of a site before you go there. I plugged in some knowns safe sites, and some notorious spyware/malware sites and the results came back quickly and accurately. I liked the forum posts under the analysis that allow users to comment on each site.

    -The "Maintain Computer" option is a way to delete unused files, registry keys, and accumlated crap - don't recall if Norton has this, but it is certainly useful. It also has a disk defragmenter and a task scheduler.

    So far, so good. Seems to be a good value for the money....more info
  • Easy To Install and Trusted Name~Has helped clean up my computer.
    This is my second McAfee Virus protection software. My computer came with 15 months free and that had expried. I must say this set has more bells and whistles than I personally need. It is simple to install and I am notified that I am fully protected. Thats about all I need.

    In just the few days I have had it I do notice that my computer takes longer to boot up as it does it's initial. scans. Also it pops up questions a lot asking me if I want to allow this or that. Do you want to update now? etc etc.. I know from experience once it gets used to the sites you frequent that will settle down.

    I very much like the back up of photos feature that this new 2008 version has. My 2005 one did not have this feature.

    If you are a computer wizzard this has everything you can possibly want or need on one nicely organized package. If you just want to be protected and not worry about virus and you have it. The initial one year cost of the program here at Amazon is very reasonable. The renewals I do think are much to high. Cheaper to just buy the new one each year as Amazon has such great deals.

    I would have given 5 stars but it does slow down your XP windows computer. I do not know what it does to Vista as I don't have Vista. When you are in a hurry that can get old fast. Definetely something to keep in mind when making this purchase. Update after 2 weeks My computer is running much faster and it has helped me identify some conflicting programs that I was able to uninstall. I find myself quite happy with this product and have changed it to 5 stars, although I am unable for that to show above.

    Overall You can trust the McAfee name to protect your computer very well.

    UPDATE: At about 6 weeks I cannot tell you how pleased I am. This software has warned me os so many dangerous webpages. It pops up and tells me that a webpage is trying to get my information and it is blocking it.

    I also love the way it "shreds" things you have it delete, it is gone forever not lurking on the hard drive taking up space....more info
  • Not Completely compatible with Vista
    After buying this item and installing it on My new windows Vista Laptop i experienced many problems with the program which resulted in having to return my computer to the store to have it repaired, McAfee is not completely Compatible with vista I'm sure this has nothing to do with the McAfee itself and all the problems have to do with Vista, i do have another computer with windows XP and the McAfee works great with it, ...more info
  • Great program for the average PC user
    I rated this product a '4' because during installation there are many undocumented software options to install and I received several error messages. I had to install the program directly from the CD instead of the recommend internet install. I needed to update and run a scan before the "at Risk" messages disappeared. However, after I tweak it it has been running smoothly.

    McAfee offers data privacy options and an EasyNetwork applet to set up a network. This was helpful since I have a wireless network at home. It also offers a full backup and recovery program that lets you schedule how you want to perform your backups (very quickly I may add). McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 offers a defensive guard to any workstation. It provides anti-spam, anti-phishing, antivirus, and anti-malware. In addition, it also offers useful tools like PC health checks and parental controls.

    Overall, McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 is a reasonably solid investment for the average PC user. Being able to use this program for up to 3 PC's is also an added bonus....more info
  • Well, At Least it Was Easy to Uninstall.
    McAfee was a nightmare to deal with. I tried for an entire weekend to love it. I talked to it, on a frequent basis, I fed it the daily updates, I even begged for it to stop with its slow crawl of a scan. But nope, it took its sweet time, its slow sweet time. The interface is rather easy and intuitive, but for some odd reason, it just had such a dreadful outcome, slowing down my PC. I don't know if that is due to the plethora of security features it offers or just because it's cruddy.

    I have three PCs, but I only installed it on one. I must pat myself on the back for dodging a headache of triple proportions. And forget about reasonable tech support, you'd come off better placing a new born down in front of your PC with a graham cracker for a progress reward....more info
  • A full-spectrum security program with some issues
    There's no denying the effectiveness of the McAfee Security Suite. It stays on top of virus outbreaks, constantly updating the data files that are the backbone of your protection. It effectively quarantines questionable emails that might contain malware. It stops trojans and worms as soon as they enter RAM from websites that carry them. Periodic scanning of your PC for problems is easy to do, if occasionally a lengthy process that can take hours to complete. All of these security processes are fairly effective and clearcut using the McAfee Security Center interface.

    The one problem that is indisputable is the degree to which the McAfee Suite has become bloated in size: with many processes constantly in memory, using up precious resources and inevitably slowing things down. I'm sometimes amazed by the number of McAfee related threads that are running. And their numbers seem to increase all the time as the suite is updated. So be aware that as effective as this security suite is, it's also something of a system hog that may bog things down depending on the power at your disposal. The times that the suite takes over your system in order to download - several times a week - can also be a real nuisance unless you have a good broadband connection. The bottom line is that the McAfee Security Suite, although a good one, would be much improved by removing some of the bloat. Unfortunately, McAfee acts as if the PC's fast evolutionary increase in system resources is a license to use them up just as quickly. ...more info
  • Color me unimpressed
    Installation was simple, encountered no errors running XP Pro. The interface seemed straight forward and easy to understand. However, I didn't notice any features that I would readily use that aren't available from freeware programs such as Zone Alarm. If you know where to look, you can get everything McAfee offers for free on the net from AdAware to K9 to Spybot. I've been using these freeware programs since release and I've never had a complaint. My PC has never been affected by any virus of any kind. So in my opinion, why fix what ain't broke? I can get better protection for free and I don't have to worry about McAfee dipping into my bank account without warning. Not a difficult choice! Avoid and stick with the freeware. They work better, they're free, and they don't hog all your system resources....more info
  • Worth the time!
    Yes, I have found that this program does slow down my computer a little (especially when I first boot up) and it tends to give me a lot of pop-ups (mostly warning screens) but having once suffered from a major software meltdown due to a virus I beleive that the McAfee is worth the time.

    Since I began using their software I have never had even a minor problem, even though I know that I have been exposed to some potential threats on the internet. With new insidiously malicious programs being developed each day the McAfee updates are invaluable. Don't surf without it!...more info
  • Good internet security suite!
    Mcafee has been around quite some time now....I have always preferred it over other security softwares.....This one doesnt let me down either...ofcourse the one drawback u will face with this one as any other software is ...this will slow ur computer a tad bit...but since my laptop is 250 gb...higher RAM....I can live with it.....i have never had anyone hack into my system with the mcafee...the fact that i can use it on 3 comps is great ...also its a complete security u dun need to go out to get another firewall or spyware..or backup automatically updates itself..and the interface is very user friendly...something i have not had luck with in for me mcafee is a real winner...considering all the rebates and offers its on...i think the product is a really worth a try....more info
  • it's ok
    It provides constant updates which is good, but slows down my computer. I used to have Norton and did a review of antivirus options out there, hearing that McAfee was better. I've noticed that McAfee is slower than Norton on my computer. I think I'm going to go back to Norton when this expires....more info
  • Great low maintenance protection
    I am an IT geek so I never pay for software. Until I have received McAfee Internet Security Suite I have managed quite well with freeware programs.

    I have installed the McAffe software on both XP and Vista laptops. It took about 30-45 minutes on each PC. You can save some time by uninstalling your current firewall and virus protection before you install McAffe (and you are using protection, aren't you!!!). I chose customized setup, which I highly recommend.

    There are multiple features to chose from:
    - security center (your control panel)
    - virus scan (you need that)
    - personal firewall (you need that)
    - privacy service (dubious)
    - spam killer (dubious)
    - data backup (dubious)
    - easy network (dubious)
    - site advisor (likely a major slowdown factor)

    You probably can guess which components I have installed. The main reason for "dubious" remarks are: it's not clear what they do, they are likely to slow your PC down, many of those features are already included in other software (most mail clients and even web based mails already have spam filters, operating systems have automatic backup features, etc.). The feature that I have disliked most is the "site advisor". Imagine that every time you open an URL you will have to wait for McAffe to access its database to find out if that website is safe.

    A major annoyance during installations was being asked whether I am willing to send reports to McAffe. No, I don't, as I want to keep my bandwidth to myself, no need to ask several times. That's another reason why I wouldn't recommend an automatic setup.

    A word of caution: during installation you can chose to install from the CD or from the Internet (updated version). If you are not behind a router (which functions as a firewall, as you only receive the traffic that you have requested), you MUST install from the CD and get updates later. You should not be online unprotected during the installation!

    After installation I was totally happy with the performance of both laptops. The software seems to startup quickly and does not bother me with too many announcements. I find it to be a very easy and perfectly adequate solution for regular users.

    Personally, I will definitely let it run on my daughter's PC. However (been the geek that I am) I am not quite happy with the loss of control. I prefer firewalls that tell me which programs try to connect to the Internet and be able to say no (I don't like it when a media player that I rarely use tries to check if updates are available every single day).

    All in all, a great solution if you don't install too much of it.

    ...more info
  • very crappy
    You will not be able to get hold of customer service no matter what.
    You will be put on automatic renewal of your credit card info however.
    The refund people at McAfee will attempt to find a reason not to give you the rebate even if you qualify. The program does not load easily, and usually will install in only two of your three computers. Basically, you'll need to return this crappy program and order "Windows Live One Care" like I did. McAfee sucks!...more info
  • Nice but it can slow your system
    This is a very comprehensive protection package. It comes from the second oldest name in this field. That said it's a bit unwieldy. Since installing it I have had a noticeable slow-down in my computer. I don't have that slow of a PC, Quad Core 4 GB of RAM?? Now it's crawling worse than it usually does. I also had an instance when installing that it kept giving me errors on the password I needed to create for it. It kept telling me it was invalid, but not why. It wouldn't let me create an online account. I finally guessed that it might want a password with mixed letters and numbers. That worked. I shouldn't have to guess.
    After install, it scanned my computer at 4 in the morning and I was clean except for 5 cookies it didn't like. No viruses or anything overly malicious. I was using Windows Defender and Avast! before this. They are free. Overall it's quite a deal especially if you qualify for the rebate on it, currently.
    ...more info
  • It's good but too much overhead
    The good: McAfee Internet Security 2008 covers three PCs for about $50; includes backup and recovery; all of the tools integrate well.
    The bad: Telephone tech support still costs. With all of its features and protection it will slow down you PCs a bit but that's the price you will have to pay for protection.
    The bottom line: McAfee Internet Security 2008 trounces Norton Internet Security 2008, offering a better designed product with more security tools.
    Specs: License qty: 3 users; License type: Complete package; Min Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP1

    The McAfee firewall will keep intruders out and your personal information safe. It monitors your computer's ports and all data that enters or leaves. With one click, you can lock down the firewall, which blocks all network traffic between your computer and the Internet. It also stops remote connections from accessing your computer.
    Setting up custom firewall rules and changing the firewall configuration was difficult if you're not technical. I also had issues with the firewall not opening ports that we had specified within the custom rules.
    McAfee is one of the few companies that submitted their software to all three major testing labs, ICSA, Virus Bulletin (VB) and West Coast Labs (W.C.L.), and passed all three tests. The suite offers a variety of virus scanning options. You can scan files on demand, real-time or schedule your system scans. With scanning real-time, doing a full system scan and scanning incoming/outgoing emails and instant message attachments. It will put some additional overhead on your system.

    The ISCA also gave their approval for the antispyware function of the McAfee Internet Security Suite. This software will detect spyware of all kinds including adware, keyloggers, Trojans, browser hijackers and more. The scanner did miss many tracking cookies as well as some pre-installed spyware toolbars.

    Other Security/Features:

    In addition to the main security functions listed above, McAfee will detect problems, filter spam and notify you of potential phishing schemes. Phishing is creating a fraudulent email or website that appears to be a legitimate company, like a bank, credit card company or government agency. The goal is to collect personal information. McAfee also has extensive parental control features that will filter web content by keyword, by using a blacklist or by image analysis. You are able to set up an account and customize web filters for each user.
    We used the "Maintain Computer" function to clean out old and unused files. You can shred the files for privacy purposes if you want. From this screen, you can also reconfigure your PC for optimum performance.
    McAfee's main user interface is well organized so you can quickly access and configure the firewall, antivirus and parental controls. You can also access reports and logs so you can see exactly what functions have taken place and what the results are.
    A large problem with McAfee's security suite is that it slowed down my system considerably while it was installed. At times we were able to type faster than Word could display the letters on screen because of the slowdown.

    Ease of Installation/Setup:
    We didn't have any problems while installing this software. The initial setup is simple and the software has default settings so you don't have to do any extensive configuring. McAfee integrates well with other programs like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. Uninstalling the MacAfee Internet Security seemed to go well until we searched for things that it might have left behind. Many registry keys as well as several directories were still present after a forced reboot.

    McAfee provides tutorials, a user manual and FAQs. You can also contact customer support by phone, online chat and email.

    McAfee Internet Security Suite provides the security you need to safely navigate the web. It is a little bit anemic in some areas, and has the potential to slow your computer down while the real time scanner is functioning. ...more info
  • Former User Compares
    I used to be a long-time McAfee user after having tried - and hated - Norton. A couple years ago I switched to the Zone Alarm product line but decided to give McAfee a try when this came up on the Vine offer. Zone Alarm seemed to be slowing things down more than usual so I had high hopes the McAfee would provide some much needed pick-up. That was mistake number one. I loaded it to my PC based laptop which I keep for travel or emergencies so it is clean and relatively unclutted...still slow.

    The Good...
    The child protective features are a nice tough (I suppose)if you have young children at home. On the other hand, if you are like me (sans young kids) then it is just one more bulky portion of an already bulky program. McAfee is easy to use just like always, in fact, that has always been a plus of the software. The automatic updates are a mixed bag at best - great for helping remind of important updates but annoying the rest of the time. The price is excellent (even the regular retail) and I like the idea of protecting all three computers at once.

    The Bad...
    Perhaps it is too much to ask for any of these to not slow the computer to a crawl but like most people, I want protection and I want it fast. It becomes a battle to remain prudent and protected rather than speed things up and risk a loss or corruption. The online support is better than nothing but chat and email don't make the cut compared to live support. Yes, I know that is increasingly rare but I increasingly vote with my pocket to those vendors that provide excellent customer service (like Amazon I may add).

    The Verdict
    Probably about average product with an above average price especially for three computers. All in all you could do worse but would need to pay quite a bit more for anything above and beyond this level....more info
  • My needy digital friend
    The McAfee Suite does a good job of protecting me from the dangers of the internet, but at a cost. It constantly wants my attention, like some sort of neglected digital dog. Here is what comes up the most.

    1. Updates, updates, and more updates.
    2. "Behind the scenes" scans that are so resource intensive that I either cancel them or walk away from the computer while they finish
    3. Running commentary on all sorts of websites (they aren't digitally signed, they could be phishing, or they're spammers)

    If I wanted to spend the time to tweak everything I'm sure I could reduce the number of decisions I have to make on McAfee popups. But the few things I've tried to turn off seem to get so upset that the resulting red flags and danger signs are equally disconcerting.

    I'd rather have something that just protected me enough without me having to be in a long-term committed relationship. McAfee does the job, but I don't feel like it's worth my time investment....more info
    Back when we owned only one computer, McAfee was the anti-virus software we used. After my husband became a certified system engineer and our home network grew to rival that of some small companies, McAfee remained the brand we counted on. We still do. This is an excellent suite of anti-viral and utility programs and a great value for money. In a word -- well, two words -- buy it....more info
  • Might Work Great For You, It Depends...
    This is a great product but it slowed down the computer I installed it on a bit. This software has great features: it provides protection against most internet problems, plus it can clean old/and or unnecessary files from your computer to free up more hard drive space (a major plus). It also advises you of any changes made to your computer. It can even manage a home network if you have one. The only thing that I don't like about this software is the firewall, and sometimes you have to restart your computer for the updates to take effect. It also scans a little slow. Overall I would recommend this product for its effectiveness...more info
  • Be careful about the rebate
    Even without the $30 rebate, this is a good product. I previously owned the Norton antivirus/spyware/internet security product and felt like it really degraded the performance of my computer. No problems so far with the McAfee product.
    With the $30 rebate, the program is essentially free! But in order to get the rebate you need to have your original receipt (which I was able to print off of Amazon) and "proof of purchase," which consists either of the front page of your manual or the original CD. As far as I know, both the original copy of McAfee and the update came in a box with *only* the CD manual at all. It's almost like they don't want you to get your rebate!? Go figure. I mailed them the CD and my receipts...we'll see what happens....more info
  • Functional product...beware the maker.
    I've never had any real complaints about the McAfee product itself, and I've used this particular product for a couple of years now. For the most part, it does what it says it does. I does suck up system resources while it's running in the background, which can be somewhat annoying.
    The trouble I have is with McAfee's 'automatic renewal'. Thirty days before the 'subscription' expires, they hit your credit/debit card without permission or forewarning to renew, irrespective of the funds available on the card. Two years in a row now it has caused hideous, time-consuming problems with its re-installation and ultimately never functioned. I argued with them for over an hour to get a refund, then came to Amazon and bought the same product for half of McAfee's price and installed from the CD with no problems. Their record here is irrefutably bad. I'll spend the coming year researching alternative products and vendors. I know the renewal issues will occur again, so I plan to do all I can to avoid them, including finding another product vendor. Sorry to say that the disadvantages of bad service outweigh the benefits of product quality....more info
  • Quite a Pain....
    I installed this security suite on my laptop and desktop. Both operate on Windows XP, and have specs well above what the stated requirements are on the McAfee box. I've never been a fan of any security software and have used my computers unprotected for many years with no problems, but I figured it was time to upgrade. I've tried Norton, Panda, and a variety of other software and wound up uninstalling them after a few days.

    My gripe with the McAfee software is that there is an obvious slow-down in both of my computers, more so with the laptop. The installation process was also painfully slow, and now I feel like there's a new update to upload every single day.

    On the positive side, the scanning process was pretty quick; McAfee located 1 potential problem, and asked me if I wanted to remove it. It's It's great that this is an 8-in-1 protection, so there's no need to go out and buy additional products that may or may not work together. My favorite part so far has been the McAfee Site Advisor, which I feel makes web surfing much safer.

    Having used this software for a couple days, it's too early to tell if there are any kinks, but so far everything is functioning well.

    A week later: while uploading an update, there was some sort of a glitch, and I was instructed to re-install the program. Tedious..

    A couple weeks into using the software: almost every day I get an error stating that McAfee needs to be re-installed. After a few times of this run-around, I uninstalled the program instead. Would definitely rate this 1 or 2 stars now......more info
  • A solid virus protection
    McAfee has for years been one of the stronger brand names for virus protection, and a lot of educational institutions provide it to their students and faculty for free. However, when it came to home virus protection, it has not always been easy to get a product that will allow users to have it installed on multiple computers. Since multiple computer households are more common these days, this becomes somewhat of a problem, and 'McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 - 3 User' are becoming increasingly useful licensing solutions. At home I am running three different Windows machines - Windows Vista Home Edition Premium, Vista Home Edition Basic and an old XP computer. All of these computers had various older security software suites installed, in addition to Microsoft's own security. The installation of the McAfee Suite was straightforward, but it took a lot of time to accomplish for all of the computers. In particular, it required

    1. Removal of all of the previous security software products (except those bundled up with Windows).

    2. Several restarts of each of the computers.

    I would also have liked if I could have installed the software form one central computer over the network, and not had to physically move the media from one computer to another. This may seem like a small step, but it could have saved some hassle.

    The backup utility seems to be working fine, but I don't like the fact that is based on the .NET framework. Somehow that doesn't make it seem to robust.

    The virus and malware scan worked fine, and detected a few of previously undetected viruses. However, on my old XP machine there are a couple of tracking/adware programs that have been serving me ads for quite some time now and the program has not been able to detect them.

    I like the internet browsing warnings that help me decide which websites to visit. The system works with both the Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    One thing that I particularly like about McAfee suite is its apparently small footprint - it doesn't seem to be using a lot of computer resources while its quietly running in the background and scanning your computer. I think this is a solid program and well worth the money for the peace of mind that it offers. ...more info
  • Good value
    I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to these security packages. I want something easy to install that keeps the computer safe and isn't too intrusive (as in, I don't have to see a new "Danger Will Robinson" popup every time I log on).

    I tried out McAfee's 2008 Internet Security Suite and for the most part am pleased. Installation was easy, up until it asks you to uninstall any previous security software. That's do-able, but not what I was planning. As far as I can tell, the program works as advertised. I don't do much in the way of high-risk internet surfing, but could see the program "earning its pay" while on banking and Paypal sites. I haven't noticed a lot of popup messages yet, and I hope that trend continues. Too often it seems like these programs are just meant for software companies to get their hooks in you.

    Given the price after rebates, the McAfee Internet Security Suite is a very good value. I'd rather not have to bother with this kind of thing at all, but this program delivers what it promises without too much fuss.
    ...more info
  • McAfee at it's Best
    Easy install process. It also will update your other versions. The best thing about this particular version is you get 3 uses. It's a huge advantage over the competition. So far it is doing a great job blocking spam from my mailboxes. The spam that my normal application ie. AOL misses gets kicked out by McAfee. I love it! Get it. ...more info
  • Good product, with some reservations
    It seems to work well for me relative to keeping viruses at bay. At least I haven't had any problems since installing it. That could be simply that my computer hasn't been attacked though, since I've never seen McAfee announce that it found one and took care of it. But I'm happy with being virus free.

    The back up program that is part of the package is horrible though and I'm amazed they would include it at all without refining it and making it more useful and user friendly. I think their reputation would be better served without it rather than doing a half-baked job. The amount of user tweaking you can do to have it back up only what you want is lousy, and it literally will not allow you to back up the Outlook .pst file at all! Someone tell me why that would be!

    One more downside - the annual fee is too high. Way too high. I may consider another alternative when my year is up unless they reduce the cost.

    ...more info
  • Does not offer users enough control
    Once again, I am frustrated by virus protection software. My main problem with virus software in general is that it often ends up acting like ad-ware. One of the reasons I purchase anti-virus software is to make sure I avoid installing software that produces pop up ads. However, the McAfee software is constantly popping up various warnings and ads. In fact, when my subscription had expired, I was continually bombarded with "special offer" pop ads aimed at getting me to renew. Also, warnings continually pop up asking me to update my software. No matter what I tried, I could not get these pop ups to go away.

    I like being in full control over all the software on my computer and I feel as though most virus software programs limit how much control I have over them.

    Yes, McAfee does seem to do a good job in catching viruses and malware while not slowing down my system. It was easy to installed and the initial scan was performed quickly.

    Overall, I just wish McAfee gave users more control over the way in which the product functions.
    ...more info
  • mcafee review
    I have tried to install mcafee antivirus on my three pcs ,it won't install on one because it had norton on it before,and it installed on another one and when I tried to update it it made my pc blue sceen and shut down,so I have one protected,one unprotected and one down and useless,no more mcafee for me!!!!!!!!!!! fooey....more info
  • Just wish it were more user friendly....
    As the name says, this is broad PC protection for the internet. Although, I've used it on only one computer so far, it can cover upto 3. Additionally, it has such a long list of prevention and protective measures it takes to protect your computer that it makes you wonder if you really need anything more than your regular virus scan and firewall protection!
    I have Windows XP and the installation was certainly not a breeze! After several error messages and giving up several times, I finally got it installed on my comuter only to realize that it had slowed down considerably. After some more tweaking, the internet connection is better but it makes you wonder if all the time spent was worth it and that is something only time will tell. But in the meantime, my conclusion is that if you have Windows XP, be prepared for some battle and you will be rewarded with peace and satisfacion that you've done some good for your computer...hopefully! As I said, only time will tell and I will certainly update later....more info
  • missed too much
    I am not impressed with either McAfee or Norton, they both are very commercial and seem to miss virus's and spyware. In fact they are close to useless. Gives one a very false sense of security. Try iolo, bit defender or spyware dr. They all seem to find lots of garbage that these big name virus detectors miss. In fact, McAfee is even worse than Norton....more info
  • Great Security Suite
    This an excellent product.
    It came with more features than I expected.
    It's a must have. The seller was also very good.
    ...more info
  • Quick and Easy Installation
    Software installed quickly and without any problems. McAfee Internet Security Suite immediately detected and removed spyware from my computer that my prior Norton 360 Online missed. Registration was required to recieve automatic updates to the software-just name, address and email, no financial information was requested. The box scared me at first because the front lists as compatible with Window's Vista but after reading the fine print on the top of the box it also listed Window's XP (what I have) as a compatible operating system. I have had no conflicts with Windows XP and McAfee to date(I'll update if issues arise). The software has so far downloaded updates daily without any problems. I've also noticed that my computer system runs faster since removing Norton and installing McAfee.

    McAfee's back-up feature has worked from day one unlike my Norton 360 backup that failed from the first day it was installed on my computer. I contacted Norton support many times and finally gave up and disabled the back-up feature to keep from receiving error messages.

    I'm not a computer genius but as a prior user of Norton 360 Online and Trend, McAfee ranks number 1 in my book and I can't see me switching back....more info
  • The enforced auto-renewal program is a big negative
    It is very difficult for the typical user to provide a truly insightful review of a product like this. Why? Because most of us are already protected from most internet threats by our Internet Service Provider. For example, the router supplied by my DSL provider has a firewall. My domain host screens for viruses and other malware. And, of course, I don't open attachments from strangers or even many of the people I know.

    Additionally, there are many free utilities that perform many of the same tasks with less burden on the computer and less intrusively.

    So I simply can't realistically evaluate this package in terms of how well it performs its basic functions.

    Those services who do test programs such as this for their actual effectiveness put McAfee Internet Security Internet Suite in the middle of the pack. I'll have to take their word for it.

    Installation is no more difficult than it should be on a computer running Windows XP. I have not tested it on Windows Vista.

    In terms of operation, McAfee puts a burden on the CPU, much the same way the Norton competitor does. McAfee is very intrusive with popups and warnings and, frankly, is irritating.

    The very worst feature, in my opinion, is the enforced automatic renewal plan. You are compelled to provide a credit card number in the installation process to sign up for this dubious benefit. Yes, you can cancel, but not through McAfee's web site. No, you have to use Chat, Email or Telephone which require 8, 7 and 5 steps respectively. None of these methods provide instant cancellation.

    If it were not for this "benefit", I might have given the product three stars. Because of it, I was tempted to give it one star. I find it offensive that a software publisher demands I obligate myself to a financial committment before I have even used the product - and makes me jump through hoops to cancel this forced purchase. McAfee also offers a 30 day refund policy on the entire product.

    Overall, ignoring the forced renewal subscription agreement, the product is about average. A bit more streamlined than Norton, it is also more intrusive. It costs a bit less for three computer coverage than Norton. On the whole, computer users are well advised to research and consider both free and other commercial offerings before choosing this product. And if you do purchase this product, be very wary of their forced automatic renewal.


    ...more info
  • Definitely works as advertised
    Having used previous version of McAfee security products, I had no hesitation to using the Internet Security Suite 2008 product. I installed it on three PC -- two running Windows XP and one running Windows Vista. In all cases, the install went without issue. Perhaps having previous familiarity with McAfee helped in this regard, but I found the process to be straight forward. Once installed, the software runs as advertised. I use all of the features (firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware, internet security. I use auto-update feature to ensure that the software is current. I absolutely recommend this product. I will definitely be back myself for the new version when my one-year subscription runs out....more info
    What is supposed to protect your family from pop-ups and security issues really just leaves you vulnerable to scams and porn.

    Following the step by step instructions, we loaded up this program and within minutes started receiving pop-ups stating that this or that program was an associate of McAfee if you clicked "no" you weren't interested more and more popped up leaving you unable to use the computer. The final straw was the PornBot that started flashing all over the screen with more and more graphic pictures. My main computer is now totally frozen and I have to spend money to fix what this "free" program was supposed to take care of.

    Total waste. Be Warned.
    ...more info
  • Fair Product - Abysmally Supported
    Regretfully, Amazon wouldn't publish the entire transcript between me and Nirmal (I mentally refer to him as Nimrod) that I dealt with last night.

    A year ago I purchased my Dell computer with Vista. Yeah I know, I see my folly now. Those Mac commercials are kind, Vista is much worse. Anyway, the McAfee security suite completely conflicted with the computer, and after three weeks of aggrevation, they finally got it to work (basically I had to turn off the error warnings).

    Now, a year later, the sneaky auto renewal is back. Even though my virus scan is up to date (according to their records), McAfee won't allow my computer to be scanned or protected until I shill out another $69 to buy their Security Center. Then, and only then, maybe, it will recognize that I have already paid for the VirusScan.

    Watch out for these scammers. Unless you pay aggregated 99.99 per year for a bunch of stuff you don't need, you'll be caught in a Bangladesh whirlpool of ESL customer support.

    Their solution? Uninstall all McAfee products and reinstall....

    If you'd like, I have some hysterical transcirpts and .wav files of these jokers bumbling through their help menus....more info
  • McAfee and poor service
    After installing the product, a pop-up window informed me that I needed to register it before I could receive updates. So, I attempted to register the product. At one point, I was required to enter a login password. I tried several times and several different passwords, and got an "invalid password" error each time. At that time, I entered into a chat session with a McAfee techie. He eventually informed me that the account with my email address was registered. Then, he discontinued the session in mid-exchange. Next day, I got the pop-up stating I needed to register the product. Because I had been told it was registered, I attempted to obtain updates from the McAfee site. Then, a message told me I needed to register the product. I attempted to telephone McAfee customer service, only to be hung up on - but after the correct amount of wasted time listening to McAfee commercials. Think I'll need to fix the problem - by uninstalling McAfee....more info
  • Solid protection but might slow down low-end machines.
    McAfee Internet Security is a solid all-around defense suite for your PC. While it works well with freshly-reformatted, it will give low-end, established machines some trouble. I tested it on an established, low-end, 1.8 GHz, 512 RAM Windows XP Home Edition system. As I ran the setup, it immediately informed me that my anti-virus and my spyware must be removed before continuing. Slightly peeved, I felt like I just invited a foreign-exchange student to stay with me, who started re-arranging my furniture. Nevertheless, I removed the prompted programs and the rest of the installation went smoothly. While it protected my system, it did fairly slowed it down a notch, especially during startup.

    The Good:

    *Good Value: This package includes a 3-PC User license.

    *All-In-One: Because it has anti-virus, spyware and even cleans your PC of clutter, there is no need to install a bunch of different programs; just let McAfee do all the work. Just install it and you are protected online. It even has a back-up feature.

    *User-Friendly Interface: A control panel that is friendly to novice and experts alike.

    The Bad:

    *Slow PCs Beware: While it works well with fast and powerful PCs, it will slow down older machines.

    *Middle-of-the Road: While it has most features that most suites have these days, McAfee doesn't seem to have many innovative features that other programs have to offer, such as form filler or extensive online storage for files. One innovate feature it does have is the Site Advisor, but most advanced users will find it rather comical that useful. Every website you visit, you can click a Site Advisor button which will lead you to a McAfee site which will tell you whether or not the website is safe or not. Underneath is an actual space for McAfee users to leave comments about the website. It should be taken with a grain of salt as there are actually people who will type "YAHOO IS VIRUS! BEWARE!!!"

    The Bottom Line: McAfee offers a simple, yet solid protection for your PC. While a good value, slow machine users take caution.
    ...more info
  • in general, very good!
    This antivirus package has lots of options, and does not seem to slow down my machine as much as Norton did. The price was right, too!...more info
  • A little security is a major relief when it comes to PCs!
    I love McAfee. When our McAfee membership ran out on our computer, we installed this easily and it is a huge relief to have it securely backing up our system in an easy to understand manner. I am not a computer geek so I really appreciate the clear way in which McAfee explains your options and choices when something unexpected comes along while you are working on your computer. I use my PC professionally. I cannot afford to be caught in a situation where I lose my work or my computer gets messed with while I am caught unaware. This sound and efficient product is something I depend upon daily. ...more info


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