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Flexible toe stretcher is Yoga for your feet! Get stronger, straighter, healthier feet in just 10 minutes a day. Just slip your toes inside to increase flexibility and circulation, realign bones, stretch Achilles tendons, and relieve stress and pain associated with bunions and hammertoes. Set of two,one size fits all.

  • Yoga for your feet!
  • Get stronger, straighter, healthier feet
  • Just 10 minutes a day
  • Set of two
  • One size fits all

Customer Reviews:

  • Good product, with caveats- updated: would give 5 stars
    If you have perfect feet, bet these would be great...however.....most of us don't. I have some misshaped /hammer type toes (due to narrow shoes purchased when younger), and it's almost impossible to get the outside two toes into the forms. Perhaps this will get better with time, but if you have toes that aren't straight....might be dicey.

    However, I really bought these because I wanted to stretch the other three (medial) toes, which do fit into the forms, and I think they will work well for this purpose.
    (Can't say anything about the 'yoga' aspects about these- I just knew that the foam forms used for pedicures were insufficient, and I needed something more substantive.)
    Specifically: I had joint replacement surgery on the ball of my foot (big toe), and it's resulted in crowding between the big toe and 'first toe', resulting in the formation of a corn on the sole of the foot (due to the lateral compression between the toes combined with normal vertical weight bearing in that area of my foot).

    The forms do successfully stretch the space between these toes, and my foot does feel better- after ~ 2-3 uses. I paid <$7 for these at Walmart, so it does pay to shop around.

    Takehome: Shop around for best price, be realistic about these (if you don't have perfect feet, don't expect them to fit perfectly), but they might be a useful, inexpensive tool to increase flexibility for the foot and toes.

    Update- Applying a SMALL amount of lotion really helps to encourage stubborn toes into the forms. (not too much else they'll be too slippery and won't hold traction)

    I've used these consistently for ~ 1 week, and honestly believe that they're saving me a trip to the podiatrist & have headed off the formation of a nasty corn in a bad location (ball of foot between great toe and nearest lateral toe). Best of all, my feet don't hurt as much, and seem to be improving with time.
    System is not letting me increase the star rating, but I'd give them 5 stars at this point....more info
  • As I sit with them on, not moving my toes at all and watch them slip off...
    I think, well there went ten bucks down the drain. I was going to return them but since I wore them I thought not. I have some ball of the foot and toe issues of late and saw the "real yoga toes" on a search and decided to save $25. Can't imagine the real ones being worth that much. Perhaps they are. I am using these "cheap"er ones now and do see some minor benefit from the idea. It's just that they keep sliding off. I am reaching down often to get back on. Perhaps my toes are too small. My husband laughed when he saw them on me and said "boy, did they see you coming"! LOL Well, try this... I remembered I had some pedicure toe seperator sponge things... low and behold... THEY STAY PUT!!! WOW! Who would have thunk for a dollar and 99cents you could get same effect! I suggest to try that first....more info
  • careful with size you choose
    I mistakenly thought a "large" meant the size between the toes not the size of the foot. I still can use them, but they are awkward.
    Candace...more info
  • Not as good as the brand name
    I purchased the brand name first and was very happy with it. If you have bunions, etc. this help your foot. I've lost my Yoga toes and decided to purchase the cheaper version. The cheaper one are not as flexible and uncomfortable. I will buy again the brand name....more info
  • not bad for the price
    it looks like the real version would be softer on the feet, these are a little hard - don't try to walk around with them but they do work. they are a little big but you can push them down onto your toes and they will stay....more info
  • Stretching your dollars and toes!
    I thought I'd give this a shot since they looked just like a very similar product i had recently seen in a catalog for more than 3 times the price. I figured I didn't have that much to lose if I didn't like them, and I would NOT have spent $36 on them (catalog price). Surprise...I like them! They are easy to use and the stretch feels good. One word of caution, though - I'm not sure if the online product description mentioned this, but if you are diabetic or have circulation problems, the instructions recommend consulting your doctor before using. I bought my Mom a pair for Xmas and THEN we asked her podiatrist if she could use them. She is diabetic, and he thought she should pass. At least they weren't $36!...more info
  • Ouch
    These are not flexible at all. They really hurt and don't work. What a waste of money. I do use them to paint my toenails....more info


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