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  • five stars for filtration, zero stars for ease of use
    First the complaint - these bags are awfully pricey considering that they fill up so fast. The bag is too big for the compartment, so you have to fold it over at the top and bottom to get it to fit into the allotted space. Despite having owned this model vacuum for seven years, I still need three hands to get the corners of the over-sized bag tucked into place before slamming the compartment shut.

    Changing the bag is a dirty bit of business, because when you pull the old bag off, all that super-fine dust at the top goes *POOF* and escapes from the bag's opening . We've taken to putting the vacuum on the back porch before opening up the bag compartment to keep dust out of our home.

    I see a name brand competitor has come up with a solution to this by putting a little trap door thingie by the bag's opening, so when you pull the bag off the vacuum, all the dust doesn't fly out of the bag and go *POOF*.

    Okay - the positive - these Hoover paper bags do a decent job of trapping fine dust particles, but I do wish they'd figure out how to make bag removal and installation easier. Or just make the bag a different shape so you're not contorting it to get it into the allotted space.

    More recently, I've started using Filtrete (3M) bags. Made of cloth, they're lined with an electrostatically charged media which captures dust and dirt down to .3 microns. Because they're cloth (instead of stiff paper, like these bags), they're much easier to install into the Hoover vacuum.

    On another note, I keep seeing that these bags are offered at this site under the heading of "used". This seems a little bizarre!...more info