Oral B Triumph 9900 Toothbrush with Smart Guide

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Product Description

New Oral-B Triumph is Oral-B's best, most advanced toothbrush system. Inspired by dental professionals, Oral-B Triumph has new brushing technologies and interactive feedback that will help you brush your best every day. An innovative new FlossAction brushhead gives you a superior clean, even in hard to reach places, while patented Smart Technology helps you get the most from your brushing. Oral-B Triumph also has Oral-B ProfessionalCare patented oscillating-pulsating technology with 40,000 in-and-out pulsations that gently loosen plaque and 8,800 back-and-forth oscillations to sweep it away. A smarter way to keep teeth healthy and clean, the Oral-B Triumph teaches you the best way to brush. This brilliant toothbrush is equipped with a wireless, portable interactive display that gives improved feedback on brushing technique, time and pressure. One-year warranty. Model PC9900

Introducing The Next Generation of Oral Health
Oral-B's most advanced rechargeable toothbrush, Triumph with SmartGuide enables better brushing for better oral health. Clinically proven to give extraordinary cleaning and improved brushing habits for healthy teeth and gums, Triumph with SmartGuide's 3D Excel Action has 40,000 in-and-out pulsations per minute that gently loosen plaque, and 8,800 side-to-side oscillations that sweep it away.

Its innovative remote wireless display is specifically designed to give you the knowledge and guidance to brush thoroughly, gently, and for the dental recommended two minutes. This wireless monitor features the first visual pressure sensor alert to help reduce hard brushing and prevent gum recession--a precursor to tooth loss.

The SmartGuide features include:
  • Visual Pressure Sensor: Lets you know if you're brushing with the right amount of pressure. In a clinical study, the sensor is shown to reduce hard brushing in 9 out of 10 users.
  • Improved Brushing Guide: Takes you through all the quadrants of your mouth, ensuring that each section is equally well cleaned.
  • Pausable Professional Timer: If you need to stop brushing, you can pause the timer and resume where you left off
  • Change Your Brush Head Alert: When it's time to replace, a message appears on the SmartGuide.
  • Four customized brushing modes , each gentle on your gums:
    • Clean- Choose this mode at any time you brush for the benefit of ultimate plaque removal and the confidence of exceptional whole-mouth cleaning.
    • Sensitive- This mode offers a more gentle approach toward getting a thorough brushing for your teeth and gums.
    • Massage- Achieve the benefits of thorough yet gentle gum stimulation, recommended for maintaining strong, healthy gums.
    • Polish- ProWhite brush head with special polishing cup retains toothpaste longer to remove stains for whiter teeth in only 21 days.
Try Triumph with SmartGuide and begin to experience:
  • Ultimate plaque removal
  • Improved gum health: helps prevent and reverse gingivitis
  • Superior whitening and polishing action in 21 days**
  • Guaranteed better check-ups or your money back!
**vs. Oral-B Precision Clean, Oral-B's leading power brush head/whitens teeth by gently removing surface stains
  • Advanced oral care system guides you to extraordinary cleaning and superior gum health
  • Innovative wireless display provides while-you-brush feedback for optimal brushing habits
  • Floss Action brush head with MicroPulse bristles penetrates deep between teeth and gums, dramatically improving the health of your gums
  • If you should apply too much pressure, a red light will appear signaling you that too much pressure is being used
  • With the wireless remote display, you can easily see your brushing time per quadrant and the positive feedback at 2 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Cheeper then Sonic but a harder brush
    I had a sonic tooth brush prior and liked it a lot. The heads for the sonic were very expensive and why I did not buy another. The Oral-B feels harder on my teeth. I do like the replacement head prices and the smart guide....more info
  • so far so good
    I opted for this model mostly because of the guided brushing (this is my first electric toothbrush). I tend to brush my teeth to hard causing sensitivity and breakdown of my enamel. The wireless giude is great at warning me when i am brushing too hard and helps give a quick thorough cleaning by letting me know when to move to the next section. The sensitive mode on the toothbrush is great. the floss action brush head is excellent, getting into each crevice (i hate to admit that i rarely ever floss now but, feel it is uneccessary). my teeth feel really clean after every use. I am definately satisfied. ...more info
  • oral b smartguide
    This is a great toothbrush. My teeth feel as clean as if I had gone to the dentist. The smart guide makes sure I brush for 2 minutes....more info
  • Oral B 9900
    I reluctantly bought this as my first electric toothbrush. I was very surprised by the job it did. Never having used one before, I did not know what to expect. The first time or two was a little awkward but I quickly got the hang of it and now love it! I can highly recommend this model. It feels rugged and the timer feature is a pleasure to use. Go ahead! You deserve it! ...more info
  • great product the smart guide is useless though after 5 times
    this is a great product, my teeth feel a lot cleaner all the time. i don't have any bleeding or anything.
    I am not sure it is worth paying for the smart guide though. it becomes useless quickly.
    other than that, great product....more info
  • Best Toothbrush I've Ever Used
    This is a Great Toothbrush. I've have had 3 different kinds of electric toothbrushes in the past and this is by far the best. I really like the timer...and it really seams to get the back teeth which have always been a problem for me. well done Oral B!...more info
  • Don't Buy This Brush
    I bought this brush system about 8 months ago. It worked very well and I was really happy with it--even got used to it telling me off when I brushed too hard or stopped brushing too early--UNTIL the Smart Guide started blinking a symbol at me. Turns out it wanted me to replace the batteries in the brush handle. Yes, that's replace the batteries! It actually has two rechargeable AA batteries inside. That might not be a problem, BUT you can't get them out on your own. You have to call customer service to get the location of a store to take it to so they can do it, and charge you for it too. Every six months! Add to that the fact that the replacement toothbrush heads cost around $8 each (and it makes you change those too) and this product just isn't worth the effort. Buy something else!...more info
  • Best toothbruch ever
    This brush does everything it promises and the heads are very affordable. My other battery toothbrush quit after a year and the heads cost a fortune. ...more info
  • Excellent Device
    Performance: the best
    Price: awesome
    Results: Healthy teeth & gum. Improvement in mouth hygiene. Nice guide system. Battery superb. Only, screen little dark for today technology but not a problem.
    Recommended by the Dentist and Patient.
    ...more info
  • the last toothbrush standing
    I love it. I've been using the brush everyday since it arrived at my doorstep. In just a week, I've noticed a healthier gumline and whiter teeth. It does the job well and along with the smart guide, I never miss a tooth. ...more info
  • great product
    Started using this after my last dental appt. 6wks later teeth look as good as day 1. healthy mouth healthy body...more info
  • Very happy with this purchase
    This is the first serious electric toothbrush I have used, and I chose this model based on the other reviews, and I have to say I am not disappointed! I have been using this for three months, right after a dental visit, and I feel like my teeth are as clean now as they were just after the professional cleaning! I am so happy with this product that I got a similar product for my boyfriend - I got him the 9400 instead (seems to be pretty much the same thing without the extra clock/display unit). He is a happy user as well! It is quite a bit more expensive than the manual options, but considering how much cleaner my teeth feel after using this, I am not going back to manual brushing any more....more info
  • Oral B Triumph performance
    I purchased the Oral B Triumph 9900 after my last dental visit. My gums were showing the beginning stages of periodontal disease and had slight bleeding in several locations.

    This product really works as advertised! The bluetooth timer is a great help if you were not accustomed to spending enough time in each quadrant of your mouth while brushing. My teeth are totally clean; much more than ever with a manual brush.

    My best price was found on Amazon.com for this unit. This is the first electronic toothbrush that I have owned. The price is what led me to the purchase.

    Now I am glad that I bought this product and am very happy with the results....more info
  • Cleans teeth beautifully!!!!
    This is an excellent product. I felt the difference in my teeth almost immediately. Easy set-up/installation. I love the timer feature. ...more info
  • Pretty good
    I'm still getting use to electric toothbrushes, but I like how clean it makes my teeth feel. Easy to set up and use. Love that it has a travel case. ...more info
  • Oral B 9900 is a "Triumph"
    We recently purchased the Oral B Triumph 9900 and love it. We didn't really need all the "extras" but now that we have it and took the time to real the guide we love the results. Finally hooked up the timer and started a routine - would be great for kids also - it's so automatic. So get the Oral B and take a few minutes to learn about all the extras - it's worth it....more info
  • Oral B 9900 Toothbrush
    This toothbrush is everything it is advertised to be. It probably has more features than I need, but it is worth the money. Does an excellent job of cleaning your teeth and have various options. Highly recommend this toothbrush....more info
  • Great Product, Non-great seller!
    I have never received my purchase until today but I decided to buy it from a store instead of online...It's a great product...I love how it cleanses my teeth, I feel like I just got out of the dental clinic right every after every brush because I can feel my teeth so clean.

    But the seller TECH HUNTER INC, never responded or anything...I don't know what happened. I am still working for my refund....more info
  • Wow!
    From a major tartar removal battle with every visit to the dentist for the last 2 years to a visit that lasted less than half an hour, this electric toothbrush has done wonders with clearing up my tartar problem. While it does get some getting use to, this is an excellent product and well worth the price compared to paying the dentist to hack away at your teeth. ...more info
  • Great Results - Just ask my dentist
    Replaced a Rota-dent professional electric toothbrush. Much better results -- although the Rota-dent lasted almost 10 years. At appointment after 4 weeks of use, my dentist commented how well I had done with plaque control. I've also noticed that my teeth are whiter (without using the polishing feature.) Gum massage is great and the toothbrush comes with a travel case that makes it easy to take on the road....more info
  • Great product
    Takes a little getting use to but does a great job. Have had no problems with battery life but I only use it about 8 minutes a day....more info
  • Oral B Triumph
    Very good toothbrush. I definitely notice a fresher mouth and cleaner teeth and healthier gums. The smart guide makes brushing for the proper length of time so simple. I used to rush-brush. Now I know I'm brushing properly and for the correct amount of time. I love it!...more info
  • Great Product
    Very good and easy to use. I had to read the instructions to use all the features. And the wireless display is indeed useful!...more info
  • Works great
    Had a Braun toothbrush, so this was a replacement. I like being able to see how long I've spent brushing each segment....more info
  • Holds Charge
    I love my new toothbrush. The 30 second timer works great. I took it on a trip and after 11 days it still held the charge. Easy to use! ...more info
  • Really great toothbrush!
    We bought 2 of these to replace the Sonicare elite. The replacement heads for that were too expensive and it is really hard to keep clean. We got one for my DH and I and one for our oldest daughter who has braces. We love them! They are super easy to clean, replacement heads are less expensive, and our teeth have never been cleaner. It is a bit more noisy than the sonicare but you get used to that and having different speeds to choose from is great. I was pretty hesitant to spend so much on a toothbrush but in my opinion it is well worth it....more info
  • Good product
    I really enjoy this product, I tend to brush too hard. The smart guide helps me pay attention to how hard I am brushing....more info
  • Not much better than a manual toothbrush
    I have used Sonicare brushes for many years and decided to try the Oral B. It was a big mistake. The mechanical action of the Oral B is so slow compared to Sonicare it is like using a manual toothbrush. The wireless monitor is useless unless you want a digital clock on your counter. After a month I ordered another Sonicare and couldn't be happier. If you are thinking of purchasing an electric toothbrush, look elswhere....more info
    I've never had an electric toothbrush before this one and now I will never go back to a manual one. The Triumph has so many great features....wish I would have bought it sooner! ...more info
  • Great Electric Toothbrush
    My wife bought me this product for Christmas. I had another toothbrush (Sonicare) which died. This one is amazing. I like the way it times your brushing of each quadrant and tells you if you're using too much pressure (a common problem with me). Overall, I'm lovin' it.

    San Jose, CA...more info
  • Oral B Triumph 9900 is truly a triumph
    This product is top of the line when it comes to electric toothbrushes. I've own a few others, and this one is, by far, superior. It leaves my teeth feeling nice and clean. The smart guide is a plus, but not really necessary, because I'm pretty good with my teeth cleaning timing and technique. The best feature for me was the great price here at Amazon. The down side is toothbrush head replacements can be costly, but just milk them as far as you can. Enjoy....more info
  • Good, but not perfect.
    I hadn't really thought about buying an electric toothbrush until my last dentist visit, where the person cleaning my teeth pointed out that my gums were receding a bit. I noticed they had several of the Triumph 9900 kits available for sale, so I knew the Triumph was recommended by my dentist. (Of course, I also knew that Amazon would stomp him on price.)

    That day, I ordered this from Amazon, and we've been using it for just over a month.

    For the first few days, my teeth were unusually sensitive, and my gums hurt. I have sensitive teeth to begin with, and wasn't using the sensitive setting regularly, and my point really is that using the normal head with the normal setting is actually quite tolerable if you have sensitive teeth. After the first few days, I didn't notice any pain or sensitivity, so the adjustment period was pretty decent.

    I've noticed in the past month that my teeth feel cleaner, and my gums definitely look healthier than they had before I started using the Triumph. And while I haven't given up flossing, it does a great job of knocking out bits of food in between your teeth.

    What I've also noticed though, is that I don't really use the display at all. I'd stare at it religiously when I first started using the Triumph, but the toothbrush pauses in between 30 second intervals, so it isn't really rocket science to remember that at the first pause, you go from top right to bottom right, bottom right to bottom left at the next pause, and bottom left to top left at the last pause. I also learned quickly how hard "too hard" was with the display, so anymore, it's just a nice looking clock that will remind me when it's time to buy new heads.

    One notable feature on the display: the "too hard" indicator has an LED behind the LCD (so it actually lights up red). I thought this was especially helpful when I first started using this.

    Why only four stars? Well, as I had said before, the display is really only useful for a few days, and then once it becomes time to replace the head. The second reason, is how disappointed I am in the overall design of this toothbrush....

    When I took it out of the box, one of the first things I noticed was that the battery appeared to be replaceable. I thought this was great, since I've owned many other "bathroom mirror" items (razors, beard trimmers, etc.) that were supposed to be tossed out when they couldn't be recharged anymore.

    Sadly, the manual tells a different tale. Attempting to remove the battery literally destroys the toothbrush. The battery door is there so you can dispose of the toothbrush without contaminating landfills with the battery (which is good, no question about that). But once you take the battery out, the toothbrush is permanently disabled by design. Oral B says that this indicates "the end of the device's useful life". I say it's planned obsolescence at its worst.

    A couple final notes: the compartment on the base for holding toothbrush heads is nice if there are only two people, but they're spaced closely together for four brush heads. So on one hand, you have this nice protective case blocking bathroom nasties from getting on your toothbrush, and trying to get it in or out of its case will basically force you to come in to bump someone else's brush head. Also, you have to be meticulous about rinsing the head, or else you wind up with a ring of old toothpaste at the bottom of the holder, which is difficult to clean.

    Finally, check out Amazon's Subscribe and Save for replacement brush heads. I did some comparison shopping at WalMart, Walgreen's, and CVS, and Subscribe and Save is a pretty great deal compared to the prices I was seeing in stores. ...more info
  • It's Grrrrreat!
    All my life I've been brushing by hand for 3 minutes, but that wasn't helping my gums. Every visit to the dentist, I would hear them say that my gums bleed too much. Now that I've been using the Oral B Triumph 9900 for 1 month I can see a difference! I flossed and there was no blood....more info
  • Works, until it starts fogging up, then dies.
    I like the Braun/Oral-B toothbrushes, but this model needs more design work. The first one allowed water to get inside the unit, making the clear display fog up like a cheap watch. This continued until one day, well past the warrant period, the unit just quit working.

    Figuring the leaking was a fluke, I bought another, which started leaking and fogging up within about a month. I'm trying to get in touch with Oral-B, but they have a horrible web site that makes it difficult to email them. No matter, I'll figure that part out.

    So anyway, having bought two of them with the exact same problem, "fool me twice, shame on me" applies, and while hanging my head in shame, I'm off to find something else comparable, that isn't made by Oral-B....more info
  • Does the job
    This Oral B Triumph 9900 really does an excellent job of cleaning your teeth and is great for massaging the gums. I can see a difference and I have been using it for less that one month....more info
  • Oral B Truimph 9900 with Smart Guide

    This does a fantastik job of getting tartar from the teeth, and the smart guide has the right amount of time to brush. My husband would press the brush too hard on his teeth and sprawl the bristles out, but with the smart guide, this keeps him from doing that.

    Also, this is a very nice sleek design that looks great in the bathroom.

    I love it!!!...more info
  • How expensive is too expensive?
    I have always been a fan of electric toothbrushes, they have always given me a good excuse to stop exercising my hand and actually get ready in the morning. The last oral-b professional care toothbrush failed on me after a few years, and since then I was a bit unwilling to fork out money for a new one. It was just as well as during my hiatus, I went on and had braces fitted on my teeth. So it was back to manual for about two years. Orthodontic electric brush heads were not widely available (and more importantly costly) and I have hated waking up every single day I had braces on.

    Having braces fitted was never cheap to start with. So if one could justify the cost paying for the pain to align teeth together, it made me realize that an electric toothbrush was a very small and insignificant cost when compared, and that I should make sure my original investment was, at the very least, worth the pain in the first place. So in a heartbeat, I went back to using an electric toothbrush again. Oral-B Triumph it was.

    It was certainly the right decision as I was instantly taken back to the point in time when I remembered why I used an electric toothbrush in the first place. My teeth felt cleaner when compared to using a manual brush.
    But does it clean your teeth any better? Yes and no depending on wether you properly use your manual toothbrush. The 2-minute timer felt too short as I have been disciplined and trained to brush properly with a manual and compounded with the fact I had braces on which required extra care. I can't help but feel I am cheating as it only took 2-minutes to get a result that would have otherwise taken longer with manual toothbrush. That in itself is worth it. But not all electric toothbrushes are created equal, with the Triumph's 8,800 oscillations and 40,000 pulsations per minute is one of the best I have used. It is also a rotation oscillation brush which numerous studies that seem to indicate helps reduce plaque and gum disease. Insist on that. I also like how the unit is able to automatically distinguish different brush modes when switching between the everyday floss action and polishing brush head.

    The power adaptor is a dual voltage adaptor which is great for travelers. The base charger is also compact and light weight. The travel case which holds two brush heads is also handy to keep things tidy. I found the Smart Guide to be entirely a gimmick - its now stored away in the box as I have no use or time to look into the display. Certainly not worth polluting the environment with keeping the unit running.

    The effectiveness of electric toothbrushes versus manual toothbrushes have and will continue to be the subject of debate, what really matters is your choice of the two is insignificant if you have the wrong brushing technique to begin with - and that is one thing everyone can agree on. Others have a different reason altogether - for those who have rheumatoid arthritis. For me, the idea that I know I will get an effective clean in just 2 minutes rather than spending more time to achieve the same result was reason enough....more info
  • Great product and good value at Amazon.com
    We have been using Oral-B products for a while now and they all have performed as expected. This particular item is no exception. It is a little louder than I anticipated, mostly due to the revolutions of the brush head. We had been using the Oral-B Sonic Brush prior to this which is extremely quiet as the brush head does not rotate. I cannot use the heads that come with the brush as I have braces but using an Ortho head designed for braces works just as well. The cost, with shipping, from Amazon.com was cheaper than I could find this item in a local store....more info
  • Oral B Triumph 9900 w/Smart Guide
    I puchased this product since my dentist insisted -- I have been very impressed so far -- I actually look forward to brushing with this new system -- it is easy on my teeth and doesnt cause any gum bleeding.

    It is expensive and says you need to replace the brush head every 3 months or so. ...more info
  • GREAT Product
    This toothbrush is amazing. I didn't think it would work as well as it does. My teeth felt instantly cleaner. It has removed the plaque in all those hard to reach places. It is definitely better than a manual toothbrush. I haven't been to the dentist since I started using it, but am curious to see if he notices a difference too. My teeth always look and feel shiny and clean, like I just got back from the dentist. I would recommend an electric toothbrush to everyone. The only complaint is the charge doesn't hold as long as the box says (2 weeks). But I can deal with that, it's not that big of a deal.

    I purchased a second toothbrush as a present and he loves it too. He noticed the difference immediately also....more info
  • Amazing Cleaning Power
    I got this for my fiance for Christmas. I've always been a non-electric brush guy, just didn't like them and I felt I did a better job than the usual array of electrics available.

    My mind has changed!

    This toothbrush is WELL WORTH THE MONEY. If you've been considering buying one do not hesitate any longer.

    I'm a smoker and rabid coffee drinker. Needless to say unless I go to the dentist my teeth tend to have a tinge to them and I hate it. About 20 minutes ago I decided to give this toothbrish a whirl. I gargled with a little targon as I always do and began. The first thing I noticed was the power; it feels like it has A LOT of torque to it. This thing spins seriously fast. A lot of consumer products say they have pulse technology and it ends up being a gimmick. Not here, this thing pulses! Turn it on and you can feel the power.

    This toothbrush took down a pack of smokes and two pots of coffee that had been sitting on my teeth for hours like it was child's play. It wasn't rough either, just wiped that junk off my teeth. I've got that back from the dentist clean. You might be looking at the price going "HA not for a toothbrush!" Most of us very quick to put that kind of money towards other electronics in a heartbeat - do yourself a favor and get this toothbrush.

    Invest in your health today, get the Blu Ray player next payday :)

    *BTW the price on amazon.com cannot be beat for this unit. I purchased this two months ago and the price has remained steady at appx $105 - 12/26/08.
    ...more info
  • Oral B Triumph 9400
    The Oral B 9400 Triumph is a great 3-speed brush and is worth the money. The bristles are firm, but soft enough that they probably won't damage my teeth. The auto timer is helpful to keep track of my brushing time. There is one problem, and I think this kind of thing should be illegal. Obsolescence has been designed in. If you try to change the battery, it self-destructs. You get one battery usage and then throw it away. Great engineering, but Proctor and Gamble bought both Oral B and Braun, so there is no competition that I know of. P&G has a history of doing stuff like this. Good products, but the mentality is a little warped....more info
  • 6 month check up, 75% improved!
    My last dentist appointment ended with my dentist putting me on "perio watch" and me thinking about how my parents both have dentures so I am destined to lose my teeth. At the suggestion of my cousin who is a dental hygenist, I bought an electric toothbrush, the oral b triumph with smart guide, and 6 months later, with generally better habits that include this brush, my dentist said I was 75% improved. That is great news to me! My cousin had mentioned that a common problem is that people push too hard when they brush which was why I liked the smart guide, however after the first time I brushed I knew I wasn't brushing too hard and didn't really need it anymore. I do like that the timer helps you spend an equal amount of time on each quadrant and to spend the suggested 2 minutes total. I can't say for sure though whether this brush is better than other similar brushes, especially if you don't need the timer or brushing too hard alert. I only use the flossing action brush heads and have not tried the whitening head. The hygenist at my dentist's office also mentioned massaging the gums more which I think the vibrations of the electric brush help with. All in all though, the last cleaning I had was the least painful/uncomfortable one I've had so I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone concerned about their gums. ...more info
  • Practical, yet fun to use
    The Smart Guide is really useful, as it helps you brush properly and for a full two minutes. The motorized unit is waterproof and easy to rinse off after using, and it communicates with the Smart Guide. You are reminded to replace the brush after using it for so many hours, according to the directions. The Oral B Triumph 9900 is actually fun to use, and it makes toothbrushing easy. Your teeth feel cleaner and look cleaner. You also use less toothpaste than you would with a manual toothbrush....more info
  • Just Buy it! No need to think about it.
    This is my second Oral B toothbrush, my first lasted 3 years and is still going stong but the battery now last for about 8 days so decided to buy a new one. This model is far superior. I have had over two weeks use between charges... 2 mins, twice per day for more than two weeks.

    This new model is far supirior to my early model I owned, I particularly like the fact that it recognises the tooth brush head you put on and automatically adjusts the cleaning mode accordingly. The battery charge display is very good too.

    The "Gimic" wireless display is actually very good. My old toothbrush heads lasted 2 / 3 weeks because I was pressing the head too hard but didn't realise it. The display shows a red triangle when your pushing to hard... my tooth brush is 4 weeks old now and I will probably get another 4 weeks out of it.. maybe more. The two minute timer is good too... I now spend the 2 mins brushing my teeth!!! And yes, my teeth do feel cleaner than with the old model. Its also a useful clock in the bathroom.

    The recharging unit holds 4 heads and is neat and compact. The travelcase is very good and secure and protects the unit perfectly. My old model used to go off in my luggage which could be very embarresing...ha! ha!!!

    Would I buy this model again? Yes. Would I recommend it to a friend? Yes.

    Some things in life you should just buy the best you can afford, I think this is one of those products. My teeth do feel clean.

    ...more info
  • Excellent!
    My dentist recommended this toothbrush. I thought it was a little expensive at first, retails for $140. Excellent deal on Amazon & product works great! I would def. recommend this product! ...more info
  • The best toothbrush
    After researching the best toothbrush(electric being superior according to most dentists I asked),the Triumph series of oral-B is the best according to my dentist and periodontist.The best brush heads are the FlossAction and the Precision Clean-you should try both. ...more info
  • great when if it works
    When it works it works great, but it never works.... We used this for 6 months at out Dentists recommendation. It worked great and even the dentist commented that my teeth were cleaner, but.... after 6 or 7 months the brush died. We sent it in for repair and 7 weeks later it was returned, but it still didn't work. I am back to the brush. Save your money and buy something else. The Oral B customer service was miserable....more info
  • Easy way to brush teeth
    I order the Oral B Triumph 9900 for my three kids and my husband for Christmas. Amazon had the best price, way below other places. Everyone loves their Oral B. It is easy to use and the kids use the smart guide to tell them where to brush and for how long. They even enjoy brushing now. And when we went on a short trip after Christmas, everyone had their travel case. I'm so pleased. Looking forward to our trips to the dentist now....more info
  • Absolutely the Best Yet (We've Tried Many Toothbrushes)
    Our family has used a lot of different electric toothbrushes in the last fifteen years and this one is the best ever.

    This is why:

    1. The Smart Guide Technology is GREAT. In the past, with other toothbrushes without the 'smart guide' we did not know if we were putting enough or too much pressure on our teeth with the toothbrush.

    With a different Oral B model a few years ago I used too much pressure and temporarily damaged the enamel on my teeth. A dentist told me to lighten up on the pressure. But after that I stopped using that toothbrush out of fear of damaging my teeth. A relative also used that same model and damaged his enamel so badly that he sought the care of a dentist who confirmed his enamel was damaged (temporarily) but it was so bad he had to take painkilling medication. In the model's defense my husband used that same model with no problem.

    This Oral B model is superior because it senses the pressure so we don't damage our teeth AND so that we apply enough pressure to clean our teeth well.

    I have my children using this now also as now they know when they are applying the right amount of pressure. I have struggled over the years to try to get them to brush their teeth well enough and long enough.

    2. The visual aid helps with the timing of the brushing. The little screen shows the time in numbers and it shows what quadrant of the teeth to brush at that time.

    Yes other electric toothbrushes that my children used had a beep or a pause in the brushing action to indicate each 30 second segment of time. But for whatever reason, this different visual aid is helping them more. They like to watch it and count down the time. They make a game of it. (You can also change it to count up if you prefer that.) My kids are no longer claiming to 'not hear the beep' or to rush through the brushing and shut it off saying 'it must have been long enough and it must be making a mistake to still be on'. The kids (boys age 8 and 11) also like the visual reminder of which quadrant to brush in that 30 second segment.

    3. After the cleaning my mouth feels like it does after a professional cleaning.

    4. Lastly and less importantly, the boys think the toothbrush with the screen is cool and fun.

    Confession: My husband is a toothbrush junkie always in search of the latest and best one on the market. This is why our family has bought (too many) electric toothbrushes in the past. I'm the type who uses one that works well until it dies, but he is the one spending money to buy the latest and greatest. In this case I am glad he bought this one!

    Honestly this is a great toothbrush!...more info
  • COMPLETELY different from manual brushing, in a good way!
    Amazing product. I'm fairly skeptical, so i did a lot of research on toothbrushes and spoke to my dentist, he recrommended the Oral B brand. Love the wireless display so i know how long i'm brushing. I also have a tendency to brush hard, and this will show you if you are. I've already noticed my teeth feeling much cleaner, my gums are even firmer. LOVE IT!!! and it was $30 cheaper on here that at target!...more info
  • Happy
    Recieved 3 weeks ago, my whole family it with good results. Does every thing advertised, and helps keep the kids in the bathroom brushing (kids are 5 and 6)....more info
  • oral b triumph 9900
    Great product. My dentist recommended I start using an electric toothbrush. I strongly resisted because I hated the thought of toothpaste foam spraying everywhere, but finally conceeded. I'm glad I did, this toothbrush is the best. The different modes are great, and it comes with a separate brush head for whitening. The only downfall is that my teeth became pretty sensitive after starting to use the toothbrush. ...more info
  • Best Brushing system
    At first I was really skeptical about it thinking it was another high dollar brushing system, but from the first time I used it, I could really tell a big difference. It actually makes brushing your teeth fun too....more info
  • Nice toothbursh
    The finish and product quality is very attractive. I would have given this a 5 star but for few things.

    It always starts up in "clean" mode which is bit too harsh for me. I like the "sensitive teeth" mode which is a bit slower. There is no way to make this toothbrush always start in "sensitive teeth" mode. So, I first put the toothbrush in my mouth ( to avoid spatter on start up), start it up and then fumble for the mode button to change to sensitive teeth mode. Not sure why they haven't given an option to start in a given mode every time.

    The 2-minute recommended timer is non-programmable. It always stays at 2-minutes with 30 second to brush each quadrant of mouth. I was somehow under the impression that I could set the timer to what I felt was right.

    The display is kind of hard to look at while brushing. I wish the display had seconds also to time the 30 second mouthwash rinse. Other than display clock, the quadrants, brushing mode and brushing too hard indicator, most of which I cannot look at when brushing, the display serves no purpose. I wish they had an audible alarm within the display.

    Only two types of brush heads, floss-action and pro-white have an ability to communicate with the handle to provide feedback so be careful when buying replacements.

    As a lifelong manual toothbrush user, I am still getting used to the high speed rotation in my mouth but my teeth really feel cleaner and some staining is gone....more info


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