Viniyoga Therapy for the Low Back, Sacrum & Hips with Gary Kraftsow

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Viniyoga Therapy for the Low Back, Sacrum and Hips features short, simple therapeutic yoga practices carefully designed to alleviate pain and promote health in the low back, sacrum and hips. For the first time ever on DVD, benefit from the expert guidance of Gary Kraftsow, one of the world's leading yoga therapists. Founder of the American Viniyoga Institute, Gary is the designer of the only yoga practices demonstrated to be effective for back pain in a National Institutes of Health-sponsored clinical study. If you are one of the 8 out of 10 Americans who have or will experience back pain, make the powerful therapeutic practices on this DVD a part of your everyday regimen for health and well-being! Highlights from this DVD include: Presentation on Understanding Back Pain and the application of yoga therapy. Technique Workshop on how to safely perform postures and movements. Focused practice for Low Back and Sacrum Therapy. Focused practice for Hip Therapy. Integrated practice for sustained low back Strength and Stability. Bonus MP3s of all practices for audio-only classes at home or on the go.

  • Presentation on Understanding Back Pain and the application of yoga therapy
  • Technique Workshop on how to safely perform postures and movements
  • Focused practice for Low Back and Sacrum Therapy (23 minutes)
  • Focused practice for Hip Therapy (30 minutes)
  • Integrated practice for sustained low back Strength and Stability (31 minutes)

Customer Reviews:

  • Viniyogatherapy VERY HELPFUL! Highly Recommend!!!
    After having chronic low back and right leg pain for four years, I chose this DVD to help me recover from surgery. The stretches and exercises have helped me more than anything else! It's very relaxing and effective to release tension in the muscles....more info
  • End Suffering From Back Pain
    This is an extremely professional high quality DVD by Gary Kraftsow, one of the world's leading yoga therapy experts with over 30 years experience, who designed the yoga therapy protocol used in the National Institutes of Health Study that successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of yoga therapy for relieving back pain. Results of this groundbreaking study were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine back in 2005.

    Gary now provides the protocols used in the study in this highly educational instructional DVD - a gift for anyone who has ever struggled with low back pain. The DVD has four main chapters:

    1. Understanding Back Pain

    The first chapter is an in-depth academic presentation about back pain that includes discussion about types of back pain, causes of back pain, an introduction to back, sacrum, and hip anatomy, and basic biomechanics. He then briefly discuss what yoga is and the goals of the yoga therapy for back pain DVD - to reduce pain, increase circulation, improve function, and increase overall sense of well being. While a bit clinical, this is important information for increasing our awareness about the back, its structure, how it works, and what we can do to care for it.

    2. Techniques Workshop

    In the second chapter, Gary explains each posture (exercise) performed in the therapeutic practices chapter including instructions for how to breathe, how to move, and what sensations to expect. A model demonstrates each posture while Gary explains what is happening in the pose and why it is beneficial.

    3. Therapeutic Practices

    Three therapeutic practices are provided in Chapter 3, as well as guidelines for how to use the practices. The first practice is a 23-minute series of postures designed to rehabilitate the low back and sacrum. All the poses are done on the floor, either on your back, belly, or hands and knees. These are very basic poses that focus on slow repetition.

    The second therapeutic practice is a 31-minute series that focuses on stretching, strengthening, and balancing the hips. Many of the poses from the first practice are repeated here, with additional poses specifically for the hips.

    The third practice builds upon the first two. It is a stronger practice designed to build sustained low back, sacrum, and hip health. Several basic standing poses are included in addition to the poses done on the stomach and back.

    Viniyoga Therapy for low back, sacrum, and hips is a serious DVD designed to address a serious problem - low back pain. Anyone who has ever suffered from low back pain knows just how debilitating it can be.

    I turned to yoga more than a decade ago seeking relief from sciatica and back pain. Although Viniyoga teachers are not that common where I live, I had the opportunity to take several classes from a teacher who had studied with Gary. The focus on function over form and repetitive movements brought immediate relief not experienced with other styles of yoga.

    The set is uncluttered and simple - just a single model demonstrating the routines, while Gary provides expert voiced over instruction. His delivery is calm and monotone. There is no music to distract you from concentrating and paying attention to what you are doing - one of the tenants of Viniyoga Therapy.

    If you suffer from low back pain and are in the market for a Yoga DVD containing therapeutic yoga practices with proven success in helping relieve back pain you may want to consider investing in Viniyoga Therapy for Low Back, Sacrum, and Hips.

    Highly Recommended...more info
  • Information good but quality of sound not great
    The information contained in this video is good - but I was disappointed in the sound quality.....perhaps it was just my copy....more info
  • Great exercises
    I wanted something to help strengthen my back since I had an injury and my back needs some rehab. The dvd is very informative and explains each exercise and how they help. It is very easy to follow and I love the fact that I learn about my back from the dvd. I have only had a few weeks but I can tell it is going to help my back and hips. It is well worth the money and anyone who wants to build strength in their back and get rid of pain should try this....more info
  • Very understandable, very helpful
    First, this is a high quality production. I mention that only because many yoga dvds are such low quality. Gary Kraftsow is a real pro -- the visual and voiced instructions by him are excellent. The theraputic advice is clear and to the point. He says in the intro that the only way to focus on each of these poses is to know what their purpose is, so the first section of the DVD is educational and informative, the second is a pose by pose description, and the third is three separate practices, about 30 minutes apiece.

    Kraftsow also favors function over form -- a welcome relief from America's silly yoga Culture of Perfection. You do the poses to strengthen and heal your back, not to compete in some "pose off", a la Bikram Yoga.

    Pose instruction is easy, and the poses are very basic, even for someone in the throes of back pain or who has never done any yoga before. The sessions are flow yoga style and there are three different workouts, focusing on different issues.

    All in all, highly recommended. Namaste....more info
  • Great therapeutic practice
    A few days of doing the practices on this DVD ended a month of chronic pain in my hips, low back, and hamstrings. I had better results from this DVD than from a month of costly physical therapy. The practice is very intelligently designed, with its focus on dynamic stretches rather than long, static holds. For me personally, the long static holds of other therapeutic DVDs seemed to aggravate my problems, while this DVD provided relief. The practice is deceptively simple; I was skeptical after doing it the first time. But the next day, my pain had significantly lessened.

    I will say that the practice is clinical and dry. The set is a plain, white background. You see a lone exerciser (a normal person, for once!) on a mat moving through the exercises while Gary narrates offscreen. Gary has a nasal voice--not particularly soothing. And narrates every movement--inhale, arms up, exhale arms down--all the way through. When you get to savasanah, he says, "This practice is now over. Stay in savasanah as long as you want." I prefer a guided relaxation, and find that I almost never stay in the pose after the session ends, which probably reduces some of the benefit.

    The practices are also available as mp3s, so that you can download them to your ipod and practice anywhere. That's probably why the instruction is so meticulous.

    If you want a beautiful, visually appealing yoga practice, this is not it. If, however, you need relief from chronic pain in your lower back, sacrum, and hips--this video is fantastic....more info
  • I thought I would fall asleep
    I know part of yoga is to be calming, however you have to get tot the yoga...He just goes on and on and on and now everyone in the world knows what yoga is.

    Also the 3 segments are the same wasn't worth the money...more info
  • Exactly perfect and as represented!
    This dvd is exactly as represented, and I have been using it daily for over 3 weeks. I recommend it highly for people starting a Yoga practice, and/or with a history of back problems (like me!) it is easy, and doing it daily has helped me.
    ...more info
  • Yoga DVD
    I found the video to be as advertised and very useful. I thought the discussions explaining yoga concepts, benefits, etc. was very informative in addition to the actual yoga excercises. ...more info
  • I always feel better after doing this DVD
    First, I want to say that I've pretty much always hated yoga. Once upon a time I had a back repetitive strain injury that affected my wrists, etc. and doing yoga postures has always been uncomfortable or difficult after that (I admit I only tried a few times because I always hated it so much). After several people suggested yoga to deal with my back pain, I caved in and bought some DVDs. One I bought was something like "yoga for the rest of us" or something like that, and I found it to be much too difficult and awkward. Still, I persisted.

    I ended up with this DVD and found it to be absolutely perfect for me. It does not put undue strain anywhere and I always always feel better when I do it. One of the routines is only 23 minutes so that also encourages me to do it. Perhaps it would be too easy for people who are more inclined towards yoga - I'm not sure. But for me - someone who has back pain and needed a short routine to feel better, this is the DVD for me. I even brought it to South America with me on vacation and did it while I was there in order to combat the effect of being on my feet so many hours a day....more info
  • Great for healing your back and then strengthening it
    My back started going out when I was in my early 40s. In the fall of 2006, when I was 51, it went out twice in a relatively short period, and the second time was very painful and debilitating. I started using practices from Gary's book, "Yoga For Wellness," to begin the healing process and made a lot of progress over a period of about a month.

    In 2007, I attended a four-day class Gary gave based on this DVD and it's companion on practices for the upper back, shoulders and neck. I bought both DVDs and my back hasn't gone out or been tweaked since I began doing the practices.

    Gary makes the point that you have to be consistent in your practice. He says it's like flossing your teeth. I do a modified version of practice 3 on this DVD about four times a week.

    My office mate's back went out at about the same time as mine did in 2006. He complained for months that it was still giving him problems. Earlier this year, I lent him the lower back DVD, since I have the practice memorized and I put the audio versions on my MP3 player. He has been doing the practices ever since and reports a big improvement.

    I love Gary's therapeutic approach and highly recommend these DVDs....more info
  • Educational and thorough, good for beginners
    I've been doing yoga for several years, but specifically the last year for my lower back. When I'm not doing the poses given by my physical therapist twice a day, I have preferred Rodney Yee--especially "For Back Care."

    This DVD is excellent. His lecture at the beginning is very thorough, although a bit akward. However, the verbal instructions for the exercises are excellent. There were not many new poses for me here, but excellent variations and more repetitions than I was doing. I could feel the difference. The mp3 versions are also a nice touch--saves me a step to get it on my ipod for traveling.

    I have only done the "Low Back and Sacrum," but this will be a daily staple. After a century (100 mile bike ride) weekend before last, the chirporactor didn't quite get my back in place. I can already feel the difference from one workout.

    This is excellent for beginners because it is very slow moving and gentle. At the top of the screen, you always have the option to click for more specific instructions on each pose....more info
  • Wouldn't start my day without it!
    I've been using this DVD daily for the past 6 months and I can't imagine starting my day without it. I'm a fairly active person who also does more vigorous yoga, but I think this is gentle enough for those new to yoga or regular activity. There's lots of info on the reasons for back pain and detailed instruction for all the poses. There are three actual practices, a very gentle 20 minute sequence for low back, a 30 minute gentle sequence targeting hips, and a 30 minute sequence designed to build more strength and stability for hips and low back. I do the third one almost exclusively. Love that audio versions of the sequences are provided so I can practice with my iPod when I'm away from home or want to go to another room without a dvd player. ...more info
  • Excellent yoga video for increasing mobility in the lower back and hips
    This DVD focuses on issues of the lower body, specifically the lower back, hips, and sacrum (the other DVD in this series focuses on the upper body). It differs from other yoga media offerings in that it contains a strong educational component in addition to the practice element. Also, the practices offered on the DVD are designed for rehabilitation and strengthening, and thus they are more similar in feel to a physical therapy session than to a yoga class.

    The main menu of this DVD consists of four separate segments: 1) Understanding Back Pain, 2) Technique Workshop, 3) Therapeutic Practices, and 4) Special Features. The Technique Workshop provides the opportunity to study individual postures in greater depth. The Viniyoga Therapeutic Practices offer three complete practice segments tailored to meet different needs as described below. (Note: the DVD also provides bonus MP3 audio versions of each practice.)

    1. Lower Back Therapy (23 minutes). Gary recommends that you begin here, as this is the most gentle practice. The postures are performed entirely on the floor and provide very mild stretching of the lower back area.
    2. Hip Therapy (31 minutes). This practice, while still gentle and centered on floor postures, focuses more on the hips. Unlike more traditional hip-opening sequences found in other yoga practices, the goal here is to stretch the hips from four perspectives (front, back, and each side).
    3. Strength and Stability (32 minutes). This practice is the only one on the DVD to contain standing postures, and thus the intensity level is slightly higher than the other two. Gary notes that it is designed to build long-term health and fitness in the low back, sacrum, and hips.

    The practices feature a single student working on a mat against a rather sparse white set, with Gary providing instruction via voiceover. Most people are likely to find the practices rather dry--Gary's voice is a big monotone and repetitive, and there's little "fun factor" here. However, these are therapeutic in nature, and as such, they are quite effective. Although I personally didn't get much out of the first two practices--mainly because the low back and hips aren't a problem area for me--I was pleasantly surprised by the third, as it nicely stretched out not only my lower back but also my upper back, shoulders, and entire torso. This DVD would be useful for virtually anyone who is at risk for lower back issues, from those who work at physical labor to those with more chronic conditions. I definitely recommend Viniyoga Therapy for Lower Back, Hips, and Sacrum as an excellent tool for alleviating pain and promoting health in the entire lower back area....more info
  • Viniyoga Therapy for the Low Back, Sascrum & Hips
    Viniyoga was developed to help people w/ cronic illness & back & neck problems. It's the best I've ever done. Gentle w/ alternate poses for individual problems. I haven't seen a Chiopractor for 5 ys since studing w/ a Viniyoga instructor....more info
  • I like it but...
    Gets kind of stressful for my lower back after a bit, not bad but definitely a bit more tough than expected...more info
  • Stress and Pain Management
    I have alot of pain in hip area. I went to doctors to find some relief and was recommended to practice yoga. I wanted something that focused on my lower back and hips. After a quick search on Amazon, I found Viniyoga. I felt immediate results and the instructor takes the time to show the techniques and give info on why people are in pain. The DVD also gives you the options to vary the intensity of your workout. It's also very relaxing and I feel so much better. It will save you alot of money if you've been seeing doctors or going to classes to don't give you focus you need for these problem areas. A nice feature is the MP3 format you can download so you can practice anywhere!...more info
  • Wonderful!!
    I am an artist and suffer from back pain (mainly muscular) from painting at my easel for hours at a time. I was AMAZED at how my back felt after doing it one time. Very easy to do and in about 20 minutes. Great stretching and strengthening for the back. ...more info
  • Effective - Calmed my back pain after one session
    This is an effective program for eradicating back pain. After one twenty minute session I was able to sleep through the night without being awakened by the back pain that has plagued me for months.

    While this DVD does not have the fantastic music and interesting back drops as some of my favorite yoga DVDs it, along with Viniyoga Therapy for the Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders, has exactly what I need: a comprehensive back pain relieving program. And, really, that matters more than anything else!

    I was pleased to see easily accessible technique instructions for each pose. I didn't find it necessary for most poses, but was very thankful to have it for the few poses I felt I wasn't doing 100% correctly. At the end of the technique instructions I was taken back to where I'd left off in the program. It would be fantastic if more yoga DVDs had this feature!

    The DVD comes with an MP3 for each of the three practices on the DVD with the verbal instructions for each pose, making it simple to do the yoga practices when you're away from a DVD player....more info
  • Relief without the Copays
    After months of chronic pain in my low back, hip and sacrum, I am so thankful I found this viniyoga therapy. Within a week of doing the exercises daily, I regained strength and stability in my target areas, and am continuing to enjoy these benefits and increased mobility and flexibility.

    Dedicating 30 minutes a day to this gentle practice has changed my perspective on the importance of self-care. Three weekly visits to the physical therapist, daily meds, regular massages and over $1000 in co-pays have not given me what Gary's simple, effective therapy can.

    The DVD provides helpful information in a simple format. Take from it what you need (I recommend reviewing the educational information in the first sections to increase your understanding of this vital system in our bodies. For examle, you learn about how we need to contract, expand, and relax our muscles to enjoy full health in this area). In the exercise sections, Gary's slow, measured approach allows you to focus on your breath and healing postures to make the most of this self-care routine.

    If you are looking for relief, you've found it....more info
  • It's Okay.

    This DVD is okay. All of the exercises are simple you just have to watch it first and then try the exercises otherwise you might not know what he's talking about, if you're not familiar with yoga....more info
  • Great breathing description
    Very good explanations about back problems and the first time I could actually understand about how one is to breathe during yoga. I have just started a few of the exercises as some still feel too advanced for me. ...more info
  • Viviyoga Therapy for Low Back, Sacrum & Hips - Kraftsow
    I purchased both of Gary Kraftsow videos and they were very similar so that wasn't expected. I'm relatively new to yoga so was trying to find a video that was slow enough for me to follow yet provided enough benefit to continue - both of these would fall into that category. ...more info
  • Thorough and helpful
    This is not a flashy pretty video, but a low budget production. Don't let that put you off. No waterfalls or new age music here. Host Gary Kraftsow sold me when he mentioned he conducted a study for the NIH linking back pain relief with this specialized yoga that was later mentioned in the Annals of Internal Medicine. That gives his method some credibility. I'm just starting these postures and they seem to work. I am getting some relief.
    This DVD is in several manageable parts. Part one covers causes of back pain and some physiology and is surprisingly interesting. Next there is a detailed section of all the poses. If you practice yoga already you may not need this stuff. The real meat of the DVD is the 3rd section with 2 separate short workouts and a third part that is longer with strengthening poses. He recommends starting with the 2 short practices before moving to the strenghtening postures. Good advice because I tried the strengthening poses ahead of schedule and it was a little painful. I started over a few days later with the easier 'aligning' practice and I'm back in business. I am feeling better after just a few days. These poses are deceptively easy. They gently get the muscles back where they need to be. It makes sense. I would recommend this DVD to fellow back pain sufferers....more info
  • Remember the neck is connected to the butt!
    Although this is an excellent DVD and provides useful information, I took one star away as it fails to relate the low back, sacrum and hip postures to what is happening in the upper thoracic and cervical spine.

    I am a licensed massage therapist. One of my first massage teachers reminded the class: "Remember you neck is connected to your butt." Structurally, there are muscles that run the length of the back from neck to buttocks. While viewing the sequences in full before practicing them, I saw a high risk potential for anyone who has any problematic areas such as: TMJ, previous concussions, whiplash, flattened cervical spine, thoracic outlet syndrome or thoracic entrapment, carpal tunnel, problematic wrists or knees. For example: in Dvipada Pitham coming up too high onto the shoulders further flattens the cervical spine onto the floor, increases stress in the thoracic outlet which in turn affects the brachial nerve plexus and blood flow to the arms; in Bhujangasana and Salabhasana placing the forehead directly on the floor has the tendency to flatten the cervical spine and increase the compression in the thoracic angles and scalenes---turning the head to one side is structuraly less stressful to the neck; the Jathara Parivritti variations on this DVD I would recommend avoiding altogether if you have any cervical problems unless you have proper supervision.

    The yoga students who are featured on this DVD have most likely studied with Gary for a long time; thus, being well prepared and suited for many of these techniques.

    I would recommend Viniyoga over all other styles of yoga. If you have chronic neck and shoulder pain, I would recommend studying with a trained Viniyoga teacher or Viniyoga therapist before attempting this DVD. He/She will be trained to help you identify your trouble spots and adapt the more challenging postures to what is possible for you.
    ...more info
  • Be careful before buying this DVD.
    As a middle aged woman just starting to do yoga, this DVD was too difficult. There are no modifications of the postures for someone who is just beginning and may not be as flexible as the people who are demonstrating. Once the work-out gets going, the positions are repeated too quickly and then it goes right into the next one at a fairly rushed pace. Having to stop/start the DVD was distracting. Yoga is supposed to be partially spiritual in nature and I just found this to be more frustrating than helpful. It was disappointing to spend almost $25 on this DVD to find this out (and to have to pay return shipping for a partial refund.) I would recommend a slower paced yoga DVD if you are new to yoga, are older and/or have painful hips or knees....more info
  • Fantastic product
    I cannot say enough about this DVD. It has gotten me out of pain, and I never thought that was possible. I highly recommend it to people that have tried and failed to heal their pain. The instruction is fantastic and really geared toward caring for your pain. Love it, love it....more info
  • fabulous
    This is a great yoga video. So complete and helpful. He goes through not only the poses very carefully, but also, explains the muscles and areas which need work to correct a bad back. It's very specific for lower back and hip problems which is exactly what I wanted!! He explains it all in very concise and clear language. I am so thankful to have it. My back thanks you, Gary!!...more info
  • Boring exercises but supremely effective
    Watch Video Here: I hate doing this yoga DVD because the exercises are so boring and the narrator's voice drones. But I return to it time and time again, because it's the only thing besides a Chiropractor visit which fixes my hips and gets me aligned and ready to work again. It is extremely effective.

    Suck it up, buy the DVD, and use it regularly, and your hips will thank you....more info


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