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Create a personal style that's uniquely yours with inspiring ideas from In Style. Discover the best of fashion in every price range and expert beauty advice you can use to create your signature look. Enjoy tips for entertaining with style and intimate looks at your favorite celebrities - their homes, wardrobe, and personal beauty secrets.

Customer Reviews:

  • My absolute favourite magazine :->
    For the last 8 years or so, I have collected editions of Instyle. I never meant to start collecting it, but it's the kind of magazine I can't throw away because of all the gorgeous photos and quality of this publication. They show the insides of celeb homes (even though they move on a whim and these houses probably have new owners) and fashions and beauty tips etc. It's honestly the only magazine I do buy. I love all the event pictures they show that I've not seen in other mags. It's a complete mix of other peoples styles and information about how to create your own personal style. They interview various people and also have a great segment each month called Man Of Style - to see what the hottest guys in Hollywood are wearing etc.
    The thing I like most about Instyle it's that it's not just pure fluff. It's interesting and fun and I always enjoy flipping through here and going back through older copies to re-read articles and see how people have changed over the years. I really enjoy this and it's at a great price (not here in Australia) that is affordable and you get so much for that price. I love it....more info
  • Could Be Classier
    The beauty features of InStyle are very good, but much of this publication is only a step or two above tabloid trash. Why should entertainers be the standard on which the rest of us choose to look, dress, eat and live? Why are they the authorities? Why can't InStyle show clothes on real models? And, finally, why are so many of the clothes so ugly? ...more info
  • InStyle
    I have subscribed to this magazine since it came out and I doubt that I will stop now. It is a great source of fashion, Hollywood happenings, and assorted articles on up and coming ideas and fashion....more info
  • A bit glossy and glammy, but okay for entertaining reading
    There is a lot to see and read in this magazine, well, to read about products, not necessarily articles, but the entire magazine has a very shallow and artificial feeling to it. The recent issue with Beyonce was interesting -- I got a new perspective of her and she seems like a nice person, so I don't understand why she still uses furs in her fashions. Anyhow, despite that, the magazine *does* have very useful tips; for instance, I found out about a good portable tea filter that I am interested in. Other than these handy tips, the magazine is just gloss and obsession with celebrities. Yes, it's okay to have fun sometimes and escape into celebrity-world (it's been going on since Lord Byron became the "first official celebrity" in the 19th century), but it's not something I'd like to read about or do every month. I'd prefer magazines like Natural Health, Allure, Glamour, and Marie Claire.

    If anything, this magazine would make a great gift. The inserts are offering a two-for-one deal right now, one for you, and one as a gift for someone else near and dear....more info
  • The best fashion magazine out there!
    I have tried many a fashion magazine, but InStyle is the best. Every issue is chock-full of ideas, style stories, and beautiful fashion.

    They cover the latest trends, but help you integrate the trends into a normal person's every day wardrobe. Some fashion magazines only have pictures of runway type fashion, with no practicality whatsoever. Not InStyle- they make the latest fashion wearable for normal people. They also offer a range of prices in fashion. Although I can't afford a lot of the fashion in magazines, InStyle often offers less expensive alternatives for each of their stories.

    Whenever I'm shopping (which is not as often as I'd like, but what else is new in a mother's life?) I have a good idea of what will look good for me in that season. I attribute that to InStyle which keeps me up on the latest fashion while also giving lots of practical tips....more info
  • In Style
    I have been buying this magazine for quite awhile. Not having a lot of extra money I took advantage of your magazine offer and purchased this magazine along with several others.
    ...more info
    I am very glad I could purchase this suscription through Amazon.
    The magazine is no longer brought to my country and the direct suscription through In Style was quite traumatic.
    Thank you Amazon for being such an easy way to order things!!!
    ...more info


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