Stamina InTONE Jogger with Handlebar Plus Jogger Workout DVD
Stamina InTONE Jogger with Handlebar Plus Jogger Workout DVD

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Jog in comfort... in your living room with the InTONE Jogger! A safe, effective workout you can stick with. This low-cost rebounder machine from InTONE is a great way to simulate jogging while you catch up on television. You can modify the intensity of your jogging with the padded handlebar. Plus, a BONUS instructional workout video is included to give you all kinds of exercise ideas. Choreographed and instructed by world champion fitness competitor and personal trainer Mia Finnegan, you'll learn both beginner and advanced exercise routines to use with the Jogger. It's the path to better health, all you have to do is take it! A comprehensive workout: Build cardiovascular fitness; Tone legs, abs, buttocks and back; Give yourself more energy; Increase your metabolism; In only a few weeks, you should see RESULTS! Rugged, all-steel frame is 38" in diameter. Durable polypropylene rebounding surface. Measures 38 3/4 x 38 3/4 x 50" assembled, weighs 30 lbs. Maximum weight capacity is 250 lbs. Your health won't improve by thinking about it! Order yours today! Please Note: This is a Heavy / Bulky item. $5.00 for heavy / bulky shipping and handling will be charged in addition to regular shipping and handling. InTONE Jogger

  • Includes InTONE Jogger Workout video featuring Mia Finnegan (27 minutes: 15 minute workout, workout schedule, and InTONE Jogger set-up/breakdown demonstration, VHS)
  • 38" diameter
  • Rugged, all-steel frame construction
  • Heavy-duty rebounding surface
  • 90 days parts, 5 years frame

Customer Reviews:

  • mini-tramp. with guardrail
    In the past, I have had a small trampoline similar to this, but gave it away because of space restrictions. I had enjoyed using it, and always felt energized after using it, but felt limited by the lack of a safety bar. Now it is more than 20 years later and I began looking for one again. When I came across this one with the safety bar that adjusts in height, I went to the company website, and also checked out epinions for comments. With few exceptions, most users mention that the hardest part of assembly is putting on the fabric piece that goes around the outside over the springs, but the company clearly states that it takes two people to accomplish that step. I considered the more expensive oval rebounder, but finally came to the conclusion that the amount of usable extra surface space would not be any more than the round one because of the location of the bar. I was also concerned about the "can be folded" to conserve space feature, feeling that would be a weak point. Don't even consider buying this if you think you can fold it up and slide it out of sight when not in use; once you've put this together, you won't want to do it again.
    The safety bar, the price, and reviews I found elsewhere were the deciding factors for me. It arrived soon after I had placed the order, and my husband assembled it with a minimal of muttering, and yes, the springs cover is difficult to install, but do-able. I had read reviews where users commented on the noise or jiggling of the safety bar, so that was one of the first things I wanted to check out. The bar adjusts to accommodate my taller than average height, and the movement is no more than I'd expect with my weight bouncing on the equipment. I feel safe with it. I am pleased with the sturdiness of this product, and don't anticipate ever having to replace it. Considering that 20 years ago I paid $35 for one without a grab bar, I feel that the Stamina InTone Jogger with it's safety features is a good buy....more info
  • Loving my trampoline
    I bought this trampoline over a month ago and I have really enjoyed it. I have back problems and was thrilled to be able to use this exercise equipment without my back hurting. It is alot of fun. I found the video helpful for ideas on different exercises to do on the trampoline, but I find it much more enjoyable putting on loud music and just doing the exercises on my own. I was pleased with the quality of this trampoline. My kids use it to play on (which is great exercise for them and they don't even realize it!) and I am still able to use it everyday for 20 minutes. I find it to be good quality for the price. ...more info
  • Decent
    This is a great size for kids, and the bar is perfect height for little ones if you don't screw the little adjuster knobs on. I am expecting this to be more durable than the "kid" trampolines, since it is made to hold 250 lbs.

    Only thing is, my 3yo has chewed the foam handle off. But he still bites everything...grrr. Just know that if you have a child who chews things, this handle is very easily damaged.

    The only real complaint is that one of the adjuster knobs doesn't screw into its spot very well, and the feet at the bottom of the handle fall out, well, not easily, they just fall out. Period. So they offer little floor protection. But what is floor protection when you have 3 toddler boys? ...more info
  • Exercise
    Great product. I like it very much and use it almost everyday and would recommend it....more info
  • Poor quality
    11 March 2007

    We purchased a Stamina InTone Jogger, model 35-1655D, in December, 2006. The jogger is rated for up to 250 lbs. My husband weighs 170 lbs, I weigh 140, and we used the jogger for 20 minutes each, every other day. Two months after receiving the jogger, two of the springs that connect the mat to the frame snapped in two. We called Stamina, and they sent two replacements. After 30 minutes of use, two more springs snapped. We again called Stamina. This time, they sent 12 new springs. After 10 minutes of use, two more springs snapped.

    When we called Stamina, they didn't seem at all surprised that the springs had broken. That, plus the fact that they sent so many extra replacements, strongly suggests that this is not an uncommon complaint.

    Since the springs are presumably all alike, it stands to reason that they will continue to break until all the original ones have been replaced. I have no reason to believe the replacements will be any stronger. I am apprehensive about using the jogger now, fearing a sudden failure of many springs simultaneously that could cause injury to one of us.

    It should be noted that the springs are extremely difficult to install, requiring not only that the installers be quite strong but also the use of tools and equipment that the average consumer is not likely to have. Had the jogger not come already partially assembled, my husband and I would not have been able to assemble it ourselves, even with the help of the tools and equipment.

    In addition to the defective springs, the rubber caps that cover the legs of the jogger made black marks on our carpet which proved impossible to remove completely, and one of the legs (made of hollow tubing) has punched completely through its rubber cap. My carpet would have been the next victim, had I not placed a piece of scrap carpeting beneath the jogger's legs.

    We bought this product because the price was reasonable and because we believe rebounding to be an effective and safe form of aerobic exercise. If the product were durable, we would like it very much. Sadly, that is not the case.

    UPDATE 12 Nov 2007

    We've now had our Stamina InTone Jogger for 11 months. My husband stopped using it altogether after the springs began to snap. Since then, the only user has been me, at 140 lbs and 65 years of age, rebounding for 20 minutes every other day. The 14 replacement springs sent by Stamina have all been used, and a phone call to Stamina's customer service department today yielded the following: They will not provide any more no-charge replacements (the warranty period is only 90 days). As more springs break (which they most assuredly will), Stamina will sell me replacements at $2.00 each, plus shipping. Do the math -- for the price of 25 or 30 new springs, I could buy a new jogger.

    We have determined that the reason the springs break is a design/construction defect: The springs hook into a punched hole in the steel frame of the jogger, and the sharp edges of those holes cut through the springs like a knife. Need I say that I will not be ordering more springs from Stamina? Instead, I am shopping for a new rebounder from a maker other than Stamina, one that will not start to disintegrate within a month after purchase.

    Interestingly, the customer service rep with whom we spoke today insisted that broken springs are all but unheard of with this product. Who among you believes I am the only owner whose jogger has this problem?...more info
  • Great Little "Jumpy Jump" for the Money
    Our kids really love jumping around on this little trampoline! And I like the fact that it is safer for them with the handlebar. It's a great way to expend some of their extra energy....more info
  • Hard to put together, but fun.
    It certainly takes more than one person together. I was dissipointed that the "fold for easy storage", isn't so easy, the elastic pad that protects the user from the springs is very difficult to attach, I don't see myself doing that often. I chose to remove the legs and slide it under the bed. It's fun though!...more info
  • Intone Jogger
    A great product, does what it should. The DVD is great but in order to get past the dvd sticking I had to make a copy. The copy has never failed me!...more info
  • Fun for all seasons
    I bought this trampoline for my whole family (2 kids, 2 adults) to bounce around on in the winter to help get out some pent up energy, seeing as we are up north in figid temps and stuck inside for about 5 months. I think we will have a lot of fun with it in the spring/summer/fall months too. It seems like it's very well made. We've owned it for about a month. It is a little scary puting it together, but all the other trampolines have the same warnings. Be sure to have at least 2 strong adults puting it together.

    Also, the dvd is so much fun! It keeps me going and inspired. I feel great, and hopefully by bathing suit weather I'll be looking pretty good, too! ...more info
  • Very sturdy jogger
    I am very pleased with the Stamina InTONE Jogger. It came very quickly; was simple to set together; is very sturdy; the handle is useful for a number of reasons; it is compact and easy to move when I need to; the workout plan is helpful....more info
  • Great Little trampoline
    I just love this thing...I was looking for something different to workout with. This thing is so much fun...And, for once the workout tape isn't goofy. It's one exercise at a time and progresses in intensity as you go. I've owned several other pieces of exercise equipment and they get boring after a while. You can go along with the tape and also make up a few things on your own...You're not confined to a machine......more info
  • Pleased with this Product
    I am very pleased with this jogger. It was relatively easy to put together. The booklet and video have good instructions, and I like having the bar to hold onto when I need it. I watch TV and, depending on my energy level and mood, I can simply walk or I can be quite active. Either way I work up a sweat. It was a good value for the price....more info
  • No Stamina in the quality control department
    My Stamina InTone Jogger arrived 2 days ago, and I've already had to order 2 different replacement parts!

    The bent DVD packaging that was stuffed inside the safety pad was my first clue there was something wrong with my order. Not surprisingly, the DVD didn't work. After putting the mini trampoline together, I discovered the safety pad was damaged too. Hopefully, day 3 won't bring another unwelcome discovery about the mini trampoline. 3 strikes and it's outta here.

    Obviously, no one is checking the quality of these products before they are shipped to customers. I can only hope Stamina sends out replacement parts that are better quality than the original parts!

    ...more info
  • Great workout...........awful product
    I bought the intone Jogger more than 5 years ago. It was in the trash within a year. The springs kept wearing through. I am only 145lbs and didnt use it that much......once a week max. I called the company and they sent me new springs. I replace them. More broke. I replaced them. I called the company again twice. They never returned my calls.


    The video with Mia and Rick is GREAT. I have begun to use it again with the Urban Rebounder that I bought a few months ago. Its really straight forward. You almost can do it without the video after a few weeks.......but I like to turn it on with the sound down and listen to the radio while getting a great intense quick workout. I was online trying to see if Mia may have had any other video out along the same lines. No luck so far....more info
  • Mini-trampoline..excellent!
    I really enjoy my mini-tramp. It is a great way to get moving and not put much pressure on the joints....more info
  • Great Fun
    I bought this item so that I could easily work out whenever I wanted to at home. My 11 year old daughter and I have thuroughly enjoyed having it. I have had it now for about three months without any problems whatsoever. The handles are great for balance when jogging or just simple exercises. I highly recommend this product to anyone. My husband had it assembled in about 5 minutes and it has not had a problem since.
    ...more info
  • Excellent purchase
    We bought this for our 7 yr old daughter, and she can't keep from jumping. It was easy to put together, and very lightweight and simple to move....more info
  • assembly "may cause death"
    Be VERY, VERY careful when you put this together. Get help from a strong person. It is folded in half and the spring mechanism can smack you in the face AND I QUOTE "cause death". That's exactly what the instructions read. It's a very nervous assembly once you read that....more info
  • Gets your heart rate up and easy on the joints
    I bought this months ago when I was reading online about the benefits of rebounding. The price was right on this and Amazon shipped it out fast with prime shipping!

    When my package arrived, everything was in tact and the original box that was shipped in was fine. I had read a lot of the reviews from people saying they were frightened to assemble it, it made me wonder if it was really going to be so bad after all.

    I tackled the assembly process by myself and it probably took me about 35-40 minutes to put it together. I think the hardest part for me was screwing on the legs. It seems like you have to turn them for about 20 or 30 rotations each and some threading was tighter than others so I had to switch them around a bit during assembly, no big deal.

    I read in the manual about the "could cause potential death" if you're snapping it open and shut by yourself during one part of the assembling process. I am not recommending anyone do it the way I did but I didn't need another person to help me. When the half circle mini trampoline fit into the latches correctly, you're suppose to open and snap down the two sides flat. But you have to use some force/strength in order to get it down, that's why they suggest two strong men. When there aren't two strong men around, us women have to use our smarts instead! I looked it over and decided the best approach would be to used my body's weight to leverage and balance myself to snap it open. Brace both sides of the equipment like you're opening a book, hold down one side with one arm and lean into the other side with your arms straight or stiff or tightened up, it pops down and snaps into place.

    Now, I've never taken it apart and I think if any injury could result is from unfolding it. I leave my jogger up all the time so I can hop on it here and there throughout the day.

    The kids seem to like it, I've even gotten my mom on it and it's easy on her joints and mine too! You don't need to work out like crazy but you definitely feel it in your legs the next day even if you're only on it for 10 minutes straight jumping. Plus it is kind of fun to jump and bounce on it. I liked it so much, I bought a second one for my nieces for their house. That time I was on a time crunch and manage to assemble their unit in about 20 minutes....and again, the hardest part was screwing on the legs. The cover took a little time to put on due to the tight fit but nothing too awkward to do.

    Overall, the intone jogger is a good piece of workout equipment that didn't break the bank account. I use it and am enjoying the benefits of it. The only odd thing is that once you've been jumping on it, getting off it and onto solid ground seem sooo....well, solid. Walking right after a bounce session makes me feel like I have lead in my foot and I wonder...whatever happened to that bounce in my step??!? Rebounding is pretty addictive and fun, try it for yourself!

    ...more info
  • wonderful
    Lightweight, works well, shipped fast, great construction - old fashioned yet good solid DVD exercises....more info


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