Claber Oasis 4-Program/20 Plant Garden Automatic Drip Watering System #8053

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Product Description

Claber 8053 Oasis System Complete Self Watering System long last, a practical, versatile, and definitive solution to the problem of watering house plants when you're away from home whether it's for short or long periods of time. The system is completely independent: there are no water taps left on and no electrical connections are needed. An electronic system offers four different irrigation programs that are designed to cover any requirements you have. With a modern and elegant design that will fit any setting, the Oasis Watering System runs on one 9 volt battery. The system is extremely compact, completely free standing, safe, and ready for use in a matter of minutes. Quality tested and 100% guaranteed, the unit includes 33-feet of distribution hose, 20 drippers, and 20 fixing stakes. Four programs: 10, 20, 30, or 40 days for a maximum of 20 plants. Claber's Oasis Watering System has a 6.6 gallon capacity, a constant, calibrated watering device, an LED indicator light, a bistable solenoid valve, a washable filter, an isolated tank to prevent condensation, and rubber feet to prevent surface scratches.

  • 2007 Hardware Retailer Choice Award
  • As seen on TV
  • No water taps or electrical connections needed
  • 4 Irrigation Programs
  • Operates on one 9-volt battery

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Device
    I bought this device to keep 8 rather larges plants watered while I travel every month. I used two drippers per pot and left plenty of extra tubing between the plants. It worked great, really great. I've had to use it 5x so far and each time it worked perfectly.

    I've tried several things in the past including other drip system as well as the 3 different kinds of watering spikes. Not of them worked as well or as easily as the Oasis. Highly recommend this....more info
  • Does what it says
    This device was simpler to set up than I expected. And it simply works. No fuss, no muss. Cut the tubes to fit the space between the plants, put the drippers in place and it started doing its job. The only negatives I have is that it has drippers for only up to around 20 plants. I have more....more info
  • Works awesome
    ya this works just great for me. Came back from vacation and everything was just as if I had been there to water it all as usual....more info
  • Plants live!
    After 30 days, all of my plants are alive and well. I can't believe it worked! It took a little time to set up but it worked as planned.
    Well recommended!...more info
  • Great watering solution - with caveats
    Have used this continuously for over 2 years - somewhat successfully. I recommend this product and am now buying the replacement. I definitely recommend following the instructions to "prime" the drip system. My major complaint is that replacement parts for any item appear not to be available. The drippers clog when using hard water (anybody recommend how to clean them?); I would like to be able to get replacement drippers. The electronic control (which just failed) is also not replaceable - buy a new unit. Well, as a result of buying a new unit I will now have replacement parts for non-electronic items....more info
  • Customer Service
    Called before ordering to place an order for an Oasis Watering System, and was told they were in stock. We paid for expedited 2 day shipment, as we were going on vacation. Item never arrived after 4 days. Called to check on our order and we were told that they were on back order, and it would be about 2 to 3 weeks before they received them. We cancelled the order. Needless to say, we had to leave for vacation and pay for someone to come in and water our plants. This Company has no integrity....more info
  • Exactly What I Needed
    I go away on business for a week or 10 days about 3 times a year. I have a balcony with about 20 plants that I don't want to have to replace and mature again. There are people who can, and sometimes will, agree to water my plants. Sometimes I come home and the plants have been either under watered or they've been watered to death the day before I get home; occasionally they've been watered just right. Recently none of my cast of potential plant sitters was available so I searched and found Oasis. It is just what my plants needed! I set it up a couple of days before I left to test it, and not being sure, I saturated each plant before setting the Oasis to run. I don't think that was necessary. When I returned home all of my plants were healthy and happy. The instructions say to use the device indoors (outdoors it could overheat), and I could have moved the plants indoors, but I have a storage closet on the balcony and I was able to set up the reservoir on a tray table in the closet and run the tubing under the door to the plants which, per instruction, were a couple of feet below the reservoir (on the balcony floor). I would have liked a few extra plant emitters and would like to be able to buy more tubing in the future, but have not found a source. Emitters that you find at home centers are NOT the same and won't work; they will just run constantly... and the drip irrigation hose available at home centers is different, it's more ridged and very difficult to remove from the emitters and the Oasis after use if you want. The tubing provided with Oasis is soft and pliable....more info
  • Exceeded my expectations
    The product does a great job of watering your plants while you are away. When you first open the box it is a little daunting to see all the hose and little plastic parts. But, if you follow the directions exactly it works like a charm! I have 10 house plants. I set the dial to the slowest feed when I left for a 3 week business trip. When I returned everything was as lush and green and vibrant as before I left. I definitely recommend this product for people that travel a lot and have house plants. On a side note, I noticed that the plants that were closest to the device and first to receive and last to receive water received slightly more than the other plants. I elevated the unit just a couple of inches higher than the minimum directed. Despite this, all the plants thrived while I was away. ...more info
  • horrible.but ok shipping
    this product was horrible either i got one with a design flaw or this product is the worst it doesn't take any water to the plants even if i fill it entirely it would not water it i even had it at a good hight from the plants it still didn't work.i just think that this product is just plain horrible i wouldn't suggest this product if you are worried that you may didn't get what you expected i should of gone with another watering system.i give it a 1 star...more info
  • Not for hard water
    I have had the Oasis for three years and have tried to use it three times - the first time it worked perfectly. The second time I came home to dead plants! It seems that the valve can get stuck - the electronic timer drives a green coil (electro magnet) that opens and closes the water valve. If it is working you can hear it make a "thunk" noise when you move the switch from off to 10. No thunk means the valve is stuck (assumes a new battery). The green coil can be pulled off by removing the machines bottom (just pull it off) and unscrew the nut holding the coil to the valve. A strong magnet can then be moved along the valve to make it open and close. After I did this a few times I reassembled the machine and it is working again - but I don't trust it! I suspect the very hard water here in the Southwest is making the valve stick. Use distilled water or don't buy or buy a new one every year! ...more info
  • excellent product
    I have used the Claber Oasis for two winters in my small greenhouse. I use it all winter, not just on vaction. It works great. If the battery dies, it runs continuously, so the plants get all the water at once - I had puddles on the floor. But I turned off the machine until the plants needed water again, changed the battery and all is well. I would think that if the drippers clog due to hard water, as some reviewers have said, you could disconnect them and soak them in warm vinegar overnight....more info
  • Oasis Watering System...
    This product works great! I've used it several times while on vacation. No problems......more info
  • If you want your plants to die, buy this!!!
    [...]. First of all there is no pump it is gravity feed. So if you were expecting electrically controlled consistent results well then you would be wrong in assuming that this can provide that. Second, the solenoid that runs off the 9v battery that's not included was broke out of the box. I work on small electronics for a living and this is just cheap shotty craftsmanship, the solenoid is the only piece of real value in this product and it costs about 5 bucks retail. I've been operating it manually by adjusting the flow by actually opening the valve to allow the water to flow but to do this with any kind of accuracy is damn near impossible without days of multiple experiments in the position of the solenoid in relation to the drip volume. Without the "electrically" controlled solenoid working you could build this for about 10 bucks at Lowes. Build it your self and avoid the frustration. This is GAR-BAGE`...more info
  • Works well
    Even though this is for houseplants we wanted to make sure all of our outside plants didn't completely die when we went on vacation. We had to put all of the plants on a shaded porch and bunch together but the watering system kept them watered just enough to keep them healthy and doing well even in the heat of August....more info
  • self watering system
    This product is great, when i go away i hook up about 15 plants and the machine waters them while i am away. It waters up to 40 days. I go away weeks at a time, requires 1 9 volt battery. It is best to move all the plants next to each other to hookup the water hoses, and spikes. It keeps my plants alive while i am away, I love it....more info
  • It really works!
    I have 16 plants hooked up to this and it has been working great! Two of my plants are large ones, so I have two dripers for each. The other ones are small so one dripper was enough. It doesn't leak, I started using it a week ago, as a test, with the 10 days program. It has been working great! ...more info


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