Hoover U6476-910 WindTunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Embedded DirtFinder. WindTunnel technology.
  • Uses Filtrete HEPA filter bags.
  • Pet hair cleaning tool.
  • Self-propelled.
  • Brush roll shut-off switch.
Customer Reviews:
  • This may be the worst vacuum ever
    My parents used to own a Dyson but they wanted a self-propelled vacuum (the Dyson is a bit heavy to use, especially for older seniors). I got them this because 1. Hoover is supposed to be a leader in vacuums and 2. I had heard the windtunnel vacuums had suction power comparable to Dyson's. While both these claims may be true, this model is a complete lemon. After one year, the belt came undone. They replaced the belt and about a month later the belt came off again. After reading various reviews around the net, there appears to be a pattern: the belt system in this hoover is terrible. Do a search for this model number and the word REVIEW and you will that this is a near universal problem. STAY AWAY FROM THIS VACUUM....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    I have owned this vacuum cleaner for 3 months. Already the self-propel switch does not work properly. Most of the time I can't get it to switch from self-propel "on" to self-propel "off". Even worse than that problem is the fact that the vacuum won't turn off! I have to unplug it from the wall to turn it off. I have used this cleaner less than 20 times and think it is a hunk of junk. It cleans ok, but the other problems make it very frustrating to use. My previous Hoover lasted me 20 years with virtually no problems. I won't buy another Hoover product. The construction is cheap and even without the above-mentioned problems, I don't think it will last very long....more info
  • Ruins your molding/baseboards - Caution!!
    I have to say that of all the Hoover vacuums that I have ever owned (4 now) - this one really disappointed me. I bouight this last fall at Costco for $218 to be used in our newly built home. After just one use, I started to notice red marks on the baseboard/molding. RED MARKS!! Why would Hoover put red pieces of trim on a vacuum is beyond me. The last Hoover we had did not do this. Good suction but not worth the risk. I will be contacting Hoover about this if they ever answer their phones. Does anyone know if they sell bumper guards for things like this??...more info