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Product Description

The Dirt Devil KURV vacuum has a simple, elegant shape that you can proudly display in any room. As the latest design from Karim Rashid, the KURV is a rechargeable, cordless hand held vacuum cleaner created with convenience in mind. Use the KURV for daily upkeep and for crumbs and dust and spills that happen frequently. KURV the way you think about vacuuming. The Powerful 9.6 volt motor is always charged, always ready for all your daily chores. The M0216CHM needs no bags, all the dirt conveniently goes into a bagless dirt cup. 3 year warranty. Air System - Standard Air System Dirt Path - Center Dirt Path Assembly Required - Some assembly, but no tools required Filtration - Standard Filtration Product Hand Weight - 2 Pounds Product Working Weight - 2 Pounds Replaceable Filter 3-Year Warranty

With its sinuous curves and elegant keyhole-shaped vents, Dirt Devil's Kurv looks more like a space-age vase than a household cleaning product. And while it picks up crumbs, dust, and spills just as well as your averagely ugly cordless handheld vacuum, the machine's aesthetics are its major drawing card. Created by renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid, the Kurv is stylish enough to leave out on the counter or coffeetable, where it's more likely to come into play sooner--before the Cheerios are ground into the Karastan, in other words, or just as the last-minute guests are due to arrive. The cordless design plugs into a charging base for storage, so the unit is always ready to go, and the dirt cup simply twists off to empty, sparing users the hassle and expense of disposable bags. Weighing in at just two pounds, the Kurv also features a replaceable filter and a soft tip, to protect delicate surfaces like hardwood floors or antique furniture. It comes backed by a limited three-year warranty. --Mary Park

  • Stylish hand vacuum designed to be left out on display
  • Cordless design is always charged and ready to go
  • Powerful 9.6-volt battery; soft tips avoids scratching delicate surfaces
  • Includes easy-empty dirt cup and replaceable filter
  • Weighs 2 pounds; three-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great vacum
    I was skeptical at first before getting this vacuum because of all the negative reviews I read. Since I needed a hand held vacuum badly to handle my baby's everyday messes, I decided to get it anyway.
    Well, I couldn't be more pleased. This vacuum takes care of pretty much everything there''s to clean. I use it to vacuum crumbs, cheerios, bathroom hair, dust in nooks and crannies, even flour after baking!!
    It is so easy to clean and looks great on my kitchen counter. I highly recommend this cute vacuum!...more info
  • Nice looking
    I was tired of looking at my other dust buster, taking up alot of room & not looking very nice. I like to keep it handy to my kitchen/dining room.
    This one looks great. No attachments, but I can quickly pick up crumbs & dust bunnies as they try to get away....more info
  • Best $50 I ever spent
    This is one of the best inventions ever!! I don't so much think of it as an art statement or anything, but have it sitting out on the floor in a corner of my dining room and it is fantastic. I actually like to have to use it!! No more dragging out the vacuum for one little dead bug or a little pile of sand. And I know I could pick up the bug with a tissue, but this is much easier and much more fun. It is SO easy to use and I just love it!! My grandma got one too and so did my mom. It's a good investment. ...more info
  • Functions well for small jobs and looks great!
    This is a great little vacuum. It was made for small, quick clean up jobs and picks up crumbs, dirt, and small pieces very well. If you want to pick up dog hair, I suggest you use a larger vacuum for this kind of job. It is easy to empty after you use it. It also is the most attractive cordless vac out there. We keep ours plugged in on the floor off to the side in our dining room, where it comes in handy and looks great. This hand held vac is a winner in my book....more info
  • Dirt Devil 0216CHM Cordless Hand Vacuum
    Price range is acceptable. Ability to remove fine particulates including dust, sand and pet hair is poor. Larger items seems to perform OK, however there is very little storage area for the material it picks up and the filter that protects the motor clogs up quickly. I would not recommend this product for heavy or daily use....more info
    This vac is a absolute piece of garbage. It's weak. Very weak. And I'm not sure if I got a lemon but mine holds a charge for about 2 minutes and I bought it brand new. Do NOT buy this vac. I never submit reviews but I had to this time, that is how bad this vac is. I would give it neg stars if it were a option on Amazon....more info