Dirt Devil KRUZ 0313SLV Cordless Floor Cleaner

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Product Description

Dirt Devil's KRUZ cordless floor vacuum offers easy maneuverability to address your hard surface cleaning needs. The KRUZ's Soft Glide Technology delivers effortless cleaning of dry hard floor surfaces. This cordless vacuum sweeper's Soft Touch Bumper maneuvers gently around furniture and along baseboards to quickly and safely clean even hard to reach areas. Designed by Karim Rashid, you can feel comfortable leaving this sleek, modern vacuum out in any room. Weight - 5 Pounds

  • Soft Glide Technology - 360 degree free form motion, easily maneuvers to adress your hard survace cleaning needs.
  • Soft Touch Bumper - manuevers gently around furniture and along baseboards to quickly and safely clean even hard to reach areas.
  • Always Charged. Always Ready. When not in use, the cleaner stores in the included charger base, so it is always ready.
  • Designed to adress your hard surface cleaning needs- from wood to tile to laminates, delivers effortless cleaning of dry hard floor surfaces.
  • Powerful 12 Volt Motor - provides plenty of power to get the job done quickly.
Customer Reviews:
  • AWESOME!!!!
    I am totally in love with this Dirt Devil Kruz.
    I have everyone who comes over try it out. It is amazingly easy
    to sweep my hardwood floors. My grandkids want to sweep it all the time.
    I would highly recommend this to anyone with hardwood floors.
    (It works just as well on tile and I'm sure linoleum)Dirt Devil 0313SLV KRUZ Cordless Floor Vacuum Cleaner...more info
  • Great little vacuum!
    I decided to try this vacuum because I own 6 parrots and they are constantly throwing food and losing feathers. I feed them a pellet diet, which is similar in size and weight to small dog food. The vacuum is able to pick up most of the pellets without difficulty, even if some lands on the throw rugs around the cages. It effortlessly sucks up the dust and dander on my hard wood floors. Although I wish for a bit more suction on the biggest of the pellets, this is the best vacuum I've had yet for this purpose....more info
  • An awesome product!
    I was very hesitant about buying this product with so many mixed reviews, but took a chance and I'm so glad! This vacuum cleaner is awesome! I bought it for the sole purpose of a quick cleaning on our hardwood floors during the week, especially in the kitchen after cooking. In now way should this be a replacement for your heavy duty vacuum cleaner! It glides easily, is light-weight, and despite some of the reviews, it has great suction! With it's modern look, you can't go wrong!...more info
  • Great Floor Stick Vacuum
    Great little stick vacuum, so light weight and so easy to use. We have 2 inside pets and it's great for picking up pet hair. I can vacuum the whole house and it still has power left. I would reccomend this vacuum to others....more info
  • Dirt Devil KRUZ Great for Hard Floors & Pets
    MY FAVORITE VAC FOR HARD FLOORS AND PET HAIR! I hesitated to buy this cordless vac as it wasn't rated as high as some of the others. However, having tried the Roomba, TV Infomercial sweeper and more I finally purchased this for my hard floors. This is designed for hard floors and does an excellent job. This is the best sweeper I've found to handle my mega-pet hair (3 dogs, 2 cats) with hard floors. ...more info
  • pretty good
    I like the cleaner...mostly. It seems to have a narrow area in the front where you have to "aim" it at the dirt in order to pick it up. Not impressed with the edge cleaning feature. Really like how it gets under and around furniture, etc. Also like that it's cordless, and easy to push and turn on....more info
  • Handy sweeper
    This little Devil is a back saver! It is very handy and works well on my wood floors, as well as on two woven floor mats by the kitchen sink!...more info
  • Great handy vac - and kids offer to help!
    Picked this item up as I was tired of hunching over with my cordless hand vac to pick up daily dirt off of my hardwood floors - grass clippings, dog hair, small dirt & crumbs, etc. It works great, it handles big spaces and the biggest benefit? The kids (ages 5 and 3!) fight over who gets to vacuum because of it's super-rolly, neato, easy to use design. ...more info
  • I love this
    A soon as I saw this vaccum I had to have it. I bought it and when it arived and I couldn't wait until it was charged to use it. I use it on our hoardwood floors and it is great. It will not pick up big pieces of paper but is great for dog hair, dirt etc. I plan on buying one for my parents as well...more info
  • It's okay...
    I was somewhat diappointed with this item. I have the Dirt Devil Kone and I love it and I assumed that this product would be the same. The suction isn't great on my tile floor and if there is anything other than just crumbs it won't suck it up. I do not use it as much as I anticipated. So I wouldn't recommend it-I still use the Kone more often....more info
  • great little machine
    Because I have seven dogs, I desperately needed something effective for all the dust bunnies. I had about given up but decided to try this as it says it was designed for hard wood floors. It is fabulous. Very easy to use and very good at picking up all the pet hair that accumulates in the corners. I use it twice a day, and it does a great job. So glad I don't have to haul out my vacuum anymore. I love it and recommend it to anyone who has hard wood floors and pets. ...more info
  • 4 kids, 2 pets and lovin' the Kruz!
    I read the positive reviews on this product, watched the video and decided I just had to try it. I was a little concerned with some of the negative comments, but I have to say I have been throughly impressed with the Kruz!

    I have 4 kids, a dog, and a cat, so you can imagine the mess I have on my floors each and every day. I've started using the Kruz after every meal and the crumbs are picked up quickly and easily! We also have a ton of animal hair on our floors and the Kruz picks that up with ease. I've been surprised at some of the bigger items (little pieces of paper, pet food, bigger chunks of food, etc.) that it's been able to pick up, too.

    I used to lug out my Dyson to vacuum my kitchen floors, because a broom and dust pan did nothing but move the crumbs around. I've tried the Swiffer vac in the past, and it had little to no suction. It finally went in the garbage!

    The Kruz is exactly what I've been looking for. It's so easy to use, that my young kids can even clean with it! I like the fact that it just sits on top of the charger too. You don't have to bend down to unhook it or anything, it just lifts right off and is always charged and ready to go. I also think the ease that it moves makes it that much more convenient.

    I wanted to add, that it works great on cement floors too. We have a combo of stained cement, wood laminate and tile floors in our house and the Kruz works great on all surfaces. It even cleans in-between the grout on my tile floor!

    So, if you're trying to decide between which hard surface vacuum to buy, take my advice, and go for the Kruz!...more info
  • Pregnant Pet Owner in Love with her Kruz
    I have all hardwood floors and 2 long-hair cats (which I admittedly do not brush enough to keep the hair under control). The cat hair throughout the home is a constant problem. Sweeping it up is almost impossible because it just blows all over the place in big clumps. I decided the only way to tackle the hair is with a vacuum, so I tried our big, bulky vacuum and it was ridiculous. I'm pregnant with a lot of hip & back pain, so lugging around a huge vacuum won't cut it for me. I sent my husband out to get a stick vac - he did a lot of research online and came home with this ridiculous futuristic thing, which seemed overpriced compared to other models. I was very skeptical! However, I fell in love with it the first time I used it. It is so effortless! I hate sweeping and vacuuming, but this almost seems somewhat fun. It tackles my cathair problem and is great at picking up those tiny litter bits that the cats track around the home....more info
  • Loses suction fast - short battery life
    When I first started using the Kruz I was blown away with how well it worked on my hardwoods and linoleum floors in my bathroom and kitchen. The honeymoon did not last long, however.

    On a good day it will take me about a half an hour to vacum my entire upstairs (only about 1000 sq ft). Within fifteen minutes of starting to vacum the Kruz starts to lose suction power. If you are using the Kruz for small pick-ups and clean-ups I suppose it would be okay. But, if you need to vacum larger areas of hardwood and linoleum I would recommend a plug-in stick vacum as you will get more power out of it.

    In summary, if the battery life on this thing was longer than it is I would love it. But, with the current battery power it does not meet my needs. ...more info
  • Great Little Floor Cleaner for the Money
    This small, cordless elec. broom is just what we needed to clean up the dog hair on our tile and bamboo floors and also for the indoor/outdoor rug in the sunroom. Also use it on the comforters, dog beds, and sofa/chair cushions. It's so lightweight and effortless, it almost seems like it's not working! Highly recommend it....more info
  • Kruzin' over dust bunnies
    I have to admit, the Kruz IS cute and looks just fine sitting in the corner. It works wonders on the dust bunnies and clumps of cat hair, but not so good on heavier items, like food particles on the kitchen floor (ceramic tile). I was also disappointed while trying to vacuum up the kitty litter (sand) that my cat kicks outside her box. Summing it up, it's not great, but it is handy to get those occasional dust bunnies off the hardwood without dragging out the canister. It is extremely manuverable, as well....more info
  • Kruz is PERFECT for my needs
    We recently had the entire first floor of our home tiled with ceramic and slate. We have several Pugs who shed constantly and the dog hair accumulates on the tile quite rapidly. I keep my lovely, yet sturdy, Kruz just inside my closet and whip it out each morning for a quick run over the tile to catch the newly shed fur. It picks it up perfectly and is so easy to empty. I really like the design and the easy glide little wheels that allow me to get into all the corners. The charge is good for at least a week then I pull out the charger and redo it when needed. I love this little gadget!...more info
  • GREAT if for pet hair!!!
    I love this sweeper! I have gone through so many sweepers only to have the battery wear out within weeks...you get what you pay for. I love this one, because it is always charged and ready, since you store it on the "floor" charger. The charge last to clean all of my downstairs floors(upstairs is carpet) and the battery doesn't even lose it's charge like my last one(swivel sweeper/$39.99). It looks great, and is light weight. The best part about this sweeper is it is cordless and is GREAT on pet hair. It works great on hard surface floors. I use it on tile and wood. I hated the vacuums with roller brushes, because it would always collect my pet hair in the rollers, and I would have to pick out the pet hair from the rollers every time I vacuumed. This one has no rollers. It just has suction from the bottom. The suction is pretty good, too. Well worth the $99....more info
  • Works great with three huge dog/shedding machines!
    Our entire house has wood or tile floors, and we have three huge shedding machines (colloquially referred to as "dogs"). We had daily dust-bunny pileups, dragging out the big vac was tiresome, and the smaller vacs we tried all had serious flaws for our situation.

    But not the KRUZ. It works wonderfully, it's super-light, easy to maneuver and control, we have yet to run the battery down during use, it looks nice, empties easily, and really helps us keep the dog/cat hair under control, and also picks up the occasional kitty litter tracked by our cat (who also sheds profusely).

    It doesn't really work well on carpeting, but then agains it's not supposed to. It can't pick up big stuff, like tracked-in leaves and twigs, but our big vacuum barely handles those, either. The manufacturer could make the dirt cup bigger as there is seemingly room on the device, but it's not burdensomely small.

    However, for day-to-day cleanup of pet hair, cat litter, and normal household dust and dirt on hard floors, the KRUZ works great - it's so light and easy to use that it's actually almost fun to simply grab it and glide it around to keep things under control, and I HATE vacuuming and am NOT a clean freak (by any stretch of the imagination).

    ...more info
    I have a cousin that got the KRUZ and showed it to me--thank goodness!!
    We live in the country and I wasn't able to find one near me so I found one on Amazon and actually got a better deal on it b/c I didn't have to pay taxes and got free shipping too. I got the thing two days after I ordered it too which I thought was super amazing!!!

    I loved it from the minute I got it charged up long enough to use it. Now I will say that for me it is absolutely the greatest little helped on earth but for others it might not be. My son didn't like it b/c the filter does really get clogged up fast and you DO have to take time to clean that out if you want it to pick up really good the next time you use it. He says to him it defeats the purpose of having it if you have to spend like 5 minutes cleaning out the filter. He says he could have used a broom and dust pan faster and that might be so---but he doesn't have pinched nerves in his back either and for me-having to use a broom hurts my back a lot!! I mean this thing picks up every tiny thing on my hardwood floors and on MOST of my throw rugs!! I found it doesn't do as good of a job on some tiles we have in our entry way b/c of the tile being lifted up higher than the grout lines around them but hey---it picks up nearly everything on those.

    I just really LOVE LOVE LOVE this little Dirt Devil KRUZ and am sooooo happy I got it. Well worth what it cost and for me-the PERFECT thing to use every day several times a day if needed. We track in a TON of leaves and grass and whatever onto our hardwood floors in our house and this little baby really gets them up GREAT~!! Sometimes you might have to go over something more than once to be sure it picks it up-but really it glides soooo smoothly and manuevers so well all around the room and has bumpers on it so it won't scar up your woodwork-so I just have to give it an A++~!! I am extremely happy with it and I don't care if I do have to sit down and pick lint out of the filter using a round toothpick!! It takes me about a minute most times and I use it several times a day and man it really keeps my floors clean!! Love it and would buy it again if given the choice!!

    Hope you will try one out before you buy it if you can though b/c my son thought it was a waste of money for him. But again-he doesn't have horrible back pain like I do and for me-it's just perfect and I would rather clean out the filter than use a broom which hurts my back--and a dust pan. This is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better!! :)...more info
  • Works good for cat hair on hardwood or tile floors
    I have 2 long haired cats and I got tired of pulling out the big vacuum cleaner every day. This one is light weight, cordless and is 'purr-fect' for my needs. I have all hardwood or tile in my house and this makes the clean up quick and easy and it's easy on my back too. I love it. Don't expect this to handle carpet needs - its not meant for it. Overall I love it and use it every day!...more info
  • Not for Cat Litter
    I bought this needing something to pick up the cat litter on my kitchen and bathroom floors. It's a big job with 5 cats and I thought it would make my life easier. It does NOT pick up the cat litter nor does it pick up much else. I gave it to a friend with no pets....more info
  • The best money I've spent
    I almost didn't buy this vacuum due to some of the negative reviews, but my niece has one and loves it. I figured if I didn't like it, I could always send it back....However, I also love it. We have two large dogs and I was looking for something that would pick up the dog hair, etc. on a daily basis. This thing is great. It is convenient, has good suction, and a lasting charge. I use my Dyson every week and my Kruz on a daily basis. My home has never been so clean. Very highly recommended. ...more info
  • Perfect for what it's meant for....
    The Dirt Devil Kruz is perfect for daily vacuuming around the house. I received mine for Christmas and have used it every day since. I have a big dog who sheds (A LOT) plus an eight year old son who runs in and out of my house with the other 4 kids that live on our street. If you purchase the Kruz with the expectation that it will replace your daily sweeping....you will be THRILLED. It picks up dog fur, cookie crumbs, and dirt/dried grass in your kitchen and around the front door perfectly. I agree with the review that compares the Kruz with a dustbuster. That is exactly the amount of power that it has and the Kruz also holds about the same amount of debris (a little more actually).

    The things I love about the Kruz are:

    * It is cordless and lightweight. It sits on the charging base during storage so it is always ready to go. It releases from and latches back onto the base easily.

    * The gliding action across the floor while vacuuming is effortless and feels very futuristic. My son loves to use it because it feels so cool. Plus,I can let my eight year old use the Kruz without worrying about him taking a chunk out of our furniture! (you know that sound when your electric vacuum rams into your coffee table or kitchen table legs!) The Kruz isn't heavy nor cumbersome enough to do damage.

    * The swiveling triangle head is shaped perfectly to manuver into corners and under/around kitchen cabinets and tables. The Kruz is also very gentle on your hardwood floors-no scratches. I use mine to "refresh" my bathroom rugs and also to clean my jute runner.

    * It is very easy to empty the debris. Just push a button and the receptacle pops right out...bang it lightly into the trashcan, pop it back on and you are done. I empty the Kruz everyday when I am finished...it is never full.

    Again, if you are looking for daily vacuuming.....or light cleaning several times a week-this is the perfect lightweight floor vacuum for you. The Kruz doesn't (and isn't meant to) compete with your electric vacuum cleaner. But it sure is a lot easier to grab and use on a daily basis than your electric vacuum...and a lot more fun to operate.

    I am very happy with my Kruz and I would highly recommend it for use in the above conditions....more info
  • Best Devil
    Picks up everything not stuck to the floor or carpet for that matter. Good capacity for holding dirt, but a little tricky to get the dust bin out of the unit. Sweeper does "float" accross the floor. Not as quiet as I would like, but a lot quieter than the hand held units I've tested....more info
  • Nothing but a hand-vac with a tall handle that's very hard to control.
    I recently installed beautiful new hardwood floors and I wanted a vacuum that was FOR hardwoods and would not scratch. This vacuum is marketed to do just that. There is no false advertising, but it just isn't a practical design, and it would be very difficult if not impossible to clean a whole floor with this thing.

    First of all, it's cordless and lightweight. It has the same suction power and battery life as a hand-vac. It also has the same suction width as a hand-vac. If you look at the picture, you can see on the front of the head where there is a little black rectangular opening; that is how wide the path of cleaning is - it makes a little stripe on your floor. There is no way I could get all the dust off my floors! It's just like cleaning your floors with a hand-vac except you don't have to be on your knees.

    Actually, it might be easier to clean your hardwoods with a hand-vac because at least you can control the hand-vac and work relatively quickly. This is my second issue: watch the video demonstration of the lady using the vacuum - do you see how slow she is going? I thought she was just going slow to look pretty and show off the vacuum, but I was wrong. That is how slow you have to go to control the crazy spinning casters on the bottom. You will feel like you're playing bumper cars - baseboards, plants, unsuspecting pets: they will all get whacked by the bulky head of this vacuum. I'm a perfectly able-bodied 20-something. I'm not a wimp. This thing is hard to control unless you go very slow. I don't have time for that.

    Third issue: it does not fit into tight spaces or under furniture. You have to be right on top of a crumb to pick it up and the little opening has to be facing the crumb. No sideways suction means I can't get the corners clean - there is no way it will fit in a corner.

    So, the only reason I would recommend this to anybody is if the person is disabled and cannot use a hand-vac to pick up a small amount of dirt on the floor (perfectly legitimate if you have trouble bending over).

    The vac, according to the marketing, was designed to clean and care for your hardwood floors without scratching them, but even though it has spin wheels on the bottom to avoid scratches, it is still just a little hand-vac with a long handle and it should only be used for the occasional "whoops I stepped on a pretzel" situation.

    One star for the Kruz - because the marketing led me to believe that I could clean the dust and dirt off my floors, but I can only make 2-inch wide stripes of "clean" in an erratic pattern and then the battery dies. Sorry. I could have done that with a hand-vac and at least I could have controlled what I was drawing on the floor....more info
  • Good idea not for people with small children
    The design of the KRUZ is attractive and it moves easily getting into spaces other vacuums can't reach. However, it is really only for picking up dust and hair. You have to keep going over and over the same area for food crumbs, small bits of paper, etc. and even then does not get it all up. Bottom line - it needs to have more suction!...more info
  • I'd say this vacuum-cleaner sucks (except that it doesn't)...
    During a recent shopping trip, my pre-schooler found himself enthralled with this futuristic-looking vacuum cleaner. He tried pushing it around in the store and decided that this was the right cleaning tool for his play-room. So, despite the hefty price tag (as compared to most light-weight stick vacs), I bought it. Well, that was a mistake. This vacuum cleaner is a joke. It can't even pick up little bits of paper. I had anyway planned to use it just for tiny clean-up jobs; but was disappointed that it couldn't even handle those. Admire the form; but beware the function. In other words: DO NOT BUY! ...more info
  • Excellent!!!
    Better than any other cordless I've used and I've used many! 100% better than the red cordless Electrolux which died in less than a year. Powerful suction for a cordless, glides like a breeze, picks up everything from dog hair to grass to small pieces of dog biscuits. Easy to clean. Just pop out the filter and give it a few bangs in the trash bin. Sleek design. Long handle makes it easy to use for someone over six feet (like my husband) Great Product....more info
  • awesome
    I received this vacuum for Christmas, it works great. I have four small children in my home so I use it frequently. This vac picks up Cheerios with ease, I can even vacuum throw rugs with it. So quick, no cord to tangle,I like it better than my Oreck canister vacuum. It glides across the floor and around furniture....more info
  • Product Exceeds Expectations
    We have two dogs and we needed something to pick up dog hair on hardwood floors. We tried dust mops, Swiffers, and carpet sweepers and all were OK but just that. The Dirt Devil KRUZ met our needs in all respects. It has more than adequate power, the charge lasts for plenty of time, and the charger is very easy to use. Removal, clean out, and replacement of the debris container are easy procedures. We would have preferred a slightly longer handle and a somewhat lower profile that would allow better access under furniture but these are minor issues. For our purposes, it is hard to imagine a better product. Dirt Devil KRUZ 0313SLV Cordless Floor Cleaner...more info
  • Cordless vacuum
    Really like this cordless floor vacuum. It is light weight, moves easily on the rollers, good shape for getting in corners and holds a long charge. I highly reccomend this product...more info