Philips Norelco 8060X Moisturizing Shaving System

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Product Description

Norelco 8060X Moisturizing Shaving System For Men Unique shaver combines Nivea moisturizer dispensing system with advanced shaving technology The flex tracker automatically tracks the curves of your face and helps to protect against skin irritation The shaving heads have unique glide rings to help the shaver move smoothly over your face Refill and charge stand automatically refills shaver with Nivea for Men conditioner and keeps shaver fully charged at all times Charge time: 1.5 hours; shaving time: 40 minutes.

Philips Norelco Moisturizing Shaving System: The Future is Closer than You Think
Nivea For Men Conditioner Dispensing System
Nivea for Men shaving conditioner is dispensed directly onto your skin for a moisturizing and soothing shave. The formula is enriched with vitamins and chamomile to condition your skin and support a healthy look.
Improved Nivea for Men Shaving Conditioner
The new line of Philips Norelco Cool Skin shavers comes with an improved Nivea for Men Shaving Conditioner that makes shaving even more comfortable and less irritating for your skin. The Lift & Cut system has been improved so that the appliance gives an even closer shave. Thanks to its new design, the shaver fits more comfortably in your hand, while new features make it easier to clean.

Flex Tracker System
The unique Flex Tracker System closely follows the contours of your face, giving you a smooth and perfect shave. The flexing action ensures that the blades are aligned with your skin to allow hairs to be cut exceptionally closer to the skin. Thus you can enjoy a remarkably smooth and fresh look.

Glide Rings
The shaving heads have unique Glide Rings to help the shaver move smoothly over your face.

Integrated Cartridge Refill System
You can Simply pump the Nivea for Men shaving conditioner from the refill can directly into the Cool Skin shaver. Philips Norelco HS8060 Nivea Moisturizing Shaving System gives you the advantage of saving you time and energy by not applying any moisturizer on your face prior to the shave. Just wet your face before you start shaving then press the shaving conditioner button until a sufficient amount of shaving conditioner has been released. Each refill bottle of Nivea for Men shaving conditioner lasts up to three months under regular use conditions.

Super Lift & Cut System
The Moisturizing Shaving System is equipped with a dual blade system to give you an ultra close shave. The advantage of having two blades is that you enjoy a comfortable and soothing shave. The Lift & Cut system is designed so the first blade lifts and the second blade cuts for a comfortable close shave.

Easy Grip for Total Control
Specifically designed for the difficult curves on the face, the Philips Norelco 8060 Nivea Moisturizing Shaving System is an ideal solution for perfect grip and optimal handling. The perfect grip ensures that you enjoy the ultimate comfort and easy shave.

Wet Use--Waterproof Shaver
Shaving in the shower saves time and gives you the fresh sensation of wet shaving. The Philips Norelco 8060 is a washable so it is very easy to keep it clean and hygienic with a simple rinse under the tap. It also includes a cleaning brush to remove small hairs.

What's in the Box
Precision tube trimmer, charging stand, power plug, travel pouch, protection cap, quick start leaflet, shaving conditioner refill can (75 ml), and refill and charge stand.

  • Unique shaver combines Nivea moisturizer dispensing system with advanced shaving technology
  • The flex tracker automatically tracks the curves of your face and helps to protect against skin irritation
  • The shaving heads have unique glide rings to help the shaver move smoothly over your face
  • Refill and charge stand automatically refills shaver with Nivea for Men conditioner and keeps shaver fully charged at all times
  • Charge time: 1.5 hours; shaving time: 40 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Great shaver
    I love this shaver! It replaced an earlier model that used packets for the moisturizer. This model is a lot less messy to use, but moisturizer is still a bit pricey. However, the quality is what I expected from a Norelco....more info
  • High quality razor
    I have a difficult time shaving so after reading the reviews I ordered this. I found the entire system to be durable and high quality. I used the razor for two months. The shave was close but not as close as a mach 3. The instructions say that with time the shave will get closer. After a couple of months, it started leaving cuts on my neck and my face felt uncomfortable when finished. I ended up going back to a mach 3 but miss the ease of the norelco. I have thick facial hair that has always been hard to shave. I think that it would do a good job for someone who doesn't have as such thick facial hair....more info
  • After Break-In Period, Great Shaver
    When I first got this shaver I had already read other reviews negatively reflect on the break-in period. The mostly read that at first the shaver can be awful on your skin. Most also said that after their skin got used to it, it was a worthwhile buy. I feel exactly the same way. However I went through a worse "break-in" period than the ones I read about. I have horribly dry and sensitive skin. This shaver cut me numberous times at the beginning. Yes, that's right. An electric razor cut my skin. This was definitely a first for me, as well as others I knew had used an electric razor in the past. As bad as it was, I have to say that I believe it was my atypical skin that aided in causing this. The funny thing is that in the beginning it probably could have been worse. The lotion in the shaver helped to minimize the pain and harm that the shaver had caused me.
    After this period this razor was fantastic. I haven't used an electric razor, myself, in probably over a decade. They sure have changed. Unfortunately this also makes it difficult for me to compare it to ones that I have used in the past. The ones that I did were practically archaic next to the current products that I shopped through.
    The pros of this razor easily satisfy my wonder if I had made the right choice of electric razor and what I needed it for when my "manual" razor worked so well. I couldn't believe how close this shaver got. I was astonished. Again I unfortunately can't compare to other electrics on the market. I love when I'm in a rush and I can use the 8060 to quickly get rid of my five or six-oclock shadow. Almost no cleanup and if so it doesn't have to be done right away, especially if you're in a rush. A hair catcher would've been a nice edition but the ones in electric trimmers I use or have used only seemed to get in the way.
    I'm happy I got the "Shaving System" as well because not only does this model have a great quick-charge function but you also never have to manually put the lotion in the shaver. It's done automatically. And, as stated before, I absolutely love the lotion, especially for difficult skin like mine.
    In conclusion the Philips Norelco 8060X Moisturizing Shaving System was a purchase that I am now entirely happy for having bought. If you have poor skin or when you first use this it chafes your skin badly, give it some time because your skin should definitely become accustomed to it and it's smooth shaving from there....more info
  • great product
    works great! i'd highly recommend this product. i love shaving in the shower as it gives a more comfortable shave....more info
  • Outstanding shaver!
    I bought this shaver almost a month ago and I am perfectly satisfied with my purchase. It is now giving me the closest and smoothest shave I ever had. As stated in the manual, you most probably do not get a close shave in the first days of using it. I love this shaver!...more info
  • Philips Norelco 8060X
    Bought this item for my husband because he had used norelco before. He liked this shaver even better. He has senitive skin and fines he hasn't had any flair-ups with using this shaver. He loves the warm shave cream that came with it. He said he would rate this shaver with the highest rating....more info
  • Outstanding shaver!
    I'm certainly not as eloquent as many other reviewers. I have gone through a long series of Norelco shavers over time, always with a great deal of satisfaction. Without a doubt this one exceeds all previous models. The handling is comfortable, the shave outstanding, the charging and moisturizer refill system terrific and practical. Am simply thrilled with this model....more info
  • Mixed Bag
    Often seems better without the nivea squirted internally. Leaves cuttings all over , have to lean over basin for easy cleanup. Have to shave every day or it becomes difficult to get clean shave without many passes and then not completely; no weekend slackening off! Have to remember not to keep in charging cradle as had been accustomed to. Comfortable but not as close as enclosed head design it replaced; keeping as spare and ordering more traditional model for daily use....more info
  • Great Shaver
    Gives a great shave and is very gentle on the skin. I've had the razor about month and I could not be happier. ...more info
  • excellent razor
  • Product Review, 8060X
    I have been using this razor for about a month. It shaves very well. My only suggestion is that everyone read the instructions, especially regarding cleaning and recharging. The razor doesn't have to continuously be in the charging stand. The battery can be overcharged, so be careful. That is my only caution regarding this razor. I am very pleased with the quality of my shaves and ease of operation....more info
  • good shaver
    This is the first wet/dry I have owned so I have nothing to compare it to but it works as advertised. Used it for a month and no problems yet....more info
  • I will never use a dry shaver again.
    For the past 4 years, I was using an expensive Braun dry shaver and not getting a close shave. Two months ago, I switched back to the old manual razor. I was surprised at how expensive blades had become, and how much slower a razor shave is. Especially shaving around the throat. I then saw this on the lightning deal, and was curious how a wet shaver would work. I gave it a try. The shave is very comfortable, and very close. It really matches the razor blade shave, but is much more comfortable. I only gave it 4 stars, because the conditioner that is automatically loaded into the razor during the charge, doesn't last long at all. One reviewer wrote that he uses regular shave gel. I have a lot of very old cans of Gillette foamy Gel. I used that as if I was using a razor. It works great. Just rinse it off the shaver during shaving and after you finish, while the power is on. Since this shaver is made to use in the shower, using regular shave cream and rinsing the shaver doesn't cause any problem. Given the price of razor blades, it won't bother me to spend $30 for replacement blades when needed. I love this shaver, and feel badly that I couldn't give it 5 stars. Buy the shaver, then using the much cheaper gel that you slap on your face. ...more info
  • Surprisingly Smooth!
    I know it takes a full three weeks before skin can adjust to a new razor, but the first time i used this razor I got a super-smooth shave-something rare for my stubbornly scruffy face. It's only been getting better since! I love it!...more info
  • First Electric Shaver
    And definitely done with traditional razors. I was skeptical at first of how well an electric shaver could, well, shave, but I was proven wrong. The moisturizer from the shaver head is a great idea, and the price of replacement lotion hasn't bothered me yet as I don't find myself covering my face with it while I shave. The charge/refill station alone makes this unit worth it over the cheaper ones, but the shorter recharge time too is important to keep in mind. Best of all, I've yet to irritate my face shaving with this, and I have very oil and acne prone skin....more info
  • Sensitive skin
    I have used a variety of razors over the past few years and received comments at work about the state of my neck - red, irritated - resembling an altercation with a hangman. I started shaving the night before.

    With this razor, I have had no problems. Clean close shave. Easy on maintenance. No irritation.

    Only comment - I do not have a particularly strong beard: dont know how it would work there....more info
  • Great shaver
    Philips Norelco 8060X Moisturizing Shaving System
    This shaver was bought for me after careful studying of the reviews on Amazon. Now after three weeks of shaving I can say that I am quite satisfied.

    The tool is very quiet, gives a good close shave, almost as good as a razor shave. The shaving is a very pleasant experience, thanks to the wet foam or cream that is used on the face during the shave. I have tried both the special Nivea lotion and regular shaving foam. They work equally well. No hair or foam is spilled onto your shirt or over the sink.

    A good shave takes roughly 5 minutes, more or less the same time as a good razor shave. The cleaning of the shaver is very easy, a quick rinse under the faucet.

    All in all, the shaving experience is very similar to a razor shave. The advantage is that the shaver never cuts you, something a razor blade cannot achieve.

    The only drawback is that the batteries should not be overcharged. Therefore you have to make an effort to stop the charging process after 90 minutes. (If you overcharge for a few extra hours nothing bad seems to happen with the shaver, but Philips writes that overcharging is not good for the lifetime of the battery.) It is a pity the battery charger does not have a simple timer for this charging problem.

    I compared the shaving comfort of this wet shaver with the shaving comfort of my fiends Philips dry shaver Philips Norelco SpeedXL 8240XL Men's Shaving System. I must say the dry shaver was less pleasant and more irritating to the skin. There was no time saving when using the dry shaver....more info
  • Best Shaver Ever!
    After about three months of ownership, I still love this shaver! It is the best Norelco I have ever had out of a total of five Norelcos owned. The shave is closer than any other electric shaver and my skin feels soft afterwards thanks to the lotion. It is also way cheaper than the Arcitec shavers that are quite frankly overpriced. The charging and lotion refill stand does a great job. I didn't want to bother with doing the lotion refill by hand and the stand does the job flawlessly with no mess. The lotion cans are very convenient.

    Other people have mentioned that the hairs fall out of this shaver. I have never had this problem. They stay inside until the shaver is rinsed out under the faucet. I have used the shaver in my car when running late and do not worry about hairs getting all over the place. Using the lotion while shaving means that the hairs stay inside the shaver....more info
  • Interesting looks - but not much more
    I liked the idea of lotion and being able to use it in the shower - and the stripped-down scifi looks were interesting. But when it's judged on the basic function of a razor it's less than average, it simply doesn't give a close shave, and the unusual design means that the few clippings it does make aren't captured.

    I've had it too long now to return, so it's going to be used for a light trim rather than being my main razor....more info
  • Word of Caution
    After reading the numerous positive reviews I had high hopes for this product. I will start out by saying that I am in the military and required to have a very clean shave so maybe I am asking too much from an electric razor (that is why I gave it 2 stars instead of 1). I have owned this razor for about 2 months giving it over 2x the recommended break-in period and still cannot get a smooth shave from it. This razor provides a decent shave but takes double the amount of time as using a razor and doesn't get as close. I will say that it does a better job than most electric razors I have used but it isn't as good as the other reviews make it out to be. So all in all not bad be be aware it will not leave your skin clean shaven and smooth. ...more info
  • A great shave with a few quirks
    I bought this shaving system in the hopes that it could make shaving a bit less painful, as I've always had fairly sensitive skin. In the few months I've owned it, I've been very pleased with the performance and the overall results. Here are a few things I've found...

    - The moisturizing system does work very well. I get substantially less skin irritation than I have in previous razors that I've used.
    - I've discovered I enjoy shaving in the shower. I always tried to avoid mixing shaving before a shower due to the irritation, but this works well.
    - The charging and refill system is nice (more on this later).
    - Comfortable to hold and use.
    - I shave more often using this than any other razor I've used previously.

    - You'll be compelled to shave daily, since it works best and most efficiently that way. That can be a pro or a con, depending on your lifestyle.
    - While the charge and refill station is great, it seems that I always run out of moisturizer before running out of battery, so I have to remember to refill it myself, since they suggest not leaving the razor on charge all the time.
    - I haven't found a great shower mirror yet, so I wind up starting my shave prior to the shower, to trim around sideburns and the like.
    - Works better as a wet razor than as a dry one.
    - While I like the scent of the moisturizer, it took me a bit to get used to it.

    Overall, I'm very pleased with this razor and would suggest it to anyone looking for a new electric. If you are OK with the pros and cons, then I say go for it, you won't regret it!...more info
  • Great shaver
    I love the wet shavers and have had a previous Norelco model. Love the new design. The shallow heads can make you get closer to hard to reach areas like under your nose, as opposed to previous models. The lotion charging station is pretty cool too, no mess. Though I am sure the lotion is not very cheap. I have always just applied soap to my face and used the shaver like that and get a great shave. Would definately recommend....more info
  • New Habit for Old Man
    After never being able to use any electric razor in my life I
    finally have gotten used to the Norelco Nivea wet shaving machine.
    I am retired and for me to change habits is tough but this works....more info
  • Norelco finally got it right!
    I have used electric razors for over 35 years all have good points and all have weaknesses. Norelco razors have two problems.

    Hard to clean. As the cutter and blades fill up the motor is not able to maintain the speed and nicks result. You must take the blade and cutter assembly apart to clean properly and if you cut longer hairs by accident(side burn area etc.) it will wrap around the cutting blade and really slow the motor down. The motor slowing is the worst on the new "3 blade" called the Speed XL, they just seem to be underpowered.(just as a note the older Spectra blade replacements fit these razors and seem to work better). Think of this problem like a paper shredder that has not beeen emptied and hasn't room for more papers in the bin.

    Hidden Build up. I have changed batteries in several of my Norelco shavers and the build up of gunk where only disassembly could find and cure it, is remarkable(same with most brands). I suspect this is gunk is high in bacteria and the cause of most skin infections from nicks. The stuff you never knew was there is nasty!

    Now for the cure: Norelco 8060x! This razor blade assembly has open backs for the stubble to fall through as you shave. I use mine in the shower so no mess. The blade assembly is completely seperate from the motor unit= no place for gunk to build up! The unit is entirely water proof. The blades disassemble easily so you can get at those occasional "longer hairs" that wrap around the cutters. The cutters have more blades on each, so the shave is faster and the motor seems stronger than previous models, hence less slowing. The Nivea solution is great, but you can use regular shave cream or gel. I like the Nivea Gel for Sensitive Skin, it seems to be the right thickness for the razor and works alomost as well as the cream you load in the razor.

    The only negative for some people might be the size or shape of the handle, it is smaleer and lighter than most shavers. Some people with larger hands may find is inconvient and others may find it easy to drop.

    Overall this is the best all around razor I have owned, there is a brief time required for your face to get used to any new razor... This ones worth it!!...more info
  • Best shave ever.
    The Phillips Norelco 8060X Moisturizing Shaving System is one of the best shavers out there. With fathers day coming up, its a gift that any father would love to receive. ...more info
  • Smooth look afterwards
    I really liked the Philips Norelco 8060X Moisturizing Shaving System as I had heard lots of good things about it. I got it for my husband for his birthday and he too liked it.

    The best part is that there is no mess after he is done shaving and leaves his skin smooth and smelling nice. He doesn't have to worry about carrying shaving lotion as it is stored in the razor itself so its convenient for when he is traveling.

    I would recommend Philips Norelco 8060X Moisturizing Shaving System to everyone. My husband really likes it.
    ...more info
  • Far superior to older models
    The new Norelco 8060x Coolskin is far better than the old 7xxx series in practically every way.

    The old models shaved very close, but irritated my skin and left me red and inflamed.

    The new model on the other hand shaves just as close, but is also extremely comfortable, and doesn't leave my skin irritated, even during the regrowth phase.

    It also shaves much faster than the older model, courtesy of having more blades in the shaving head.

    I highly recommend this shaver!

    The only thing I don't like, is the Nivea shaving lotion. I recommend to not use it, as there are better alternatives that are much cheaper.

    I use a light glycerin based shaving gel, and I get much better shaves than I do with the Nivea lotion....more info
  • What a Pleasant Surprise!
    I bought the first edition of the Norelco Cool Skin/Advantage shavers back in 1999. I loved it for the convenience of being able to shave wet or dry, as well as being able to shave in the shower or bath tub. The ability to dispense lotion directly from the shaver was also a nice feature, eliminating the need to have a separate dispenser of shaving cream or gel. I bought another Cool Skin in 2004 (model 7775X). I found these shavers delivered a very smooth, comfortable shave on my tender skin. But the shave wasn't as close as a foil shaver, and it took longer to shave. So I also bought a Braun for occasions when I wanted a faster and really close (though somewhat more irritating) shave.

    Three weeks ago I purchased the 8060x without any expectations of a major improvement. What a pleasant surprise! This shaver is much better than my 2004 model, and eliminates the need for a foil shaver.

    I like its form factor - it's a bit lighter than my 7775X, and its smaller size makes it easier to hold and manipulate. The older Norelco had to be held in my fist - the newer model can be comfortably held in my fingers.

    The protective cap for the shaving heads is much improved - it is less likey to be dislodged than was the case with older models.

    The redesigned head makes it much easier to shave in hard to reach places, notably the neck and below the nose. And if you're troubled by hair growing out of your ears (Norelco calls this "second puberty"), the heads do a decent job of reaching this area.

    Compared to my Braun (and a new Panasonic a friend loaned me), it still takes longer to shave with the 8060x, but the shave is now as close. "Close" means 24 hours after you shave. Foil shavers seem to cut the hairs further below the skin than rotary shavers, so 24 hours later you will have more growth from a rotary shave than a foil shave. Not so with the new Norelco - it now shaves as close, with far less irritation.

    Shaving is pure pleasure with the Nivea lotion. Remember to wet your face first, and when things start to drag, using a bit more water, as well as Nivea, keeps things moving smoothly along. Other reviewers have noted the absence of a chamber to catch cut hairs, and as Norelco points out, Nivea is the key to keeping cuttings in place until the shaver is cleaned.

    Cleaning the heads is easy. Just keep the shaver running under a tap of hot water for 30 seconds.

    I love the convenience of the 8060x's charging stand. Having lotion automatically dispensed into the shaver is a real luxury. Also nice is having lotion electronically dispensed to your face, eliminating the need to repeatedly press the dispensing button on older models. Not to mention having to fuss with the Nivea cartridges used in older models.

    This is also a very quiet shaver. My Braun sounds like a buzz saw, and my friend's Panasonic sounded like a dentist's drill. My 7775X is quieter than the first two, but 8060X is so quiet you may not even know it's on!

    Negatives? Having to detach the cutting heads and replace them with the trimmer is inconvenient - many foil shavers let you simply flip up the trimmer. But this is a design issue that I suspect is not easily overcome with a triple head rotary shaver.

    Overall, I am delighted with this shaver, and am awarding it 5 stars. My older Norelco and Braun are being retired.
    ...more info
  • Norelco 8060X Shaving System
    I have been using the cool skin shavers for 9 years. My previous was the 7775X. The shaving 8060X system is a significant improvement over the old cartidge type models. The shaving system allows simply plugging the razor in the charging station and filling and charging in one simple action. The head system is much improved with no shaver body around the heads allowing the heads to trim easier under the nose and side burns. The heads are more firmer to allow pushing harder to get more pressure. The old razor heads merely recessed back into the body when pressed harder. I have noticed it takes less time to shave. I have not noticed any closer shave with the 8060X....more info
  • Most practical
    Moisturizing, under the shower operated and much better shaving system. It is a real good improvement. Recommendable for the skeptics....more info
  • Best thing since sliced bread
    For the past six years I have been using the 6756 Advantage razor. I have to say that this razor is a huge improvement over previous models. It's lighter, easier to use, and is quite a bit quieter than my old razor. Another improvement is the location of the lotion dispensing holes. Having the lotion come from the center of the blades is a much more efficient design. Some reviews have said that the cartridge does not hold enough lotion and that the clippings make a mess. I have not experienced any of these problems. The only issue I have is that I cannot dispense "just a little bit" of lotion in order to shave my mustache. I guess I will just have to adjust when I press the button....more info
  • davect
    I have had the Norelco dry razors and lotion razors over the years. This is the best one they have made. When I had my original norelco cool skin, it required individual Nivea skin packs. It came with a single blade system, I found it difficult to get a close shave. The packs were not convenient. I went to a dry shave with the Spectra and then the triple head 9160. The Sprectra was more gentle, and the 9160 gave a closer shave as it was a triple head. With sensitive skin, I still needed to use pre-electric shave with either. I would need to use a regular razor to touch up with both some times. Here is what makes this new razor fantastic. It uses the triple head system so you get a closer shave, and by electronic touch, nivea skin lotion comes out of two heads.The charging stand holds a nivea can that automatically fills the razor when the lotion runs out. In other words, you now buy a can and no longer buy these little Nivea packs. With each can there is a new insert to replace the old one. In the old days, you would buy a box of 10 nivea cartridges, and throw each away. With this, the can refills the razor. There is no longer a hair collection area surrounded by a metal blade holder as the triple head blades are exposed. Because of this, you can get closer in areas around your nose and sideburns. The head unit swivels around your chin making it easier. The blade system snaps out and offers a snap in trimmmer that actually works well unlike previous models where the trimmers were marginal. Because of this, I no longer need to use a regular razor to touch up. I get a close shave, and my skin is no longer irratated because the lotion makes it comfortable. In addition, when it is time to replace the razor heads, you take the triple razor head off and snap on a new one. This eliminates having to replace each head individually which if you have ever dropped one, was sometimes a hassle. This new system is a huge improvement over previous models, and I am really happy with my purchase. The model below this is the 8040. The only difference is you fill that model with the can manually, and it takes 4 hours to charge versus the 1.5 hours the 8060 takes. I wanted the stand and faster charge time. Great razor for sensitive skin. ...more info


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