Philips Norelco 8020X Moisturizing Shaving System

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Product Description

Norelco Moisturizing Shaving System Rechargeable Cordless Razor - Norelco 8020X

Philips Norelco Moisturizing Shaving System: The Future is Closer than You Think
Nivea For Men Conditioner Dispensing System
Nivea for Men shaving conditioner is dispensed directly onto your skin for a moisturizing and soothing shave. The formula is enriched with vitamins and chamomile to condition your skin and support a healthy look.
Improved Nivea for Men Shaving Conditioner
The new line of Philips Norelco Cool Skin shavers comes with an improved Nivea for Men Shaving Conditioner that makes shaving even more comfortable and less irritating for your skin. The Lift & Cut system has been improved so that the appliance gives an even closer shave. Thanks to its new design, the shaver fits more comfortably in your hand, while new features make it easier to clean.

Flex Tracker System
The unique Flex Tracker System closely follows the contours of your face, giving you a smooth and perfect shave. The flexing action ensures that the blades are aligned with your skin to allow hairs to be cut exceptionally closer to the skin. Thus you can enjoy a remarkably smooth and fresh look.

Glide Rings
The shaving heads have unique Glide Rings to help the shaver move smoothly over your face.

Integrated Cartridge Refill System
You can Simply pump the Nivea for Men shaving conditioner from the refill can directly into the Cool Skin shaver. Philips Norelco HS8020 Nivea Moisturizing Shaving System gives you the advantage of saving you time and energy by not applying any moisturizer on your face prior to the shave. Just wet your face before you start shaving then press the shaving conditioner button until a sufficient amount of shaving conditioner has been released. Each refill bottle of Nivea for Men shaving conditioner lasts up to three months under regular use conditions.


Super Lift & Cut System
The Moisturizing Shaving System is equipped with a dual blade system to give you an ultra close shave. The advantage of having two blades is that you enjoy a comfortable and soothing shave. The Lift & Cut system is designed so the first blade lifts and the second blade cuts for a comfortable close shave.

Easy Grip for Total Control
Specifically designed for the difficult curves on the face, the Philips Norelco 8020 Nivea Moisturizing Shaving System is an ideal solution for perfect grip and optimal handling. The perfect grip ensures that you enjoy the ultimate comfort and easy shave.

Wet Use--Waterproof Shaver
Shaving in the shower saves time and gives you the fresh sensation of wet shaving. The Philips Norelco 8020 is a washable so it is very easy to keep it clean and hygienic with a simple rinse under the tap. It also includes a cleaning brush to remove small hairs.

What's in the Box
Charging stand, power plug, protection cap, and quick start leaflet.

  • Unique shaver combines Nivea moisturizer dispensing system with advanced shaving technology
  • The flex tracker automatically tracks the curves of your face and helps to protect against skin irritation
  • The shaving heads have unique glide rings to help the shaver move smoothly over your face
  • Rubber anti-slip grip panel
  • Charge time: 8 hours; shaving time: 30 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Watch your neck
    I had a cheap Norelco Shaver ($40.00).I thought this more expensive razor would be great. WRONG. It burns my neck everytime I use it. I tried everything I know of to prevent it. So be warned. Back to the cheap one....more info
  • Don't be scared... it won't bite.
    When I first started using this razor, I was VERY skeptical, being it was my first electric razor. I received it as a Christmas gift and figured it was as good a time as any to stray away from the world of manual razors.

    When I first used it, I was scared to say the least. I didn't know how it would feel, perform, or how my skin would react to it. After I finished my first shave with it, I was a bit unsatisfied. It missed a lot of hair, and left my skin feeling irritated. When I went on to review other electric razors I found that it is very common for electric razors to miss hairs, so I gave this product the benefit of the doubt and decided to give it another shot.

    My second shave was more enjoyable. I decided to slow my shave down, and give a little more attention to how I was maneuvering the razor. My results the second time around were a little more favorable. It didn't leave behind as many hairs and my skin was less irritated and a lot smoother.

    After a few more times of use, I decided to break down my shave a little more and read the instructions that came with the razor. Turns out, reading the instructions and following them make a HUGE difference. Who would've thought?

    After about the first month of use, it became clear that keeping this razor was the best decision I've made in a long time. Now that I have a personalized shaving system down, not only is my shave quick and close, but it's also enjoyable.

    This razor cuts close. And I mean CLOSE. And with little to no irritation depending on how hard you press. Sometimes it's hard to gauge how easily certain spots on your face get irritated, so some irritation is just inevitable. The floating heads contour to everything nice and fluently. Philips Norelco advises the consumer to not buy any lotions or cremes to put on your face because it could possibly damage the razor. But I found that I actually get a better shave if I use the dispensing moisturizer in unison with a good face wash, and I can't imagine it doing any harm to the razor. It's never caused me any problems.

    All in all, I HIGHLY recommend this razor to anyone and everyone. It's a great razor for first time electric razor users as well as long time veterans. It also shaves just as well as the Braun Pulsonic Series 7 (I should know, I've used the Braun as well, thanks to my roommate) if used correctly, and at half the price! Do your research, give yourself some time to form a shaving routine, and give this razor a chance. You won't regret it....more info
  • rashes the skin
    gives a very close shave no doubt. but this product kind of misleads. it gives you a waring that you will take sometime to adjust to this product and gives you trial period of 1 month. Its been 6 months that i have been using this but there are rashes each time i use this. Its very hard for one to clear all the beard on the face, it does leave 1 or 2, which doesnt cut at all and finally i have to use my razor for the final touches. i would say: not worth the price....more info
  • Philips Norelco 8020X Moisturizing Shaving System
    This was for my dad for Father's Day. He is 92 years old and really seems to like the shaver. It gave him a very close shave....more info
  • Watch your neck
    I had a cheap Norelco Shaver ($40.00).I thought this more expensive razor would be great. WRONG. It burns my neck everytime I use it. I tried everything I know of to prevent it. So be warned. Back to the cheap one....more info
  • Worked for about a year
    I bought this shaver to replace a previous cool skin model that had lasted 3 years and then became unreliable. Sometimes, when you hit the power button, it wouldn't turn on, even with a freshly charged battery. I always liked the rotary shaving system, so I stuck with Norelco and purchased this unit. Now, after just one year, I'm having the same problem as I had with the previous model. If I'm going to pay over $100 for a shaver, I want the thing to last more than a year. I have a little travel shaver that runs on AA batteries as a back-up that I bought at Wal Mart for $10 about 7 years ago. It still works every time, but I can't shave in the shower with it. I haven't had much luck with foil shavers, but I've decided to try a Panasonic ES8234A Arc IV Nano based on customer reviews....more info
  • Comfy
    Nice razor, good concept and works well. Shaves close and no irritation, even the first time using it. I can't use a regular razor but I missed a wet shave, this is perfect. I tried a foil style electric razor a while back and wasn't satisfied, never had any problems with any of the Norelco products. I have another one I use when I don't have time for a wet shave.

    If you like to shave in the shower or if you can't use a razor but miss a wet shave then try this one....more info
  • I will buy another one if this one stops working :)
    I had a Norelco dry shaver and didn't actually like that one. But this 8020x is just amazing. I guess wet/dry shaver is the way to go. It's soft on my skin, compact, looks cool (i don't care much about the look, though). I don't feel any razor burn or irritation anymore and that's what matters to me.

    The Nivea shaving conditioner that comes with it is great. You can use regular Nivea shaving cream but I would always use the shaving conditioner. This conditioner is so far the best thing I have ever put on my skin. It is less messy than shaving cream and feels good, even though it is little expensive.

    Give the shaver 3/4 weeks time before you make your decision.

    I have 8020x. 8040x comes with a travel case, 8060x comes with the travel case and a cleaning unit and I believe it takes less time to get fully charged. 8020x requires 8 hours to get charged, on the other hand 8060x requires only 90 minutes and you are also getting the cleaning unit. But you are paying almost double. Anyway, it's up to you. I am doing fine with my 8020x.

    I might give Panasonic Pro-Curve a try. Just for the hack of it. :)...more info
  • Surprising
    I had removed the electric shavers from my gadgetry a long time ago. At the time, to summarize, they were not comparable to razors. All this time I have used different Mach versions and they were increasingly good.

    This shaver does an excellent job. It is light, slips freely over the skin with to the moisturizing system, shaves comparably to razors and I never get cut in a distraction. The adaptation to the new shaving system was painless. I have used it with a bit of shaving foam or gel (instead of the original lotion) with comparable results. I have also tried it in the shower and, although the result is the same, I do not save any time and spend a lot more water. Since I wash it very well after every shaving, the 2 or 3 times I opened the shaving head to clean it were pointless: there was nothing yo clean....more info
  • Great Look... But it should cut the hair on my face....
    This razor has a great look and feel. Very lightweight and I love the fact that it can be used in the shower. I was very excited to get into the world of electricity while shaving. But, much to my disappointment I have had to return the product. I was looking for a close, clean and quick shave. However, all I received was a dull, hair left all over my neck and face, longer than a straight razor shave. I am sure this is a good product, unless you have course hair or otherwise just need to spend you time in the morning doing something other than shaving.

    Good news though is Norelco offers a 60 money back guarantee. You have to use it for 21 days straight and after that if it is not what you are looking for send it back and they will refund you the price you paid for it. So try and see if it is for you. It is not for me. Back to the blades... man I am so 1980's. ...more info
  • Norelco shaver 8020X
    Close shave. Easy to use and clean. My son gave to his dad and he loves it. Great shaver....more info
  • Great little shaver
    This shaver is half the size, and half the cost of my previous Norelco shaver, and yet, it's twice the product.

    It is compact, comfortable and convenient. It is my first "wet" shaver, but I find I prefer to use it over the sink and not in the shower. The moisturizing shaving system works very well. Although it is not necessary, I find it makes the shave more comfortable. You dispense the shaving lotion by pressing a dispensing button (blue) above the power button (white) as needed. It takes a little time getting use to it.

    I have a very rough beard, and the shape of the shaving head allows me to even attack those difficult neck hairs.

    The only negative is that the battery does not sense charging, and I have heard users have trashed the razor by charging it too long. I use a wall timer (Radio Shack) to limit recharging to 8 hours

    Amazon delived quickly and at an excellent price. Unfortunately the web site was confusing and it appeared that Norelco shaving gel packs were compatable with this system. They are not. Anyone need 2 boxes of Cool Skin Shaving Gel?
    ...more info


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