Philips Norelco 8040X Moisturizing Shaving System

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Product Description

Make your shave comfortable, skin-enhancing and downright therapeutic with the Norelco 8040X Cool Skin Model shaving system. The rechargeable cordless razor contains a dispenser that automatically applies vitamin-enriched Nivea for Men Shaving Conditioner directly onto your skin for a moisturizing and soothing shave. A refill bottle is included to pump conditioner into the Cool Skin razor whenever the resevoir becomes empty (to purchase conditioner, look up "NCS H500" at The Flex Tracker maps out automatically tracks the curves of your face to protect agains irritation and the shaving heads have unique Glide Rings for a smoother, safer shave. The unit rinses clean in seconds and can even be used in the shower. The Cool Skin shaving system also includes a charging stand, travel pouch and the Precision Tube Trimmer, which allows for the deft and precise trimming of a mustache or sideburns. Nivea For Men conditioner dispensing system: enriches your skin and provides a healthy look. Refill bottle pumps directly into the Cool Skin Razor. Flex Tracker automatically tracks the curves of your face and helps to protect against skin irritation Unique Glide Rings to help the razor move smoothly over your face. Superior Lift & Cut? dual blade system Precision tube trimmer: Patented tube trimmer technology for great precision - great for mustaches/sideburns Innovative open shaving unit design allows quick and convenient cleaning after each shave. Charging Time: 4 - hour charging time for full charge Shaving Time: Up to 40 minutes of shaving time Automatic Voltage Selection 100 / 240V: Guarantees travel convenience Charging stand with trimmer and travel pouch included Full 2 year warranty

Philips Norelco Moisturizing Shaving System: The Future is Closer than You Think
Nivea For Men Conditioner Dispensing System
Nivea for Men shaving conditioner is dispensed directly onto your skin for a moisturizing and soothing shave. The formula is enriched with vitamins and chamomile to condition your skin and support a healthy look.
Improved Nivea for Men Shaving Conditioner
The new line of Philips Norelco Cool Skin shavers comes with an improved Nivea for Men Shaving Conditioner that makes shaving even more comfortable and less irritating for your skin. The Lift & Cut system has been improved so that the appliance gives an even closer shave. Thanks to its new design, the shaver fits more comfortably in your hand, while new features make it easier to clean.

Flex Tracker System
The unique Flex Tracker System closely follows the contours of your face, giving you a smooth and perfect shave. The flexing action ensures that the blades are aligned with your skin to allow hairs to be cut exceptionally closer to the skin. Thus you can enjoy a remarkably smooth and fresh look.

Glide Rings
The shaving heads have unique Glide Rings to help the shaver move smoothly over your face.

Integrated Cartridge Refill System
You can Simply pump the Nivea for Men shaving conditioner from the refill can directly into the Cool Skin shaver. Philips Norelco HS8040 Nivea Moisturizing Shaving System gives you the advantage of saving you time and energy by not applying any moisturizer on your face prior to the shave. Just wet your face before you start shaving then press the shaving conditioner button until a sufficient amount of shaving conditioner has been released. Each refill bottle of Nivea for Men shaving conditioner lasts up to three months under regular use conditions.

Super Lift & Cut System
The Moisturizing Shaving System is equipped with a dual blade system to give you an ultra close shave. The advantage of having two blades is that you enjoy a comfortable and soothing shave. The Lift & Cut system is designed so the first blade lifts and the second blade cuts for a comfortable close shave.

Easy Grip for Total Control
Specifically designed for the difficult curves on the face, the Philips Norelco 8040 Nivea Moisturizing Shaving System is an ideal solution for perfect grip and optimal handling. The perfect grip ensures that you enjoy the ultimate comfort and easy shave.

Wet Use--Waterproof Shaver
Shaving in the shower saves time and gives you the fresh sensation of wet shaving. The Philips Norelco 8040 is a washable so it is very easy to keep it clean and hygienic with a simple rinse under the tap. It also includes a cleaning brush to remove small hairs.

What's in the Box
Charging stand, power plug, travel pouch, protection cap, and quick start leaflet.

  • Unique shaver combines Nivea moisturizer dispensing system with advanced shaving technology
  • The flex tracker automatically tracks the curves of your face and helps to protect against skin irritation
  • The shaving heads have unique glide rings to help the shaver move smoothly over your face
  • Anti-slip grip panel features advanced layered rubber gripping surface
  • Charge time: 4 hours; shaving time: 40 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Excelent Product
    I would like to recomend this product as it has been one of the bests I've used ever.
    Excelent results obtained!...more info
  • Good Replacement for Advantage
    I've bought the razor as a replacement for my old Norelco Advantage and I'm very happy with it. Slick, smooth, it is not irritating my neck as the old Advantage used to....more info
  • Clean shave, well priced, moisturizer makes a smooth glide on the skin
    One truly outstanding feature of this shaver is an inbuilt moisturizer dispenser, which you can control while you shave.

    While an electric shaver is much safer than a traditional razor, even an electric shaver can leave some burns on your skin and make it rough if you do not apply enough moisturizer. This razor makes it so much more convinient to make this happen.

    Electric shavers are a bit hard to like them if you are migrating from a traditional razor - usually because your skin will need some time to get used to it. Give it some time - typically about 3-4 weeks for your skin to get used to it and then you will like it.

    If you are buying this to replace another electric shaver - this is a very good choice for the price. While one of the other Norelco models - Norelco 1090 costs upwards of $200, I can say that this model 8040x is a steal of the money - the moisturizer feature makes every penny worth.

    + ves:
    + I have to say inbuilt moisturizer dispenser is the best feature
    + Well designed, light weight and easy to use
    + Good battery life
    + Very little noise

    - ves:
    - The moisturizer dispenser should have been made automatic, instead of manual control
    - I do not think the cost of moisturizer refills should be that high, but it would be better if Philips Norelco suggests additional moisturizer that can be used in place of the Nivea. (nothing against Nivea, but trying to look for cheapter alternatives)...more info
  • You Can Shave in the Shower with a Rechargeable Razor!
    Wow it really works in the shower! I got a clean close shave that was way better than I expected. You can even use your own shaving cream in addition to or instead of the shaving gel in the razor! All this and it just washes off with water. I usually skip shaving Saturday and Sunday mornings. Come Monday this razor handled the extra growth just fine. It definitely gave a closer shave than a dry electric razor and it is faster than a standard blade.

    Items to note:

    - The razor is easy to fill up with shaving gel. I found a refill at a local big box store and it was inexpensive.
    - When shaving just hold it under the water from time to time to wash away the clippings. There isn't a reservoir to empty.
    - I actually have fun using it and would recommend it to friends....more info
  • Not a Bad Electric Shaver-From Someone Who Never Used One Before
    **I had my husband review since I have no use for an electric razor. Below is what he has to share.***

    This is my first experience with an electric razor. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. I have been using a double edge razor with good ol shaving cream for years and for the most part, its worked very well. I shave about every 2-3 days and after the 3rd day I usually have a 5:00 shadow. I always wanted to try an electric razor and the 8040X looked very good so I decided to give it a try. When I took the 8040X out of the box I noticed the compact design and the entire face of the razor is the cutting surface. There are a couple of things I was concerned about
    How close of a shave could I get from an electric shaver?
    Will the razor or shaving conditioner irritate my skin?
    Will I be able to take it in the Shower?
    How well does it travel?

    After using this razor for a couple of days, I have to say that its a GREAT electric shaver. Let me tell you why:
    Pretty close shave including neck (not as close as a razor but I figure everyone would know this)
    The shaving head is flexible to fit the contour of your face and neck.
    Able to shave in the shower.

    Here are some of the things to watch for with this razor:
    This is a very comfortable razor so be careful of how much pressure you put on the razor while you shave if you have sensitive skin.
    Test the shaving conditioner first to make sure it will not break you okay if you have sensitive skin.
    It would be nice if I could have used another shaving conditioner.
    There is no way to plug the cord directly into the shaver, meaning that if you travel you need to bring the cheap base along with you as well.
    Pretty Quiet.

    Bottom Line, if you're in the market for an electric shaver, this is a good one to start with. ...more info
  • Excellent Wet/Dry Electric Shaver
    For more than a few years I had been using the Factory Reconditioned Braun 7526 Syncro Smart Logic Shaver I purchased on Amazon. Prior to the Syncro, I had used a Gillette Sensor Excel Razor For Men - 1 ea. Clearly, the Syncro could not give me the close shave of the Sensor Excel. Still, I liked the convenience and the ease of the Syncro and the fact that it held up to rough use.

    I had the opportunity to try the Philips Norelco 8040X and have been blown away. My first usage was dry and without the application of the moisturizer. At first, I was slightly disappointed at the whisker tugs and slight razor burn and the ergonomics but decided to give it another chance since my first usage did not use the moistureizer and the unit had not been completely charged.

    My second usage was dry and with the use of the moistureizer and the unit was fully charged. The whisker tugs and slight razor burn were gone. After my first use, I was used to the ergonomics (it is a completely different design from the Syncro), facial coverage was exceptional. I also found that one push of the moistureizer button was sufficient for one half of my face. After the use, my face was smooth and soft and, unlike my efforts with the Syncro, very few missed hairs.

    My third usage was wet (int he shower) and with the use of the moistureizer. Again, the results were fantastic. With the excellent coverage of the razor head, my shaving time has decreased significantly.

    My only two complaints (if they can be called complaints since they are so minor) are (1) the scent of the moistureizer and (2) the charger. Another reviewers have aptly stated the deficiencies with ths scent so I will say no more. As for the charger, you have to place the razor in with some care so that it makes contact with the recharging points. Also, the light signifiying that the unit is re-charging is muted (which is both good and bad) so be alert. Other than those two trivialities, I am extremely happy with the Philips Norelco 8040X shaver....more info
  • Great for traveling
    I would say that this is my all-time favorite cordless shaver, but in all honesty I have never used a corded shaver! What I do know is that the Norelco 8040X is a fine product. The shave is pretty typical for a cordless shaver - not quite as close as a razor, but certainly good enough.

    Things that I like.

    -- Big advantage for travel. When traveling with the Norelco 8040X you can leave your shaving creme and aftershave behind! The lotion that is dispensed works very well for an aftershave lotion. This makes it much easier to carry on to airplanes.

    --The shaving lotion is smooth and not to viscous this keeps the blades from gumming up and helps maintain an even shaving experience.

    -- The lotion does not have a strong scent, and it rubs into skin quickly

    -- Lotion seems to be ok for sensitive skin (or at least my skin)

    -- To clean you simply stick the entire unit underneath the faucet and wash away.

    -- Quiet - as you would expect


    - As others have mentioned it is a bit slow.

    - Seems a little "light" in my hand - doesn't seem to be quite as sturdy as some of the older Norelco's... trust me - this is me reaching for the bottom of the barrel.

    Overall- I highly recommend the product, especially if you travel or if you happen to be partial to cordless shavers. 5 stars...more info
  • Great shave but not as close as we would like it.
    I got this and since I'm a woman I gave it to my husband to use so he could tell me what he thinks about it. According to him it is really comfortable and gives a close shave. It is rather comfortable to use and being able to use it in the shower is a plus. It also has a really nice smell to it and it is pretty easy to clean and charge. So far he hasn't had any nicks or cuts which is also a plus.

    A con though is the replacement nivea conditioner is very hard and expensive to get. And also you have to think about the cost of replacement heads. But overall it's a great shaver. ...more info
  • Norelco said give it 30 days
    I have had this razor for about a month and a half now, and I really don't have any major complaints. I use it daily in the shower with no problem. Yes I miss a spot now and then, and you do have to lube your face with soap or the stuff in the pump on the razor, but that is no major problem for me. I used to shave with a Gillette sensor excel, I won't say that the Norelco gets every bit as close, but it is almost there. I have no problems with the angles on my face, or the tight corners under my nose, it takes a little learning, but I do quite well on these spots now. Some people complained about the Moisturizing lotion and having to buy it, I don't see their problem, you used to buy shaving cream didn't you? I do lube my face with shampoo, and only use the cream when I hit a dry spot, and so far so good.

    For me a battery charge on this thing lasts between 15 and 20 days, when the red charge light comes on I have plenty enough charge to finish shaving. As for the problems people have with charging these, I generally put it on the charger around dinner time, and take it off before bed, as I usually hit the bathroom at those times anyway it's not really a hassle.

    Some other people complained about the fact that the shaving heads are open on the back so the shaved hair falls out the back while you are shaving. This can be a hassle if you shave after you get dressed. I shave in the shower, and where I live it is illegal to shave and drive it was part of the cell phone hands free law. I like the open head because it is easy to keep clean.

    The only drawback to the razor I could mention is that it is kind of a pain to change between the shaving head and the trimming head. That and the fact that I can't just drop this thing on the charger and forget it lost it that fifth star. Other than that this was a great buy!
    ...more info
  • Nice Razor
    I have been a Norelco shaver user for about 15 years. In that time, I've had ups and downs with their products, but I've been mostly satisfied and keep purchasing new models every few years.


    The shaver has unique "floating" shaver heads. When you shave, it's much easier to get to hard-to-reach areas of the face, since the body of the shaver creates no restrictions.

    The shaving gel makes for a more pleasant shaving experience. It allows for a closer shave with less irritation.

    This shaver is FAST! I'm able to shave in about half the time as with my old Norelco.

    I like the charging station which cradles the shaver (as opposed to just plugging in the razor and setting it on the counter to charge).


    The trimmer for sideburns and beards is separate and needs to be installed and removed for each use. Those familiar with the pop-up trimmer on other Norelco models may be disappointed. (I'm just going to use a personal trimmer and not bother with this.)

    The manual states that you should use a new canister of shaving gel each time you refill. It feels like you're using only half of the gel in the canister when you refill, so a lot is going to waste. Refills of the shaving gel are currently $9.30.

    While the shaver is faster, there's a moderately complicated cleaning process recommended after each use and this eats up time.


    This is a good shaver for the price. I think the pros outweigh the cons.

    ...more info
  • Good Price for an Item that won't kill me in the shower
    I had tried out a tri-head and was prepared for what I was going to get. The thing I didn't know about was the gel. Normally, when I shave, I avoid things like gel because it doesn't really make my skin feel good. Some people swear by it, whether for the conditioning feeling or because of skin irritiation, and I understand that. Still, I had never really gone there. When I used this product, however, I was pleased with the gel and found myself happy with that --- especially when I want to shave in the shower.

    If you are familiar with the tri-headed razors, you know there are pros and cons with them. They hit a lot of area, they pull more than one head over a place, and one blade being a bit mean doesn't mean hat you won't get jacked up. On the downside, the heads fill up fast, the addition of gel can clog up the heads a bit, and the heads sometimes leave you with a bit of hair because they are weak individually. That said, the gel shave is a good feeling shave and the ability to take this beast to the shower --- that is a plus that saves time and energy. For its price, this razor did a lot that razors that cost a lot of money did and lost on functions like digital read-outs (which I'm not sure would work in the shower to begin with). That was also a plus as well.

    If you want to try out a razor that has the three-headed approach and don't want to spend a lot to do it, this is a good alternative. It also helps that it can deal with the gel decently well, and that I can take it in the shower and not have to worry about going the way of the "zapped" statistic.
    Look at it, think if it is what you are wanting, and then decide. If you feel a "yes," you are good to go with the product. If you feel a "no," ask yourself why and read up on the product to see if there is someone that addresses this. I liked it.
    ...more info
    This Item is almost very good ,only thing I want to say is that the speed is a bit slow.Otherwise it's pretty good...more info
  • Still Pulls My Hairs, But Not A Bad Shaver For Short Stubble
    I gotta tell you right off the bat that I am NOT a fan of these kind of shavers typically. For most of my adult life I have been forced to use a straight razor with shaving gel in order to get my face shaved because otherwise the pain is too much to bear. I have VERY sensitive skin and allowing my facial hair to grow more than a few days is a recipe for irritation and a nick here and there!

    I've tried so-called "moisturizing shavers" in the past with their packets of lotion you load in the back and spend an hour trying to close shut and it's no fun at all. Sure, the initial novelty of the idea was good, but after a few shaves that wears off and you realize it's not as good as you thought. My major problem with those shavers in the past was how they pulled my hairs and all the agonizing pain that comes from that. Yes, I admit it--I'm a wimp when it comes to shaving. Can't they make a swivel shaver than DOESN'T hurt when you use it?

    Enter the Philips Norelco 8040X Moisturizing Shaving System.

    I had such high hopes for this gadget thinking that they have FINALLY got it so it doesn't hurt and pull the hairs when you shave with it. The first time I used this, I was gently running it across my cheek without any water and it wasn't too bad. So I decided to wet my face, press that real convenient button to dispense the lotion I had easily loaded in the back side of it (that was my favorite part of this new shaver compared to the ones in the past--it only took a few seconds to load and it's ready!).

    My cheeks and mouth area were going great with the lotion allowing the shaver to easily glide across my face with such ease, but then...dum da dum was time for that ever-so-sensitive neck area and here's where I had nightmares popping up in my head again. Will it hurt again? God I hope not. So I worked my way down that way and I could feel the hairs pulling. OUCH! I eased up on the pressure I was applying and it got better, but it still wasn't perfect.

    I ended up taking a straight razor to my neck and then smoothed out that shave with the lotion and this shaver. It kinda defeats the purpose of having a shaver like this if you have to use a straight razor, too, but I realized the Philips Norelco 8040X Moisturizing Shaving System serves a pretty good purpose. It gives you a close comfortable shave for the everyday shave and it gets remarkably close. Maybe I'll get used to shaving my neck area with it eventually, but it's no magic shaver.

    Overall, it's not a bad product at all and I'm pretty pleased with its performance. If your skin is not at all sensitive, then you'll LOVE this thing. The lotion is the secret and it dispenses so evenly across the shaver heads. You can recharge the shaver very quickly and can tell it's ready when the blinking green light turns solid. HAPPY SHAVING!!! :)...more info
    You might say he's set in his ways. The same brands of toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, and razor have served him well for quite a while, so to him any change would seem silly and a waste of time - unless, of course, the change involved a car, a television, or software. (If it ain't broke, don't fix it is one of his favorite phrases).

    He received this shaving system with a quiet thank you (translation: I'll put it away and forget about it). So, it took some pleading to get him to try it. However, when he did he became a changed and smoother shaved man. A lot of what sold him on this shaver was the ease of use in the shower. Not only was it easy but it speeded up his morning routine, and he found the shower shave accompanied by the Nivea conditioner both soothing and refreshing.

    Another plus for him was the fact that the shaver really gave almost 40 minutes of shave time after recharging.

    Now, it's as if he was the one who discovered the Philips Norelco Shaving System and the advantages it offers.

    ...more info
  • Razor-Close Shave!!
    For years I had been looking for an electric razor that would come close to being as good as a blade for shaving with no luck. About a year ago, my wife got me the Norelco Arcitec razor. This high end (and expensive) razor finally got me to switch. Now along comes the Cool Skin 8040X (at half the price).

    The fact that it is a wet system intrigued me. It uses Nivea shaving conditioner, which is injected into the back of the razor. A nice no mess system ... a spout on the conditioner bottle fits in the razor and injects the conditioner. When shaving, you press a button and a few drops of gel comes up through the heads. You wet your skin, press the button, and shave. I found that I press the button about 8 times during shaving. This means I end up refilling the razor about once or twice a week (no big deal... take less than a minute). The razor also has a nice rubber grip that makes it easy to hold when its wet.

    The razor comes with the charger, a cloth pouch, a sideburn trimmer attachment, head cover, and a trial size can of conditioner.

    The charger is your standard wall unit that plugs into a plastic base. The razor sits in the base. Takes about 4 hours to completely charge. A green light in the handle flashes while charging and stays lit when fully charged. You should not leave it plugged in all of the time. When the razor needs to be charged, a red light comes on. While this is not as nice as the Arcitec's LED that shows the remaining time left on the battery, this razor is smaller (and a lot less expensive) and there probably isn't room for the display.

    The pouch is a soft cloth and really doesn't offer much protection. I don't use it.

    The sideburn trimmer is not built in to the razor. Instead, you pop off the blade assembly and snap this in it's place. I thought this would be a pain but its not. But even if it was, it would be worth it. It's so much better than the one built into the Arcitec. It's bigger and cuts better. By being bigger, the blades are further away from the body of the razor and easy to manipulate.

    The head cover is a plastic cover to protect the blades; useful for traveling.

    The conditioner goes along way (still some left after 2 weeks of use and this is a tiny can).

    The most important thing is the shave. As I said before, the Arcitec made me switch from blades. This made me give up my beloved Arcitec. It really does shave as close as the Trac blades and shaving gel system I love to use....more info
  • Not bad, but expensive upkeep and not a great close shave.
    Over the past few years I've used a Panasonic electric foil shaver. The unit was reliable, never having needed any change in parts, and did a pretty good job of giving the best approximation to a razor blade shave. Therefore, I hold the Panasonic to my standard here. I do not use regular razor blades as they tend to give me razor burn on my rather thicker facial hair.

    Upon unboxing, I felt really frustrated right off the bat. Apparently, the manufacturer decided it was a brilliant move to put the contents into a blister pack inside the package box. This meant getting risk of injury just taking everything out. For a unit that costs this much, this is a completely unacceptable practice. Charging the unit took a long time. I'm used to quick recharges on my Panasonic, but this unit took so many hours. The charger uses regular cheap wire contacts for charging rather than induction like my Panasonic. Kind of a shocker to see this on an expensive shaver.

    The unit itself utilizes three rotating wheels with a unique shaving gel dispenser that you press to ooze some out on the blades. This seems like an ingenius idea but there are several downsides noticeable right off -- you need to use a special shaving cream bottle as the nossle needs to inject the cream directly into the shaving unit. It might be hard just finding this type of special cream, and will likely be very overpriced relative to its volume. Not happy about that. The company clearly wants to reap profits on consumables. Additionally, it is questionable whether the cream dispenser in the unit will clog over time. This is particularly the case if you don't use the shaver for a while, which allows the cream to solidify. Additionally, the pressure injector may fail. And finally, the amount of cream stored onboard is so small that I have to inject new cream daily. Seems a little too gimicky.

    As for the shave itself, the results were lackluster -- Could not get the same close shave as my Panasonic, BUT the shaving cream mechanism did allow for a more pleasant shaving experience, but I think I would prefer just spreading some cream manually over my face instead. The unit does not shave very quickly. I have to spend quite a bit more time getting the shave that I need. Additionally, my face is rather curved so getting the hairs at the top of my neck often failed so I have to touch up with a razor blade.

    Overall, I could grow on using this shaver except for the high upkeep costs and very high outlay cost of the unit itself. Really, the price needs to come down for this shaver to be competitive. A closer shave would be nice too.

    Nevertheless, I will continue to use this shaver for several more weeks and will post an update at that time. Stay tuned!
    ...more info
  • Good not great
    Decent electric though I still prefer a manual razor or even my older, similar Norelco which is basically the same but without the shaving conditioner. Shaves better when wet or in shower but still not as good as a razor. What I dont like is having the extra step of using the conditioner but still not getting a close shave, not to mention having to buy refills....more info
  • Being able to use it in the shower makes this the best electric razor I've owned.
    I haven't been just a huge fan of electric razors over the years. There's something to be said for the ease and convenience of an electric razor, but for obvious reasons, they almost always lack the closeness of a true blade, and rarely leave your skin feeling quite as refreshed as the traditional route. So despite favoring the performance and feel of blades, I've always kept an electric for moments when speed or apathy take priority. Most recently, that role has been admirably served by a Braun 7526 Syncro Shaver System with Clean & Charge Storage Stand.

    While the Braun has held up well, two aspects of the Philips Norelco 8040X really compelled me. The first, that it could be used in the shower -- my interest in this was less about convenience than it was how the water might change the way my skin feels after an electric shave. The second, the lotion dispenser. Again, one of my two chief complaints with electrics was how it left my skin feeling. Dry, rough, even abraded at times. My hope was that the Nivea lotion included would address that.

    In both cases, my hopes were well met. While I can't claim to be getting significantly closer shaves with the Norelco, I can say that I enjoy the experience much more, and my skin feels happier for it. Indeed, my only complaint is that the Nivea lotion has 'fragrance' as an ingredient. While this doesn't matter to the majority of the population, fragrance is toxic, and for a number of people (like myself) it can cause some problems. I can't claim it as a detracting factor however, with the water from the shower going, the lotion is foaming and rinsing away relatively quickly. Obviously I could choose not to use the lotion, if I so desired, but even with the fragrance issue, I think it's a valuable part of the experience.

    The Braun has been retired to back-up status under the sink, and the truth is, I'll probably electric shave much more often than I did before now, because of the value and benefits this particular model brings. Very happy to be an 8040X owner....more info
  • Attention Ladies~Not Just For Men~Finally a shaver that really shaves OUR legs~~~
    I know this is a men's shaver but I have tried maybe 5 womens shavers over the years and none and I mean none will actually shave my legs smooth. I gave up and use a straight blade and cut myself all the time.

    Now listen up Baby Boomer Ladies. I'll be honest here. You know this is true we get hairs on our chinny chin chins. I know it's supposed to be a secret well it will be now. This baby shaves those coarse hairs so smooth and doesn't irritate the skin. I have had to lather up and shave with a blade twice a day for the last 10 years and yes cut myself. Now try to explain that!

    I have used it wet with the gel in the shower and that is great. It has a sporty scent that personally I like, I do however then shower with my "girly scent" gel so when I go out I don't have a male scent about me.

    I have also used it dry and it glides all around the knees and ankles without a nick. I am so excited and glad I chose this item to review. I hope some other ladies will find this to be true. So what if it is for men. My hairs don't know that. LOL

    Why 4 and not 5 stars? Same reason some men have stated. It is slow and you cannot race to get done. A circular slow covering of the skin is required, but in my opinion that is a small price to pay for a great shave and no cuts....more info
  • Extremely smooth and close shave!
    The Philips Norelco 8040X shaving system is the first electric shaver I've used. In the past, I've always used blades for wet shaving. I've tried the Mach 3, Mach 3 Turbo, the Schick Quattro, Mach 3 Fusion, and various other blades. The general consensus was that while the blades did offer a fast and decent shave for the first few times, the blades eventually grew dull or my skin began to become irritated after awhile. I also had to almost always shave after getting out of the shower so the hairs were soft enough. The Norelco 8040X has changed all of that! The Cylon-like LED indicator is also very cool. The LED isn't visible until it is illuminated as it is covered by the blue metallic material. The shape looks like the visual scanner on a Cylon "toaster" from Battlestar Galactica.

    In the instructions, Philips suggests trying the 8040X for 3 weeks so your face and hairs get acclimated to the rotary cutters. I found that my face did not get irritated even shaving on a daily basis. It offered a much closer shave than even a brand new 3-4 bladed razor. The stubble does get left behind but it wasn't hard to manage. The Nivea "goop" is the lubricant that is dispensed by the shaver to provide a gliding motion and leaves a nice scent reminiscent of aftershave or shaving gel.

    The 3-rotary head design seems odd at first and it was difficult to navigate on my face since it isn't a perfectly round ball. In addition, the rotary heads give a "round" shave so you will need a separate razor for sideburns or any area that you want to have a flat shave.

    The use of Li-Ion battery cells means the shaver has a lifespan longer than 2 years (probably 5-6 on average) versus NiCd which is a plus for devices that you really don't want to buy frequently. The rotary heads are easy to disassemble and clean as per the instructions. The Nivea goop is also affordable, about comparably priced with upscale shaving gels or foams. The replacement heads are rather pricey. Buying 3 heads would pretty much mean buying another 8040X. The logistics of owning an electric shaver has always been the biggest problem in my mind, but after experiencing how close of a shave the 8040X offers, it is well worth the cost to own one.

    However, be advised that you will not save time using the 8040X versus a regular bladed razor. I find myself spending 4-5 times longer trying to shave using the 8040X than with a regular blade, especially if I haven't shaved after 2 days. The 8040X is really intended to handle the daily stubble and since there's no way to catch loose stubble, I do not recommend using it on the go. It works well if you're shaving in the bathroom either at home or at a hotel on the way to a business meeting.

    Pros: Rotary flex-heads track the face nicely, low-noise motor, easy to clean, waterproof, Nivea goop is easy to dispense, very close shave and irritation free!

    Cons: Cost for new rotary heads do get expensive, rotary heads do not offer a flat shave for sideburns so another razor is needed, not all faces are perfectly round so it is difficult to navigate or manipulate to offer the same close shave on all parts of the face: practice is needed. It takes too long to shave and the lack of a stubble catcher prevents it from being used "on the go."

    Bottom line: An excellent value, works as advertised, and in my experience it is significantly better than safety razors if you're not pressed for time.

    Update: Be aware that the combs will not allow thick hairs to be cut, and I have noticed that there are half a dozen hairs on my face that refuse to be cut by the 8040X. A straight bladed razor (such as a Mach 3 Turbo / Fusion) allows more precision and even cuts but in my experience, the 8040X gives a closer shave but sacrifices precision and compatibility with all hair thicknesses....more info
  • Norelco 8040X
    I have used Norelco razors for several years, and this one is the best one by far. It's simple and easy to use and gives the best shave for an electric razor I've ever had. I would recommend this razor to anyone looking for the best electric razor on the market. ...more info
  • Works great for me -- I like the smell of the lotion, and the smoothness it brings to the shave
    This is another excellent shaving product from Philips -- it cuts like an ordinary shaver, but with the added benefit of lubrication that helps it to shave smoothly. My skin doesn't get irritated or dry, and the lubrication seems to help the shave to go more quickly. I've tried other brands of shavers and this one seems to work the best.

    This package comes with a squeeze bottle full of a very pleasant smelling lotion, that you inject into the back of the shaver. Then, when you are shaving, you just press a button and it releases enough lotion to lubricate about one third of the face. When it starts to feel like a dry shave, you press the button again and finish up.

    I have found that the amount of lotion you can inject into the shaver is enough for about 5 to 6 shaves. The shaver comes with a small sample bottle of the lotion -- and I guess one drawback is that you have to keep buying the lotion, unless you want to use this like an ordinary dry shaver. I've tried that too and it seems to work as well as any other shaver I've tried. I prefer, though, to use the lotion. It feels good and has a nice aftershave smell that my wife also likes -- that's good enough for me.

    Because the system is water resistant, you can shave in the shower, and you can wash it off in water when you are finished. The extendable trimmer isn't very useful, but I've never seen a shaver where they are. It comes fully recharged and after about two weeks of using it about every other day it is still working well -- I haven't charged it yet. I do wish there was some kind of indicator on the unit that would let me know how much charge remains, but all in all I am quite happy with this. ...more info
  • Great shaver
    I have always wanted an electric shaver I could use in the shower, but they always irritated my neck. This shaver with accompanying moisturizer makes shaving a breeze and incredibly comfortable. It is not as close as a razor, but plenty close enough and when used daily keeps the beard well in hand. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • Finally, an electric razor that works!!
    First of all, I'll start out by saying that I am 67 years old... secondly, I have tried nearly every brand of electric razor that has ever been made, and I have given them all away because they all just tore my neck to pieces... and I've always gone back to a blade to get a close shave without making my neck look like hamburger. Then I saw this Norelco wet shaver on Amazon for an exceptional price, so I ordered one. I am 100% sold on this one! It doesn't tear my neck up, and gives me the closest shave I've EVER had... even my leathery old skin is as soft as a baby's behind with the Nivea lotion dispensed by the razor as a lubricant. Don't hesitate, guys, THIS one really does work!!...more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised 40-something Shaver
    Ok. I have been using the Norelco 8040X for about 6 weeks now and am very, pleasantly surprised.

    Background. I have been shaving nearly 30 years now and have tried electric shavers in no less than 3 different stints in my life (never Norelco before). Each time with disappointing success. But I decided to try again mainly after researching the product, noticing the "send it back after trail" guarantee. I was skeptical. My experience had been poor shaves and in-grown whiskers.

    I have a relatively thick beard growth (not extreme but not light) combined with average to sensitive skin. Shaving with a blade gave the best results however... shaving every day left my neck irritated and bleeding. My solution was to shave every 2 or 3 days. I thought that was going to be my shaving lot-in-life.

    Again, I was drawn to the electric market. My last attempt was 5-10 years ago. I was very interested in shaving in the shower, the Norelco 8040x's ability to dispense lotion, and it's trial period guarantee.

    The Good:
    >> I was able to get good shaving results beginning with my first use. The manual stated to give it some time and stick with it. However, I did not have this issue.
    >> The Nivea lotion filling and dispensing was easy and really helped provide a smooth shave and a wonderful after-shave feeling.
    >> The shaver is easy to clean and charge. Shaving every day, it holds enough charge for about a week's use.
    >> I am able to shave every day with out irritation. Not nicks, no bleeding.

    The Not So Good:
    >> The Nivea lotion is very expensive and difficult to find locally. Checking the Philips website it was out of stock there when I checked. This may be a blessing in disguise. I find that I can use a standard hand lotion/body cream, apply it by hand, and shave just as affectively. (Did I just void my warranty? Who knows.) However, this isn't quite as slick as using the auto dispenser which was one of the selling points. Note to Norelco. Get a clue. If you are going to partner with someone, make sure they are going to make enough product and don't price the complementary item crazily.
    >> The overall shave is just a smidge less smooth than a quality shave from a razor.

    >> The shave is slightly less smooth than a good razor shave.
    >> The fact that I have no irritation or bleeding is a very acceptable trade-off for the slightly less smooth shave in my case.
    >> The Nivea shave conditioner is a nice product, but is over-priced and difficult to find in stock locally (DFW metro area).
    >> Shaver is easy to use, charge, clean.
    >> I find that using shaving cream does not work as well as skin lotion.
    >> I gave 5 stars because I am now able to shave every day with comfort and effectiveness.
    >> Based on my experience, you could probably go with the less expensive 8020X. However, it might not hold its charge as long or charge as quickly. I don't see any need to purchase the more expensive 8060X. However, your individial experience may require otherwise.

    ...more info
  • Mixed Feelings About This Shaver
    I have used the premium-style disposables for about 16 years. I like the control and closeness that I can achieve with products such as the Mach3 and Fusion.

    After using this "Shaving System" a few times, I am considering going back to my Fusion. I need to shave very fast and jump out the door to get to the office. Using this Norelco has doubled the time it takes to shave. First, I have to shave in a circular motion with it. Secondly, I have to change the shaving head to shave my mustache, sideburns, and below my bottom lip. The Norelco provides a special attachment just for these areas. In addition, I found that even though the shave feels close, It looks like I haven't shaved. Perception is reality at the office, so I need to look cleanly shaven. I cannot get the close shave with this that I am required to have by office policy. Granted, the manual says to try it for a full 21 days to be sure.

    Other issues include the charger base: The first night I put it on the charger, it did not charge because it does not sit properly in the base. At first, I thought it did not have a charging light! I had to wiggle it around in the base to get it to charge. The manual clearly indicates there is a charging light, to its credit. I should have read it first. The manual also states that you should not leave it on the charger permanently. I am assuming, the manual means "storing the shaver in the base," which is what I think most would be inclined to do. Supposedly it wears down the battery if you do this.

    On the plus side, I like the way it has a different sound when you are shaving an area of your face where you have not dispensed the lotion. This lets you know to apply the lotion. Because the lotion is clear, it may be hard to tell if it has been applied when you are running the shaver over your face, or shaving in the shower (Which I have never tried because I need a mirror to shave so I can see what I am doing). Also, please don't shave while driving!

    I feel that the dispensing mechanism is rather clever. I believe I would use less shaving lotion if I stuck with this shaver. I'll have to do the math to see if it costs less to use this shaver and its required lotion though. The lotion also smells nice and feels cool on my face.

    Overall, I have mixed feelings about this shaver. Time is very important to me and may be the deciding factor here. ...more info
  • Norelco 8040x Moisturizing shaving system
    I have sensitive skin especially around adams apple area and thought this moisturizing shaver would be a good for me. Well, it does the job feeling and smelling clean while shaving. But, does not shave close enough which is the most important element with the shaver....more info
  • Great shave for an electric
    My husband was pleasantly surprised by the Norelco shaving system. It did a much better job than any electric razor he had tried in the past. He was pretty enthusiastic about the moisturizing system, which prevented his skin from getting irritated (which is what usually happens with electric shavers), and it facilitated a smoother, closer shave than he expected.

    While the Norelco electric is faster and more convenient than his Schlick Quattro, he is definitely a creature of habit, and uses the Norelco when he is in a rush, rather than daily.

    Nevertheless, he told me to give it 5 stars as he is very pleased with it.

    ...more info
  • Great for "Dry Shaving"
    Hubby wanted this for the office to dry-shave his 3 o'clock shadow. It worked great. His face is smoother after using this probably because of its massaging action. We never bothered with the moisturizer....more info
  • Good choice for wet shaving
    The problem with shaver reviews is that everyone's face is different -- a shaver that works great for one person will be so-so or even poor on another. There's no such thing as the "best" shaver out there since "best" is uniquely defined by each person's beard.

    I'm partial to Norelco razors. I've owned and used razors from Panasonic, Braun and Remington (both their entry-level and top of the line products) and always return back to Norelco. Their lift and cut system works very well for me, and every model I've used has been a good performer.

    The 8040x is no exception. It is styled like the Arcitec line (although it uses different heads) which I find outstanding to get at those difficult to shave hairs on my neck. The shape of the heads also makes it easy to provide a neat edge to my mustache since you can easily see where you're going. The built-in Nivea dispenser is nicely engineered and dispenses a small amount of Nivea cream when you press the button.

    The Nivea cream works well and has a nice, subtle scent. Refills are a bit pricy however. Good and cheaper alternatives are to use a small (very small) amount of a gel-type shaving cream (avoid the foamy ones) or even plain soap and water. I've tried all three options and received equally good shaves. The Nivea option is the winner for less mess and fuss. It also leaves your face very smooth -- you get to shave and moisturize at the same time (which is a good thing once you're in your 40's or beyond). Regardless of what you use, you definitely want to use something since the 8040 does not deliver a good shave when used dry.

    Shave time is speedy. A wee bit slower than the Arcitec, but faster than Braun or Remington. Again, this is on my face -- your milage may vary. Be careful in how many times you depress the lotion dispensing button since it's easy to use too much and end up wasting it. Give it a short press, wait a second, then press it again if you want/need more. It's essential to wet your face with water first -- helps make the most of the lotion.

    I think the 8040 provides the best value in the product line up. All three models use the same heads, so the actual shave is the same. The 8040 has a better battery (charges faster and lasts longer) than the 8020, so I think it's worth a few dollars more. The 8060 has an auto fill system for the Nivea cream that (to me) seems unnecessary and not worth the extra cost.

    The reason I gave this 4 instead of 5 stars is the build quality and cleaning. While the razor itself is nicely made, the charging stand is a bit flimsy. It is also awkward to switch to the edge trimmer (it's a separate attachment). Cleaning is a bit more involved than the Arcitec since you need to disassemble and clean the combs and cutters once a month or so. Daily cleaning is a snap (just rinse under running water) but it would be nice to avoid the comb/cutter cleaner step.

    I don't know if the Nivea delivery system is prone to clogging. So far so good, but only time will tell. I'll post an update in a few weeks if there are any problems.

    The decision you need to make is if you want to shave dry or wet. Personally, I like to trade off -- wet shaves now and again are a nice change of pace, but the majority of the time I prefer a dry shave (with the Arcitec my favorite choice by far). If you want a wet shave, or want to shave in the shower, you should definitely give the 8040 a try. For me, the 8040 gives a closer shave and leaves my face smoother and softer than my Panasonic (which also can shave wet or in the shower). I also prefer the form factor of the 8040 -- very easy to grip when your hands are wet.

    Norelco (as most leading brands) has a return to factory option so if you find it not to your liking after a few weeks, you can mail it back to the manufacturer for a refund.

    Hope your next shave is enjoyable!...more info
  • Useful for Travel, but Too Many Shortcomings for Everyday
    The Philips Norelco 8040X electric shaver is a compact, lightweight unit that can be used dry or wet. In either case, it uses Nivea for Men shaving conditioner to smooth the razor over your face as you shave. Ultimately, it is capable of delivering a good shave, but it has too many drawbacks to recommend for everyday use.


    Used dry, the 8040X is below average compared to other shavers that I've used (including my five-year-old Norelco which still shaves rings around this one). Its shaving heads are very compact and pivot nicely so you can easily reach all contours of your face and hard-to-reach areas, e.g. under your nose. However, the blades themselves don't do provide a close shave at all. I have a beard that's only moderately thick/stiff, and the 8040X left me feeling like I would have a five-o'clock shadow in minutes.

    Used wet in the shower, its performance is much better. This is also when the Cool Skin moisturizer really shines - in fact, it's downright necessary to get the heads to glide over your face when used wet. It has a pleasant scent and does leave the skin on your face feeling refreshed afterward (even if it's also apparent that the "cool" is just from some alcohol in the formula). It certainly won't be the quickest shave that you've ever had, but if you take your time, you can get results that rival even a blade.


    The 8040X comes with a cradle for storing it upright and also for charging it. Unfortunately once the razor becomes fully charged, you can't leave it in the cradle without unplugging it - doing so can damage battery life. Plus, the plug for the cradle is gigantic and ugly, so you won't want to leave the cradle on display anyway. I would have preferred a simple direct-cord charge design instead.

    The Nivea conditioner that is used with the shaver is expensive in the long run - about $6 for a can that will last about a month (don't believe what the box says - it's only a month's worth). Suddenly that close, wet shave is looking pretty pricey in terms of time and money compared to simply going back to shaving with a blade. Also, the pump system that feeds the conditioner into the razor is proprietary, i.e. you can't just fill it with any skin conditioner because only the Nivea Cool Skin fits the razor's plug. So, you're out of luck if you don't like the scent or feel of the Nivea product. Also, the razor would lose just about all usefulness if/when they stop making those cans.

    There is no readout to display the remaining battery life. Instead, the power light will begin to flash when the battery is getting low. Given the cost of this razor, this seems like a cut corner. I don't like the idea of guessing how much juice I have left.

    The razor needs to be cleaned after each shave. Compared to most closed-head designs, this makes for even more time that the razor requires with each use. You also need to regularly check that the tubes which deliver the moisturizer haven't become clogged.

    It does have a travel lock feature which will prevent the razor from accidentally turning on while you have it packed away. Coupled with its compact size, I think that the "weekend getaway (not for business)" may be the ideal application of this razor.


    The 8040X Moisturizing Shave System promises too much. Ultimately, it works best when shaving wet, using a lot of the moisturizer, and taking a lot of time to do so. This, coupled with its lightweight, compact design, good battery life and travel lock make it ideal for weekend getaways. But given its cost - both immediate and in the long run - this just isn't enough return on your investment.

    * Close, comfortable shave when used wet
    * Compact and lightweight
    * Travel lock prevents accidents while razor is packed
    * Good battery life

    * Unimpressive shave results when used dry
    * Expensive cost-to-operate due to (very necessary) moisturizer
    * Demanding upkeep/maintenance requirements
    * Lack of battery gauge...more info
  • Good, but not great
    Let me start by saying that I'm a profoundly lazy human being. I leave my bills until the last minute and wait way too long to scoop the cat boxes. I really hate shaving, too. So I figured that an electric (battery powered, whatever) razor might be the way to go. And it is, to a degree.

    Basically, it boils down to this. It takes just as long to shave with this electric as it does with a real razor (you have to go over each spot of your face several times), and you don't get as close of a shave. However, it gives a fairly close shave, so for everyday use it's probably okay. However, if you're going for a job interview or a first date (which, now that I think of it, are basically the same thing) and you want your face to look as smooth as the exhaust-end of a newborn, you're going to want to stick with a traditional razor.

    Another reviewer noted that it's good for the ladies as well, especially since it can be used in the shower. I think I'm going to pass this along to my wife and go back to my regular razor. Your mileage may vary....more info
  • Not as good as a previous model, still OK
    I received this shaver as a warranty replacement for the Norelco 7737. I loved the 7737. It held a charge for a month at a time or longer, and I shave every day, in the shower.

    The 8040X doesn't hold a charge as well. On top of that, it doesn't seem to do as good a job at shaving, either. I still prefer a nice, wet, in-the-shower shave with this razor to my twin-blade manual razor, especially on the sensitive under-chin area, but that 7737 really did a great job! I was mostly interested in comfort, not speed, and you do have to be a little patient using these.

    I found the comfort gel to be quite effective, but I couldn't find replacements in my local stores. I used Nivea for Men shaving gel instead, applied by hand to the face before shaving, and that works just fine.

    I'm sad my 7737 went away, and I got this instead. It's just not as good....more info
  • Close but not close!
    I have been using this for over three weeks. The manual states it takes three weeks for you skin to acclimate to the shaver. At first I was disappointed. It would not shave close like a razor. Every time I used it kept getting better and better. After three weeks the shave is pretty close but not as close as a razor. Sometimes I would take to long between shaves and it would become harder to get a clean shave. It is best when used every other day or however quick your stubble grows. The only problem I really have with this is not getting the closeness of a razor but it is still passable. The other is that at time I need to use the razor to get stubble by my adams apple or neck area. The shaver doesn't pick it up even by doing it slow or by applying more shave. The last thing is the shave gel can get expensive. I purchased a bottle for $7 and it lasted the three weeks. Overall it is a great shaver. You have to stick with it for a few weeks to see if it will work for you....more info
  • Close for an electirc, but no match for a razor
    I tried to use this product with an open mind. I've been shaving with a razor and hot lather for my entire adult life and love the closeness and clean feeling you get with a razor shave. I"ve always avoided the dry electric shaves for several reasons, lack of closeness and needing to use it dry.

    I've tried electric shavers before but always returned to my Gillette.

    The Philips Norelco tries to address these problems with the 8040X Shaving system. The unit can be used wet or dry, and with the included lubricating lotion or not. I have to say that this unit does do very well for an electric. The shave is pretty close, though not as close as a razor, and is very comfortable.

    I especially like that the unit is waterproof, so if you decide to shave in the shower you can. It also has a special reservoir that holds Nivea for Men shaving lotion (a small trial size is included) that makes for an even more comfortable shave. Plus it smells good!

    Over the course of the past week I've used it dry and wet. With the Nivea lotion and with regular shaving cream. It is a pretty close shave and I would suggest it for someone who is used to razor shaving but has to switch to an electric for whatever reason.

    Battery life is pretty good and the unit seems to have plenty of power. It is also pretty quiet.

    Overall, I will continue to use this product, switching off between razor and this. It would be good for a travel razor, or for the busy businessman to keep in his desk at work to touch up for those late evening meetings when a full wet shave is out of the question.

    It is close for an electric, comfortable, and easy to use....more info
  • Good even if you have beard and mustache
    Although I have a beard and mustache, which I trim with a Wahl 9918-617 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer, this shaver is good for getting that under the neck area (always tricky) and the side burns trimmer that comes with it is good for keeping the mustache from creeping too far south into Lake Mouth. The shaver is nice and light and the floating heads can really move around, keeping contact with the neck so I get a decent shave without having to go over the same area a hundred times. All in all a good shaver, although I'm not crazy about the idea of having to buy refills of the Nivea cream. ...more info
  • No Norelco, I still prefer my 550 TL
    I bought a Norelco 550 TL about 17 years ago and I still have it. I like the way the Floating Heads give a close shave, and the way the pop-up sideburn trimmer works crisply and efficiently. It cleans easily and is compact. I think I spent a $25 on my 550 TL brand new.

    When I had the chance to try the Norelco Cool Skin 8040X, I looked forward to putting this Norelco newbie through its paces.

    But I was very disappointed.

    THe VERY first thing I DID NOT like (ZERO stars for this!!) was the plastic "Clamshell Packaging" -- which is a waste of plastic and time. IF Norelco had decided to incorporate a Travel Case into this Clamshell packaging with re-usable features, then I would have been content. But as it was, this was just a waste of plastic. Clamshell packages have sent numerous folks to the hospital with some nasty cuts inflicted while trying to open this sealed, thick plastic, stubborn packaging. Then again, it is a waste of plastics made even more wasteful when you consider the price of petroleum nowadays, and the inability to recycle this type of plastic. I suppose someone who wants to, can, with a little ingenuity and transparent mailing tape, take this Clamshell Package and create a travel container for their 8040x-- which might be a good idea, because the fabric travel pouch that Norelco supplies with this shaver only holds the shaver, and not the accessories -- unless you want to cram everything into the travel case and NOT close it.

    Well.... now -- about the shaver itself. The instruction book is very thorough -- but the warnings interspersed throughout are in grey print -- how about bold black?

    The shaver itself is nothing I would want to use all the time -- in fact, after trying it, I still prefer my 550 TL. The heads on the 8040X DO flex, but the moisturizing cream/gel only comes through two of them when all three heads with moisturizer would work much better -- the heads also drag across my skin -- and in some instances gave me a bit of razor burn -- especially on my neck. This shaver was used in the shower, so there was plenty of (acqua) moisture, in addition to gel moisturizer, available for a close shave, but the shave was not as good as it should have been.

    Putting the moisturizer into the shaver is a feat that involves pumping the cartridge manually and then cleaning up the excess moisturizer that suddenly splats out of the shaver when it is full. Um.........

    This Norelco 8040X is a nice idea, but it's gimmicky and labor intensive, when all I want is a quick shave and then a quick rinse of the heads and the knowledge that my shaver will be ready and willing the next morning. The Norelco 8040X IMHO probably work just as well on dry skin as on wet -- but it's nothing I would want to use on a regular basis.

    ...more info
  • Not exactly for my tastes
    I've been using various models of Philips Norelco shavers for the past 8 years and have always been happy with them. Each time I buy a bit more expensive model hoping I'll save even more time each morning...though I've never really saved much time!

    Since this model was distinctly different from the others I had purchased before, I thought it would be a revolutionary new experience shaving in the shower and/or with moisturizing lotion. To be honest, the experience wasn't really any different and took me the same amount of time. The lotion adds an additional consumable requirement, and shaving in the shower seems such a waste of water. Not to say, however, that they don't contribute slightly to a great shave.

    For those moments when I decide to shave OUT of the shower, the fact that there is no place for the stubble (cut hairs) to go besides down on you is a bit inconvenient. I understand why a model like this has such a requirement, but it's inconvenient when you're all dressed and you've got to watch for anything that might be on your shirt. I'm not shaving a beard everyday or anything but the good news is that most of the stubble seems to stick near the plastic head. As long as you rinse well after every use, you're probably in great shape.

    It's a bit inconvenient, for travel usage, that you've got to carry around the charging dock/cradle and can't plug the AC right into the shaver. On the other hand, the shaver has a lithium ion battery (not familiar with many models with this feature) that seems to last a long time and charge quickly when needed.

    Nonetheless, I'll still happily use this shaver. It does its job well, it's just that I'm not the target market for all the fancy wet/lotion features inside. Given that I rarely/never use the old fashioned razor and shaving cream, it's probably not a surprise. I'm guessing I'm not the market Norelco targets this model towards. ...more info
  • Philips Norelco 8040X Moisturizing Shaving System
    I have never used an electric razor before and found the Norelco very easy touse and I got a very close shave because of the moisture system and would recommend this to anyone. I also use this to shave my head now for the bald look....more info
  • huuuuge improvement from the predecessor.
    i have been using electric razors on and off in my life. But the ones i owned were all Norelco's (or Philips). I have owned two of 2-blade ones (they used to make those) and one coolskin (the predecessor of this one, which you had to use those Nivea pouch's). First 2's were very satisfying even though they were much older models than the coolskin one. (one was from the ealry 90's or maybe even late 80's and the other was from the late 90's). I personally preferred their two blade ones not only because they were smaller and lighter, but also because it shaved better in those hard to reach areas (like under my nose). Also because it had only 2 blades, it caused less friction on your skin, so it was easier to move it around on my face.

    anyway, so after my last 2-blade razor's blades were discontinued i haven't used electric razor, until the coolskin one. When it first came out, i thought i should give it a try, since Norelco razors never disappointed me, and when i was using non-electric razors, i always shaved in the shower. so i gave it a shot.. but, well, it was a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. it was full of problems. the hinge and the lock of the openable head soon got broken. so i had to like hold the head while i am shaving to prevent it from opening. (i saw many other reviewers complaining about the head being broken soon) and the cushioned discs (blades) would sink into the head (they were designed that way to give you safer/comfortable shave) but because of that it's just impossible to put enough pressure against your skin, and so it just won't shave under my nose. (also because of its bulky head. but it did shave pretty well on my chin/cheek though). With the older one, i used it with just regular shaving gel, coz it worked better for me, and those cartridges were just very inconvenient to replace after like every three shaves. but then the razor would quickly collect soap scum if you used regular shaving gel (which isn't the razor's fault but the new model solved this problem. i will explain later)

    the new models 8020~8060 are just amazing. big improvement. almost solved all the existing problems with the older model. lighter, smaller, yet sturdier, more convenient to refill the lotion. slimmer head lets you shave hard to reach areas more easily, blades don't go into the head, but still flexible. and when you change the blades for these models, you don't just change the blades, you change the entire head. this is not only more convenient, but also cleaner/healthier and so it also solves the soap scum problem if you want to use your own shaving foam/gel or even soap. (so there is really no reason to complain about the price of the consumables which i don't think is that expensive anyways.)

    these might not be the world's best electric razors. there are way more expensive models from Norelco and Braun. They might give you even closer shave and automatic cleaning/lubricating and all that luxurious features. but at the same time, these are not only more affordable, but also probably the best FULLY WATERPROOF electric razors now. and i believe most people who buy these, they do because they need the waterproof/wet shaving feature.

    i believe Norelco really closely reviewed all the downfalls of the older models and made big improvements by fixing them all....more info
  • Awesome Electric Razor, though I'll rarely use it
    My review is actually pretty succinct.

    This product is well designed, it's very sleek and cool to use, the battery life is good, and the travel bag is awesome. In fact, I can think of nothing I don't like about it, except that it is an electric razor.

    There was a norelco (I think) commercial with the motto: Shaves as close as a blade. No it doesn't. In fact, after using it religiously for 2 weeks, I had more ingrown hairs and odd stubble than ever before. It just doesn't work for my face, so I have to say, Great device, wouldn't buy it.

    If you like electric razors, it's a great choice. I just don't....more info
  • I'm glad it died.
    I've been a loyal Norelco user for decades, but after having two cool skin models fail on me recently (the first after 3 years, the second after only one), I decided to try another brand. Boy am I glad I did! The Panasonic ES 8243 shaves way closer than the Norelco in a fraction of the time....more info
  • Not For Me
    I bought this item on Amazon's Daily Deals page because I have been shoping for an electric shaver for a couple months now. I have heard that the Norelco brand is pretty good so I decided to buy this great deal. After using this shaver four, or five, times I have decided that electric razors are not compatible with my facial hair texture. My hair is too thick to get a close shave no matter how often I shave. This razor has led me back to using standard four/five-blade shavers. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone with rough, or thick, facial hair....more info
  • works great
    Works great, continues the less painful shaving tradition of the cool skin line. The new battery makes for a much more compact and lighter body which is good when traveling. Losing the battery charge level indicator is less helpful....more info
  • Great Shaving System!
    I've been using Norelco shaving systems for a number of years now. I love shaving in the shower - saves time, mess and gives me a closer shave. It had been a few years since I bought a new unit when this item came up for sale. I decided to go with it as the new floating heads intrigued me. This is the best version of this shaver yet. It gives an amazing close shave. I love the new way they've integrated the saving balm into the heads. Be sure to give it a few days before making final judgements as even though I've been using electric shavers for 20 years now, my skin and facial hair had to get used to this one....more info
  • Someone should be fired
    Or, for those who prefer to view all events in a positive light, someone should be promoted. I was fortunate enough - or so I thought - to receive the Philips Norelco Arcitec 1090 Rechargeable Cordless Men's Shaving System last year and although it is not a comparison of equals, I now also have the Cool Skin 8040x. The 1090x is Philips/Norelco's flagship razor and this one is more of a middle of the road competitively priced product so any comparison is unfair...for the 1090x. For the last month, I've alternated between this razor and the 1090x, and my impression is without reservation, the 8040x delivers a superior cut. I've finally found a cordless that eliminates the need to keep some manual razors in reserve. Whomever led this product development team is making the top tier team look bad.

    Notwithstanding bells and whistles, the primary function of any razor is to offer a smooth, comfortable shave and this rechargeable gets the job done with aplomb, with or without utilization of the moisturizing system, whether employed as a wet or dry shaver. I'm not a real big fan of products that obligate additional expenditures for consumables like the Nivea Conditioner but I realize it is a nice feature for those who may need the conditioner to avoid skin irritation. I would recommend Nivea and Norelco team up to produce a fragrance free version as this product does conflict with other scents the consumer might use. It is not my practice to use the conditioner every time I shave (every other day) but at my present rate, I would anticipate the initial conditioner supply will last at least six months.

    Cleaning the shaver is a snap. Just turn it on and wash the heads under hot running water. I wish the upscale model cleaned as efficiently, but then, as I facetiously stated in another review my primary use for that pricey unit is as a display item now.

    This razor's tracking system follows facial contours (head in my case) quite efficiently and does not require anywhere near as much pressure to achieve a close cut on stubble as has been my experience with the top of the line model. Additionally, the relatively compact size and shape is easier to manipulate. The 8040x also has a detachable trim head that can be used for close grooming and you can actually see what you're doing, another advantage over the premium model. Just pull off the tracker head and lightly press on the trimmer attachment.

    Charge time for a full charge is about four hours for 40 minutes of shave time. There is a 9 minute quick charge capability that provides enough power for a three minute shave. The charging stand has a reasonably small footprint although for convenience and my take on durability, the charging cord has to be unplugged but remain attached to the base. The inexpensive plastic retainer does not look as though it would withstand multiple rotations. The travel locking feature is a nice touch but the travel case is a joke.

    Yet, for nearly $150 less than the top of the line model and superior shaving capability, I'll figure out how to securely pack it.
    ...more info
  • Clean, close shave without the burns.
    I've owned several electric shavers before - a few of them Philips Norelco, in fact, but none of the old shavers I've owned have been very satisfying. I found it difficult to shave using an electric shaver for a long time, as the shaver normally gets hot and razor burns get too much to bear. For a really close and refreshing shave, I normally turn to a manual razor with shaving cream. I was skeptical with the new Norelco 8040X shaver. For one thing, the shaver looks mighty cheap (even though I knew that it wasn't that cheap). I don't really go for the cheap, almost disposable looking blue plastic. Upon close inspection, the unit looked more promising: it has all the features I need, including rechargeable, and multi pivoted shaving surfaces. The integrated moisturizing system also turned out to be a really good idea, as the lotion greatly reduced the razor burn. Without the lotion compartment and system, I wouldn't be able to get a close shave.


    - Water-proof, easy to clean.
    - Lotion injection and releasing mechanism is indeed a very very good idea.
    - Rechargeable.


    - The Nivea lotion is not bad, but you have to buy the specific container designed just for the shaver. I would prefer an unit that takes ANY shaving lotion.
    - No razor lid or carrying pouch, making this shaver infeasiable for traveling.
    - Battery doesn't seem to last for more than a couple shaves.
    - Looks and feels cheap.


    Could be better, but this is the best electric shaver I've used thus far. So recommended for those who are shopping for a home electric shaver.
    ...more info
  • Disappointing Closeness
    Having used regular razors all my life, this was my first experience to an electric razor. I was quite disappointed.

    I gave the Norelco 8040X a solid week of use, thinking that it might get better over time (as their manual suggests). It did not.

    Every morning after shaving I had to manually touch-up using a $2 Bic razor. This product did not come anywhere near my skin no matter how light or hard I pressed it against me. Maybe that's just how electric shavers are? I'm not sure, but they can't be this bad.

    I was however impressed with the battery life (a full week on a single charge) and how quiet it is. With the shower running, I could barely hear the motor. It's waterproof, so I can use it in the shower. It comes with a nice travel case.

    The sideburn attachment is a nice thought, but there was no ear/nose trimmer which I have seen in $20 Norelco sets.

    As for the moisturizing part, the lotion smelled nice but it didn't really add to the experience. And from what I can see it's very expensive.

    It's back to my $2 razors for me....more info
  • Taking shaving to the next level
    Pros: The best of both worlds.. electric shaving, wet shaving. Head design is perfect for trimming beards. Automatic application of shaving conditioner eliminates "razor burn". Bargin price compared to Norelco's "dry" razor.

    Cons: Sideburn trimmer requires removal of shaving head, this is inconvenient. Nevia Shaving Conditioner is not only hard to find in stores but when you do locate it it is very expensive. Shaving Conditioner reservoir on the shaver itself has to be replaced each time you start a new bottle of Nevia Shaving Conditioner and I feel this is just a wasteful use of plastic.

    Summary: The Philips Norelco 8040X provides the most comfortable shave I've ever had. I use it mainly for beard trimming and find that it gives me greater control than other razors.
    ...more info
  • Wet Shaving
    This is a very light shaver (weight wise). It works a lot better on a wet face with a wet shaver. Using it dry causes a lot of irratation.
    ...more info
  • Quality product with some minor drawbacks
    The Norelco 8040X is a good razor equal to all of the very well made ones norelco produces. The two distinguishing features is that it is water resistant so you can use it in the shower and it has a built in lotion dispenser. It works very well in the shower and eliminates the need to separately lather. The lather function also has an interesting refill tube that you twist to expose the pump.

    Physically, the razor is much slimmer and lighter than the Norelco arcitec 1090. It is an overall very simple and clean design; there are two buttons (one for power and one to dispense lotion) and two recessed LED's. I find it more appealing to the Norelco arcitec 1090. One thing to keep in mind is that unlike other Norelco's, the shaver head does not catch the trimmings so it may be a little messy if you do not use it in the shower. It does have a trimmer, but it is not built in--instead it is an attachment that otherwise docks on the back of the charger. you have to pop off the shaver head and swap it out to use the trimmer.

    Over all, I like this shaver because it is smaller and simpler. The one thing I wished they would include is a stand or holder that we can use in the shower. Like all of the other Norelcos out there, the new design makes it difficult to store the razor when it is not in the charging stand. Overall, it is a quality product that I would recommend for anyone looking for an electric shaver for the shower....more info
  • 20 Year step backwards in closeness.
    #1) I bought this instead of the cheaper version because this had the Travel Case with it. What a JOKE. It's a wrap. My previous Norelco's all came with nice cases to travel with, but this is just some flimsy neoprene wrap... NOT worth the extra $20 or so that this cost over the basic model.

    #2) I had the previous version of the CoolSkin razor, and really loved it. When the battery finally died in it, I purchases this one just because it was the next version of the razor I liked. This one, I can barely tolerate. Since I passed my "try it or money back" period, I'm stuck with this thing till I can find something better.

    #3) This is obviously a razor that is put out just for it's funky look. Not how well it performs. The razor head covers keep falling off, all it takes is a slight twist and the head unit falls apart. The new head design is a single drive, instead of previous norelco units that drive all 3 heads independently. This razor is SLLLLOOOOWW! It reminds me of my first cordless razor from 1985! I wouldn't recommend using this in the shower, as you'll waste more money in water bills than getting a close shave outta this slow razor.

    #4) Keep a standard razor handy. You're going to need it for the areas that this razor just REFUSES to shave. No matter how much lotion I use, how many times I go over this area, how much I twist, turn and tug, this razor refuses to shave certain areas of my face.

    Overall, this product is a major disappointment. I would not recommend this to any of my friends. I just wish I wouldn't have gone past my "you'll like it or get your money back" period. I'm out $100 for this turkey of a razor.

    EDIT: 8 months later
    Battery is dying in this thing fast. 8 months in, and it no longer hold a maximum charge. I keep new cheap razors in the drawer, as this razor just will NOT get everywhere. Norelco has lost a long time customer with this piece of garbage razor....more info


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