Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

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Gabe Logan makes a dramatic return this fall in Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow exclusively for PSP handheld entertainment system. This original title created by Sony's Bend Studio is the sequel to the award winning action title, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and features all-new combat mechanics, weapons and an engaging storyline that will leave you wondering who to trust. In an all new story written by Greg Rucka, author of the Queen and Country series of novels and graphic novels, Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow provides a sophisticated and gripping storyline that is sure to resonate with comic book lovers and action enthusiasts. We find Gabe Logan once again using a combination of stealth and "run-and-gun" gameplay as he is called into action when a dangerous new technology is hijacked by a criminal extremist group. In a story that takes him from the depths of the Indian Ocean to the deserts of the Middle East, Gabe is faced with the possibility that his long time partner, Lian Xing is a double agent. New mini game features, brand new to the Syphon Filter franchise. All new story written by Greg Rucka, critically acclaimed author of comic books and novels (Batman, Gotham Central, Queen and Country) All new sound track featuring award winning composer Azam Ali. ESRB Rated RP for Rating Pending

  • Havok physics engine provides life-like physical reactions on both characters and environments
  • New and improved weapons, such as grenade launchers, sticky mines, smoke grenades, and flash bangs
  • New character actions enable players to force enemies to take cover with blind fire or protect health with the new human shield features
  • Underwater physics allows players to experience 360 degrees of water navigation to explore shipwrecks and target enemies with new underwater weapons like the bolt pistol and spear gun
  • Improved buddy mechanics

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Action Game
    This was my first PSP game (I just got one) and I have to say that I was impressed. I literally felt like I was playing a PS2 game and that is something when you are talking about a handheld.

    I am sure everyone covered the detailed reviews I just want to say that if you like action games you will love this game. The controls take a little getting used to, but after about 10 minutes you won't miss the other analog from PS3 controller (at least not too much :)

    This is definitely a AAA game. Good graphics, interesting story, and fun gameplay. It even has a decent amount of replay value to get more guns and so on. Stop reading this and just buy it!...more info
  • Worth it.
    I got this game for my son. He really enjoys it. The really neat thing about this game is a friend of his has it. They can chat with each other while playing the game. ...more info
  • Even better than Dark Mirror
    This PSP game is even better than the previous one in the series. There are now swimming missions and the combat has evolved a little too. The replay value is at least as good as Dark Mirror's. The story isn't totally boring too. The bonus missions you can unlock are great, but prehaps not quite as great as the ones in Dark Mirror. Overall a game that needs to be owned if you own a PSP....more info
  • Really good action !!
    Logan's Shadow has incredible graphics and game play. I have been at it for about three hours so far, and I am VERY glad that I bought it. Also like the amount of control you have. It saves game play automatically, so if you do get yourself killed, you don't have to do a bunch of stuff over again !!
    I HATE it when you have to repeat over and over if something goes wrong. But not in this one !!...more info
    ...more info
  • Very fun and engrossing stealth action
    One of the things that I've always loved about Sony systems as well as those from Nintendo is that there was always these games that received barely any attention or press or even much sales yet you're like "hey, this looks intriguing" and you check it out and sure enough it's quite a fun play. After buying a PSP, I checked out some opinions of top games and frequent "games to get for PSP" lists and though I wasn't a huge fan of Splinter Cell, I thought I'd give it a shot anyway and actually found quite a fun game. Though storyline-wise and character-wise I'm completely lost and don't know anybody, it was still a fun experience.

    Story: You play as special operative Gabe Logan who's sent to a ship in the Indian Ocean to retrieve a new dangerous piece of technology in the hands of terrorists. But the more he digs and the more he realizes things don't fit, he finds himself finding old enemies and allies as well as possibly the idea that one enemy was on his side. I don't want to spoil too much since it's hard to bring down but it's also quite intriguing so it's best to just play it.

    Graphics: The PSP, despite being small, can crank out some pretty surprising graphics, as evidenced by God of War and Crisis Core. Logan's Shadow is pretty much the same thing since it's so sharp, heavily detailed, characters are well animated, the cutscenes are quite gorgeous (though the eyes...freaky looking) and the different visors like night and heat vision look quite splendid as well.

    Sound/Music: The music's quite fantastic actually and while I was getting a bit tired of those wailing vocals in films like 300 and Gladiator to show off that "epic" atmosphere, here the music helps and keeps you on your toes with ambience or straight ahead action tunes for the bigger stuff. The voice acting is also quite stellar and with different accents and dialects along with Logan (doing his best Eastwood impression I guess), it's a joy to watch as well as hear.

    Gameplay: The PSP of course doesn't have the more numerous buttons that the Dual Shock controllers have though the PSP makes do and it's actually pretty well handled. Controlling Gabe is through the nub and the D-pad is for interaction like holding left for visors, right for weapons, down for crouching and up for interaction like opening doors, climbing or accessing different mission keypads and such. At first it took awhile to get used to, even with training modes to guide you in. But playing through the main story modes, it was easy to figure out and pretty soon swimming and going through the levels were pretty soon, though I weirdly couldn't get used to weapon changing.

    Combat is more frequent and instead of Metal Gear Solid or Splinter Cell having an emphasis on stealth than action, this game will have you frequently running into enemies. There's still stealth kills to be had, sure, but the rarity of them happening and being spotted was quite numerous. Taking cover, Gabe has the ability to peek and fire and also blind firing over his shoulder or head, forcing the enemy to find cover. The AI is well-handled though it's easy to play the waiting game and just keep your crosshairs on the spot the enemy will show up then when he turns, blammo. One complaint was the ones that bomb in and it was hard to turn the camera and hit them though the difficulty never really got brutally difficult and with a handy radar for enemy positions, it wasn't too frustrating to deal with.

    I'd very much recommend playing Logan's Shadow as its one of the top games for the handheld...though if this is your first one, you'll probably be like me and wonder "who's Lian? or Teresa? or him or him?"
    ...more info
  • This game is one of the best games for the PSP console
    When I first got the game I was so excited because the trailer was awsome but when I started playing I thot it was not anything like the trailer. The controlls were so odd thats probably was why I thot it sucked at first but as I played on I couldent put it down it soooo great I love this game and it has such good guns and sweat things like that so defenetly get this game....more info
  • Solid game... but little in the way of improvements
    Excellent control system
    Good story

    New features are little more than gimmicks
    Numerous "boss" battles are far to easy

    Logan's Shadow is another in a long line of Syphon Filter games, two of which stand out in the PSP's game line-up. However, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (the predecessor to Logan's Shadow) was a more enjoyable game. Logan's Shadow sought to take all the things that Dark Mirror did right, and add a few new tricks... the tricks failed. The sysem now allows for grappling, a feature that is not only unneccessary but often ineffective. They have also added underwater combat, which feels more like a break in game style and loses many of the advantages of their control system. Lastly, the game's "bosses" can be exceedingly easy to beat. In many cases, I smart player could (and I actually have) take out a boss with a single shot.

    Logan's Shadow would easily have earned a 4 star rating... if it were not for the fact that Dark Mirror was a better and more enjoyable game....more info
  • Great sequel to Dark Mirror
    One of the best games for the PSP. A very good sequel to Dark Mirror. Controls differ slightly from Dark Mirror, but still quite easy to manuever. Has the same plot twists just like Dark Mirror. Highly recommend adding this game to your PSP collection....more info
  • one of the best shooting games i've ever played
    this game is great. it looked fun on the enternet, and its fun on the psp. and Logan's Shadow what a beast name. get it one of the best shooting games i've ever played...more info
  • Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
    This game is one of the best games for the PSP platform! Nice addition to the series story plot....more info
  • Fun
    One of the best PSP games I've played to date (actually played it twice)
    the graphics is awesome, the interaction and storyline is great... if i could give it more stars i would :)...more info
  • nice game
    i really enjoy this game, just it is not for kids. good quality graphics, sounds are great too. In the story mode it's like a real movie, fun, drama, all at the same time. ...more info
  • Good Entertainment!
    I bought the game for my cousin since he got a new PSP for Christmas. I ended up playing the game more than he did. The graphics are great and the game itself is fun yet challenging. I would recommend this to anyone who likes war games!...more info
  • Syphon Filter
    Pros: Great action game with plenty of weapons and gadgets to use in different missions. Graphics were also very good.

    Great value for money (purchased for less than 15 bucks).

    Amazon delivery was on time and the stuff I ordered were all in very good condition.

    Can't wait to play Syphon Filter Dark Mirror.

    Cons: The controls does have a learning curve....more info
  • very fun single and multi player
    I really enjoyed playing this game, and would recomend it to anyone who likes third person shooter games....more info
  • Logan's Shadow... A sub-par game
    What can I say? The last Syphon Filter game was SF2 in my opinion. Logan's Shadow fails to meet the standard of gaming by a hair.

    Gone is the auto locking system, in it's place is a "stance" feature which allows Gabe to aim with greater accuracy but at the sacrifice of walking slowly. Blind firing is included- woo hoo!, another mainstream Gears Of War/Uncharted mechanic that's overdone now-a-days.

    The only good thing was the Combat Ops demo which allows you to customize levels. From explosive barrel placements, turret placements, spawn points and weapon placement you can create totally unique levels for others to play online.

    The sound is really bad in Logan's Shadow. The dialogue is poorly done, and lame at times. Along with the weak metallic, weapon sounds.

    The plot is... well useless. New characters are included but Gabe and Lian act as if they've known them for decades and leaves veteran players in the dark wondering, "how come I don't know this person?" and eventually "who cares?".

    If you've got Dark Mirror and you're hoping this is better, don't. Don't waste the time on this game when you can equally dislike Dark Mirror just as much without spending any more money for Logan's Shadow

    Sorry Sony, 989 use to do it right....more info
  • SF series...the best
    Im a fan of SF series, the game is nice and I always love the dubbing in different languages which gives it more realism. The music is very good and gives room to action.. Full recommended!!...more info
  • Great game
    A great game in a great series. Not overly difficult but a lot of fun. ...more info
  • awesome game
    I am a adult and not a kid and I can tell ya, to give this game a bad review because of "online" play seems a childish. First, if I want to play online, I want to do it from a desktop and not from a portable game. If you guys want online play, throw the psp in the trash, purchase a computer and play Online!

    I rate this game above the all the socom games ( not that they are bad), your missions are not boring, graphics are great, etc. The controls are easy to learn and have a practice mode. I have beat this game once, and I am playing it again!...more info
  • Best Games in the PSP line up
    I've been a fan of the Syphon Filter series since the very first game on the original playstation. If you like third person shooters no other game beats the Syphon Filter series. Unlike the Metal Gear Series, there is more shooting and less of the stealthy sneaking around. That's what makes the Syphon Filter series fun. It's pure action. I agree with one of the earlier reviewers in that Dark Mirror was more fun but I think that was because it was the first PSP version and everything was new. If you are familiar with the controls from Dark Mirror, then you will have very little difficulty in playing Logan's Shadow. In some way that made it less compelling because there was no real learning curve this time. But I still say the Syphon Filter series is the best game for a third person shooter fan on PSP or any console for that matter. ...more info
  • Must Play!!
    Before I bought my PSP, I did a research to see what I could do with that PSP. Then, I was hooked... now I can read books, play emulators and other stuff, and I wanted to buy a good game with the system. It was Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. I loved it, then when this one (Logan's Shadow came up; I loved it too. If you liked Metal Gear Portable Ops... maybe you might like this one better since you don't have to read that much, or recruit like Metal Gear. I love Metal Gear though. Get this one and for less than [...]!!...more info
  • just freakin awesome
    wow! this game is just awesome. it seems that every game that sony develops is a winner! plenty of action and plenty of heart stopping moments. I just could not put it down. Their is a lot of replayability built in this game too but I wish it was yet longer. maybe thats asking for too much. the framerate was smooth as butta-a big improvement over the last Syphon Filter title. I hope sony brings out a new Syphon Filter next year. I will be the first in the line!...more info
  • the best stealth action game on the PSP
    I start out by saying it's the best stealth action title on the PSP despite being a big fan of MGS and it's PSP iteration, Portable Ops. From he graphics to the storyline to the action, Logan's shadow is simply packed with goodies. Like the game before it (Dark Mirror), Logan's Shadow has a short campaign mode but a satisfying one with a good story. It is divided into mission, each with multiple check points, which is perfect for small chunks of play on a train, a doctor's waiting room, etc. Mission mode allows you to play the game all over as much as you want to increase your rank - each stage has a number of head shots, stealth kills, hidden messages, etc to get. So, replay value is quite high. I don't enjoy to much online play on my PSP but this one pack it in and does it right. I haven't spent a lot of time with the online but it ran smooth the few times I played a game. If you are a fan of stealth action or just need action on your PSP this game should be on your list....more info