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CHI Silk Infusion with Cationic Hydration Interlink is arich leave-in treatment enriched with pure silk along with wheat and soy proteins that will penetrate and help penetrate and help in strengthanong the hair while providing incredible softness, manageabilty ans shine without build up.

  • Highest Quality Anti Frizz available

Customer Reviews:

  • Used it twice ...
    OK, bit early to review this but I've used it twice, I use the Biosilk and was wondering IF this was any better and to be honest, they are both as good as each other! Would recommend this (alcohol free) and the Biosilk (does contain alcohol) but as stated, both make your hair feel silky soft especially with the use of a flat iron (I recommend a Solia flat iron)....more info
  • I love this stuff
    This stuff is great just before a flat-iron.
    This is not for heavy-handed ppl either. A little goes a long way.
    After shower/deep condition and wrap...I use a small dime-sized portion and rub it into the hair. Then I flat-iron.

    I would consider this to be a mild heat protectant...

    Also, for those self-relaxers out there it can be used between the rinse out and neutralizing step of the relaxer process. You have to be quick though, so apply the chemical so that you won't run over your allotted time.
    Although it may be better to use a strong protein treatment (because the point is to replace the strength that the relaxer takes from the hair while the hair is most able to receive) but... this is also an option.

    But--pl don't attempt this if you are not proficient. If you're new to self-relaxing it's best to let a professional do it.

    BTW, I am a black woman with armpit-length hair (3c;4a).
    Currently, in the midst of 'transitioning'. ...more info
  • Chi silk
    I received the product in the time stated. Very good product and it does make your hair look healthy....more info
  • Excellent stuff
    I've been using CHI Silk infusion for a while now and I absolutely love it. It strengthens hair and makes it more shiny and when used with an iron makes for a perfect do. I was going to try another brand but the other brand contained alcohol, CHI doesn't. Just a tiny amount spread and massaged into hair does the trick....more info
  • Smells like cheap men's cologne
    Horrible. This product is WAY too strongly fragranced. After just a couple of sprays, I could barely breathe. Same with the several other products I bought from this line. I ended up giving them all away to a friend. ...more info
  • Works miracles on dry hair
    Ever since I've been using Chi silk infusion, my once dry and over-processed hair is now silky and healthy looking. I'm able to use the flat iron regularly and maintain blonde highlights without my hair looking damaged. I will never be without it!...more info
  • Excellent Product
    This product is absolutely great. I am a black female and it is sometimes hard to find products that works for my type of hair. I would recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • I love CHI Silk Infusion!!!
    Chi Silk Infusion is the best. I had used BioSilk for over two years but when it seemed to stop working, I tried Chi and just love it! It's heat protection is the key I believe and it doesn't weight my hair down at all. It shines and is silky smooth!...more info
  • good for problem hair!
    I have very thick, almost wirey hair before it is ironed. I have been disappointed in the past with products I have tried.

    THIS PRODUCT IS GREAT! It has a nice, light scent, and is very silky. It literally transforms my thick, wirey hair to soft, touchable hair that I can just leave to dry naturally or use the Chi iron on (which I usually do if I am going out.) It leaves my hair very soft and LIGHT feeling, not heavy, sticky and chunky. I really like it and would recommend it to anyone.

    ...more info
  • Silk Infusion
    My beautician uses this product in my hair....I bought this product to have some on hand....wonderful, wonderful, wonderful stuff....for soft, silky hair, this is definitely the best buy ever, with or without the heat!...more info

    JERI ...SCOTTSBORO, ALABAMA...more info
  • natural hair beauty
    i didn't know what it was for because it was free with a flat iron purchase. i've finally got this product again after searching for months, i love it my hair is soft and smells great. i also have the chi shampoo, i can't stop touching my soft natural hair. it works wonders on my daughter hair and she loves it....more info
  • Amazing product!
    This product really does make your hair feel like silk. My hair has never felt softer or looked shinier after I used this product. You'll keep running your hands through your hair because it's amazing how silky smooth it really makes your hair!...more info
  • relief!
    Finally a product that actually delivers what is promised! It leaves hair so silky and tames those crazy dry ends from too much processing! I love it. ...more info
  • Didn't eliminate frizz in humid weather
    I tried this product a few times before I wrote this review. My hair is long, thick, wavy, coarse, and a bit on the dry side. It gets frizzy in humid weather, but otherwise, it is soft and shiny. First, this product did nothing for the frizzies. Second, it did change the texture of my hair, but I don't like the change. It makes my hair look kinda fuzzy and flyaway. It feels lighter and soft, but not silky. It's hard to explain. It's like my hair looks full, but it feels thin. Bottom line, I don't like this product and will not buy it again. It may work for your hair, but I don't like it for mine. I actually prefer my drugstore styling gel....more info
  • Wonderful product
    I like how this product makes my hair feel--soft and shiny. It doesn't make my hair stiff like hair spray but gives definition and body. Just a little bit is all I use daily and I can "reactivate" it during the day with damp fingers. Great product and found it here for a great price....more info
  • Amazing Results
    This product is amazing. I have read many online reviews and was still a bit skeptical, but I was recently given a sample by salon and let me tell you, this stuff is AMAZING. After only two uses I noticed a difference in my hair, it is shiny, silkier and does not tangle as much as it used to. I have waist length hair that is very fine, but I have a lot of hair. At the length it is at, it has been tangling a lot. After using this only twice, the tangling is much MUCH less. I was concerned about the scent, and although it is not my favorite scent, it is not too overpowering for me and the scent disappears after you blowdry or flat iron. Starting with damp hair, I use about two quarter sized amounts and rub it between my hands, starting from the under layers of my hair and working up so the smallest amount of product is on the top layers. After I work this in I blowdry my hair and flat iron to smooth any flyaways. My hair is silky, shiny and looks great. I highly reccommend!...more info
  • Chi Transformation System Silk Infusion 6oz
    This product works really well, but the smell of it isn't all that great. It smells like mens cologne. If it weren't for the smell, I think it would be much better....more info
  • Very good
    This product works for many needs. It's a great heat protector if you blow dry and straighten like I do. It leaves hair looking a feeling very silky and soft, and it doesn't weight the hair down or all, or feel sticky or leave a residue. It also helps w/ frizz.

    DON'T apply too much, or near the top of your head or it will look very greasy. Less is more, as w/ most CHI products. Apply most of it to the ends.

    My only complaint is the smell. It smells like men's cologne. But the smell doesn't "stay", so I don't mind. But that's just my opinion....more info
  • She loves it!
    I ordered this product for my mother (along with her Chi) from Top Discount Beauty. Everything was smooth and timely with delivery. The product does what its supposed to. As a matter of fact, she said that her hair has never been so soft in her life - and this is a lady who attends to hair!

    ...more info
  • not worth the money
    I thought this product would make my hair silkier, I have straignt healthy hear and thought this would smooth out the occasional frizz, but instead it made my hair sticky and stiff and I did tried very small amounts. I've used much better products from the drug store which cost a fraction of what this was....more info
  • I Love it!!!
    I am very particular about the products I use on my hair and I am extremely anal. I like to smell hair products before I put them in my hair but I took a chance with this product by ordering online with and I am glad I did. I love the way it smells. I hate hair products that have a peculiar smell. It also works very good in my hair. My hair way becoming very dry and brittle because I use the flat iron on my hair everyday, which isn't good. This silk infusion helps out a lot and my hair looks fabulous. The best part about it is that a little goes a long way, the bottle looks small but it will last longer then most hair products....more info
  • amazing!
    Makes dry damaged frizzed out hair ------- SMOOTH, HEALTHY and SHINEY!!!!
    Great for protecting the hair from those flat irons. Use CHI Straight Gaurd for total protection and control when using HIGH HEAT styling tools!!!!!! Most products out there will state they "help" with heat styling. CHI products were formulated for this reason. If you use a flat iron- use these 2 products --- they are a MUST HAVE. ~Professional stylist for 19 years.Farouk CHI Straight Guard Smoothing Styling Cream...more info
  • Best product for hair AND skin!
    I'm 58 years old and have semi-dry, processed hair. I've been using this product for years and love the results. Just a dab goes a long way. I apply to towel dried hair, blowdry next, then flat iron for a sleek look that lasts for days. I have also touched up styled hair with just a smidgeon of product that I run through the hair with fingers. For smooth silky skin, I rub my hands together after applying product to hair. Can be used all over the body as well. Amazon has the best price with free shipping. ...more info
  • Go CHI
    If you have dry, damaged and sometimes natty hair there is a solution. CHI's Transformation Silk infusion will strengthen and fix the hair that you know can be beautiful. This formula will give you a softness you can be proud of. Don't live with dry hair any longer, go CHI and you won't be sorry....more info
  • chi silk infusion by farouk
    I have had my hair japanese straightened. I am in the 3 inch of natural growth --(curly roots) with stick straight ends --stage. Not a good stage. Getting the new growth straight takes serious time. Chi product in your hair not only cuts the time it takes to straighten the roots but keeps it pin straight for days! Your hair is much silkier and much flatter than if you do not use a product before you use a flatiron.

    Also, I happened to burn myself (on a lean cuisine) microwavable diner, when I removed it from the microwave at work. The only thing I had with me to put on the burn was a sample of Chi Silk Infusion. Since it says on the bottle for hair and skin, I put it on the burn, and the red streaks were gone in about 1/2 hour and it stopped hurting in about 5 minutes!

    Though this was not a use the product was indicated for, I think, in a pinch, it worked just fine!

    ...more info
  • awesome product
    I have very dry, frizzy and curly hair. I have never used a product that even comes close to this stuff. My hair is soft, silky and very managable. My dad always said it looked like a bale of straw( its blonde) but even he has to admit, drastic difference. I dont much care for the smell, its very strong and kind of manly smelling but i dont care if it smells like skunk, it is the best leave in serum i have ever used. Nothing else is even close. Worth every penny....more info
  • super
    i color and flat iron my hair all the time, so this is a life saver. i put a dime size amount on my damp hair before i blow dry. one bottle can last me months. smells like mens calogne. its nice. love it. recomend it. ...more info
  • Silky, shiny, straight.
    I am just amazed with the CHI Silk Infusion. I got it a couple of days ago and i can already feel the difference. Before, with my old iron and hair serums my hair looked fried and there were tons of split ends. Now that i have been using this product along w/ the CHI iron and the Shine Infusion spray my hair looks better than ever. I love to straighten it out now b/c i know that i am going to be happy w/ the results and my hair is going to be fabulous. I highly recommend will be amazed!!!!...more info
  • CHI - Silk Infusion
    The product smells so strong, it gives me a headache. I don't know if it has been in the storage for a very long time b/c hair product's fragance smells stronger and stronger as it gets older. I almost wanted to return it but the shipping fee was about the same as the cost of the total. It would not have made sense to pay shipping fee and the return shipping cost. In addition, I believe it indicated that hair products are not returnable. I was very dissatify with this purchase. I believe, in the future, when a customer cannot use the product, he or she should be able to return it and get shipping fee reimbursement....more info