Surround Air XJ-2100UV Ionic Air Purifier with Germicidal UV Lamp - Color Black

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Surround Air XJ-2100UV Ionic Air Purifier with Germicidal UV Lamp Effectively Removes: dust, allergens, micro-organisms (w/germicidal UV), cigarette smoke, odors, bacteria and much more. Most Effective Way to Destroy Harmful Micro-Organisms. No air purification technology is more effective than a germicidal UV lamp when it comes to destroying germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi (such as mold), which can lead to illness. Negative ions and ionizer research Circulates air-cleaning negative ions. Found by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture to be 99% effective against airborne dust and particles. Ionic Air Purifier - dirty air in, clean air out. Proven Performance - Nearly 100% Effective in Clinical Particle Removal Tests. Achieved a 99.5% removal rate of particles in a large chamber. This is not just hype, as test results are patterned closely after real-world conditions. No Replacement Costs. Just wipe off the metal collector grid. Saves you hundreds in replacement filters over the life of the unit. Built-in fanThe built-in, independently-controlled fan effectively moves the air, increasing air-cleaning efficiency. Just pennies a day in electricityCosts Just Pennies a Day to Operate. Uses less electricity than a light bulb, saving you hundreds more over the life of the unit, compared to most air purifiers. Nearly 100% effective in clinical particle tests. Germ-killing UV to destroy micro-organisms. Circulates air-cleaning negative ions. Electrostatically-charged plates to magnetically trap dust, allergens, bacteria and much more.

  • Proven to be safe and effective
  • No filters to replace
  • Whisper quiet
Customer Reviews:
  • Lacking potential standard
    This product is not as powerful as was hoped. There is some clearing of the air but not enough....more info
  • Fine product, fine price.
    The ionizer is a very efficient product, which gets the job done for smaller applications and at a good price. Based on my research, this particular product meets the needs of anyone looking to have cleaner (more purified) air in smaller spaces such as a bedroom, etc. It runs on a small supply of electricity and is easy to clean. No complaints here....more info