Steam Buggy Ultimate Cleaning Machine w/ Six Brush Attachments

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Product Description

The power of steam to get it clean! No matter how often you clean or vacuum your home, stubborn dirt, debris and even harmful mold will still be lurking around, affecting the quality of the air in your home and preventing your house from being truly clean. And if you think the only way to make your home perfectly clean is to use dangerous and unsafe chemicals think again! Give your home that pristine look and feeling without using harmful chemicals or mixtures by cleaning with the natural power of steam and the safe and easy to use Steam Buggy! A faster, better and more natural way to clean. While chemical cleaning solutions may be effective, they are not very safe, can be hazardous and leave your home with a nauseating chemical smell. What good is a clean house it you can not enjoy it because of the odor? Your Steam Buggy is the safe, easy to use cleaner that harnesses the power of steam to clean every surface and every room of your home in just minutes. Put an end to scrubbing and spraying and get steaming when you order your Steam Buggy today! What it can do for you - Saves incredible amounts of time while cleaning your house, completely portable use the wheels to move it along the ground, or use the carry strap for cleaning smaller and tighter areas like your stairs, extension wand is perfect for high, hard to reach areas, retractable power cord for ease and convenience. What you get - Steam Buggy cleaner, floor & upholstery cleaner attachment, jet spray nozzle, squeegee, extension wand & garment cleaner, various scrub brushing heads, carrying strap, measuring cup and cover

  • Completely portable, cleans and sanitizes every room in your house
  • Use Steam Buggy on carpets, bathroom sinks, curtains, even your clothes
  • Disinfects your kitchen
  • Steam Buggy quickly and easily removes the toughest grease stains
  • No chemicals needed or used, only the power of steam is used with Steam Buggy
Customer Reviews:
  • Not for floors
    The reason this Steam Buggy is useless for cleaning is that the length of the hose cools the water, so that when the steam comes out it's cold. You can put your hand in front of the steam it's that cold. In order for a steam machine to work for sterilizing is that the steam has to be HOT. Get a steamer that has no hoses. I have not used this steam buggy since I bought it years ago, so I don't know how it works on other things. Above review used it for steaming off water paper, I may try that, but get a steamer that has no hoses, otherwise you can't use it to clean properly....more info
  • Okay for some things
    I've had the Steam Buggy for about 4 years and it is so cumbersome that it seldom gets used. Yes, it's small and has a shoulder strap, but simply storing it with all its stuff is a project. The steam is powerful and hot and there is a decent selection of attachments making it fine for stovetops, showers, and tight corners. On the down side the steam only lasts a short time and each subsequent fill-up of the tank disappears more quickly than the one before it until you are down to about a five minute window for cleaning, though I don't know why this is. I don't like it for floors as it leaves them wet, and when I tried it on painted woodwork mouldings it took the paint off (latex - should've known). I might be happier with it if I had spent $40 instead of $70....more info
  • Very reliable!
    I have had my steam buggy for seven years and it is still going strong. Tonight I rented a wallpaper steamer for $30 a night and found that my steam buggy outdid the rented professional machine by far. Besides that type of job, the steam buggy sanitizes everything without chemicals and has not failed me for any job I use it for. I refuse to buy any other brand or recommend any other brand. I love it!...more info