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Genre: Documentary
Rating: PG13
Release Date: 8-JAN-2008
Media Type: DVD

SiCKO is more like a controlled howl of protest than a documentary. Toning down the rhetoric of past efforts--no CEOs, congressmen, or celebrities were accosted in the making of this film--Michael Moore's latest provocation is just as heartfelt, if not more heartbreaking. As he clarifies from the outset, his subject isn't the 45 million Americans without insurance, but those whose coverage has failed to meet their needs. He starts by speaking with patients who've been denied life-saving procedures, like chemotherapy, for the most spurious of reasons. Then he travels to Canada, England, and France to see if socialized medicine is as inefficient as U.S. politicians like to claim--especially those who receive funding from pharmaceutical companies. Moore finds quality care available to all, regardless as to income. He concludes with a stunt that made headlines when he assembles a group of 9/11 rescue workers suffering from a variety of afflictions. When Moore is informed that detainees at Guant¨¢namo Bay--technically American soil--qualify for universal coverage, he and his companions travel to Cuba to get in on that action. It's a typically grandstanding move on Moore's part. And it proves remarkably effective when these altruistic individuals, who've either been denied treatment or forced to pay outrageous costs for their medication, experience a dramatically different system. Nine years in the making, SiCKO makes a persuasive case that it's time for America to catch up with the rest of the world. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • Everyone should watch this movie.
    I don't understand why the cover calls this "Michael Moore's funniest movie to date". I didn't find anything funny about it at all. I just today received an email from President Barack Obama saying "I need your voice on health care" (reform). I would like to send him this movie in response. Everyone should see this movie now, before it is too late....more info
  • Shocking And Enlightening.
    When thinking about it most people outside the U.S. would be shocked and appalled at the blatant uncaring nature of the American Health Service. I can't honestly imagine being denied Health Care because of money troubles. I suppose that I should consider myself lucky that I live in the UK, a country that puts a persons health before a profit.

    Many people claim Moore to be a propagandist who's just utilising this subject matter in order to make a quick dollar. That may be true, but there's no denying that he brings to light some of the real injustices of the world. Fahrenheit 9/11 was Moore's biggest success and became the most successful documentary of all time. That was for a reason. It showed the blatant government corruption and stupidity when relating to the 9/11 attacks and the war on terror. Sicko is along the same lines, yet it focuses on government corruption, stupidity and greed when relating to the health of the American people.

    Sicko is a two hour piece that manages to hold my attention throughout, even for a documentary. It gives a good blend of true life emotional stories and satirical interviewing when Moore, playing the stupid American, interviews Doctors in countries that have free health care. One of the more shocking segments is showing that Hillary Rodham Clinton used to fight for free universal Health care. It shows how she was bought out by the American Medical Association, simply showing that even those who pretend to care have a price.

    We are given an insight into the insurance companies who claim they exist through simply caring for the people. That's not the case though, as we were given a list of pre-existing medical conditions which could exempt an American citizen from getting insured. It showed how actual Doctors who got into profession to help people, were denying insurance claims simply to make the companies more money. At times this would even cost a patient their life.

    During the documentary we are also shown how Americans were convinced universal Health care was a bad idea, by labelling it Socialist Medical Care. This idea convinced people that if they didn't have the type of system that have today, then it would take away their freedom to choose which doctor they could be treated by or which Hospital they could be treated in. In this a video is played which shows how this system first began through the power of Richard Nixon. This system was brought about through the idea that giving people less care would increase profits. The land of the free and home of the brave indeed.

    A truly shocking and at times upsetting documentary that everyone needs to see. The sad thing is that Moore's documentary wont change a thing with the Medical system....more info
  • More "fiction" by Michael Moore.
    Definition: Documentary: Giving a factual dramatized report of a subject or activity. (Oxford American Dictionary). It is too bad so many people
    are fooled by Michael Moore. Moore creates his "own reality" by taking
    film and editing it to fit his own agenda and propaganda. "Sicko" is another of his biased films to advance his far left politics. I suggest
    the reader go to the library and read "The Battle of Ideas" by Patrick Symmes in the May, 2008 issue of "Harper's Magazine" about his many trips to Cuba over the years including 2007. As regards Cuban health care, here
    are some quotes from this article: "Doctors leave the country, even for
    South Africa or Haiti. They don't care where they go. ...There are hardly any doctors here now." "The hospitals are destroyed. They build one, but in days it falls down." "Cuba has a lot of ancient hospital equipment."
    "Afraid of being sent to a psychiatric hospital." "The police took him to a psychiatric ward and injected him with unknown drugs." What Moore showed in the film was for the priviledged elite and rich tourists in Cuba not the common people who must deal with conditions noted above.

    As to general conditions in Cuba, a few other quotes from the article:
    "...the phone system is so bad that telegrams are still in common use."
    "Cuba has banned satellite dishes." "Fidel Castro had specifically denounced the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as counter-revolutionary trash." "In Cuba you can't have books in your house to lend to other Cuba you can't have independent libraries because nothing can be independent." "Cuba routinely imported sugar from Brazil (2007)" - of course, once its main product. "When you see a parade in the street, you would think everyone is a revolutionary. But tomorrow they'd all leave for France, Spain or the U.S., and you'd see they are not so revolutionary. We're hostages of the system. People wear masks, to fit in. ... The economic situation is worse, the food situation is worse, much worse." "Cubans are living in an era in which we have no present, and no future." There is much more in this approximately eleven full page article but conditions in Cuba are very bad, books are burned, there are at least 280 political prisoners and the people barely scrape by to just survive. The average income in Cuba is about $17.00 a month. Michael Moore, not to mention Sean Penn and other leftists, should be ashamed....more info
  • Everyone living in America should watch this...
    I first saw this DVD in Netflix. I was so shaken by this DVD that I decided to buy my own copy and make at least 10 families watch this. The dirty games played by the insurance companies and their congessional buddies is unbelievable. This is a country by the lobbyists, for the lobbyists and of the lobbyists. Alas, who speaks up for the common man, except guys like Michael Moore..One qestion that comes to mind while watching this: WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE IN THIS COUNTRY?...more info
  • Very Good
    I thought the item was at a great price and it was very good.
    Thank you....more info
  • Is Bias Against The Health Care Industry Bad?
    Michael Moore's Sicko, is a very thought provoking and disturbing documentary. I enjoyed watching it, and found that it made a strong argument for universal health care. This documentary was extremely biased, however, is bias against the health care industry bad? One piece of information presented in this film is true, but there is another side to it that I feel needs to be mentioned. When Moore says that America is number 37 on the world health care list, that is true, and America should be ashamed of that statistic. However, what he does not say, is that there are 190 countries on the list. 37 is not great, but it is definitely near the top. Moore speaks highly of Cuban health care, but, on the same list that he cites earlier, Cuba is below the U.S, at number 39.

    Everything from HMO's benefiting from making people die, to the cost of prescription drugs, to the french government doing laundry for its citizens, Sicko covers a wonderful range of information about health care. Wherever you stand on the universal health debate, you will get something out of this documentary. Whether it confirms what you already believe, gives you a new perspective on the topic, or makes you question what you believe, you will learn something from Sicko.

    I highly recomend that everyone watch this great documentary. Be sure to watch it aware of the bias, though. If you watch this documentary objectively, you will get more out of it than if you just accept everything that it says as complete fact. I enjoyed watching it, it moved along at a comfortable pace, and was very informative. You will not regret watching this documentary.

    I only have one question about Sicko. Did Michael Moore really do that outside of Guo Tanamo Bay?...more info
  • A Healthcare Satire
    One of the things I've noticed in the few scathing reviews is that people seem to think Michael Moore meant for this film to be a documentary. This is incorrect. I think his primary intention was to poke fun at the flaws within our health care system. With these two points in mind, some of the ideas presented by critical reviews are moot (e.g. Michael Moore is the sicko for his Star Wars list, Michael Moore does not present factual information). Also, people bring to light that this is just another piece of liberal propaganda. Obviously, this is true since most media (especially on such a big issue as health care) will exemplify a particular slant. All this said, I really enjoyed this movie. It brings to light some of the deleterious and sometimes fatal aspects of the American health care system. The main reason I would not give this movie a 5 is because I wish he would have proposed somewhat of a solution, however cursory it may have been, of how to incorporate the Canadian, British and French systems on a large scale such as the United States. If you want an entertaining satire of how our health care system is failing I'd recommend this but if you want factual information I would recommend or reading books from people within the medical community (as I plan to do)....more info
  • Nauseating Reveal. Houston, We Do Have a Problem

    Whoa. I work in health care and I am very aware of some of the screwed-up issues out there. I see physicians' hands tied by insurance companies, I see physicians' costs for liability insurance climbing and payment for health care declining. Even with that insider knowledge, Sicko curled my toes. I'm sure there are two sides of the story. But I don't see the other side in my day job and Sicko opens the flood gates on horror stories. I cried and I grew enraged at the stories that were shared in this documentary. I do not agree with the cover endorsement that mentions laughter, don't think this is rollicking comedy. Sure, there is a hint of humor, but the situations shared are tragedies.

    Methodically Moore reveals the process of health insurance from application to final payment or non-payment of claims. If you hate the big business mind set and profit hunger of insurance companies and are currently insured in case you have an increase in blood pressure, you'll want to watch this film. He then investigates why we are in the situation we are, and how other countries handle health care. If you are a documentary fan, this is quite a film.

    Moore has strong opinions. I've only seen Bowling for Columbine and Sicko but in Moore's world Canada seems to hold the answers to America's problems. The American political system/government is painted as corrupt, even a segment on Hilary Clinton that begins with her as the misunderstood warrior for health care reform ends with her political campaign being financed in part by health care dollars. Moore travels the world and digs deep into the issues that are part of the problem.

    Sicko tells a horrific story. But it's a story that is one that needs to be looked into and not ignored. ...more info
  • 6 stars!
    I was almost too lazy to watch this film, how pathetic I am.
    M. Moore hit another HUGE homerun, this film hits you in the gut
    from start to finish, weaves a devastating story, and is the first
    and last thing you need to know about U.S. health care: IT SUCKS !!
    We're a bunch of suckers in the USA. I shed a tear when the U.S.
    rescue workers were embraced by their Cuban firefighting brothers.
    Thank god someone can recognize a hero, apparently the U.S. government
    cannot! Next time you see a bright, shining skyscraper with a medical insurance, hmo, or drug company logo on the top, just remember all the dead and chronically ill people that were swindled, left to die or suffer untreated for the rest of their lives just so some top executives and CEOs can be filthy rich and the richest 1% can see their multi-million and billion dollar stock holdings appreciate. We are all suckers in the U.S. As the brillant british gentleman said, "If you can pay to kill people, certainly you can pay to save people". That's all you need to remember....more info
  • What?
    This film simply doesn't give enough facts to conclude that America needs better health care. Moore's message is that medical assistance should be free when people need it. He travels to different countries talking to happy individuals about how their health care is free. Apparently money grows on trees everywhere but in America. With simple economic principles in mind, how can anyone watching this film be convinced of his message?

    There are many signs of a broken health care system in our country, but there has to be better documentaries or books that provide more facts than this stupid "documentary." Moore states many "facts" and statistics without citing his sources. He comes to silly conclusions based on no evidence. When watching this film, I can't help but wonder how much of his information is made up and how much information on this issue is left out. The entire movie is made up of him talking to dozens of individuals about how health care is free in other countries but not in America. Its an emotional film and makes you feel for those in trouble but still doesn't explain just WHY its free in other countries and not here. Anyone in the right mind knows that nothing is free and you get what you pay for. Just because someone NEEDS medical assistance doesn't mean that it can be magically available. This leads me to believe that this film portrays the need for an alternate reality that doesn't exist.

    If you want to watch a film that successfully investigates the health care system of America, this is not it. This doesn't even meet the definition of a documentary. Its just liberal propaganda that supports the illusion of free health care. I wouldn't even recommend this film for a good laugh. There is no point in watching it! If you want to join Moore in his journey to an alternate universe where stuff is free simply because Michael Moore says it should be, than this is just the film for you. It surprises me how many people and critics gave this movie good ratings....more info
  • This movie makes me SICK!!!
    Fabulous movie, but makes me mad as all get out! It is hard to believe that firefighters, paramedics, and police, that fought so hard for America on 9/11, have to fight to get medical care for the injuries they sustained they day! How awful that they have to go to Cuba to get treatment! America has some issues with health care and this movie brings out many of them!...more info
  • An Important Public Service Announcement
    Michael Moore has done it again. This production --just like his previous works-- more than anything else, is a great service to the public, especially to the people of the United States. I hope every single person in the USA will make an effort to see this film and, all of them will take action to correct this outrageous disregard of the most essential right of every human being. It is hard to believe that the wealthiest, the most powerful nation on earth does not have a universal health-care system. By bringing this highly critical issue to the attention of the masses Mihael Moore has accomplished a great deal. I am very fortunate to live in Canada, one of the countries he visited to show how a decent health-care system does --and should-- work. Ted Kennedy tried very hard to make the same point several years ago; apparently his effeorts have not made any difference. I hope this film will create a positive change....more info
  • docwhonose
    As a Doc 4 over 30 yrs. worldwide, I would say this movie is a terrific wake-up call for the American general public....more info
  • Sicko delivers the truth
    If an impoverished nation like Cuba can have free, universal health care, why can't the United States?? How many people have to die? Our average life expectancy is lower than many other countries. Does the governement just not care, or are our lawmakers too deep in the pockets of health care lobbyists? Look around you. Someone you know can't afford to get sick. It's time to do something about it, and it starts from the top up. Election 2008!...more info
  • Moore for President 2012!! He knows what is best for our country!
    I am so honored to have Michael Moore as my political party!! Forget left and right, democrat or republican, I am 100% a Michael Moore'er!!!

    Moore knows what is best for our country!!! Making $$$$$ from DVDS about Columbine, 9/11, health care, and the like... riding around in private jets, and owning Halliburton stocks proves that he cares about the average American and sticks to his beliefs.

    Heck, I even dropped out of my history and economics classes because I felt Michael Moore knows about everything in life and he is my God!.. I buy all his DVDs to ensure that he has enough money to buy his corporate jets...!!

    Moore for president 2012!!!...more info
  • brutally honest analysis, for those lucky enough to have health insurance
    I don't know about you, but I am scared to death. In-between me and my doctor, sits a corporate administrative layer, who decides what treatment I may receive and what they will cover, based mainly on their profit projections! This movie expertly analyzes the U.S. health care system, which is the most costly in the world, per person, and then compares that with other health care systems. I leave it to you, to decide which yields the better results....more info
  • Excellent Expose' on Health Systems
    A must see. The medical choices we are forced to make can be a matter of life or death. We choose paying a bill over preventative or life threating health care. Thank You Michael Moore. All Americans should be treated equal. Health insurance falls short and affordable only if you have the money. I hope your film is used to move America closer to universal healthcare. The government should learn from and adopt what other countries are doing....more info
  • The real Truth !!
    This is an excelent documentary ! Here in Brazil it is the same. It is the real truth !! Congratulations....more info
  • Gutsy and Moving
    I was touched by this documentary. Not many people in America can make a movie like this - exposing the deplorable condition of our healthcare system. When the system is operated by "for profit" companies, they are obviously going to look at the bottom line first -- patients are not their #1 consideration. Fighting HMO is like fighting with Goliath. People die trying. Some just give up. If you renovate your house, you can get estimate of your total cost. Why can't we have the same for the health care? Even for a minor surgery, the bills keep coming in -- one after another. You never know when it'll stop!

    I read some of the negative reviews. Leftist propaganda? Huh...? These writers obviously never experienced the joy of going through the HMO system. How lucky they are. I hope they don't wait until they, or someone from their family, get seriously ill before realizing what Michael Moore was trying to say -- that our healthcare system is NOT working! No one should have to sell their house to pay for their health care, nor should any one be denied a visit to the hospital because it was not part of the "in-network" of the HMO listing.

    Michael Moore is an American hero. He attacks the issue on hand with gusto - God bless him! Every American deserves the right to have the best possible health care. For those people who pooh-poohed Moore's documentary, please go and make sure your elderly parents are exercising and eating right, because elder-care is pot-of-gold for the drug & healthcare industries....more info
  • You will get this film when it happens to you!!!!
    I've yet to see this film but being a Moore fan i know i will appreciate his point of view. I have worked in the medical feld for eight year and know about insurance companies and their little games. I also was recently attacked by a pitbull and of course no owner was around. So you can guess who got stuck with the medical bills. I was bit in the arm and my dog was also bit. I refused the ambulance because i knew they would bill me $500 to take me to the hospital and i said no way!!!. I didnt have insurance and still dont. I did apply for something called Charity Care and they did absorb most of my bills. But there is still a $210 bill from the doctor and at least $200 left over. Do i appreciate this? yes but do i feel i'am responsible NO. I think its unfair that i was a victim and i have no one to sue for it and they have the nerve to bill me. Not only that i had to receive painful Rabies shots(about 10 of them) and i had to take my dog to the vet. Now i'am very careful in taking care of myself and not getting sick because i know that i can't afford it. This is a shame and this country should be ashamed of it as well. ...more info
  • One burning question in the USA
    This political documentary is a manifesto against private medical care in the US and for universal free health care, what some have called socialized medicine. Michael Moore thus compares the US system based on the full exclusion of 50 millions Americans from health care and the partial exclusion of million more under the title of denial, the denial of one particular treatment to specific Americans by their own private insurance companies, a denial that can go as far as a full rejection of the client by the insurance company and the cancellation of their contracts and all benefits. To make his point he follows the cases of quite a few people in the US who suffered these "ailments" or "ills" of the US health system. Some people dying because of these denials, even infants, some people living in total discomfort, poverty, dependence even, because of the bills that ate up their homes, savings, and all other amenities they may have had before getting sick. Then he compares with the systems in four countries: Canada, Great Britain, France and Cuba. All of them have a globally free universal system where only some marginal costs are charged, at most. The verdict is obvious. To emphasize the Cuban episode he compares with the care the prisoners in Guantanamo get (free top notch medical care) and the care some rescue workers at Ground Zero after the 9/11 attacks get in the US, and the care they managed to get, for free in Havana from Cuban doctors. The verdict once again does not stand the slightest possibility to appeal. This film though has a shortcoming. He notes the flat rate of a prescription in England (about ten dollars) but does not wonder why it exists. He speaks of a 100% free medical care in France and neglects some side charges. He is probably right with Canada and Great Britain, and definitely with Cuba, when speaking of a state system. But he is under a wrong impression as for France where the health system is not paid by the state but by contributions paid by working people on their salaries and this money is used to reimburse the medical expenses of people up to a certain point and managed by elected councilors representing the workers and employers equally and chosen by their electors on union lists from the trade unions or the employers' unions. The state only intervenes for the people who do not work through subsidies or contributions to the "social security authority" to compensate for the contributions these people do not pay. And what's more about 30% of medical expenses are covered by cooperative, or private, insurances that everyone is supposed, if so is their choice, to get and to whom they pay premiums that are at times higher than the basic contributions. It is a complex system. But Michael Moore does not explore the easy abuse these systems are the victims of from some people who are inconsiderate in overusing medical assistance or care. In England they introduced a flat payment per prescription to encourage economy on drugs. In France a small part of doctors' fees and prescriptions is not covered at all, even by the cooperative or private complementary insurance companies, by decision of the state in an attempt to curb down expenses and particularly abusive expenses. For instance in France brand name drugs that have an equivalent generic, and cheaper, version on the market are only reimbursed on the basis of this generic drug's price. But altogether Michael Moore's discourse is true and right, when we keep in mind that we have to think of the people who always try to get undue or abusive advantage of a generous system, and that we have to consider being economical with drugs and treatment because it is also a syndrome of our advanced stressful societies that many people, and at times those who are least stressed, look for some medical care when none is needed and they use a lot of time of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel for no reason at all except getting some attention. Finally let's keep in mind too that any system, private or public produces a bureaucracy and then a wasteful exploitation of an economic niche in society. This is an important shortcoming of the film: how much money is wasted by private insurance companies in the US to employ people, at times highly paid people, just to deny services to clients, and patients, and how much money is wasted on law suits by clients who are dissatisfied or on damages paid by the insurance companies when they lose these lawsuits? That would vastly account for the denial procedure that has to bring in a profit after paying for the expenses it incurs, money that could be used paying for hospital bills or doctors' fees.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
    ...more info
  • Did anyone catch this inconsistency?
    Mr. Moore states that USA is ranked no. 37 in health care while showing the list of countries. No. *39* was CUBA(!) -- the same country he later claims has one of the best health care systems in the world!

    Huh? ...more info
  • Mike tells it. Pay attention.
    With his typical flourish, Michael reveals that all is not well with the Bush/Republican health-care system.
    If you are lucky enough to have a job which provides health care and you don't need financial catastrophic assistance, well and good.
    We spend trillions of dollars for a war we started in a country which never threatened the United States, but don't provide comprehensive health care for every civilian and for every G. i. after they return home from fighting for their country.
    Watch the film, verify the facts, check whether your doctor has stopped taking Medicare patients. ...more info
  • Informational
    Sicko held my attention from beginning to end. I have heard an over abundance of negative comments on Michael Moore himself but feel we should not kill the messenger. I feel honored that he is equipt to bring the information to the public and I agree with his agenda. ***My husband and I have been enlightened, thanks to Michael Moore and the people who helped put this excellent video together*****...more info
  • Do all French live like this?
    Please don't get me wrong. I agree with Moore's points 100% regarding the state of health insurance and the power pharma companies exploitat in the United States. As a matter of fact I agree with pretty much all of his points he makes in whatever TV show or documentary he's entertaining us with. Unfortunately he often bends the truth a bit too much to make for a believable case and Sicko is no different.

    Moore is once again far fetching with some of his evidence. I grew up in Western Europe. And if you think that the French middle class couple portrayed in the documentary is your typical French family you might want to dig a bit deeper. I suggest you look into why cars were burning in a dozen French cities two years ago and you will find out about the turmoils France is really going through in terms of "social well being for all". It isn't by far the pretty picture Moore is painting here.

    As for the health care system in Great Britain: It has been for decades the laughing stock of other Western European nations. Why? Because it is an absolute disaster and has been for as long as I can remember. The British governement has been struggling for many years in revamping its system. It certainly isn't plagued by the idiosynchracies and corporate power plays the US health care is going through. But once again, you're better off not believeing that you're going to get better health care by moving to London.

    I'm giving Moore 2 stars for raising an issue that needs more attention however as someone who condones objective documentarians instead of propaganda I am reluctant to give Sicko more. Sorry, Mike. ...more info
  • Sicko
    This is a must see movie for the entire country. If you are ill, or have ever needed medicial attention, see what is possible if America stops talking down socialized medicine....more info
  • Cold, hard truth.
    This video is amazing. It is full of emotion-stirring imagery and accounts of all that is wrong with American Health Care...or the lack there of. There is so much out there that we do not know. This documentary brings it all to light. Granted, these are some of the worst cases out there, but with over 25,000 entries do you filter? Regardless, these are all accounts that should not be in any system. Especially if that system touts itself as the Best of the Best. With so much wrong with the world today, or at least this country, it refreshing to know that there are people out there trying to fix it. Michael Moore may be controversial...but you have to ask yourself, is it because he is nothing but a radical...or is it because he's telling us the truth that we dont want to hear? This video truly leaves one 'sick' ...but it shows us that we have a long way to go, and there is a lot that needs to be fixed. I recommend this video to anyone. Time to wake up people!...more info
  • the truth
    I learned alot watching this video. Like how screwed up The United States is when dealing with Health Care. Mr. Moore makes alot of valid points about what is wrong with our Health Care system, and why other countries manage theirs so well. Very enlightening....more info
  • Interesting But Not Completely Accurate...
    I watched this film at Allegheny College for political science class. I believe the film was rather interesting and made some very good points. However, the viewer must understand that Michael Moore is a socialist advocate. He is a very large supporter of government making people's lives better (rather than individuals making individuals' lives better). Therefore, he shows a beautiful picture of the Canadian, English, French, and Cuban healthcare systems to prove a socialist point.

    Some of the major positives of this film are:
    1. Moore does demonstrate that lawmakers can be "bought." This is interesting because some of the political science teachers at Allegheny do not believe that politicians can be bought and have case studies to 'back it up.') I prefere to believe Moore. However, that begs the question, "Do we want politicians who can be bought to run a nationalized healthcare system?"

    2. Moore gives September 11th rescue workers a place in this film. I believe the Bush Administration was not fair to all the brave Americans who sacrified their health to search through rubble in New York City in the aftermath.

    3. Moore points out that there are greaty corporation leaders who make millions of dollars (even billions sometimes) but have no sympathy for the common person. This is true because we personally see about the corporate elite (although we also see it among politicians).

    Some of the major negatives of this film are:
    1. Moore tries to convince the viewer that Cuba has a better healthcare system than America. Near the end of the film, Moore states that Cuba has one of the best healthcare system in the world. However, early in the film, Moore showed a list of where the United States was. While the United States was not high on the list, Cuba was two places lower than the US.

    2. Moore does not really discuss the "taxes" for what he calls "free healthcare." Basic economic laws tells us that nothing it free. Moore does not describe the cost of the nationalized healthcare to the United States if it were incorporated. Neither does he explain the additional costs our country faces - ex: we have a huge military budget, a huge prison budget, and a huge social security crisis. Many of these nations with nationalized healthcare do not have some of these expenses.

    3. Moore did not show anyone who disliked the Canadian, British, or French heathcare systems. This is not true. The law of averages says that no one is in complete agreement about anything political, especially not something as controversial as healthcare. Therefore, while nationalized healthcare may be supported by a majority of people in these countries, it is not supported by everyone. Opposition does exist!!...more info
  • Our health care system doesn't spare the insured or financially secure
    If you were the kind of person that sent your friends to see "Fahrenheit 9/11" you will need to buy this DVD to loan to twice as many friends. Unless you have had to use your health insurance in the past couple of years, you have no idea how out of control costs and restrictions are -- making health care financially unattainable FOR THE INSURED! Regardless of how you feel about "socialized health care", you must watch this film to understand why America's plan is not working....more info
  • Good Report About Healthcare System - But Not Without Some Sensationalism
    Just finished watching the movie and also some of the DVD extras. The main purpose of the film, which is showing how the US health system is unfair and deceptive, is well achieved. We recognize ourselves or someone we know in the situation of having treatment denied due to limitations over finance resources or a pre-existing health condition. Well, living is a pre-existing condition to be sick and die, and the movie managed to show how the government, the drug and the health insurance industry could not care less about people when money is all that matters.

    However, I thought the attempt to show how public and free health care systems work so fine in the UK, France and Cuba was a mistake. While I agree that just the fact of having free access to medicine and assistance in those countries is just good enough, that does not mean it is effective. Let's not forget that this is just a movie and things and people tend to behave differently when the camera and the lights are on. I don't mean to be pessimistic and/or skeptical, but that's just what happens in reality. So the apparent "red carpet" treatment patients in the movie get might not have been that genuine. Comparing different systems is valid for the point Michael tried - and managed - to make, but if he had chosen to focus only on the US problem, it would have produced better results.

    Good movie, despite its apparent flaws....more info
  • Many of us have lived through this, we know the truth
    So I had a bit of a medical insurance fiasco a few years back, in that I was self-employed and in a state that had few patient protections. So when I tried to get independent insurance, and I had the money to pay, I was shut out of the system. One large company decided I was a "medical risk" and I couldn't get insurance from any company no matter what I tried. An insurance broker actually used the term blacklisted to describe my situation! I eventually was able to get emergency hospital only coverage that I nicknamed "hit by a truck" insurance. My situation changed when I broke down and got a corporate job that had a group plan, suddenly the same company that had shut me out, granted me insurance!

    I only explain my situation because I know from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE how horribly our medical system can be. I didn't read propaganda on a website or a book, I lived being shafted by a corporate giant.

    All that being said, this film is extremely well made. Michael Moore somehow makes our medical system and all of its faults to be funny! As hard as they seems to be. The stories and examples he uses are real and extremely dramatic and heart wrenching. A baby dying too soon because they wouldn't take her coverage, a woman losing her husband pre-maturely due to refused care, a family going bankrupt due to high medical costs, another woman getting bumped off of her insurance with no seemingly reasonable explanation, a homeless woman dumped on the streets. These stories might be hard to believe if I hadn't gone through it myself, but trust me, the insurance companies play by their own rules changing them at will to make sure they keep their profits UP!

    My only real criticism is when Mr. Moore goes to the UK, France, and Cuba to show the stark contrast in care than that with the US. The problems of both of their health care benefits are glossed over or not mentioned. I think Mr. Moore did this for comic and dramatic effect but I can see how some have attacked him for doing so. I would have liked examples from around the world highlighting the positive and negative. I would have also liked to see more US doctors interviewed as I know many that are extremely frustrated by our pro-insurance, anti-hospital, anti-doctor policies. Many doctors feel forced by the insurance companies on what treatments to give, what drugs, and they spend too much time, energy and money trying to get paid. But I guess if Mr. Moore had included all of that the movie may have been 5 hours long!!!!!

    No system is ever going to be perfect, but ours is surely broken. If you want to see another great documentary about how the rest of the world treats its sick and healthy Frontline on PBS came out with an excellent piece called "Sick around the World" all of the countries they profile are capitalistic and they all use slightly different strategies. It would be a great companion to "Sicko". ...more info
  • Sicko
    Michael makes some very good points. We need healthcare for everyone. We pay taxes which gives our politicans healthcare, but when we want it they tell us it's government run healthcare and it's wrong to have government run healthcare. If so they should give up their healthcare and buy it themselves like we have to....more info
  • Dialogue
    This film is incendiary, polarizing, engrossing, and at times sensationalistic. But I'm grateful for it. Whether or not you agree that America should adopt a universal health care program, I'm hoping that people like Moore bringing the topic into the mainstream will help perpetuate a dialogue about American health care, which, I think most people can agree, seems to be heading quickly to ruin.

    What the film does a good job of pointing out is that there seems to be a fundamental conflict between the health care profession, which is about healing and preventing illness, and the business world. Insurance companies make more money when they are able to find ways to deny people's claims. The result is the kind of horror stories that "Sicko" puts on display.

    ...more info
  • What Every Politician in Washington Should See!!
    This is a definite movie everyone should see. Can you believe that our "enemy" Cuba takes care of their citizens better than our own government treats us. We can go to Cuba and get treated by just giving a name and date of birth. What a sin that Healthcare is so outrageous here. Maybe our President Obama can resolve this critical issue soon, so that we all can enjoy LONG, HAPPY and HEALTHY lives....more info
  • Truth of the matter
    Michael Moore did a brillant job exposing the plethora fallacies within the American health care system. As I watched this movie, I was reminded of the movie starring Denzel Washington, "John Q" whereby Denzel's character decides to take matters into his own hands, in an effort to save his only son's life. Basically, he holds a local hospital hostage at gunpoint to perform the necessary surgery to save his son's life. John Q. (Infinifilm Edition)Now, by no means am I suggesting that Denzel's character was right....but I fully understand his pain, personally.

    Hopefully, under the Obama administration, positive change will come to America's health care system that will help the thousands of American's with and/or without health insurance....more info
  • Great commentary on the American political scene, but could have used more statistics
    I will begin this review by stating that I am a proud American citizen, an immigrant from a Third World country who grew up in America. I have also traveled around the world, and have experienced the health care systems in other countries. I also have friends and family living in other countries, both developed and under-developed countries. From my own experiences in America and in other countries, and those related to me by my friends and family, I've come to believe that the US healthcare system is extremely inefficient, corrupt, and unfriendly to customers. If one were to consider slavery as 19th century America's national shame, then healthcare is probably the shame of our time. Many individuals have tried to describe the failings of America's health care system in editorials, books, and news reports. But this 2-hr long documentary captures the essence of these failures; both cause and effect, and the agents. Sicko correctly reveals the fundamental cause: greed, and the system whereby greed is allowed to take people's lives: a deregulated, privately run health care system. Taken together, this leads to a health care safety net with very big holes. Importantly, Moore focuses only on those who do have insurance, and shows the loopholes that allow health care providers to deny care. So instead of coming of as a paean to the poor and uninsured, this movie actually looks at those that have been insured; the working professionals both blue and white collar. And as a good liberal, Moore contrasts the American system with those in Canada, Cuba, France and England.

    The failings of this movie are also numerous. First of, Moore fails to elucidate the specific laws that have created our current health care system. He only looks at one specific bill passed during the Nixon administration that sanctioned HMO's as the pre-eminent form of health care provider in the US. The movie should have spent some time presenting the origins of worker-provided care, the origins of France's present health care system under Vichy rule, and differences in the health care education in different countries. The US is unique in that one needs an undergraduate degree before entering medical school. This by itself dramatically increases the time and cost incurred by doctors in training, which in turn raises their salaries.

    The 2nd major failing of this documentary is the very incomplete comparison of the US health care system to those in other countries. Specifically, there were no comparisons with health care systems in Asia, such as those of Singapore, China and India. The latter two produce many of America's best doctors and medical researchers. The former, Singapore, has probably the world's best health care system in terms of cost/benefit ratio, access by all citizens to latest technical advances, and a strong orientation on customer satisfaction.

    A third major failing, and the biggest surprise of this movie, was the complete absence of mention of patient privacy. I suspect Moore examined Iceland's system and came away with more questions than answers as to the need of patient privacy. And probably the biggest failing of this movie is the absence of aggregate statistics. Yes, Mr. Moore provides prices that specific individuals have had to pay for specific medical services and goods. But Mr. Moore does not include important statistics like the trend in HMO deductibles and premiums over time, trends in Medicare and Medicaid spending (overall and per capita) over time, comparisons of per capita medical costs across different countries, etc, etc... Nobody can argue with numbers, but lots of people can argue with anecdotal evidence, which is what this documentary almost exclusively presents.

    But overall, I still like and recommend this movie. I believe the facts presented in the movie are correct, and I agree with Mr. Moore's opinion. ...more info
  • Whether you like Moore or not, he got this one right.....
    It is probably difficult for many people to like Michael Moore in anything after some of the junk he has produced in the past. However, setting that aside, I think ALL OF US in America should watch his new DVD, "Sicko". It is a shame that so many people of this great land do not have health insurance when we claim to be the greatest nation on earth. For the cost of 2 days of the war in Iraq there could be health insurance for every American. Moore takes you into possibilities and opportunities thrown away by our politicians to help its citizens on this matter. He discussess all of the excuses Washington and the White House makes for the non socialism of medicine in this country. For the most part, the documentary is well done except in a few parts. One is, no matter what the reason, he should never have endangered the lives of the folks (in his craft) by approaching Guantanamo Bay Military Base for any reason. Military bases operate under strict regulations and are no place to petition anything. I enjoyed very much learning about Cuba and other lands which have full health coverage for all of their citizens. What is it now, almost 50 years since we have seen live feeds from that island. Yes, he does have a few fudge factors to help his plea, but for the most part, surprisingly he is accurate on data. For personal taste and importance of this movie, Moore surely could have thought of a much more appropriate title, but who knows why he does these things. guyairey...more info
  • Universal Healthcare Long Overdue
    The notion that that US can't provide universal healthcare is bunk. We waste our money on things we don't need such as insurance and HMO's making very few people very rich while people in the richest country in the world go without. I personally fear retirement. Now that everyone's 401ks have blown up, where is everyone's retirement going to come from?

    This movie provided a fresh look at healthcare. Education should be next. I personally am not a fan of Michael Moore the person, but I am a fan of his movies. Sure there is some drama in it, but there is also a lot of great information...more info
  • enlightening
    Everyone in the US who needs healthcare (that is EVERYONE...) should watch this movie. It's an interesting perspective and an enlightening movie for any political view....more info
  • Wake up america
    I though it was wonderful,if only our politicans could see it.We need help in that field badley.
    ...more info
  • Not a fan but excellent movie
    I am not a Michael Moore fan in particular but this movie was excellent. It touched on some important topics and no matter if you agree or disagree with his ideas it will leave you thinking and reflecting on the health care issues in the United States at the very least.
    ...more info
  • Not much to add to the discussion really... but this is a MUST see!
    What can I say that hasn't been said? I just want to add my 5 star review to the ratings. I think this is a magnificent expose of America's failing health care system. Only the extreme right, with their uneducated masses of hate- and fear-mongering morons, most of whom have no health care themselves, but still blindly pledge allegiance to a fanatic and Zionistic Republican party, would claim this is "propaganda." The only propaganda here comes from the insurance companies and their lobbyists who own the Republican congress....more info
  • Watch it again
    This needs to be said again and again until everyone hears it. Health care in the USA is an abomination. The chance for a healthy life should be the right of everyone in any civilized society.
    ...more info
  • VERY Important issue, presentation flawed
    Personally, I value the documentary work Michael Moore has done over his career thus far. He takes interesting and hard looks at social topics that are often muddled via that media, talking heads and politicos.

    Sicko addresses a topic that I personally follow the news about extensively and watch folks I kinow struggle with all the time: the US health care system.

    While I think this piece of work is helpful to open the general American's eyes to the irony and failure of many of our current health care issues, I was quite disappointed in his overall presentation of the topic.

    One niggling point, early on in the film he showed a document that listed the US as 37 on a ranked list of countries by health care -- just below Slovenia. Yet just below the US was Cuba, which later is exemplified as a superior system.

    There are other discrepancies and a fair bit of simply leaving out the whole 'truth' of the matter, particularly with regard to the socialized health care in France and England. In fact NPR did a much more thorough job of looking at and comparing these health care systems to the US's in the run up to the 2008 presidential election.

    Bottom line, Moore's work does reach a broader audience and provides considerable food for thought that may go a long way in galvanizing people to press their elected representatives to improve the US health care system. It is 'sick' that the wealthiest nation on earth should have a system that allows people to unnecessarily die for basic ailments or bankrupt people who actually HAVE health care insurance.

    There is a fundamental flaw here that should be addressed and for that I think Sicko is at least a worthwhile film to watch....more info
    I LOVED THIS MICHAEL MOORE documentary. I know a lot of people talk crap about him but believe me. A lot of what he said is really true. I have friends in Canada and in Cuba and it's really like that. Tyra Banks even commented not in this film but on her show, when she lived in Paris she use to pay 40.00 for a doctor to come see her in her apartment. Way different from the states. Universal health care not sure if it will ever be reality here in the states but I sure hope we the people can make that change. I am a self pay patient with no insurance and just to get a dermatologist consultation 200.00...more info
  • everyone should see this movie very eye opening
    I am so glad that I was told to watch this. I did not realize the health care issues were as bad as what is shown, and I am a RN. Its fantastic, in a sad way!...more info
  • Michael Moore's "Sicko"
    This film will open the eyes of all who view it regarding how the United States compares with other countries in caring for its sick. In a word - poorly. As Americans we must ask ourselves how we let our healthcare system get to this point and then be ashamed. We owe it to ourselves and our children to radically alter or replace the system with one that enables all citizens and visitors to receive affordable and quality healthcare. I purchased multiple copies of "Sicko" and gave them to friends as XMAS gifts as one baby step in doing my part... ...more info
  • makes you think
    no matter what side of the fence you are leaning toward, this movie does make you think (and hopefully it's something more than 'Micheal Moore sucks! Micheal Moore sucks!). we really are in a health care crisis, and privatizing health care is handing our lives over to greed. But the problem is, I believe in our country, just not in the government. I think universal health care would work, I just wouldn't want to hand it over to our government to run. I've worked for the government- I know how it is.

    good movie. ...more info
  • Let's join the rest of the civilized world and adopt universal health care
    Yes, I'm sure that Michael Moore, as a crafty entertainer as well as a documentarian, exaggerates for effect on occasion: I'm sure the socialized medicine systems of Great Britain, Canada and Cuba aren't the picture-perfect utopian ideals they may appear to be in "Sicko", and- yes- our own system isn't as horrible as it's made out to be, either. But Mr. Moore has convinced me that there's a broad truth at work: other countries have moved beyond health care for profit and the United States should, too. Any imperfections in a socialized medicine system are far less serious than the shortcomings of our own system, where providers routinely attempt to skimp on treatment because doing otherwise is bad for the bottom line.

    Interestingly, the movie mostly concentrates on people who DO have health insurance in this country, demonstrating that private, for-profit care often isn't much better than having no health insurance at all. Then we see how much happier people seem to be in other countries where health care isn't an issue: if you get sick, you get the treatment you need. Again, I'm sure there are foibles and inefficiencies in universal, public health care systems, too (anything run by humans won't be perfect, after all), but who can honestly argue that health care decisions should regularly be made with an eye toward the bottom line?

    "Sicko" delivers its credible message in a thoughtful, entertaining, and, unfortunately, often heartbreaking manner, and a plethora of special features on the DVD drive the film's points home further. Don't miss this one. ...more info
  • Review of "Sicko" by Ronald Remmel
    America has a conservative political idea that less government is better government, because government supposedly provides services less efficiently than capitalist enterprise. Thus private health insurance should provide better medical care than a national health care system such as in Canada, England, and France. Michael Moore makes the case that in fact health care, even for the insured, is poorer in America. He cites many cases where an insured person's medical condition is not covered, or his share of the expenses is exorbitant. In my own case I am under Medicare, but I must still pay several thousand dollars for medication. Moore's movie should help conservatives rethink national health care....more info
  • An important expose on our sorry state of (accessible) medical care
    As one of the newly uninsured in the US (I have VA medical coverage which is NOT considered 'credible coverage'by insurance companies!) I cannot locate a policy which I can afford and which affords me coverage for so called pre-existing conditions.

    I was furious when I realized the inmates in Guantanamo, US prisons and our Congress have better insurance than the average American citizen! The most powerful and industrialized country in the world and we do not take care of our own. Moore hit the nail on the head with this one!...more info


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