Alli- Orlistat Weightloss Aid Formula, 240ct Refill Pack

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Product Description

The alli program starts with your commitment to adopting healthy eating habits. It combines the only FDA approved, over-the-counter weight loss product with an individually tailored support plan to help you achieve gradual and healthy weight loss. When you take alli along with a reduced-calorie, low-fat diet, you can lose 50% more weight than dieting alone. For example, instead of losing 10 pounds with diet alone, you can lose 15 pounds with the alli program. alli is safe - it works in your digestive system, not in your heart or brain. It will not cause jitters, sleeplessness, or a racing heart. You can't just try alli - you have to commit to it. More information can be found at, where you can also talk to alli users, registered dietitians, pharmacists, and fitness experts on the alli message board. Or talk to your doctor, pharmacist, or dietitian to help determine if you're ready.

  • Alli is the only FDA approved over-the- counter weight-loss aid for overweight adults
  • Alli is more than a pill; it's an innovative weight-loss program that includes an individually tailored online plan that teaches people healthier eating habits
  • Alli binds to gastric and pancreatic lipases blocking absorption of 25% of consumed fat

Customer Reviews:

  • Alli is a good tool in your overall weightloss approach
    I used "Zenical" under a prescription, and I was glad when it was approved for over-the-counter use as 'Alli'. As Zenical this product came in 120mg strength, but it was costing me over $190 for a 1-month supply. The Alli product represents a great reduction in monthly cost. Even at two 60mg pills per one 120mg pill, it costs about half as much as the prescribed product.
    I did get some cramping when I first started using it, but that only lasted a few days, and it wasn't unbearable. It's very important to read all of the literature that comes with this product, and to understand the expectations and benefits. This is not an appetite suppressant; it IS a great tool to assist you in modifying your consumption of fat. You should use this product only if your physician has provided you with a sensible diet that focuses on reducing total fat intake. In that context, it is very effective.
    ...more info
  • Works well!
    Product was received as described. This product really helps the user manage their weight....more info
  • Why Wasn't Alli Around 30 Years Ago???
    Alli has proven the answer to my dreams. I consistently and easily lost 10 lbs. per month for 6 months without even feeling like being on a diet. Then, it also helped me maintain during the winter, when I tend to eat a bit more recklessly.

    Eat too much fat, and yes, you could be in for a surprise. But your tolerance builds over time (naturally, without reducing the fat absorbtion potential).

    I've always wanted a silver bullet for weight loss. And here it is....more info
  • Alli helps!
    I was really worried, around the holidays, that all the extra goodies around the house would destroy the progress I had made on my diet. i gave in to temptation and ate more than I like to admit, but thanks to ALLI I didn't gain back any of the weight....more info
  • Alli
    Product arrived very quickly; no problems with Customs. Excellent service which I will use again....more info
  • Effective and safe
    I've tried all kinds of diets and diet pills and exercise programs to lose the 40+ pounds I gained during college and afterward. Alli is better than any of those things, for so many reasons. First of all, the pills only work in your digestive system, so they don't make you hyper or jumpy or fact, they don't make you feel anything unless you consume a meal with a high percentage of fat. In that case you'll have some unpleasant side effects, but it's a good reminder that your goal should be learning to eat properly. I've lost 28 pounds in nearly 6 months. My doctor gave me a high five....more info
  • ALLI- aka "The FAT POLICE" Pill!
    ALLI- aka "The FAT POLICE" Pill!

    If you are serious about wanting to lose weight-this can certainly help you get to your goal and is a definite REALITY CHECK on how much fat you are consuming.

    A sensible diet and exercise-along with ALLI (as I use it) and your weight wil peel off. I lost 19 pounds in three months earlier last year!

    Being mindful of eating foods that have 30% or less of fat in them and taking ALLI is the equivalent of eating those foods FAT FREE because ALLI ELIMINATES 25%-30% of any fat consumed in your stool. It is bypassed in the digestive process.

    Also, taking TWO pills (with every meal that may contain fat)equals the strength of the Prescription Strength XENICAL. ALLI is basically 1/2 the strength of that in one pill, so you get BETTER results when you take TWO PILLS at a time.

    WORD OF CAUTION: DO WEAR SOME KIND OF A LONG MENSTRUAL PAD when taking this because you CAN get an oily discharge (yes, folks-THAT is the fat that WOULD have been going into your body!) at any time-which can stain your pants, clothing. ALLI has their booklets and online info that guides you to what to be aware of. Example: If you eat a piece of Pizza and take ALLI-DEFINITELY take my/their advice or you WILL wind up with a big oily stain on whatever you are wearing!

    I am all for it and have been using it for 8 years now-no side effects except for eliminating the fat that WOULD have gone into my body is going OUT of it!

    The prices on ALLI at can NOT be BEAT!

    Good Luck everyone!

    A Happy ALLI/ Customer!

    Linda Jade Charles Fremont, CA...more info


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